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Arrangements In Monochrome Part 2
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Cat: AVN 018. Rel: 15 Dec 14
  1. The Incoherent
  2. Arrangement In Monochrome II
  3. Second Wash
  4. Entartung
  5. Lenine
Review: This second Arrangements in Monochrome 12" in a strange hardcore techno kind of way is a lot more delicate than its forbearer. These subtleties are best heard in this record's less visceral tracks like the deep Italian brand of bassline rhythms experienced in "Second Wash", to "Lenine", a track which could easily find its way to the record collection of Paul Purgas, and "The Incoherent", a production reminiscent of Milton Bradley's earlier works. They are, however, off set by pounding productions found in the under water Mike Parker modulations of "Arrangement In Monochrome II" and the dirty thumps of a Mike Dehnert sounding "Entartung".
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Razors EP
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Razors EP (12")
Cat: MOTE 033. Rel: 10 Dec 12
  1. Razors
  2. Over
  3. Bloodless
  4. Trouble
Review: With an ever-widening presence in the modern vanguard of militant techno, Shifted once again sidles up to his regular haunt of Mote Evolver to hammer home some inescapable truths about monochrome dancefloor physics. On all four tracks, there's an unrelenting urgency borne by the steadfast arrangements of rhythmic devices, all locked in so tight the notion of individual elements seems irrelevant. "Razors" grinds and crackles with precision, while "Over" frays into fractals at the edge of its looping drums. "Bloodless" operates a lone acid sentry while "Trouble" hunches down into a mechanical whirr, but all these cuts will do the damage when it counts.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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