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The Story Of Roy Porter Sound Machine 1971-1975 (US warehouse find)
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in stock $30.25
  1. Jessica (vocal)
  2. Funky Twitch
  3. Hip City
  4. Love You
  5. Panama (feat George Holmes - vocal)
  6. Hense-Forth
  7. Ohh-La-la
  8. Out On The Town Tonight
  9. Jessica (instrumental)
  10. Funny Feelin'
  11. Wow
  12. Party Time
  13. Wavering
  14. Panama (feat George Holmes - instrumental)
  15. Givin' Me The Blues
Review: We like stories here at Juno HQ, especially ones as wild, funky and freaky as Roy's. The late, great jazz man Porter collaborated with the likes of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, survived wild drug addictions, been in and out of prison and is widely recognised as one of the chief instigators of 'future jazz'. His Sound Machine contributions can be found at the latter end of his discography. Mellowing somewhat with age, this selection shows more signs of jazz funk than the more experimental stuff that really put him on the map. Soothing, easy-going and sometimes heart-punching poignant and reflective, this is a fine introduction to of one of modern music's most unsung characters.
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Party Time
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in stock $7.55
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Cat: TR 170. Rel: 19 May 14
  1. Party Time
  2. Out On The Town Tonigh
Played by: Suonho
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