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Still Living In Slavery: The Album
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Still Living In Slavery: The Album (CD in digipak sleeve)
Cat: BBMCD 001. Rel: 08 Sep 14
Deep House
  1. Dounougnan Magni (intro)
  2. Dounougnan Magni (Chapitre 1)
  3. Dounougnan Magni (Chapitre 2)
  4. Dounougnan Magni (Chapitre 3)
  5. Break Your Chains & Return To Botswana
  6. Intelligent Revolution
  7. Enchained Trible (Chapitre 1)
  8. Enchained Trible (Chapitre 2)
  9. Enchained Trible (Chapitre 3)
  10. Djeli
  11. Sene Kela (Mr Raoul K & Laolu version)
Review: Ivorian in Germany Raoul Konan has previously proved his suitability to the album format with superb full-lengths for Mule Musiq (2011's storming debut Introducing My World) and Still Music. Still Living in Slavery: The Album offers more evidence of his unique talents. His style is rooted in the polyrhythms, instrumentation and songs of West Africa, but utilises contemporary electronics and dancefloor grooves to create a unique, cross-cultural deep house fusion. The results are rarely less than thrilling, from the hypnotic, Innervisions-goes-Ivorian brilliance of "Sane Kela" and Marimba-laden Balearic house thump of "Enchanted Tribe (Chaptre 1 & 2)", to the dense African percussion of "Break Your Chains & Return To Africa". A selection of superb remixes from Simbad, Ron Trent and others completes an essential package.
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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1
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