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MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE/VARIOUS - DJ Kicks Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE/VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist DJ Kicks (mixed CD) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title K7 02 Jul 11 $8.27
Cat: K7 285CD
Genre: Deep House
Door To The Cosmos by Sun Ra on K7  Sun Ra - "Door To The Cosmos"
Again by Electric Wire Hustle on K7  Electric Wire Hustle - "Again" (Scratch 22 remix)
Mango Drive by Rhythm & Sound on K7  Rhythm & Sound - "Mango Drive"
Ariya by Tony Allen on K7  Tony Allen - "Ariya"
Stuck by Peven Everett on K7  Peven Everett - "Stuck" (original)
Breakdown Treat by Bad Jazz Troupe on K7  Bad Jazz Troupe - "Breakdown Treat"
The Juice by Mr Fingers on K7  Mr Fingers - "The Juice"
Can Your Love Find Its Way by Rick Poppa Howard on K7  Rick Poppa Howard - "Can Your Love Find Its Way" (club vocal)
Girl I Like The Way That You Move by Stone on K7  Stone - "Girl I Like The Way That You Move" (dub)
On This Vibe by Fred P on K7  Fred P - "On This Vibe"
Don't Forget Your Keyz by Creative Swing Alliance on K7  Creative Swing Alliance - "Don't Forget Your Keyz"
Black Woman Experience by Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats on K7  Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats - "Black Woman Experience"
Le Cortege Et Course by Philippe Sarde on K7  Philippe Sarde - "Le Cortege Et Course"
The Pace by Robert Hood on K7  Robert Hood - "The Pace"
Pop Your Funk by Loose Joints on K7  Loose Joints - "Pop Your Funk" (vocal version)
I've Been Searching by Arts & Crafts on K7  Arts & Crafts - "I've Been Searching" (Walter Gibbons 12' mix)
LOVE (DJ Kicks) by Motor City Drum Ensemble on K7  Motor City Drum Ensemble - "LOVE (DJ Kicks)"
Actium by Aphex Twin on K7  Aphex Twin - "Actium"
Cardiology by Recloose on K7  Recloose - "Cardiology" (Isolee mix)
Cosmic Cart by Latecomer on K7  Latecomer - "Cosmic Cart"
African Rumble by Timo Lassy on K7  Timo Lassy - "African Rumble"
Sweet Power Your Embraced by James Mason on K7  James Mason - "Sweet Power Your Embraced"

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