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Top 5 Goat Memes
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 in stock $8.24
Cat: TTY 021. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Top 5 Goat Memes (5:29)
  2. Rant Over (4:38)
  3. Bumpy Chuckles (4:58)
  4. Readies New Material (3:44)
Review: Mickey Pearce is the latest young gun that London's notorious Swamp81 crew are championing at the moment; demonstrated by his dynamic debut entitled 'Michael' that was released by them earlier in the year. This time around though, Pearce knocks out yet another release for Doc Daneeka's Ten Thousand Yen imprint, where he starts out on the A side with the relentless jack and stutter of the hilariously titled "Top 5 Goat Memes" and the jagged bass attack of "Rant Over". On the flip, there's some immaculately programmed riddims like on the rather deep groove of "Bumpy Chuckles" before he "Readies New Material". And it's quite a fitting title, because this one's a Dopplereffekt style electro jam.
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 in stock $14.18
Michael (LP)
Cat: SWAMPLP 003. Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Interlude One (3:08)
  2. Why Would You? (4:04)
  3. Polyester (6:00)
  4. Interlude Three (1:05)
  5. Cakes (2:00)
  6. August (3:33)
  7. Quite (bonus beats) (1:56)
  8. Lately (3:43)
  9. Interlude Two (1:45)
  10. Old Habits (3:08)
  11. Less (1:05)
Review: Having initially risen to prominence making bombastic bass music as Shortstuff, Richard Attley has spent the last few years re-defining his sound via the Mickey Pearce alias. Michael is his debut album, and sees him showcase the breadth and diversity of his production talents. So while there are numerous techno and post-dubstep dancefloor moments dotted throughout (check, in particular, "Polyester", "Quite (Bonus Beats)", "August" and album standout "Old Habits"), these are contrasted by a variety of atmospheric downtempo moments. Some of these are woozy, dreamy and positive, while others look to darker and creepier corners for inspiration.
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Wam Barzz
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 in stock $7.48
Wam Barzz (12")
Cat: PMAWS 005. Rel: 06 Jul 15
  1. Wam Barzz (4:24)
  2. Loop W (3:13)
  3. Sticky Fingerprints (7:40)
  4. Loop X (1:11)
Review: London bass house specialist Mickey Pearce returns to Loefah's Swamp 81 with a new collection of floor pulverisers; the sort of tunes that make trends and break necks. "Warm Barzz" itself is on the docile side, but "Loop W" rapidly enters the abyss in what is surely one of the oddest drum loops we've heard from the man. "Sticky Fingerprints" is a lo-fi kinda number with eerie background sonics but still a prime cut for the dancefloor, while "Loop X" is completely broken, a mass of percussion held together by the darkness below it. Large.
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Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1
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