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 in stock $6.60
IIB040 EP (12")
Cat: IIB 040. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Feel The Machine (5:25)
  2. Panapolean Dreamer (5:34)
  3. Tall Shadows Walking Hom (7:02)
  4. Twenty Types Of Dusk (5:47)
Review: IIB reach their 40th release with label stalwart Max Essa's latest EP. Feel The Machine is a proto-house groove with touches of italo-disco. Chugging bassline and cowbells making it a real dancer. Panapolean Dreamer is a more downtempo beat driven affair with eastern strings on a mellow new beat vibe. The second side starts with Tall Shadows Walking Home. Again max explores the proto house sound all smothered in lovely electronic melodies. Twenty Types Of Dusk relaxes the tempo again. Trademark Max Essa Balearic. A killer ep. to celebrate 40 12" releases.
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Blame It On Rea
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 in stock $7.71
Cat: PAC 005. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Blame It On Rea (8:34)
  2. Body Time (5:16)
  3. Keep On Truckin' (7:28)
Review: The UK's Max Essa resides in Tokyo these days and is one of the city's leading nu-disco purveyors. We're particularly fond of his 2010 full length "White Shoes Blue Dreams". While usually releasing on isitbalearic..? or his own Jansen Jardin imprint (which he runs with Motoyoshi Shimakazi), he now appears on Palms & Charms, a new Tokyo/Hong Kong joint effort run by Samuel and Barnaby Bruce. "Blame It On Rea" starts in typical Essa Style: warm '80s strings, funky guitar licks and epic slow burning arpeggios that sound like the perfect accompaniment to Crockett and Tubbs veering down Nikki Beach chasing bad guys on Miami Vice. "Body Time" is far more uptempo with its Italo influences worn firmly on its sleeve. There's more epic retro sounding synths on this retrovert nu-disco anthem. Finally "Keep On Truckin'" is all hands in the air, summery balearic business that does throwback sounds as good as any of the best of them at the moment, namely Tuff City Kids or Love On The Rocks.
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Cascade Moon
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 in stock $11.58
Cat: LEXWAX 001. Rel: 04 Jan 16
  1. Cascade Moon (8:33)
  2. Hearts In Flood (6:29)
Is It Balearic? Recordings 10 Year Anniversary
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coming soon $14.32
Cat: IIBCOM 002. Rel: 08 Aug 16
  1. The Two Mamarrachos - "En Calma"
  2. Glass Coffee - "Disclosures" (Coyote Uber remix)
  3. Clandestino - "Crack In The Sky" (Beat Broker Dream dub)
  4. Last Waltz - "Tribute" (Machete Savane remix)
  5. DJ Rocca & Daniele Baldelli - "Sartana"
  6. Daniel Wainwright - "Doing It"
  7. The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - "Neva Liv U"
  8. Ilija Rudman - "Second Screen"
  9. Felix Dickenson - "Ousana" (Coyote remix)
  10. I-Boat Captain - "Poly Punk"
  11. Coyote - "California Jam"
  12. Craig Bratley - "Maverick Sound System Mix"
  13. Max Essa - "Burning Palms"
  14. Rompante - "How Low Can You Dance" (Ahiki remix)
  15. Sorcerer - "Zulu Honda"
  16. Coyote - "Sin Distracciones"
  17. 9DW - "Right On" (original mix)
  18. Leo Mas & Fabrice - "Sunrise 87" (Balearic Militant mix)
  19. Downtown Party Network - "The Returning" (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
  20. Max Essa - "Feel The Machine"
  21. Baptiste & Pierre - "Virage" (Ruf Dug extension)
  22. Joe Morris - "Mpondo Theme"
Review: Five years further down the line. My grey exchanged for white. Those Coyote boys though, they're still keeping that "Venus" flag flying, still fostering a "Balearic Network" they helped to establish nearly three decades ago. Still steadfastly and proudly manning their ship of hedonistic dance floor abandon, reminding or schooling folks in the lore, the legend, of "!Ibiza 90", Italian Scream-Ups, of sweat soaked soirees, dancing on table tops, dancing on bars, of basements with their hands in the air, enlisting likeminded souls from Croatia, England, France, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain, and the U.S.A. to preserve and spread this gospel, to give this history a future. A continuation of midnights and dawns of genre mutations and cross-pollinations that reflect an early '90s openness, a happy innocence, pre-excess, pre-casualties and division. When love was the drug. An oeuvre where beats and bass are informed by JA's Dub, underlining the spacial similarities between Acid House and sound system specials, just in case you hadn't noticed. Where fat Blues riffs hang heavy with delay, and optimistic '89 pianos are never far away. A post-"Screamadelica" psychedelia of ethereal sighs at sunset, build-the-box arpeggios and Peech Boys percussion, stoned Rock stomps, Mediterranean sax serenades and vintage sounding Electro Disco from veteran DJs who should know. Authentic '80s synth Boogie, 303 chatter and steel string microtones, acoustic picking and mind-bending audio fractals slip a little livener in your cocktail at a Woodstock on a beach. Detroit Ambience, the stuff of sunrises. Laurel Canyon, Joshua Tree hoe-downs. Sultry, whispered new New Beat where the "merchandise" on offer is dependent on your vice. West Coast surf and sun-blinded Highlife, Spanish Flamenco sueno latinos and lysergic chuggers forged by japanese fusionists. Classy re-works of bandana wearing White Isle classics karate chop through strobes and smoke. Hippy harmonies frug with MACH's "On And On". "Hoomba Hoomba" goes Ital in a chant to bring down Babylon. Gentle african rhythms and birdsong serve to blow away the wicked.
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Played by: COYOTE
The Alberto Tarantini Release
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 in stock $3.22
The Alberto Tarantini Release (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ROTHMANS 5. Rel: 09 Dec 13
Deep House
  1. Timothy J Fairplay - "The Third Season"
  2. Tommy Walker 3 - "Horse"
  3. Max Essa - "Stereoscalpedmysexpool"
  4. Al Gobi - "Quibble"
Review: The 5th release from Rothmans pays homage to legendary Argentinean defender Alberto Tarrantini and to mark this 5th release Rothmans have provided a team sheet to rival even that infamous 1982 World Cup squad. First up we have a welcome return to the label from Timothy J Fairplay who featured back alongside Toni Schumacher at the start of the year. This time around he brings us some spaced out Chicago flavour in the guise of 'The Third Season'. On the Flip side we have a welcome addition to the Rothmans squad in Max Essa, and the Tokyo resident brings us nothing but silky moves with a dark taste of the Orient with his aptly named "Stereoscapledmysexpool". Coming up the flanks we have tracks from Al Gobi and Tommy Walker 3 who bring some dark deep spacey vibes with wacked out basslines that really bring this 5th release to the boil!
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Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1
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