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Manu 76
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 in stock $11.18
Manu 76 (CD)
Cat: ASVN 007. Rel: 27 Jul 15
  1. Qui Est Fou De Qui? (Chouchou)
  2. Bokilo's Boogie
  3. Mimbo
  4. Mouvemont Ewondo
  5. Besoka
  6. Angola
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 in stock $12.19
Cat: AUCD 5039. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Soul Fiesta
  2. Africadelic
  3. The Panther
  4. African Battle
  5. Black Beauty
  6. African Carnival
  7. Moving Waves
  8. Afro-Soul
  9. Oriental Sunset
  10. Monkey Beat
  11. Wa-Wa
  12. Percussion Storm
Soul Makossa
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 in stock $12.04
Cat: 45 2971. Rel: 02 Jun 14
  1. Soul Makossa (long version)
Review: Sampled by everyone from J-Lo to Jay-Z, Manu Dibango's 1972 classic is perhaps one of the most influential and heavily referenced afrofunk tracks of all time. Echoing with shades of every genre we know and love today, it still sounds just as timeless, infectious and ultimately agenda-setting today as the first time you heard it. If your collection doesn't sport this original yet, now is most certainly the time.
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Balade En Saxo
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 in stock $16.34
Cat: BYNPOP 016. Rel: 28 Jul 14
Euro Dance/Pop Dance
  1. Maladie D'amour
  2. Le Sud
  3. Killing Me Softly With His Song
  4. Try A Little Tenderness
  5. Ode To Billie Joe
  6. When A Man Loves A Woman
  7. Et Maintenant
  8. A Night In Tunisia
  9. Milady's Song
  10. La Foule
  11. L'ete Indien
  12. Roses De Picardie
  13. The Dock Of The Bay
  14. Isn't She Lovely
  15. I Love Paris
  16. My Girl
  17. Perfidia
  18. Le Meteque
Home Made
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 in stock $11.45
Home Made (CD)
Cat: ASVN 011. Rel: 31 Aug 15
  1. Sun Explosion
  2. Tropical Garden
  3. Ah, Freak Sans Fric
  4. Oh Koh
African Pop Session
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 in stock $8.01
Cat: PR 001. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. African Pop Session (4:11)
  2. Ekedi (2:50)
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