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Feedelity Remixed Vol 1
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 in stock $3.51
Cat: FEED 007. Rel: 03 Jul 06
  1. A Blast Of Loser (Mungolian Jet Set 9406 remix)
  2. Pesto Og Kolera (Brennan Green Saucey version)
Review: Feedelity release nr 8 (feed007) is a 12" vinyl with two remixes by New York producer Brennan Green and Norwegian producers Mungolian Jetset. Mungolian Jetset treats the previously unreleased "A Blast Of Loser" with mid-nineties drum-sounds, warped guitars and bluesy vocals. The result is an uptempo bastard of a remix which turns into epic proposions clocking in at almost 13 minutes. On the flip-side Brennan Green keeps some of the basic melodic elements from "Pesto Og Kolera", and adds a new bassline, some strange guitar-picking and lots of live-keys.
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Thermometer Dropping
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 in stock $8.63
Cat: FEED 000. Rel: 28 Nov 05
  1. Thermometer Dropping
  2. Ooops... Wrong Number
  3. Fast & Delirious
  4. Limitations
Review: Finally, after more than 2 years, this first Feedelity release gets a repress. Originally released in July 2003 (only 500 copies pressed), these four tracks were sold only to a handful shops worldwide. However, most of the copies were given as promos to DJs & music-lovers.
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Music (In My Mind)
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 in stock $8.63
Cat: FEED 001. Rel: 28 Nov 05
  1. Music (In My Mind)
  2. Music (In My Mind) (Prins Thomas remix)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (reissue)
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 in stock $20.39
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + 7" + MP3 download card)
Cat: 541416501428 R. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Forelopig Bit (5:21)
  2. Suppegjok (5:14)
  3. Boney M Down (3:55)
  4. Turkish Delight (6:11)
  5. Feel Am (5:38)
  6. Don O Van Budd (7:44)
  7. Sykkelsesong (5:56)
  8. En Dag I Mai (5:04)
  9. Naa Er Druene Paa Sitt Beste (5:31)
  10. Horseback (8:54)
  11. Claudja (4:46)
  12. Plukk Og Pirk (8:58)
  13. Run (6:28)
  14. Boney M Down (3:54)
  15. Feel AM (7" edit) (3:52)
Further Into The Future
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 in stock $3.51
Cat: FEED 003. Rel: 13 Dec 04
  1. Further Into The Future
  2. Run (feat Torgunn Flaten)
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 in stock $8.63
Lanzarote (12")
Cat: OLS 002. Rel: 18 Mar 13
  1. Lanzarote
  2. Lanzarote (acappella)
  3. Lanzarote (DiskJokke remix)
  4. Lanzarote (Krokstapella)
Review: Last year Todd Terje dropped the magnificent "Inspector Norse", a track that would quickly become ubiquitous on dancefloors of all descriptions. This hook-up with old pal Lindstrom is equally big; taking the best of both producers' work - Terje's bouncing, dub-influenced drums and cascading melodies, Lindstrom's angular appregiated basslines and grandiose chords - "Lanzarote" incessantly builds towards an exhausted climax. Throw in some fantastically tongue-in-cheek vocals name-checking holiday destinations, and you've got a hedonistic anthem. On the remix, Diskjokke takes it further towards Eurodisco territory whilst retaining the original's endearing bounce.
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Items 1 to 6 of 6 on page 1 of 1
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