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LeSexe (12")
Cat: LUV 009. Rel: 29 Apr 13
Deep House
  1. LeSexe
  2. LeSexe (Lee Stevens & Domino remix)
  3. Symphony
  4. Symphony (Simonlebon & Jakobin remix)
Review: The second EP for deep house crooner LeSale aka Sammy Jenkins comes via Luv Shack Records. Wailing and whispered R&B vocals appear on "LeSexe", as does a pumping bassline - similar to Bicep's earlier material - and sustained chords that waver in amplitude thanks to a subtle sidechain effect. Lee Stevens & Domino's remix straightens out LeSale's original, adding some extra tribal percussion, while also reworking the chords. Clacked percussion in "Symphony" creates a skippy groove that builds into a vamped chord sequence that falls into a lusty berth of synthesised melody. Simonlebon & Jakobin's remix to "Symphony" adds more low end to the original, in a magnified remix of Kompakt-styled house.
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2 Hearts EP
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Cat: LUV 005. Rel: 08 Oct 12
  1. Lee Stevens & LeSale - "Luv Sick"
  2. Lee Stevens & Jakobin - "Find A Girl"
  3. Lee Stevens & Simonlebon - "Deep Inside"
  4. Lee Stevens & Domino - "Be Yourself"
Review: Given the success of their other releases, it's hard to believe that the 2 Hearts EP is only the fifth release from Austria's Luv Shack label. It features four collaborations between Lee Stevens and various other Luv Shack luminaries, all of which fit into the label's sweet, touchy-feely deep house template. Proceedings commence with "Luv Sick", a hook-up between Stevens and LeSale that is positively Balearic in its feel good outlook, while "Find A Girl" (co-produced by Jakobin) takes a woozier, fuller approach, all drowsy chords and filter-heavy grooves. Flip over and "Deep Inside"- done in cahoots with the brilliantly named Simonlebon - recalls classic US deep house of old - all analogue percussion and booming 909 boss - while "Be Yourself" casually drifts between the speakers on a warming wave of nu-disco synths and Balearic chords.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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