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 in stock $8.57
030xp (12")
Cat: XP 001. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. XP 001 (experimental dub) (5:44)
  2. XP 001 (original mix) (7:01)
  3. XP 001 (feat ANB) (4:58)
  4. XP 001 (Lakker remix) (5:07)
Tundra Remixed
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 in stock $6.49
Tundra Remixed (limited 12")
Cat: RS 1510. Rel: 14 Sep 15
  1. Oktavist (Mark Fell remix) (10:46)
  2. Three Songs (Kyoka remix) (7:37)
Played by: Victor Martinez
Deathmask EP
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 in stock $12.73
Deathmask EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: LOVWAX 01. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. LF9
  2. Deathmask
Mountain Divide
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 in stock $8.30
Cat: RS 1409. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Mountain Divide
  2. Math Fall
  3. Monla
Review: Some critics thought Lakker's R&S debut, February's Containing A Thousand, may well have been the Irish techno duo's finest moment to date. That's open to debate, but it was certainly an impressive set. This follow-up is equally as impressive. "Mountain Divide" may be marked by a thrillingly off-kilter rhythm and bouncy, Drexciyan bass, but it's the wall-of-sound samples and swirling, hard-to-fathom atmospherics that catch the ear. "Math Fall" is a little sparser in feel, with gentle melodies wrapping themselves around a jumpy, post-dubstep rhythm. Finally, "Monla" is an enjoyable trip into fuzzy ambient territory - think Selected Ambient Works-era Aphex Twin - where dreams quickly turn into nightmares.
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V: Five Years Of Artefacts Chapter One
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 in stock $8.30
  1. Rrose - "Drowned By Sight"
  2. Perc - "Tri-City"
  3. Pfirter - "Atman"
  4. Lakker - "Pier"
Review: Has it been five years already? In 2009 Stroboscopic Artefacts revealed itself with label founder Lucy's Why Don't You Change // Dub Man Walking release. In the following years artists like Xhin and Dadub became label faithfuls while others like Perc, Pfirter and Donor helped Stroboscopic Artefacts develop into the techno power house it now is. The recent introduction of artists like Rrose, Lakker (and Eomac), Sendai and Donato Dozzy have further established the label's dominance. This first chapter of various artist EPs Stroboscopic Artefacts will release to celebrate five years of existence brings together the old with the new. Rrose delivers a typically droning "Drowned By Sight" which fans of Sandwell District will love, while Perc's "Tri-City" is a rolling barrage of stiff and rigid drums and industrial atmospheres. Pfirter delivers something more subdued and dubby than his normal peak time fare while Lakker's "Pier" is haunting as always.
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Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1
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