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Sheik (12")
Cat: ST 001. Rel: 28 Oct 13
  1. Good Times
  2. Everybody Dance
Review: The inaugural release from King Of Nothing's ridiculously collectable Star Time edit series, these Chic-shaping jams have been so popular it's been repressed. In case you were asleep, on another planet or unfortunately incarcerated when this first dropped, both "Good Times" and "Everybody Dance" are fully authentic edits, crafted straight from the original master tapes. Beefier drums, more spacious dynamics and some really cool remoulding of the vocal placements, KON has added to Chic's hit-smashing repertoire with subtlety and soul. A must-have.
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Who Shot Ya
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Who Shot Ya (12" repress)
Cat: ST 007. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Who Shot Ya (Caserta mix) (8:37)
  2. Who Shot Ya (That Man Munks remix) (5:28)
  3. Inhuman Nature (8:29)
Review: The seventh edition of KON's Star Time series shines some light on one of Michael Jackson's lesser know moments, a 1978 cover version of Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff" which is presented here in two differing versions. Kon's original "Who Shot Ya" version displays the Boston man's sublime editing skills in all their glory and just wait for that Nile Rogers guitar line to come in around the 5 minute mark. Thatmanmonkz takes care of the remix, steering proceedings into housier territory whilst there is a Jacko bonus to close out the 12". On "Inhuman Nature" Jacko's vocal floats out over a '90s style production from Kon that will please fans of SWV.
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Konna Summer
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Cat: ST 005. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. Konna Summer - Donna's Winter
  2. Donna's Winter - Caserta's Groove
Review: Yep you guessed it; Konna Summer sees the veritable edit dream team that is Kon and Caserta getting busy on Donna Summer's disco delicates with "Bad Girls" the focus of their overhauling attentions. Up top Kon bases his extension around an additional subtle stomp, which ensures the original's drama and fun is fully retained. Caserta, meanwhile, gets all dubby and spacious before dynamically dropping straight into the iconic horn hook. Bad to the bone!
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Timeless (12")
Cat: BBE 362SLP. Rel: 08 Jul 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Kon - "Timeless" (mixed by Caserta)
  2. Truccy - "Closer" (Rainer Corrado)
  3. Kon - "Timeless" (remix - mixed by Caserta)
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PYT (12")
Cat: ST 004. Rel: 23 Jun 14
  1. PYT (Reflex revision)
  2. Get On The Floor (KON remix)
Review: Kon and Reflex combine for a cheeky 12" dedication to Michael Jackson for the fourth release on the Boston selector's increasingly on point Star Time label. Edit heaven or what? Reflex calls shotgun and reworks "PYT", amping up the vibe with much crisper drums and a whole lot more space present on that classic chorus drop. Meanwhile on the flip King Of Nothing takes "Get On The Floor" and gives it a modern day party refix complete with full-bodied dynamics, juicy slap bass and very cheeky disco bubbles in the background. Two more essential Michael Jackson edits to add to your collection.
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