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NDV: Volume 1
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in stock $8.77
  1. Deep Space Orchestra - "Holler At McDuff"
  2. Tim Vita & Oliver Gehrmann - "Cats Piano"
  3. James Welsh - "Leatherman"
  4. Oli Furness - "The Hare & The Peacock"
Review: After Oli Furness kicked off NDV with his own Need A Friend EP, the label comes back for round two with a whole host of different characters looking to lay down some driving contemporary house. Deep Space Orchestra get stuck into a refined acid bubbler, plush strings and guitar licks melting into the squelchy 303 for a decidedly smooth ride with some choice peaks and troughs. Tim Vita and Oliver Gehrmann head for a more crisp approach that centres on a warm chord refrain and unfussy drums behind it, while James Welsh gets all sleazy with the low end throb of "Leatherman" looking to kick it deep into the night. Furness himself rounds the EP off with the big room rave stylings of "The Hare & The Peacock".
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Wolf EP 21
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in stock $10.02
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Cat: WOLFEP 021. Rel: 11 Nov 13
listen to all 4 tracks
Deep House
  1. Born & Raised
  2. Born & Raised (Frits Wentnick remix)
  3. Fuzzy Dunlop
  4. Tinkers Rucksack
Review: With his illustrious past in bands such as The Rise, James Welsh has done well to branch out into deep house and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. After past bouts on Wolf Music, not to mention Futureboogie and Losing Suki, he's back with a gutsy selection of house jams laced with plenty of soul. "Born & Raised" packs a mean funk, all organ stabs and hard swing with a righteous vocal lift, which Frits Wentnick bubbles down into a more streamlined remix. On the flip there's a cooler kind of cut sliding out in the shape of The Wire referencing "Fuzzy Dunlop", letting a laconic beat make nice with some thoughtful splashes of keys. "Tinkers Rucksack" may be a touch quicker but the fuzzy chords keep the tone of the EP consistent through to the last.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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