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The Damage Is Done
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 in stock $4.45
Cat: SK 251CD. Rel: 28 Jan 13
  1. Geek Emotions
  2. The Only Way
  3. New Beat
  4. Leathered
  5. Freestyle Lover
  6. Confined
  7. Foxxy
  8. Blizzard
  9. Roadtrip
  10. I Ching
Review: Berlin-based Brit Danny Berman has been threatening to deliver a stand-out record for some time. While he has previously impressed - both as Hot Coins and Red Rack'em - there was always a feeling of more to come. With this debut album, full of songs written by Berman himself and featuring all the members of his newly assembled Hot Coins band, he seems to have finally nailed it. Spearheaded by the dark, angst-ridden single "Geek Emotions", The Damage is Done effortlessly flits between deep house influenced electronic soul, stylish pop, industrial funk-influenced grooves (see the retro-futurist jazz-funk of "Leathered") and dubwise, lo-fi pleasantness, all the while retaining the sort of breezy freshness that marks out all good albums.
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Geek Emotions
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 in stock $7.12
Cat: SK 249. Rel: 19 Nov 12
  1. Geek Emotions
  2. Freestyle Lover
  3. Geek Emotions (Jacob Korn remix)
Review: Turning to his more ranging and eclectic alter ego, Daniel 'Red Rack'Em' Berman clearly has plenty to say away from his dancefloor output, and Sonar Kollektiv makes for a logical place in which to house his creations. "Geek Emotions" does admittedly have a house undercurrent to it, but between the cold female vocals and spacious arrangement of classic new wave signifiers this stands strong as a crossover song in its own right. "Freestyle Lover" ups the energy with a more urgent drum break and squalls of guitar, yet still benefiting from the lack of over-production. Jacob Korn's remix hones "Geek Emotions" into a fully-fledged deep burner doused in moody pads and crisp drums.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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