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Began To Notice
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Cat: JSPCDK 1014. Rel: 06 May 13
  1. Began To Notice
  2. Misunderstanding
  3. Compromise
  4. Oversight
  5. Misty Woman
  6. Route 286
  7. BLK Rhythm
  8. Delusion
  9. Sustain One's Efforts
  10. Expect
Began To Notice
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Began To Notice (limited 2xLP)
Cat: JSV 137/138. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. Delusion
  2. Began To Notice
  3. Expect
  4. Oversight
  5. Compromise
  6. Route 286
  7. Misty Woman
  8. Sustain One's Efforts
  9. Misunderstandin
  10. BLK Rhythm
Review: Tokyo-based producer Grooveman Spot has been tirelessly doing his thing for nearly ten years, delivering scores of albums and 12"s for labels such as Planetgroove and Jazzy Sport in that time. This latest album for the latter delves into dry, uncompromising drum machine studies of varying tempos, and its remarkable how interesting a producer can make a whole album where melody is kept as a distant second to rhythms. Finding creative ways of processing drum hits and letting just subtle murmurs of sample licks and the like murmur away under the surface, an addictive and inventive collection of DJ friendly jams is born that should get ever more people wise to this Japanese talent.
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Urban Shake Down 2
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Urban Shake Down 2 (mixed CD)
Cat: ENRMCD 009. Rel: 04 Nov 13
  1. Show Me Where You're Coming From
  2. Groovin (That's What We're Doin')
  3. Lover Of My Dreams
  4. Heartbreaker
  5. When You're Far Away
  6. Hot Love
  7. Watching You Watcing Me
  8. I Can Love You Better
  9. Miracles
  10. Dance School
  11. Keep On Lovin' Me
  12. Don't Hold Back Your Love
  13. Masochistic Beauty
  14. It's All Yours
  15. A Time Like This
  16. How Do You Feel Tonight?
  17. Love Me Tonight
  18. On The Beat
  19. You're The One
  20. Slow Rap
Played by: I Love Disco!
The Stolen Moments Vol 9
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The Stolen Moments Vol 9 (continuous CD)
Cat: TSM 009. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Song For Bobby Smith
  2. Condor
  3. Morning Glory
  4. Atma-Tomorrow
  5. Here, My Dear
  6. Who's Right, Who's Wrong
  7. We Can Be New
  8. Splattitium
  9. Big BW
  10. The World Is Yours
  11. Miss Those Days
  12. Look
  13. Powder Bump
  14. Street Dreams (remix)
  15. Through The Wind
  16. Robot's Return
  17. Almost Everything
  18. Warm & Sunny Sunday Morning
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