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GU Classiques Volume One
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 in stock $12.42
Cat: GUCLSSQS 1. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. Happy People (edit) (6:09)
  2. Midnight Express (extended version) (3:42)
  3. Love Hang Over (rework) (8:09)
  4. Warp Factor II (120 BPM Time Stretch Dub Down) (6:15)
Classiques Volume Twelve
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 in stock $12.17
Cat: GUCLSSQS 12. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. Made In The USA - "Gotta Get A High" (GU Remaster) (4:03)
  2. Vivian Reed - "Don't Start Something You Can't Finish" (GU Remaster) (5:57)
  3. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - "A Chance For Peace" (GU Timestretch) (4:53)
Review: Chicago house badman Glenn Underground kicks off 2017 with a fiery trio of edits, written and packaged in his inimitable style. Coming straight through his own GU Classics imprint, the man gets down and dirty on his sleazy edit of "Gotta Get A High" by Made In The USA, packing a mean punch of boogie bass tones and lazy disco strings. The B-side gets down with a GU Remaster of Vivian Reed's "Don't Start Something You Can't Finish", while the GU Timestretch of "A Chance For Peace" by Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes is a true burst of wonder and soul, magnetic as the original but just a little bit more dancefloor-prone. So ill...
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GU Classiques Volume Five
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 in stock $12.17
Cat: GUCLSSQS 5. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. Can We Come Together (GU edit)
  2. Private World (Time Stretched GU edit)
  3. Come On Over Tonight (Low End & Brighter GU edit)
Classiques Volume Eleven
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 in stock $12.17
Cat: GUCLSSQS 11. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. African Suite - "Vibes" (GU break edit) (5:12)
  2. Trammps - "Disco Party" (GU edit) (9:15)
  3. Slave - "Stellar Fungk" (GU edit) (7:01)
  4. Wilbert Longmire - "Hawkeye" (GU remaster) (7:30)
Review: Serial editor and general man-about-town, Glenn Underground gets busy on another four-piece set of funk and disco fire. Playing the extension game like a true pro with just a little twist of EQ magic, each cut's original magic is retained and celebrated as we get far-out to the Afro charms of "Vibes", we wig out to the piano slapping fervour of "Disco Party", we hang out to the jazzy introspection of "Stellar Fungk" and we freak out to the dense wah wah textures of "Hawkeye".
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Time Trekker
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 in stock $10.35
Cat: CM 007V. Rel: 27 Dec 10
Deep House
  1. Time Trekker
  2. Pretty Noise Suite No 1
Review: Two of Chicago's most underappreciated producers pop up on this splendid record. The cowbell carnage of A-Side "Time Trekker" is offset by the string-laden, piano heavy house thump of "Pretty Noise Suite No. 1" - a guaranteed floor filler if ever we've heard one. Pressed up DIY style on Nicholson's Circular Motion Recordings, this is one for the purists.
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Black Resurrection #2
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 in stock $12.42
Cat: SJU 12R16. Rel: 25 May 15
Deep House
  1. Deep Within (7:51)
  2. Star Gate (Star Gate Mystic Heard piano mix) (11:21)
Review: Glenn Underground's Strictly Jazz Unit remains one of Chicago's premier outlets for house, an institution like the man himself! The big guy comes through with the second instalment of the Black Resurrection series, starting with "Deep Within", a piano-led deep house swinger with intricate percussion work that leans onto an almost tribal bounce. Over on the flipside, there's a "Mystic Piano" mix of "Star Gate" and that means hypnotic melodies, bouncing basslines and a jazzy kinda feel.
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Items 1 to 8 of 8 on page 1 of 1
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