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Musik For Autobahns
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Musik For Autobahns (unmixed CD)
Cat: RH 125CD. Rel: 11 Mar 13
  1. Ame - "Erkki"
  2. Maxxi & Zeus - "Passion"
  3. Tom Trago - "Next Fase"
  4. CF & Daywalker - "115 BPM"
  5. Marcus Worgull & Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Onassis"
  6. Roman Flugel - "Duck & Cover"
  7. Suzanne Kraft - "ESL"
  8. Weird Guilders - "Sentimental Journey"
  9. Marco Passarani - "White Chocolate"
  10. Tensnake - "Bliss"
  11. Acoustic High-End Research - "Beer & Air"
  12. Move D - "The Incorrigible Heartthrob"
  13. Young Marco - "In The Wind"
  14. Osborne - "Oyasumi"
Review: With a title like this, it's no surprise to learn that the compilation Gerd Janson has pulled together for Rush Hour is somewhat indebted to the legacy of Kraftwerk. In a thoroughly refreshing focus of intent, the contributing artists have had to reach towards a preface of "ambient not ambient" to take part in this project, and the end results showcase artists reaching beyond the common fare they turn out in their day to day release schedules. With his roots in ambient, Move D is of course right at home here, as is Roman Flugel, but it's exciting to hear the Krautrock tones of Ame's "Erkki" or the claustrophobic beatdown of Maxxi & Zeus (better known as Quiet Village).
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Musik For Autobahns 2
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Musik For Autobahns 2 (unmixed CD)
Cat: RHM 018CD. Rel: 28 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Leon Vynehall - "Midnight On Rainbow Road"
  2. Joy Orbison - "A213"
  3. Fort Romeau - "Seleno"
  4. Shan - "Awakening"
  5. AKSK - "Breaking"
  6. Conga Radio - "168 North"
  7. Orson Wells - "Orbiting Jupiters"
  8. Orlando Voorn - "Turn Left Here"
  9. Disco Nihilist - "Melancholy"
  10. Lauer - "Autofahrn"
  11. Bicep - "Carmine"
Review: Gerd Jansen's first collection of autobahn-inspired "ambient-not-ambient" cuts, released back in 2012, was something of an overlooked triumph. If anything, this second volume in the series - once again packed with exclusive, never-before-heard material - is even better. There are glistening, far-sighted excursions from Leon Vynehall, Shan and Orson Wells, a brilliant chunk of shuffling dancefloor hypnotism from Joy Orbison, and some vintage, low-slung ambient fare from Dutch veteran Orlando Voorn. Meanwhile, Disco Nihilist's "Melancholy" is formidable emotive - unsurprising, given the Detroit and deep synth-pop influences - while Lauer's "Autofahrn" is a thrillingly authentic Kraftwerk tribute.
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