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Bad Trip
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Bad Trip (12")
Cat: PLATTER 004. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Bad Trip
  2. Strange Gait
Played by: MRSK
Review: A unique theme is central to this fourth release from the intermittently active Smorgasbord label and one you feel may unlimited potential to be explored through other contributing artists. In plain terms, the label tasked Bass Clef and Frak to swap unfinished stem files for tracks without any further input from the other. Lead cut "Bad Trip" seems to Bass Clef's take on Frak's stems, and features perhaps the debut appearance of Ralph Cumbers' own vocals amidst some wonderfully skewed electronics that never sit still for a second. On the flip Frak draw from the same pool of creativity that has spurred recent muscular techno excursions on Kontra, Tsar et al with their mutation of "Strange Gait".
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Stadium Sound
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Cat: DP 16. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Stadium
  2. Ekin
  3. Artline
  4. Dalig Dammsugare
  5. Don´t Leave Me
Review: Swedish legends Frak show no signs of slowing down as they close out their third decade in the music business. This curious 7" follows a recent excursion on Dark Entries and features the earliest pre-teenage recordings of Jan Svensson and his Frak cohorts, dug out from the depths of the Borft archives. Given the relative youth of when Frak recorded them, it's no surprise the five short tunes that make up Stadium Sound are cheery, melodious and cheeky, with cheap-sounding synthesizer melodies and off-kilter drum machine rhythms the order of the day. Of course, it's not all sugar coated, tongue-in-cheek silliness, with "Artline" and the sludgy "Dallig Dammsugare" neatly emphasizing their experimental credentials. Best of all, though, is the deep, woozy, melodious and loved-up pop cut "Don't Leave Me", which sounds like it was recorded in a cement mixer.
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Skum One
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Skum One (12")
Cat: SKUM 01. Rel: 26 Aug 13
Deep House
  1. Skudge - "Skum One"
  2. MRSK - "Less Youth" (Culture mix)
  3. Frak - "Deeper Thoughts"
  4. TM404 - "303/303/303/606/707"
Review: SKUM sees Swedish labels Skudge and Kontra Musik join forces for a series of collaborative releases featuring both their respective label rosters and it's quite a logical step. Whilst Kontra Musik is the more established of the two, both labels have followed a similar path, releasing music from hometown talent as well as artists further afield. The debut issue sees contributions from Skudge themselves along with MRSK, Frak and the ever reliable Andreas Tilliander in TM404 mode; proceedings are deftly split between Swedish techno at it's finest on the A Side courtesy of Skudge and MRSK whilst Frak and TM404 ensure the B Side is a more cerebral affair.
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