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 in stock $9.28
People (12")
Cat: BIRDIE 03. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. People (7:11)
  2. Endian & Trevino - "Exotica" (6:13)
  3. Juno Arps (7:30)
  4. 122 Groover (6:28)
Review: Trevino's Birdie label flies onto our shelves with its third outing, this time by George Levings AKA Endian, a man who's put out gold wherever he's landed on - check the Nonplus catalogue for his finest moments. However, while his output for Boddika's label was comparatively broken and glitchy, "People" is a rocking house stomper with heavy-loaded percussion stabs, sparse melodies and diluted samples. "Exotica" sees Levings team up with bossman Trevino, where the pair make a break-ridden deep house bomb with a UK edge, while the flip features the bouncy, bumping house wobbles of "Juno Arps", and the funkier, jazzier beats of "122 Groover". A sweet number 3 for the label!
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Finish Me EP
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 in stock $9.53
Cat: SECRET 017. Rel: 25 May 15
  1. Finish Me (7:01)
  2. Dusty 2 (6:09)
  3. Sub Tropic (7:46)
Review: After previous, if infrequent, transmissions for Electric Minds and Non Plus, Commix producer George Levings returns with some new Endian material for the always impressive Secretsundaze Music. The more attentive out there may well have heard at least one of these tracks in the club or in a mix of late, with Joy Orbison ending his Essential Mix last year on the opening track "Finish Me". Well done to Secretsundaze for facilitating a wider release for them then with "Finish Me" the sort of fiery, low end heavy club track you feel will be heard on dancefloors for some time to come. Don't ignore the B side tracks though as they are equally potent tools for the dancefloor.
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Global EP
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 in stock $9.53
Global EP (12")
Cat: SECRET 021. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. XS-10 (5:46)
  2. Global (7:06)
Review: Since 2011 George Levings has been living a double life. While best known for his drum & bass work as Commix, he's also impressed with occasional house and techno flavoured outings as Endian. Global is his second outing for Secretsundaze under the latter alias, and begins with the metallic tech-house drums, spacey chords and intergalactic effects of hypnotic shuffler "XS-10". He ratchets things up a notch on the title track, using restless hi-hats to help drive the groove forwards. It's an interesting trick, as it adds a little more dancefloor weight to an otherwise deep, dreamy and melodious backing track.
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