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Deep Is Dead
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Deep Is Dead (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: DEEPEX 042. Rel: 06 Nov 17
Deep House
  1. So Far (Opening reprise)
  2. In A Club In Paris (New Jazz Fakers Reshape)
  3. No Son Horas....
  4. The Journey (with Kuniyuki Takahashi & Jack Zwarts)
  5. That´s IT (feat Zarenzeit)
  6. Ninos En La Oscuridad
  7. Heard
  8. Best Case Scenario (feat Allstarr Motomusic)
  9. Dream Driver (feat Ras Vadah)
  10. Deep Is Dead (song For T.T.D.)
Review: Before his debut studio full-length, Dubbyman racked up a remarkable discography of dance singles and remixes. He has been away for a little while, but his new 10-tracker album is the perfect tool for him to make his anticipated return. "Deep is dead" is a fascinating mix of organic and synthetic, past and present, smoothness and eclectic, darkness and brightness. The Spanish producer has veered away from those dub-heavy and dark atmospheric deep stylings, and instead has ventured into much classic house and musically territory. Almost all songs are soaked in warm chords, dreamy leads and gripping melodies. Dubbyman also offers an immense and stunning roster of credits and guest musicians such as Kuniyuki Takahashi, Leo Gunn and George Btp aka Allstarr Motomusic, just to mention a few.

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So Far (feat Ras Vadah) (feat Leo Gunn remix)
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So Far (feat Ras Vadah) (feat Leo Gunn remix) (40 gram vinyl 7" + magazine)
Cat: FFDE 001. Rel: 09 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. So Far (original extended take)
  2. So Far (Leo Gunn remix)
Review: There was only ever going to be one choice to launch First Floor. Not only is Dubbyman the cover star of our debut publication of the same name, but he's also the face and sound of influential Spanish label Deep Explorer, in-demand producer/remixer and long-time favourite with us. So the opportunity to collaborate on a special edition 7" vinyl release was one we couldn't miss.

So Far, featuring South African vocalist and musician Ras Vadah from The Therapy Collektive, is an extended version of the laidback, jazzy opening teaser from Dubbyman's debut album Deep Is Dead. Deep Explorer stalwart Leo Gunn, on remix duties for the first time, takes the same track and gives it a piano-driven, dance-floor focused spin.

The accompanying fanzine not only includes interviews with both Dubbyman and Gunn, but also features articles on Johannes Albert, Tommo & Jonno, Jesus Gonsev, Arnheim, Sensible Soccers and more.


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Played by: Tomi Chair
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