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DJ SNEAK/TAPESH/LOS SURUBA/VARIOUS - ANTS Presents The Mix 2015 Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title DJ SNEAK/TAPESH/LOS SURUBA/VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist ANTS Presents The Mix 2015 (mixed 3xCD) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title Defected 02 Jul 15 $13.64
Cat: 082619 4315528
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
The Grandma by Imiuru on Defected  Imiuru - "The Grandma"
Mind & Body by Discrete on Defected  Discrete - "Mind & Body"
Days With You by Ovijay on Defected  Ovijay - "Days With You"
Thrillseekers by Andy Toth & Billy Love on Defected  Andy Toth & Billy Love - "Thrillseekers" (Midnite Jackers Tongue Jack mix)
Warrior Boot by Tripmastaz on Defected  Tripmastaz - "Warrior Boot"
Learn How To Spin by Jesse Pereez on Defected  Jesse Pereez - "Learn How To Spin"
El Senor Vador by Apollonia on Defected  Apollonia - "El Senor Vador"
Electro Body Free by Chris Carrier on Defected  Chris Carrier - "Electro Body Free"
Native Language by Pezzner on Defected  Pezzner - "Native Language"
Somewhere Else by Crackazat on Defected  Crackazat - "Somewhere Else"
True Definition by Ramon Tapia on Defected  Ramon Tapia - "True Definition"
Something Special E by Eddie Fowlkes on Defected  Eddie Fowlkes - "Something Special E"
Ghetto Bounce by HR & Ski on Defected  HR & Ski - "Ghetto Bounce"
Holder by Faster on Defected  Faster - "Holder"
Jacks The House by DJ Sneak on Defected  DJ Sneak - "Jacks The House"
Stop Ou Encore by Kolombo on Defected  Kolombo - "Stop Ou Encore" (feat Plastic Bertrand - DJ Le Roi remix)
Round & Round by Todd Terry & DJ Sneak on Defected  Todd Terry & DJ Sneak - "Round & Round"
That Noise by Tapesh on Defected  Tapesh - "That Noise"
Strings Attached by Tapesh & Maximiljan on Defected  Tapesh & Maximiljan - "Strings Attached" (original)
Dogs by Tapesh on Defected  Tapesh - "Dogs" (feat Chemical Surf)
Shabby by Waff on Defected  Waff - "Shabby"
Lovesong (For Those Who Don't Like Lovesongs) by Emanuel Satie on Defected  Emanuel Satie - "Lovesong (For Those Who Don't Like Lovesongs)"
Let It Go by Noir & Caitlin on Defected  Noir & Caitlin - "Let It Go" (Long Gone Techno dub)
The Line by Jay Lumen on Defected  Jay Lumen - "The Line" (original mix)
Caution Your Blast by Jaymo, Andy George & Sidney Charles on Defected  Jaymo, Andy George & Sidney Charles - "Caution Your Blast"
Anxiety by Cozzy D on Defected  Cozzy D - "Anxiety" (Volkoder remix)
Dants by Tapesh on Defected  Tapesh - "Dants"
CTM by Tapesh on Defected  Tapesh - "CTM" (feat Kevin Over)
High Top by Piemont on Defected  Piemont - "High Top" (Sabb remix)
Dancing by Tapesh on Defected  Tapesh - "Dancing" (feat Do Santos Who Else)
Vapour Trails by Subb-An on Defected  Subb-An - "Vapour Trails" (feat The Million Plan - Terrace dub)
Another Mother by Sven Tasnadi on Defected  Sven Tasnadi - "Another Mother"
My Groove by Sven Tasnadi on Defected  Sven Tasnadi - "My Groove" (feat Gjeazon)
Take Some House by Roland Clark, Paul C & Paolo Martini on Defected  Roland Clark, Paul C & Paolo Martini - "Take Some House" (Riva Starr edit)
Assuming Control by Metodi Hristov on Defected  Metodi Hristov - "Assuming Control"
Terrazza's House by Philip Bader on Defected  Philip Bader - "Terrazza's House"
Raider by Raumakustik on Defected  Raumakustik - "Raider"
Like That by Seff on Defected  Seff - "Like That"
Beautiful Place by Kiko & Olivier Giacomotto on Defected  Kiko & Olivier Giacomotto - "Beautiful Place" (original mix)
Battery Park by Andre Hommen on Defected  Andre Hommen - "Battery Park"
The Deep by Joris Voorn on Defected  Joris Voorn - "The Deep" (Jimpster remix)
Punset by Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba on Defected  Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba - "Punset" (Solomun remix)

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