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Refraction Volume 2
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 in stock $11.09
Cat: REZ 018. Rel: 01 Aug 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Titonton Duvante - "Concupiscent" (5:50)
  2. Christopher Rau - "Russian Cartoons" (6:49)
  3. Jeff Samuel - "WT Fader" (7:35)
  4. Garrett David - "Stasis" (5:28)
Review: Titonton Duvante's Residual imprint operated out of Columbus, Ohio from the late eighties to the mid-nineties as mainly a vehicle for his own works, but also other legends of the US such as John Tejada, Boo Williams and Todd Sines. He's kickstarted the label again and he's doing it in style with a new track on the A side "Concupiscent": a darkly emotive serving of broken beat high tech soul. Hamburg's Smallville affiliated pursuer of modern deepness Christopher Rau gives us the sublime minimal groove of "Russian Cartoons" too. On the flip, another legend of US techno; Seattle's Jeff Samuel makes a comeback, on the uplifting and funky feelgood groove "WT Fader". Finally Chicago's Garrett David, resident at Smart Bar and buyer at Gramaphone Records gives us the Jeff Mill's tribute "Stasis"
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A Tribute To Klang Club Vol 2
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 in stock $11.88
  1. Move D - "Rise" (7:37)
  2. Fred P - "Lush Life" (5:38)
  3. Christopher Rau - "Unclear Joint" (6:08)
  4. Easy To Remember - "I Don't Know" (5:15)
Review: Two years on from volume one, Unclear has decided to deliver a second 12" tribute to the sadly missed Klang Club, a techno and house institution that brought ravers to the sleepy Tuscan village of Arezzo between 2008 and 2013. Move D kicks things off with the minor key melodies, creepy chords and crunchy percussion of "Rise", before Fred P effortlessly fuses deep house and wigglin' acid on the standout "Lush Life". On the flip, Christopher Rau gets busy with the thunderous techno drums, sampled sax loops and tumbling chords of "Unclear Joint", before Easy To Remember rounds things off with the early Chicago house grooves and Damn Funk style synth solos of "I Don't Know".
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Asper Clouds
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 in stock $16.88
Asper Clouds (2xLP)
Cat: SMALLVILLELP 03. Rel: 08 Nov 10
Deep House
  1. A Line
  2. Ping To You
  3. Do Little
  4. The Cool World
  5. Always The Same
  6. The Needs
  7. Capri
  8. Talk
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 in stock $8.71
Yamato (12")
Cat: SMALLVILLE 47. Rel: 30 May 16
Deep House
  1. Yamato (7:11)
  2. Odd Regrets (6:33)
  3. Just For You (7:26)
  4. Early Korn (5:22)
Review: Christopher Rau's latest outing on Smallville - his sixth in total, including two albums - is a particularly jolly affair, boasting a quartet of tried-and-tested cuts. There's something extra-cheery about opener "Yamato", where jammed-out organ riffs combine perfectly with a darting synth bassline and unfussy drum machine hits. "Odd Regrets" is a sweatier deep house drum jam, while "Just For You" reinvents rave-era piano house for the bass music generation. Finally, "Early Korn" is a picturesque and hazy deep house jam full of tumbling melodies and chiming electronics. All four tracks are excellent, suggesting that this is an EP that may stay in your record box for a while.
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Totally Together 001
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 in stock $9.24
  1. Hakim Murphy & Christopher Rau - "Floorz Hop" (6:14)
  2. Hakim Murphy & Christopher Rau - "Again Agin" (6:48)
  3. NC 17 - "Gasoline Or Dettol" (6:46)
  4. Mezigue & Christopher Rau - "Honk For Peace" (3:08)
Review: In support of the joys of teamwork, Smallville regular Christopher Rau has launched Totally Together, a new label committed to releasing collaborations between producers. He handles the first 12" himself, joining forces with a succession of artists across four fine tracks. The A-side boasts two hook-ups with Chicago's Hakim Murphy; the sweaty, jackin' drum machine beats and wayward electronics of "Floorz Hop", and the bass-heavy deep house wooziness of "Again Agin" [sic]. On the flip, Rau joins forces with Nathan Jonson as NC 17, delivering the ghetto-house influenced Chi-town bump of "Gasoline or Dettol" (think winding synth horns, crunchy drum machine handclaps and throbbing sub-bass), before laying down the ultra-deep, ultra-melodious "Carrier" alongside Mezigue.
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Colours Of Observation: Sidewalk Romeos EP
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 in stock $8.71
Cat: OUT 016. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Grip Aux (6:11)
  2. Sidewalk Romeos (7:24)
  3. General Fail (4:55)
  4. Virginatlantic (6:54)
Review: Germany's Out Er Records has been resting on the fringes of house and techno ever since their release back in 2011. The majority of the label's output has come from European artists, most of them from the Berlin-school of dance music. This time it's a head-to-head between Smallville's Christopher Rau and Analogue Cop, Marieu. The pair got in the studio together and have produced four solid, and gritty house stompers with plenty of masterful sampling and musical arrangements. "Grip Aux" is a perfect blend of deep house and more cavernous machine funk, while "Sidewalk Romeos" contains that inimitable Restoration vibe. On the flip, "General Fail" is a wonky bit of broken house, and "Virginatlantic" is a lush 90's reminiscent bombshell with a driving groove and solid percussion work.
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Pea Gravel EP
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 in stock $8.44
Cat: HYPE 21. Rel: 24 Oct 11
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Tilman Tausendfreund - "Lost Treasure Of The Juggernaut"
  2. Rau & Tausendfreund - "Pea Gravel"
  3. Christopher Rau - "Last Time Was So Good"
  4. Tausendfreund & Rau - "DTRH"
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