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 in stock $29.50
Mare (trifold 3xLP (side 6 etched))
Cat: KILP 11. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Myiami (4:35)
  2. Haul (feat Mohna) (5:14)
  3. Mosaics (3:21)
  4. Neo (7:17)
  5. Youth (2:27)
  6. Lid (5:09)
  7. Mare (feat Mohna) (4:06)
  8. Athlete (7:04)
  9. Vind (feat Mohna) (3:54)
  10. Silk (5:11)
  11. Nil (6:44)
  12. Swim (3:51)
  13. Krone (5:25)
  14. Pacific (2:35)
  15. Pigment (2:19)
  16. Wilderness (feat Mohna) (3:21)
  17. The Great White Open (3:04)
Young Alaska (reissue)
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 in stock $20.37
Cat: KI 012. Rel: 05 Dec 16
Deep House
  1. Young Alaska (7") (4:28)
  2. Mt. Grace (7") (4:33)
  3. Notes (7:04)
  4. Roman (7:30)
  5. Beirut (7:43)
  6. Veiled Grey (5:41)
  7. Alpine Sketch (1:39)
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 in stock $8.57
York (12")
Cat: VIS 268. Rel: 29 May 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. York (8:00)
  2. Lhotse (7:02)
  3. Nordkap (6:41)
Review: Classy German producer Christian Loffler makes a rare appearance away from his own Ki Records with York, a fine three track transmission for the 20/20 Vision label. If you are familiar with Loffler's Ki output you will know the German has few peers when it comes to productions rich in deepness and emotion and that's fully evident across York. What is also clear is the title track is Loffler's most club-focused production yet, a strong techy edge added to the familiar rolling fluidity and cooing harmonies. The two other tracks veer closer to his Ki releases and will hopefully act as a bridge for the more inquisitive Loffler newcomers to explore a rich discography.
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Mare Reworks
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coming soon $21.45
Mare Reworks (2xLP)
Cat: KILP 12. Rel: 08 Sep 17
  1. Lid (Zimmer remix)
  2. Vind (Fejka remix)
  3. Vind (Parra For Cuva remix)
  4. Vind (Max Cooper remix)
  5. Krone (Villette remix)
  6. Haul (Superpoze remix)
  7. Youth (Aparde remix)
  8. Lid (Steffen Kirchhoff remix)
  9. Mare (Robot Koch remix)
  10. Mare (Avatism remix)
  11. Neo (Tiger Lou remix)
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