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Humming Blurs
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Cat: RR 12003. Rel: 01 Jun 15
  1. Humming Blurs (7:30)
  2. Chanson Du Ricochet (5:46)
Review: A new release from Bass Clef is always something we enjoy here at Juno, with the latest finding Ralph Cumbers adding emergent Belfast concern to his storied discography. Humming Blurs is actually the first 'Clef joint of 2015 and it finds the pun loving producer in fine fettle, channelling two distinct moods across the pair of productions. Leading the way, "Humming Blurs" pairs sprightly, swung percussion and thunderous bursts of hi hats with delightfully chiming melodies and strings and kind of sounds like vintage Four Tet pulled into the 21st Century. On the B-side "Chanson Du Ricochet" is a smeared modular delight with a rhythmic freneticism that is most infectious.
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Bugbranded EP
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 in stock $13.17
Bugbranded EP (limited numbered 12")
Cat: PUBINFO 013. Rel: 22 Sep 14
  1. Sometimes The Only Way Out Is To Go Further In
  2. Elsewhen
  3. Faster Than The Speed Of Love
  4. Neon Black & Vulcane
Review: London's Public Information are experts in the art of surprise. With artists like Austin Cesear and Katie Gately on their roster, one would never really expect to have Bass Clef turn up on there in full effect. While his sound is always pretty diverse, this is possibly one of his finest EPs yet, where techno, bass and house are all mashed up in a tasty cocktail of glitchy beats and hazy snares. "Sometimes The Only Way Out Is To Go Further In" is a jam you'd listen to for hours, whereas "Elsewhen" is a lot more lo-fi but nonetheless filled with odd melodies and nasty acid squelches. On the flip, "Faster Than The Speed Of Love" verges to almost electro levels, while "Neon Black & Vulcane" is the oddball of the lot. Broken beats, aqueous melodies and some great FX trickery. Sublime.
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Bad Trip
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Bad Trip (12")
Cat: PLATTER 004. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Bad Trip
  2. Strange Gait
Review: A unique theme is central to this fourth release from the intermittently active Smorgasbord label and one you feel may unlimited potential to be explored through other contributing artists. In plain terms, the label tasked Bass Clef and Frak to swap unfinished stem files for tracks without any further input from the other. Lead cut "Bad Trip" seems to Bass Clef's take on Frak's stems, and features perhaps the debut appearance of Ralph Cumbers' own vocals amidst some wonderfully skewed electronics that never sit still for a second. On the flip Frak draw from the same pool of creativity that has spurred recent muscular techno excursions on Kontra, Tsar et al with their mutation of "Strange Gait".
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Played by: MRSK
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