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 in stock $8.64
Bygones (12")
Cat: AMS 009. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Bygones (8:36)
  2. Peace Offering (8:09)
Review: There's something undeniably unsettling about "Bygones", the lead track from Dave Huismans' latest outing under the A Made Up Sound pseudonym. It begins with the kind of feverish, voodoo-inspired drums regularly found on seriously heavy African drum workouts. When the metronomic kick drum comes in, it feels disarmingly out of time. It isn't, of course, but it's an undeniably trippy effect. On the flip, Huismans goes deeper, combining a hypnotic kick-drum pattern with hushed, dubbed-out chords, a locked-in bassline, and occasional melancholic melodies. It's as quietly beautiful and picturesque as the A-side is druggy and intense.
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Archive III
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 in stock $8.64
Cat: CBS 018. Rel: 22 Jun 15
  1. Cheater VIP (6:34)
  2. Funkstation (5:47)
  3. Us (6:55)
  4. Them (8:05)
Review: Dave '2562' Huismans returns to Clone Basement Series for the first time since 2012, with another installment of the ongoing Archive series. As usual, there's plenty to enjoy, with opener "Cheater VIP" - much sought-after since he dropped it in his Boiler Room set last year - providing the near perfect fusion of funk-fuelled techno rhythms, metallic percussion and industrial textures. "Funkstation" is an altogether creepier, deeper proposition, with sinewy strings and discordant horn samples complimenting a sludgy groove. The rolling intensity of "Us" ups the creepy stakes even further, helped, in no small part, by some particularly ghostly cymbals.
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Thin Air
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 in stock $8.90
Thin Air (12")
Cat: 116 DSR. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Thin Air (7:28)
  2. I Repeat (6:06)
  3. All Out (8:03)
  4. Waybackmachine (5:58)
Review: A Made Up Sound man Dave Huismans is not messing around on this 12", his first outing on Delsin for six years. Opener "Thin Air" may contain creepy melodies, strange samples and curious orchestral samples, but these largely play second fiddle to a booming techno rhythm. "All Out" and "Waybackmachine" also hit home hard, with trademark rhythmic madness and densely layered chords combining to create two hectic and intense broken techno smashers. Even the EP's most laidback moment, the noticeably deeper "I Repeat", owes its' power to a surging sub-bass line and some snappy post-dubstep rhythms, rather than its' faintly unsettling electronics and melancholic musical elements.
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SUE 013
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 in stock $8.90
SUE 013 (12")
Cat: SUE 013. Rel: 18 Jan 16
Deep House
  1. Track 1 (7:56)
  2. Track 2 (7:29)
  3. Track 3 (5:06)
Review: While others are worried about 'slow months' or releasing at the right time, the Sued imprint has a knack for coming out with records when you least expect them. Moreover, they happen to also be absolutely sick, each and every time. This time, SW and SVN's label sees the latter team up with Dynamo Dreesen - long-time associate and co-member of the Dresvn unit - and their newly formed producer/friend, A Made Up Sound. Yup, we never expected this either before their debut as a team on Dynamo's own Acido label. "Track 1" is a head-driven, stripped down kinda lick that spins and coils its subtle bells and lo-fi bass around a steady kick, before nose-diving into a funkier terrain; on Side B, "Track 2" rattles and bangs its tribal percussion without a steady four-to-the-floor, while "Track 3" shifts everything down to a murky, slo-mo jam made up of grey-scaled low tones, flangered percussion and, well, the trio's inimitable style. Recommended, as always.
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