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A Relentless Gaze
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A Relentless Gaze (140g smokey transparent grey vinyl 12" (limited to 300 copies))
Cat: SSX 01. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. The Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness
  2. Bells Of Venus
  3. Our Bloods
  4. The Time Past
Review: Jacob Long's work as Earthen Sea has already firmly established itself on Ital's Lovers Rock label, but here the San Francisco-based artist is branching out to a sympathetic ear - Silent Season. Much like other artists on the label, Long's fusion of heavy atmospherics and submerged techno make for a compelling, immersive listen. At times, such as on "The Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness", he opts for a looming set of pads and textures that bear down on the listener. Elsewhere, more delicate sounds interact across the frequency range, but what binds the record together is the weight of the ambience Long is so adept at crafting. Without a thread of a kick drum pulse to be heard throughout, it's another strong step on for Earthen Sea.
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Subtemple (10")
Cat: HDB 108. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Subtemple (7:18)
  2. Beachfires (9:51)
Review: Naturally, there's been plenty of hype surrounding this new Hyperdub 10", which features Burial indulging his often-discussed ambient influences. It's a typically creepy and ghostly affair, with the lack of beats - if not rhythmic elements - only serving to amplify the shadowy producer's impeccable sound design and brilliant use of manipulated field recordings. A-side "Subtemple" is particularly paranoid in tone, featuring as it does chilling melody loops, curious vocal samples, looped vinyl crackle and all manner of layered background noise. Flipside "Beachfires" is, if anything, even more dystopian, with Burial basing the action around the kind of pulsing chords that gust back and forth like an autumnal breeze.
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Sells His Record Collection
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Sells His Record Collection (LP + insert repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: JBLP 001. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. The Sun Goddess Steps Out In Old Asakusa (11:24)
  2. Tepco Shareholder (6:38)
  3. Everything Passes (5:24)
  4. The Land Of The Gods Under Concrete (10:17)
  5. 10000 Forgotten Ghost Stories (5:13)
  6. Yakuza No Uta (5:44)
Review: With that excellent pair of remixes from Place No Blame's label debut last year still ringing in our heads, we've been awaiting new material from London's Japan Blues with a worrying level of anticipation. While his reworks of DJ Slyngshot's equally magnetic tunes saw the mask-ridden producer branch out onto new territories, this LP marks another significant change in his approach to releasing music. Sells His Record Collection, as with anything this man does, is an honest approach to sampling and a magnificent reflection of so many years spent digging through Japanese records. From folk dances, to soundtrack scores, and even glitchy waves of post-punk beats, this is an unmissable excursion into the most unknown territories of the music that the Far Easte Asian's island has to offer. There are few people who have taken such care, attention and dedication to bringing the listener a singular view of the country's music, and there is something in here for any serious music connoisseur's ears. Unmissable (and limited!).
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Mille Plateaux (reissue)
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Mille Plateaux (reissue) (hand-numbered CD limited to 100 copies)
Cat: ROHS1 01. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Intro
  2. Limelight
  3. Megalopolis
  4. Interlude
  5. Natalis
  6. Poetry
  7. Wish You Were Here
Review: Mille Plateaux, Tetsuya Nakamura's second Arc of Doves album, has long been in demand amongst both ambient and dub techno aficionados. Originally released back in 2010 in limited numbers and subsequently reissued in 2014, Rohs! Records have finally succumbed to pressure and given it a third release, albeit in ultra-limited quantities. Listening for the first time, it's easy to see why the album is held in such high esteem. The ambient tracks are atmospheric, picturesque and enveloping, Nakamura finding a near perfect balance between poignancy and positivity, while the dub techno excursions are far breezier and attractive than the sound design-obsessed fare served up by many within the scene. There are only 100 of these floating around, so grab one while you can.
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Aescoba EP
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 in stock $11.86
Cat: FILM 006. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Poly_Ana Summers (Schoolyard Surph Beat) (3:53)
  2. 10_Muddy_Puddle Trot (3:41)
  3. Duel TM (3:41)
  4. 17 Acetonia (Au Pied De Cochon_Aescoba) (6:51)
  5. Ghaint [Berl] With Detro[id] (2:32)
  6. 6 Aucun Christ W (2:49)
Played by: Nowicki
The Petrified Forest
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 in stock $7.01
Cat: BIO 30CD. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Drifter
  2. Black Mesa
  3. Turned To Stone
  4. The Petrified Forest
  5. Just A Kiss
  6. This Is The End
Review: Any new release from reclusive Norwegian ambient colossus Geir Jennsen is cause for celebration. The Petrified Forest was inspired by a 1936 movie of the same name, the plot of which revolves around a world-weary British writer meeting a fellow idealist in an isolated diner in the middle of the Arizona desert. Jenssen's music has always been cinematic in tone - think widescreen visions with multiple related movements, sitting somewhere between icy loneliness and comforting homeliness - so it's little surprise to find that The Petrified Forest regularly hits the mark. Evocative, atmospheric and quietly melodiousness, it's a mini album chock full of brilliant downtempo electronica.
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OFFEN 005.5
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OFFEN 005.5 (hand-numbered hand-stamped 10" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OFFEN 0055. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Jazz (4:52)
  2. Assassin De La Popcorn (4:20)
Review: Former Blackstrobe man Ivan Smagghe (It's A Fine Line/Disques De La Mort) had teamed up with regular collaborator Rupert Cross on the MA LP for Vladimir Ivkovic's Offen Music earlier in 2017. These two tracks can be seen as an addendum of sorts to their wonderful album of ambient, drone and experimental electronics excursions. It was a departure from the disco-tinged remixes the pair were more known for and an impressive body of work which we'd recommend. On the A side we have the sublime free-synth journey of "Jazz" showing off some wonderful expressions of a lush patch, while on the flip things take a darker and noisier turn on the four minute thriller "Assassin De La Popcorn".
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Music For Documentaries
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Cat: HVNX 400. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Cayenne (3:57)
  2. The Lake (1:29)
  3. Fab's Sunday (2:01)
  4. Koko The Gorilla (3:19)
  5. Cat Cradle (2:23)
  6. Koko The Gorilla (part 2) (2:37)
  7. Wind (2:00)
  8. Agility (2:39)
  9. Alien (4:57)
  10. Straight Teeth (2:52)
  11. Koko's Photographs (1:34)
  12. Dog Race (2:05)
  13. Aquarium Scene (2:29)
  14. Dune Of Silence (3:33)
Time Signals (reissue)
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Cat: JBH 063LP. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Journal (0:36)
  2. Time Signal (1:27)
  3. Scoria (2:30)
  4. Rhythm & Sounds (1:23)
  5. Sequent (1:40)
  6. Just Walk Easy (1:01)
  7. Walk Easy (1:02)
  8. Join In (1:33)
  9. The Rocker (1:29)
  10. Hot Cake (1:19)
  11. Shuffling (1:16)
  12. The Hunters (1:16)
  13. Drums Around (1:52)
  14. Survivor (2:43)
  15. Different Strokes (1:13)
  16. Reports (1:09)
  17. Humming (1:19)
  18. Eternity (1:20)
  19. Swinging Skins (1:22)
  20. Machinery (1:37)
  21. The Searchers (1:09)
  22. Space Waltz (1:40)
  23. Kind Of Bossa (1:29)
  24. Rudiments (1:17)
  25. Heavy Weights (1:45)
Review: Before submerging himself in the world of electronic-acoustic fusion in 1977, Klauss Weiss had been best known as one of Germany's leading jazz drummers. 1978's Time Signals - here reissued on vinyl for the first time since - was not his first attempt to fuse early analogue synthesizers and home-made electronics with his own jazz-leaning drumming, but it probably remains his most successful exploration of this style. It's an album that successfully distils many influences - ambient, krautrock, Tangerine Dream, space rock, the Radiophonic Workshop, and so on - into a wealth of short, library music style tracks that impress with their imaginative approach to musical fusion. Throw in some killer drumming from Weiss - including some turntablist-friendly breaks - and you have an odd but thoroughly entertaining album.
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Sadly The Future Is No Longer What It Was
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  1. When Did Our Dreams & Futures Drift So Far Apart? (9:42)
  2. Not Even Nostalgia Is A Good As It Used To Be (9:37)
  3. Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (20:20)
  4. Stay Light, There Is A Rainbow A Coming (12:12)
  5. And Nothing Comes Between The Sadness And The Scream (6:52)
  6. I’ve Hummed This Tune To All The Girls I’ve Known (12:43)
  7. Not As She Is Now But As She Appears In My Dreams (6:50)
April (Record Store Day 2017)
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Cat: K 7352LP. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Ghost (1:43)
  2. Garden (NYC mix) (2:35)
  3. Crescent Heights (2:22)
  4. Suddenly Spring (3:06)
  5. Hills On Fire (2:32)
  6. Gauloise Scented (3:35)
  7. Marylebone (2:26)
  8. Lauren Canyon (3:37)
  9. ROB (2:52)
  10. DR2D (5:14)
  11. Test Mode (2:49)
  12. Family Computer Robot (4:09)
  13. HC-012 (4:44)
  14. Interlude (3:35)
  15. Flag (take 2) (2:17)
  16. Azure (1:38)
Played by: Tagwell Woods
Mana EP & Remixes
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Mana EP & Remixes (white & black vinyl double 12")
Cat: DM3D 016. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Aures (5:07)
  2. Mana (6:05)
  3. Elgon (7:01)
  4. Cross (5:06)
  5. Lethe (7:26)
  6. Aures (Peder Mannerfelt remix) (5:06)
  7. Mana (Abdulla Rashim remix) (6:55)
  8. Lethe (Polar Inertia remix) (10:19)
  9. Cross (HBT remix) (5:08)
The Petrified Forest
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Cat: BIO 30LP. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Drifter (4:16)
  2. Black Mesa (5:24)
  3. Turned To Stone (4:47)
  4. The Petrified Forest (5:01)
  5. Just One Kiss (4:54)
  6. This Is The End (5:16)
Review: Any new release from reclusive Norwegian ambient colossus Geir Jennsen is cause for celebration. The Petrified Forest was inspired by a 1936 movie of the same name, the plot of which revolves around a world-weary British writer meeting a fellow idealist in an isolated diner in the middle of the Arizona desert. Jenssen's music has always been cinematic in tone - think widescreen visions with multiple related movements, sitting somewhere between icy loneliness and comforting homeliness - so it's little surprise to find that The Petrified Forest regularly hits the mark. Evocative, atmospheric and quietly melodiousness, it's a mini album chock full of brilliant downtempo electronica.
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Played by: Nastia Reigel
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Grafts (1-sided LP)
Cat: BK 12X1204. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. 2c (7:54)
  2. Flutter (4:19)
  3. Moments In Love (10:35)
Review: As they do, Boomkat's Editions imprint have snapped up some abstract electronic talent to add to their fast-growing catalogue of deep, cerebral ambient music with a fine-tuned edge. Their latest win is through Canada's Kara Lis-Coverdale, an artist riding on the fringes of cassette scene, and one whose glitchy shards of drone have caused quite a few heads to turn in our department. The Grafts LP kicks off with the somber waves of "2C", a glorious little expedition that falls into the vaster, more liberating planes of the curious "Flutter". "Moments In Love" is the most aurally stunning segment of this one-sided jewel, a deep and pensive cloud of muffled atmospherics that are driven by subtle beat glitches and sporadic whispers of percussion.
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Kunst (2xLP)
Cat: KUNST 002. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Goatskin Server (6:40)
  2. Spep (4:32)
  3. Sat1808 121FYFM (4:49)
  4. Parambanan 2 (6:22)
  5. Han (3:14)
  6. First Crack (6:10)
  7. Hill (6:39)
  8. Ah, If Fry, Um (4:14)
  9. Sven (4:41)
  10. C-Tones (3:00)
  11. The Madness Of Mickey Hamilton (6:04)
  12. Eight Xenon Ions (6:47)
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Narkopop (3xLP + CD in hard-cover book)
Cat: KOMPAKT 371. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Narkopop 1 (4:04)
  2. Narkopop 2 (10:42)
  3. Narkopop 3 (4:03)
  4. Narkopop 4 (3:52)
  5. Narkopop 5 (6:16)
  6. Narkopop 6 (4:39)
  7. Narkopop 7 (9:20)
  8. Narkopop 8 (6:56)
  9. Narkopop 9 (7:56)
  10. Narkopop 10 (17:16)
  11. Narkopop 11 (16:08)
  12. Narkopop 1
  13. Narkopop 2 (CD)
  14. Narkopop 3
  15. Narkopop 4
  16. Narkopop 5
  17. Narkopop 6
  18. Narkopop 7
  19. Narkopop 8
  20. Narkopop 9
  21. Narkopop 10
Review: On the back of Kompakt's expansive retrospective of his work under the Gas alias, the essential Box, Wolfgang Voigt has decided to deliver a new album - his first for 17 years. Predictably, Narkopop is as cinematic, widescreen and densely layered as anything the German ambient producer has done to date. Over 11 spellbinding tracks, Voigt blends field recordings and droning electronics with sweeping, almost orchestral movements, swirling melodic cycles, and occasional forays into rhythmic hypnotism. The result is a collection of "wall of sound" ambient compositions that does a terrific job tiptoeing the fine lines between both grandiosity and intimacy, and joy and pain. In a word: essential.
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Box (9xLP + 12" box + 4xCD in hard-back art-print book)
Cat: KOMPAKT 370. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Zauberberg 1 (11:39)
  2. Zauberberg 2 (14:02)
  3. Zauberberg 3 (14:24)
  4. Zauberberg 4 (5:55)
  5. Zauberberg 5 (7:55)
  6. Zauberberg 6 (10:58)
  7. Zauberberg 7 (11:44)
  8. Koenigsforst 1 (9:37)
  9. Koenigsforst 2 (13:55)
  10. Koenigsforst 3 (8:47)
  11. Koenigsforst 4 (6:27)
  12. Koenigsforst 5 (15:12)
  13. Koenigsforst 6 (10:19)
  14. Koenigsforst 7 (6:14)
  15. Koenigsforst 8 (7:09)
  16. Pop 1 (5:13)
  17. Pop 2 (8:34)
  18. Pop 3 (11:01)
  19. Pop 4 (9:52)
  20. Pop 5 (10:47)
  21. Pop 6 (9:15)
  22. Pop 7 (14:29)
  23. Tal 90 (11:48)
  24. Oktember (15:11)
  25. Zauberberg 1 (CD)
  26. Zauberberg 2
  27. Zauberberg 3
  28. Zauberberg 4
  29. Zauberberg 5
  30. Zauberberg 6
  31. Zauberberg 7
  32. Koenigsforst 1 (CD)
  33. Koenigsforst 2
  34. Koenigsforst 3
  35. Koenigsforst 4
  36. Koenigsforst 5
  37. Koenigsforst 6
  38. Koenigsforst 7
  39. Koenigsforst 8
  40. Pop 1 (CD)
  41. Pop 2
  42. Pop 3
  43. Pop 4
  44. Pop 5
  45. Pop 6
  46. Pop 7
  47. Tal 90
  48. Oktember
Review: It would be fair to say that Box is something of an epic. A lusciously packaged celebration of Wolfgang Voigt's acclaimed late 90s work under the Gas alias, it contains all four of the producer's iconic albums stretched across ten slabs of wax, and a quartet of CDs. The package also includes a couple of other obscurities - "Tal '90", originally included on an old compilation, and 1999 single 'Oktember' - to make it a near-complete collection of the artist's impeccable output. If you have any interest at all in ambient techno, dub techno or the development of the Cologne sound, it should be an essential purchase.
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Late Night Tales
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Late Night Tales (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + print + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 39. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Ben Lukas Boysen - "Sleepers Beat Theme" (3:24)
  2. Darkstar - "Hold Me Down" (5:21)
  3. Holy Other - "Yr Love" (3:30)
  4. Teebs - "Verbena Tea" (with Rebekah Raff) (3:10)
  5. Nils Frahm - "More" (6:15)
  6. Songs Of Green Pheasant - "I Am Daylights" (2:16)
  7. Evenings - "Babe" (2:04)
  8. Letherette - "After Dawn" (3:19)
  9. Jon Hopkins - "I Remember" (exclusive Yeasayer cover version) (4:16)
  10. David Holmes - "Hey Maggy" (4:54)
  11. Alela Diane - "Lady Divine" (5:09)
  12. Last Days - "Missing Photos" (1:55)
  13. School Of Seven Bells - "Connjur" (4:36)
  14. Peter Broderick - "And It's Alright" (Nils Frahm remix) (4:32)
  15. Four Tet - "Gillie Amma I Love You" (5:45)
  16. Bibio - "Down To The Sound" (2:30)
  17. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - "Requiem For The Static King" (part One) (2:40)
  18. Helios - "Emancipation" (2:31)
  19. Rick Holland - "I Remember" (exclusive spoken word piece) (3:17)
Review: The Late Night Tales mix series - going strong since way back in 2003 - never ceases to both amaze and please our eardrums when they're in need of a sonic massage. With legendary artists such as Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, MGMT and many others on their roster, you just know it's going to be quality throughout. This time it's up to Domino man Jon Hopkins to give us an outlook onto his own tastes and musical influences. The selection is vast and varied, with everyone from Four Tet to Darkstar and even Peter Broderick featuring within. An incandescent blend of sci-fi electronica, tropical bass nuggets and lighter shades of drone-fuelled house. Quality.
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Tao Of I
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 in stock $20.49
Tao Of I (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: OMLP 010. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Qian (4:42)
  2. Kun (4:43)
  3. Zhun (4:36)
  4. Meng (5:29)
  5. Xu (4:23)
  6. Song (3:48)
  7. Shi (5:04)
  8. Bi (5:16)
Review: Glasgow based composer Iona Fortune presents her debut release inspired by Eastern philosophy and said to be the first in an eight album series exploring the symbols of the I Ching, Her music is influenced by oriental sounds and features a palette of instruments that includes the Guzheng, Gamelan and Synthi AKS. The overall effect is a singular and beguiling sound that loosely fits in with Jon Hassell's Fourth World concept. Fortune also contributed a track to Optimo Music's new Fourth World compilation entitled Miracle Steps earlier in 2017. The initial vinyl edition will come on a trans lucid pressing with inside sleeve and original artwork by the artist.
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I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America 1950-1990
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I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America 1950-1990 (3xLP box + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: LITA 107LP. Rel: 18 Nov 13
  1. Gurdjieff & De Hartmann - "The Struggle of The Magicians" (part 3)
  2. Gail Laughton - "Pompeii 76 AD"
  3. Nesta Kerin Crain - "Gongs In The Rain"
  4. Wilburn Burchette - "Witch's Will"
  5. Formentera Sunset Clouds - "Iasos"
  6. Steven Halpern - "Seventh Chakra Keynote B" (Violet)
  7. Joel Andrews - "Seraphic Borealis"
  8. Constance Demby - "Om Mani Padme Hum"
  9. Daniel Emmanuel - "Arabian Fantasy"
  10. Don Slepian - "Awakening" (excerpt)
  11. Laraaji - "Unicorns In Paradise" (excerpt)
  12. Peter Davison - "Glide V"
  13. Joanna Brouk - "Lifting Off"
  14. Michael Stearns - "As The Earth Kissed The Moon" (excerpt)
  15. Aeoliah - "Tien Fu: Heaven's Gate" (excerpt)
  16. Daniel Kobialka - "Blue Spirals"
  17. Larkin - "Two Souls Dance"
  18. Judith Tripp - "Sun"
  19. Mark Banning - "Lunar Eclipse" (excerpt)
  20. Alice Damon - "Waterfall Winds"
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Rainworks (2xLP)
Cat: MFM 020. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. From Memory & The Sky (17:22)
  2. The Way Of The Water (8:30)
  3. The Hiding Place (6:27)
  4. They Don't Love Each Other (5:40)
  5. Nothing Ends (9:38)
  6. A Rainy Afternoon (19:14)
Review: Having introduced Spanish ambient pioneer Suso Saiz to a wider audience via last year's superb Odisea retrospective, Music From Memory has scored a new album from the long-serving musician and composer. Rainworks was recorded over a two-month period in early 2016, and sees Saiz evocatively joining the dots between Jonny Nash style guitar-led ambience, gently undulating, piano-driven mood pieces, evocative collages of found sounds and field recordings (see opener "From Memory & The Sky"), and ghostly, effects-laden ambient. He also finds time to pay tribute to Steve Reich style American minimalism on the cyclical brilliance of "They Don't Love Each Other".
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Selected Ambient Works 85-92
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Cat: AMB 3922LP. Rel: 02 Sep 13
  1. Xtal
  2. Tha
  3. Pulsewidth
  4. Ageispolis
  5. I
  6. Green Calx
  7. Heliosphan
  8. We Are The Music Makers
  9. Schottkey 7th Path
  10. Ptolemy
  11. Hedphelym
  12. Delphium
  13. Actium
Review: In line with the timely reappraisal of all things R&S related, the resurgent Apollo have seen the opportunity to bring one of their most celebrated records back for another round. Aphex Twin's ambient recordings mature magnificently with age, sounding ever richer and more emotive as the rest of electronic music continues to play catch up all around. From the gentle breakbeats of "Xtal" to the aquatic techno lure of "Tha", the airy rave of "Pulsewidth" to the heartwrenching composition of "Ageispolis", every track is a perennial example of how far ambient techno could reach even back then. It's just that no-one quite had the arm-span of Richard D. James.
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Moon Rock Vol 4
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Cat: TOB 054. Rel: 03 Apr 17
  1. Max Pask - "Salle Z" (6:00)
  2. Jabru - "Tartarus 808" (Solid Spiel mix) (7:42)
  3. Danny Passarella - "Carousel Rising" (5:04)
  4. Steve Cobby - "Arvan" (outtake) (4:03)
  5. Black Deer - "Xomputer" (5:14)
  6. Bird Of Paradise - "Centavos" (5:25)
  7. Moscoman - "The Edge Of The Earth" (7:30)
  8. Cass & Stijn Huwels - "Ohayou Gozaimasu" (6:54)
  9. Gilb'r - "Arpeggio Island" (2:57)
  10. Maximilian Skiba - "General Daimos" (2:42)
  11. Cale Parks - "36 Questions Sunset" (5:00)
  12. Craig Bratley - "Exquisite Corpse" (5:42)
  13. Man Power - "MTZ" (5:55)
  14. Vactrol Park - "Islands Of The Delta" (7:17)
  15. Warden CA - "Something Happens Here" (5:13)
  16. Not Ssandoz - "Two" (5:45)
  17. Magic Mountain High - "Wholetone Movement 1" (6:32)
  18. Brain Machine - "Transit Zone" (7:59)
  19. Ma Spaventi - "Autumn" (3:55)
  20. Aris Kindt - "The Consul" (5:49)
Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain
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Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain (gatefold 2xLP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: SV 049. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain (part 1) (23:01)
  2. Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain (part 2) (21:22)
  3. Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain (part 3) (20:55)
  4. Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain (part 4) (23:48)
Played by: Dj soFa
Tone To Voice
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Cat: TABR 038 . Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Intro (1:13)
  2. Sonic Spectrometer (6:43)
  3. Salient Pole Rotor (6:42)
  4. Potential Life (5:47)
  5. Obsidian Cityscape (7:01)
  6. Artifice (3:09)
  7. Moon (12:48)
  8. Outward Lead (2:34)
  9. Remote Access Brainwave (5:58)
  10. What Doesn't Kill You Doesn't Make You Anything (4:09)
  11. Darkly Down The Cellar Steps Again (5:02)
Review: John Heckle last released an album on Tabernacle three years ago, but he's been far from quiet since then with his Head Front Panel project diverting his attention towards blistering hard techno. Tone To Voice then represents a return to more melodic pastures with a more diverse selection of tempos and moods to choose from, but still Heckle's innate gift for expressive, dynamic machine music shines through. "Sonic Spectrometer" is a joyous slice of techno-jazz, while "Potential Life" whips up stunning cascading synth lines and pattering hats. At times, there's no need for a kick, and with ample ambient excursions woven into the mix this stands as one of Heckle's most accomplished releases yet.
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Through The Looking Glass
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 in stock $51.79
Through The Looking Glass (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WRWTFWW 018. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Mr Henri Rousseau's Dream (12:04)
  2. Crossing (8:51)
  3. Trompe-l'oeil (5:33)
  4. Catastrophe (15:16)
Review: Since slipping out in 1983, Midori Takada's debut album, Through The Looking Glass, has become something of a sought-after item amongst ambient enthusiasts (with hugely inflated online prices to match). Happily, Palto Flats has decided to reissue it, allowing those without overblown record buying budgets to wallow in its gentle, humid majesty. Remarkably, Takada not only composed and produced it, but also played every instrument, including marimbas, recorder, vibraphone, harmonium, and all manner of things you can hit and shake. The resulting tracks remain hugely beguiling, sitting somewhere between a dreamy take on traditional Japanese music, the classic ambient albums of Brian Eno, and the gentle, sweat-soaked explorations of The Chi Factory.
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Omega Red
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 in stock $10.52
Omega Red (12")
Cat: DRONE 010. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Omega Red (5:44)
  2. Sustain (5:30)
Played by: Deep'a & Biri
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 in stock $29.13
Conversations (limited LP + hand-numbered insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: SONICPIECES 025. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Prologue (2:49)
  2. Conversations (7:09)
  3. Memories (3:03)
  4. Grief (4:07)
  5. Monologue (4:02)
  6. Dialogue (2:52)
  7. Farewell (7:01)
  8. Epilogue (3:27)
Epilogues For The End Of The Sky
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 in stock $11.86
Cat: GM 029. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. On Deaf Hearts Your Prayers They Fall
  2. With Broken Wings & Giants Tall
  3. Sparkling Legions Turn To Black
  4. Your Painted Armor Aches To Crack
  5. Clouds Besiege What You Remain
  6. Footsteps Fade If Not Your Pain
  7. Love Is Never Asking Why
  8. It All Ends With The Coming Sky
Review: Since the release of critically acclaimed full-length A Step In The Dark two years ago, Brock van Wey has gone back to his DIY roots, sticking out a couple of ultra-limited, home-made sets via CD-R and digital download. Epilogues For The End of The Sky marks his return to leading Italian ambient stable Glacial Movement, and is undoubtedly one of his most consistently strong albums for some time. As you'd expect, the ambient tracks pulse and shimmer with wintery beauty, while the more drone-inclined outings are impressively atmospheric and otherworldly. As the album progresses, van Wey turns his hand to ultra-deep techno, underpinning his fluid melodic movements with the distinctive 4/4 pulse of club-focused workouts.
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II: Plains/Patterns
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 in stock $18.34
II: Plains/Patterns (clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip limited to 300 copies)
Cat: VISTA 002LP. Rel: 03 Apr 17
  1. Pulsus (8:16)
  2. Kercheval (8:21)
  3. Nulstil (5:13)
  4. Plains (9:41)
  5. Montclair (5:10)
  6. Vex (5:14)
  7. Plum (6:35)
Played by: Thread London
Alpha Centauri (reissue)
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 in stock $29.41
Alpha Centauri (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + 1-sided picture disc LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: TB 6065. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Sunrise In The Third System (4:20)
  2. Fly & Collision Of Comas Sola (13:24)
  3. Ultima Thule (part 1 - single) (3:27)
  4. Alpha Centauri (22:02)
  5. Ultima Thule (part 2) (4:23)
  6. Ozillator Planet Concert (7:46)
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 in stock $20.23
Reflection (2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 280. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. Reflection I (13:07)
  2. Reflection II (11:54)
  3. Reflection III (14:33)
  4. Reflection IV (13:06)
Review: As one of the founding fathers of the ambient scene, any new beat-less missive from Brian Eno should be considered essential listening. It's years, though, since the ambient pioneer has put out something quite as mesmerizing as Reflection. As critics have pointed out, the single-track structure - think 54 minutes of mostly meditative bliss, with occasional darker moments, built around chiming notes that slowly shift and change shape as the piece progresses - recalls 1985's brilliant Thursday Afternoon. It feels more minimalist in outlook than other recent Eno projects, with the "generative" nature of the music (supplemented by an app that rearranges the music depending on the time of day you listen) recalling the musician's early academic approach. Either way, it's uttering beguiling.
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R Plus Seven
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 in stock $17.54
R Plus Seven (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 240. Rel: 07 Oct 13
  1. Boring Angel
  2. Americans
  3. He She
  4. Inside World
  5. Zebra
  6. Along
  7. Problem Areas
  8. Cryo
  9. Still Life
  10. Chrome Country
Review: Having firmly established himself as one of the foremost experimental producers of the past decade with albums like Replica, Returnal, and Rifts, Daniel Lopatin here makes the logical move to electronic music bastion Warp Records. On first listen R Plus Seven is quite unlike any of his other records, largely eschewing the arpeggiated drones of his early work and sample-based collages of his last album for something much more vivid. Coming across like a combination of the emotive minimalism of Terry Riley and Steve Reich, and the hyperreality of James Ferraro's Far Side Virtual, R Plus Seven nevertheless stakes its own claim in the world of post-everything electronic music, combining delicate, introspective moods with shocking moments of recognisable sonic signification. Quite possibly Lopatin's best album to date.
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Amber (reissue)
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 in stock $20.77
Amber (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 25R. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Foil (5:58)
  2. Montreal (7:10)
  3. Silverside (5:28)
  4. Slip (6:21)
  5. Glitch (5:59)
  6. Piezo (7:58)
  7. Nine (3:41)
  8. Further (9:56)
  9. Yulquen (6:30)
  10. Nil (7:40)
  11. Teartear (6:43)
Review: As Autechre set out on an extensive live tour, Warp has decided the time is right to reissue their 1994 classic, Amber, on vinyl. Given that it's been unavailable on wax since then, and second hand prices have shot through the roof, this is undoubtedly a good thing. It remains one of the legendary duo's standout albums: a peerless collection of brilliant IDM tunes offering a perfect balance between the glistening, atmospheric melodiousness of their early work, and the crunchy, mathematical rhythms of their later releases. There are moments of eyes-closed calm ("Silverside"), bubbly, melody-led workouts ("Montreal", "Slip"), far-out electro missives ("Glitch"), and the odd icy epic (the brilliant "Further").
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II (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 361. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Norderney (5:09)
  2. Dschuna (5:49)
  3. Gebirge (4:24)
  4. Demut (4:01)
  5. Ki-Bou (4:35)
  6. Hallo Von Der Anderen Seite (4:36)
  7. Ufer (4:44)
  8. Chanang (3:54)
  9. Wenik (5:51)
  10. Chemtrails (3:16)
Review: Motor City Drum Ensemble and Marcus Worgull's Vermont project returns to Kompakt with another elegant beatless adventure. Once again reminding us how ambient music can still carry a real tune and narrative, highlights include the clipped cascade of chimes of "Dschuna", the sudden flurries of light on "Demut", momentous overlapping guitar arpeggio of "Ufer" and warped layers and washes on "Hallo Von Der Anderen Seite". Rich in warmth and loaded with hidden twists on every listen, it's the ultimate foil to their better-known clubbier motifs. Beautiful.
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Concrete Desert
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 in stock $9.17
Cat: ZENCD 239. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. City Of Fallen Angels
  2. Gasoline
  3. Agoraphobia
  4. Snakes Vs Rats
  5. Broke
  6. American Dream
  7. Don't Walk These Streets
  8. Other Side Of The World
  9. Hell A
  10. Concrete Desert
COW/Chill Out, World!
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 in stock $20.49
COW/Chill Out, World! (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 354. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. First, Consider The Lilys (7:05)
  2. Wireless Mk 2 (5:36)
  3. Siren 33 (Orphee Mirror) (2:50)
  4. 4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!) (6:02)
  5. 5th Dimensions (5:15)
  6. Sex (Panoramic Sex Heal) (1:45)
  7. 7 Oaks (2:15)
  8. Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya (4:20)
  9. 9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9) (4:08)
  10. The 10 Sultans Of Rudyard (Moo Moo mix) (3:55)
Review: "The idea was simply to make an ambient album", Dr Alex Paterson has said of The Orb's new album entitled Chill Out, World!. With partner in crime Thomas Fehlmann, the duo resisted looking back and studying their earlier (seminal) recordings and opted for a more spontaneous approach: a focus on where they are at today in 2016. COW is said to have been completed over the course of five sessions in only six months, between a relentless touring schedule which they also credit as being hugely influential on the album's sound. As always, strap yourself in for an immersive sound experience and possibly expect to hear some of the more courageous DJs dropping likes likes of "4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!)" or perhaps "Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya". Oh and the track titles are as baffling as ever too.
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Atmospherica Vol 2
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 in stock $8.62
Cat: SOMA 452. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Exploring The North (12:59)
  2. Pinewood Lodge (9:05)
  3. Shot Point (3:04)
Review: Few producers do the dub techno sound better than Rod Modell and on this second Atmospherica instalment, he shows why he is so revered. "Exploring The North" is dense and subdued, the hisses and crackles ebbing and flowing fluidly over a powerful sub-bass. "Pinewood Lodge" is more atmospheric and floaty, its chords flitting about like fireflies over a camp fire on the first night of autumn. Rounding out the release is "Shot Point". Immersive, hypnotic and ghostly, it washes through the speakers like waves crashing on a deserted beach at midnight. This is electronic music that is designed to get lost in.
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Late Night Tales
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 in stock $17.54
Late Night Tales (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + art print + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 44. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Hjalmar Larusson & Jonbjorn Gislason - "Jomsvikingarimur - Yta Eigi Feldi Ror." (1:15)
  2. Julianna Barwick - "Forever" (5:30)
  3. Koreless - "Last Remnants" (4:22)
  4. Odesza - "How Did I Get Here" (instrumental) (2:00)
  5. Anois - "A Noise" (4:10)
  6. Samaris - "Gooa Tungl" (4:08)
  7. Olafur Arnalds - "RGB" (4:36)
  8. Rival Consoles - "Pre" (5:14)
  9. Jai Paul - "Jasmine" (demo) (4:11)
  10. Four Tet - "Lion" (Jamie Xx remix) (6:52)
  11. James Blake - "Our Love Comes Back" (3:39)
  12. Spooky Black - "Pull" (4:13)
  13. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - "And Still They Move" (2:55)
  14. Olafur Arnalds - "Say My Name" (feat Arnor Dan) (5:38)
  15. Kiasmos - "Orgoned" (5:57)
  16. Olafur Arnalds - "Kinesthesia" (1:44)
  17. Hjaltalin - "Ethereal" (6:32)
  18. David Tennant - "Undone" (3:51)
Review: Icelandic classical, experimental and soundtrack composer Olafur Arnalds steps away from the loops and Broadchurch OSTs to conjure yet another sublime LNT saga. Carefully balancing between contemporary odysseys ("Jomsvikingarimur"), dense futuristic electronic weaves ("Last Remnants"), fuzzy 22nd century pop ("A Noise") sludgy cosmic funk ("Jasmine") and introspective soul ("Our Love Comes Back"), Olafur blows wave after woozy wave of soft sonic conjurations in a way that's broad, detailed and cleverly considered. Good night.
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Everything At Once
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 in stock $19.41
Cat: DSRD 4LP. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Under This Sky (1:39)
  2. Faux (7:31)
  3. Everything At Once (5:30)
  4. SineM (6:53)
  5. Lift (5:27)
  6. Tennis (2:01)
  7. Mother (5:10)
  8. Gentle Boxes (3:23)
  9. Hurry Home The Trees Are Finally Green (5:47)
  10. Tanzmuzik (4:26)
  11. She Dwells With Beauty (5:13)
  12. White Rainbows (1:55)
  13. Nine Sun (4:43)
  14. A New Room (4:26)
  15. Dream Lover! (5:14)
  16. Spring Affects Him (1:55)
  17. Bursting Bloom (4:43)
Review: Over the last two decades, few electronica producers have amassed as impressive a discography as John Beltran. Whether crafting becalmed ambient pieces, evocative IDM tracks, or atmospheric dancefloor shufflers, the veteran producer always infuses his work with an atmospheric sense of time and place. Everything At Once, his speedy follow-up to last year's Espais, is another master class in delivering emotion-rich electronic music. Highlights abound, from the glistening, Artificial Intelligence-era Warp Records IDM of "Sinem", and droning mood-piece "Gentle Boxes", to the pitched-down rush of "Tanzmuzik" and future ambient jazz classic "Dream Lover".
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Departed Glories
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 in stock $22.93
Departed Glories (2xLP + CD)
Cat: STS 281LP. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Out Of The Cradle (2:14)
  2. Wyll & Purpose (7:50)
  3. Down On Ropes (3:04)
  4. Free From The Bondage You Are In (2:14)
  5. With Their Paddles In A Puddle (3:04)
  6. Than Is The Mater (4:13)
  7. Sweet Dreams Form A Shade (5:26)
  8. Aura In The Kitchen With The Candlesticks (6:00)
  9. Departed Glories (4:54)
  10. Whole Forests Of Them Appearing (5:22)
  11. Invariable Cowhandler (3:47)
  12. Behind The Stove (1:39)
  13. You Want To See It Too (3:46)
  14. In Good Case & Rest (3:00)
  15. Tomorrow Then We Will Attend (2:05)
  16. With Precious Benefits To Both (4:31)
  17. Fall Asleep For Me (5:37)
  18. Out Of The Cradle
  19. Wyll & Purpose
  20. Down On Ropes
  21. Free From The Bondage You Are In
  22. With Their Paddles In A Puddle
  23. Than Is The Mater
  24. Sweet Dreams Form A Shade
  25. Aura In The Kitchen With The Candlesticks
  26. Departed Glories
  27. Whole Forests Of Them Appearing
  28. Invariable Cowhandler
  29. Behind The Stove
  30. You Want To See It Too
  31. In Good Case & Rest
  32. Tomorrow Then We Will Attend
  33. With Precious Benefits To Both
  34. Fall Asleep For Me
Review: Norwegian producer Biosphere has released countless albums since his 1994 debut Microgravity on Origo Sound. The artist has been an important part of Jon Wozencroft's legendary Touch imprint, and that places him in a position of respect within the ambient landscape. He's up on Smalltown Supersound with a new album this time, and we're wondering how it took so long for him to reach this feat seeing as the label is native to his home country. But that's neither here nor there and, in reality, what's really here is a stunning collection of soundscapes that span a duration of seventeen tracks. You should think of this more as one piece of sound, a journey with a beginning, middle, and end. While it could work perfectly as a soundtrack piece, these sublime flurries of sound have been crafted to perfection and with the upmost attention; Biosphere's vision is concrete, full of movement and direction. What an album. Ambient pick of the week from us.
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Harmonie (LP)
Cat: ERS 006. Rel: 02 Dec 13
  1. Domino
  2. La Era
  3. Das Buch
  4. Tip Top
  5. Sol Lucet Omnibus
  6. Adieu & Adios
Review: Belated vinyl issue of the excellent second LP from Musiccargo for the Dusseldorf fanatics! It may well be the seventh release on Emotional Response, but the label happy Stuart Leath will tell anyone in close proximity that the Musiccargo pairing of Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl were largely inspirational in his decision to start the label. Probably most widely known for the early appearance on James Holden's DJ Kicks mix of their remix of "Disco" by Grackle, Musiccargo are modern day exponents of the Krautrock sound pioneered by Dusseldorf acts like Can, Cluster and Neu. Harmonie arrives some four years after the duo's highly sought after debut album Hand In Hand and the six track album is a sumptuous 'adult kraut' delight from start to end.
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Hearing Music
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 in stock $19.96
Hearing Music (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: NUM 069. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. The Space Between (21:45)
  2. Letting Off (2:52)
  3. Mary's Watch (part two) (4:39)
  4. Fire Breath (7:30)
  5. The Creative (8:16)
  6. Majesty Suites: Entrance Of The Queen Of Winter Dawn (8:48)
  7. Invocation (0:36)
  8. Atavesta (3:27)
  9. Aurora (5:02)
  10. Diving Deeper, Remembering Love (5:37)
  11. Going To Sleep (2:09)
  12. Calling The Sailor (4:35)
  13. First Meeting (5:08)
  14. Touching The Sky (5:01)
  15. The Sounding (0:52)
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 in stock $21.31
Spaces (2xLP)
Cat: ERATP 055. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. An Aborted Beginning
  2. Says
  3. Said & Done
  4. Went Missing
  5. Familiar
  6. Improvisation For Coughs & A Cell Phone
  7. Hammers
  8. For-Peter-Toilet Brushes-More
  9. Over There, It's Raining
  10. Unter-Tristana-Ambre
  11. Ross's Harmonium
Review: Coming from a classical piano background, Nils Frahm has certainly turned into one dark dude! Having already released plenty of works on a myriad of labels, he lands on London-based Erase Tapes with what is probably one of his wildest pieces of music to date. Spanning 12 tracks in total, Frahm goes from joyful odes to the piano over to psychedelic synth improvisations to what sound like intricate tape manipulations, nutty drum-machine programming and a bag full o'field recordings. If you're into the idea of Tchaikovsky on some serious amounts of stimulants then look no further, this guy is shaping the way pianos are played...
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The Imperfect Sea
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 in stock $17.26
Cat: ERATP 097LP. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Ricercar (4:33)
  2. Cantorum (7:22)
  3. Control 1 (interlude) (6:52)
  4. Franz Schubert (5:33)
  5. Half Certainty (2:23)
  6. Protection (5:21)
  7. Rescue (6:23)
  8. Now Nothing (Rock Music) (4:37)
  9. Wheels Within Wheels (6:18)
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 in stock $22.12
Odisea (gatefold 2xLP) (1 per customer)
Cat: MFM 009. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Un Hombre Oscuro (4:17)
  2. Ya Son Dos Los Cielos (4:46)
  3. Nada De Lo Que Sucede (5:00)
  4. Para Que Pasen Las Termitas (4:02)
  5. Ceniza Humeda (4:05)
  6. Prefiero El Naranja (5:37)
  7. The Guardian (5:55)
  8. Light Is Not Like Life (6:27)
  9. Los Cielos Siempre (4:42)
  10. Una Gota De Asfalto (5:08)
  11. Se Que Estas Ahi (2:56)
  12. La Muerte Del Agua (5:28)
  13. The Ten Heads Of Someone (7:56)
  14. Linda Cubana (2:57)
  15. Tierra Media (4:54)
  16. La Mano Transparente (5:07)
  17. Aprendiendo A Amerizar (3:57)
  18. Odisea 3 (6:01)
Review: Having introduced Gigi Masin to a wider audience via the brilliant Talk To The Sea compilation back in 2014, Music From Memory is now attempting to do the same with Suso Saiz. Like Masin, Saiz was a new age/ambient pioneer in his country (in this case, Spain), releasing a smattering of obscure solo albums between 1984 and the present day. The material on Odisea - dreamy, stripped-back, evocative, occasionally breezy and largely built around vintage synthesizers and his own, Steve Hillage-like guitar work - is taken from those albums, as well as an obscure cassette-only release. As usual, the Amsterdam diggers have also included a number of previously unreleased tracks, drawn from the musician's extensive archives. It all ads up to another must have compilation from Europe's premier Balearic archivists.
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Acid Bells (Martyn remixes)
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 in stock $8.90
Cat: METISSE 2.5. Rel: 11 May 09
  1. Acid Bells (Martyn's Dark mix)
  2. Acid Bells (Martyn's Bittersweet mix)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen
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 in stock $19.16
  1. We Played Some Open Chords & Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year
  2. Requiem For The Static King (part one)
  3. Requiem For The Static King (part two)
  4. Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number Two
  5. Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears
  6. A Symphony Pathetique
  7. All Farewells Are Sudden
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 in stock $17.54
Ruins (LP)
Cat: KRANK 189LP. Rel: 03 Nov 14
  1. Made Of Metal
  2. Clearing
  3. Call Across Rooms
  4. Labyrinth
  5. Lighthouse
  6. Holofernes
  7. Holding
  8. Made Of Air
Review: Ruins is the 10th LP from Portland artist Grouper, an incredible set that's found it's home on the inimitable and always on- point Kranky label...and yes, it's another fine outing from the voco-noise head. Tracks like "Clearing", however, show another side to Grouper's usual rough edge. There's an element of smoothness to those sombre keys and far-out vocals. It's basically an ambient album with an extra layer of soul in its core - check "Made Of Air" for a seriously trippy set of soundscapes.
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Sea Island
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 in stock $21.31
Sea Island (2xLP)
Cat: KRANK 191. Rel: 17 Nov 14
  1. Ahull
  2. In Threes
  3. Bleeding Ink
  4. Sea Island Murders
  5. Iona
  6. Holding Pattern
  7. Catalina 1943
  8. Angle Of Loll
  9. Sturgeon Bank
  10. En Masse
  11. Angle Of List
Review: Since 2001 Scott Morgan has released a wealth of material, largely on his spiritual home of Kranky as well as in legion with Destroyer and Thee Crusaders. His thirteenth Loscil album is another serene body of work that deals in harmonious tones, picking up the baton from the likes of Fennesz and seeking to express such melancholic orchestrations through a unique set of voices. Indeed there are human vocal tones within the processed drifts of melody that mark out Sea Island, but they're on a level pegging with anchorless synths and subtle peaks of interference that mark out the character of Morgan's particular kind of ambience.
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