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Alpha Recording System ARS Model 1000 Rotary Tabletop DJ Mixer (black)
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 3 in stock $3,021.42
Cat: 645372 Rel: 24 Apr 17
2 channel DJ mixer
Notes: 3 band Isolator on Master Output.
3 band Isolator and SEND/RETURN on each channel.

Frequency response +-1db 20hz-20khz
Isolator Frequency response (NOT 3BAND EQ) 3BAND ISO 1-4Ch /Master 10 - 300 Hz / 300 - 3000 Hz / 3000 - 20000Hz
Headphone Monitor switch: Cue/Pgm

2 x Phono: 47K Ohm
2 x Line: 20K Ohm

HOUSE: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 50 Ohm
BOOTH: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 50 Ohm
EFFECT LOOP 1: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm
EFFECT LOOP 2: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm

Front panel colour: Black

Power requirements:
USA-115VAC/EU-230VAC (Switchable)

(W)280 x (H)240 x (D)90 mm
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Magma Digi Beatpack XL DJ Backpack For Controller Laptop & Accessories
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 3 in stock $126.19
Cat: 628009 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Lightweight & compact full-featured backpack designed for DJ gear - extra large
Notes: The new DIGI BEATPACK XL is a full-featured backpack that has been designed to move your DJ gear comfortably to any gig or event. Despite its ultra-low weight and compact design it offers a huge storage capacity for everything from production gear, battle mixers, to larger controllers or records. A sophisticated assortment of compartments offer thoughtful organization and quick access to your laptop, headphones, cables, and traveling accessories. The DIGI BEATPACK XL is the ideal companion for any working DJ on the go.

Perfect for the following:

- 13-17" Laptop
- Ableton Push 2
- Akai MPK-25
- Akai MPC Renaissance
- Denon MC-4000/6000
- NI Kontrol S5/S4
- NI Kontrol S2
- NI Kontrol Z2
- Numark Mixtrack Platinum
- Numark Mixtrack Pro 2
- Pioneer DDJ-SB2
- Pioneer DJM-S9
- Rane Sixty-Two/Sixty-One
- Vestax VCI-400/VCI-380
- 12" Vinyl & Zubehor
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Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator Digital Oscillator Module
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 5 in stock $460.76
Cat: 643456 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Wavetable, modulation & effects oscillator module
Notes: The ever so popular DIY kit is now available fully assembled with a beautiful panel and professional construction. The Neutron Orgone Accumulator is an unusual digital oscillator built on a freescale MK20 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 processor. With 3 dynamically crossfadeable waveforms, detune control, filter like harmonic content control, a drum mode, and so many CV options, it can create sounds ranging from soft and subtle to outrageous and intense. The Orgone Accumulator is a great addition for those looking to add versatility and variety to their Eurorack systems.

The Orgone Accumulator simultaneously produces three waveforms, Wave A, B and C between which the SCAN parameter dynamically blends. The red controls in the top left corner select the waveforms for A, B and C from a plethora of waves, from sine to complex material.

TUNE sets the oscillator's pitch in semitones, FINE is responsible for the fine tuning. When TUNE LOCK is activated unintentional changing of the tuning can be prevented.
DETUNE can be activated per wave and derives from a number of waves which are detuned against each other. This widens the sound a lot, can produce rave-ish sounds and even generate chords. A hate at the RESET input will reset the detuned VCOs, creating a pulsating-percussive sound.

Amplitude and Frequencies Modulation (AM and FM): INDEX sets the modulation intensity, MOD WAVE the waveform of the modulator. The FIX button quantises in FM mode the frequency ratio between carrier and modulator to semitones.

Also integrated are eight effects which are activated with FX SELECT. The EFFECT parameter simultaneously determines modulation intensity and choses one of two variations (bipolar control, one variation to the left, one to the right).

- Detune: the original Orgone's five oscillators, detuned
- Twin: two oscillators with CV phase offset and anti-cancellation. left = down, right = up
- Dist 1: left = bit-crush with smoothing the crush-bit number, right = wave folder
- Dist 2: left = XOR effects, right = a self-modulation which bends waves by itself
- Chord: generates chords. left = minor, right = major
- Spectral: instead waves each value is a organ-like arrangement of harmonics. Set global waveform with MOD WAVE.
- Delay: MOD FREQ sets delay time, MOD wave the modulation frequency. EFFECT left = negative feedback, right = positive feedback.
- Drum: a complex drum voice with cross-modulated noise. Almost every control has a new function.
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WMD Arpitecht Voltage Controlled Quantizer & Rhythmic Arpeggio Generator Module
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 4 in stock $308.61
Cat: 640975 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Rhythmic arpeggio generator & quantizer module - 12HP
Notes: Simply put, Arpitecht is a voltage controlled Quantizer and rhythmic arpeggio generator. As one of WMD's most musical modules to date, Arpitecht is designed to be an inspiring tool for the modular musician.

With the Arpitecht, you can create intricate melodies span 8 octaves, imply chord changes, instant acid basslines, evolving generative sequences, and, using the Triad expander, polyphonic chord generation.

The Arpitecht features 16 scales, each with a unique set of "note masks" offering hundreds of note combinations with the ability to dial in via knobs on the front panel or CV. 32 rhythm patterns and 32 slide patterns all with CV control let you feed a static clock into it and get unique, evolving patterns of gates and note changes.
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WMD Triad Arpitecht Companion Module
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 3 in stock $102.50
Cat: 640976 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Polyphonic CV source expander for WMD Arpitecht
Notes: A companion module to the Arpitecht,Triad sends out three static voltages to be used with three oscillators in order to create chords underneath your Arpeggios. Triad connects to the back of the Arpitecht via included ribbon cable and will adhere to the scale and transpose information set by it's master.

Triad knob and CV input set different combinations so your chord can be completely unique, while still in key with your arpeggio. Inversion switch and CV input allow you to select three different chord voicings easily.


- Triad Knob: Selects the 3-note combination sent via CV. Becomes an offset with CV.
- Inversion Switch: Selects which inversion of the chord the Triad will play. Set at 0 for use with CV as it will "take over".


- Note 1,2,3: CV outputs for use with 1V/Oct inputs on 3 oscillators
- New: This output sends a trigger each time a new chord is made/selected
- Inv: CV input for the inversion selection. Accepts 0V to +5V
- Thresholds for 1st and 2nd inversions are 1.25V and 2.5V respectively
- Triad: CV input for Triad selection. Accepts 0V to +5V.


- Size: 4HP
- Connector: 20 pin ribbon cable
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Items 351 to 355 of 355 on page 8 of 8
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