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COW/Chill Out, World!
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Cat: KOMPAKTCD 134 . Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. First, Consider The Lilys
  2. Wireless MK2
  3. Siren 33 (Orphee Mirror)
  4. 4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!)
  5. 5th Dimensions
  6. Sex (Panoramic Sex Heal)
  7. 7 Oaks
  8. Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya
  9. 9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9)
  10. The 10 Sultans Of Rudyard (Moo Moo mix)
Review: "The idea was simply to make an ambient album", Dr Alex Paterson has said of The Orb's new album entitled Chill Out, World!. With partner in crime Thomas Fehlmann, the duo resisted looking back and studying their earlier (seminal) recordings and opted for a more spontaneous approach: a focus on where they are at today in 2016. COW is said to have been completed over the course of five sessions in only six months, between a relentless touring schedule which they also credit as being hugely influential on the album's sound. As always, strap yourself in for an immersive sound experience and possibly expect to hear some of the more courageous DJs dropping likes likes of "4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!)" or perhaps "Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya". Oh and the track titles are as baffling as ever too.
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Fabric 90
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Fabric 90 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 179. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Digitaline/Patrick Cowley - "Astronauten/Uhura"
  2. Dense & Pika/DXC/Justin Cudmore - "Crackling/Qua Dem Crystal (Mike Servito 730 Reshape)"
  3. Nathan Melja/G-ManDonato Dozzy & Exercise One/Dense & Pika - "Make Rekkurds/Fuchsia/People Of Paprika/Mooger Fooger"
  4. Regis & Antonym/Blursome - "Simple Radical Practice/Night"
  5. Ben Klock/Carl Craig - "Point Blank/Demented Drums"
  6. Miss Fitz/Alleged Witches - "Menternal (Villalobos In The Pipe mix)/One Skilled In The Black Arts"
  7. Isaac Reuben/Eric Cloutier - "Sas1711/Palimpsest"
  8. Eric Cloutier/DXC - "Palimpsest/Sau Sac"
  9. Kamera/Pearson Sound - "Consignia (Truncate remix)/XLB"
  10. Donato Dozzy/Glaskin - "Quadra Sette/Ultra Deep Field"
  11. Taylor Deupree/Surgeon & James Ruskin - "Untitled (Marco Shuttle Solar Reshape)/Sound Pressure Part 3"
  12. Isaac Reuben - "Echo Pulse"
  13. Literon/Markus Suckut - "Freak Funktion/Symbiosis"
  14. Tallmen785 - "Gear Shift"
  15. Sciahri/DXC - "AmbiguityRang Dong"
  16. Tessela/Wrecking Project/Gunnar Haslam - "With Patsy/S-Sonics/Overcomplete"
  17. Scuba/Stenny - "Protean/Consumer's Tool"
  18. Jonas Friedlich/Kloves - "Praise Your Name/Eksibit"
  19. Kuf/Les Gammas/Midland/Patrick Cowley - "Konflikt/Guauanco (The Cinematic Orchestra remix)/Decompression Suite/Uhura"
Review: Given that Scuba was officially the last DJ to play at Fabric before the club's controversial closure, it seems rather fitting that he's the first DJ to contribute to their lauded mix series since then. As if keen to celebrate the Farringdon venue's legendary status, he's pulled out all the stops, creating an inspired musical journey created using snippets of no less than 42 tracks. Scuffed, lo-fi techno grooves, warped bass music sounds, feverish African rhythms and throbbing electronics bob in and out of the mix, with Scuba effectively creating entirely new tracks by blending elements of tracks and remixes from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Pearson Sound, Patrick Cowley, Cinematic Orchestra, Ben Klock and Donato Dozzy. It's hugely impressive, all told, and amongst the Hotflush producer's best work.
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Cat: ML 032. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Arit
  2. Inwards
  3. Crash
  4. LogC
  5. Geometry Engine
  6. Pio
  7. Error
  8. Dystopia
  9. Unit
  10. Nmos
  11. Glypnir
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Cat: ECHOSPACEAIRCD 5. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Mediterranea
Review: Rod Modell has always been a prolific producer, so it's a genuine surprise to find that this is the DeepChord member's first solo full-length for the best part of a decade. Meditteranea is, tyupically, something of a slowly unfolding epic, with reverb-laden field recordings - made while the producer was on holiday in Spain - gradually making way for his usual languid, ambient-leaning dub techno rhythms. While all of his productions, be they solo or collaborative, tend towards the hugely atmospheric, Meditteranea is undoubtedly warmer and more quietly picturesque than much of his work. Modell apparently believes this is amongst his best work to date, and it's hard to disagree.
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15 Years With Echocord
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Cat: ECHOCORDCD 15. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. STL - "The Ancient Scale"
  2. Arovane - "Struktur 1"
  3. Beat Pharmacy - "Sunday"
  4. Resoe - "Oblivion"
  5. XDB - "Latonal"
  6. Luke Hess - "Hoodmode"
  7. Mikkel Metal - "Lomina"
  8. Fluxion - "Origin"
  9. Mike Dehnert - "Track Providing Home"
  10. Deadbeat - "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Review: Over the last decade and a half, Kenneth Christiansen's Echocord label - and its various sub-labels - have released some of the finest dub techno around. There's plenty of high-grade material to be found on this fittingly dubbed-out 15th anniversary collection. Made up entirely of previously unreleased cuts, it smoothly flits between ultra-deep shufflers (Arovane's "Strukture 1", STL's deliciously out-there "The Ancient Scale"), purist dub (Beat Phaarmacy's "Sunday"), and chunky, bass-heavy house ("Latonal" by XDB). Highlights come thick and fast, from the wiggling acid lines and hypnotic rhythms of Luke Hess's "Hoodmode", to the trippy, off-kilter grooves and hushed percussion of "Origin".
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Jeremy Underground Presents Beauty: A Journey Through Jeremy Underground's Collection
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Cat: STLKCD 001. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Ron Rinaldi - "Mexican Summer"
  2. Leila Pinheiro - "Tudo Em Cima"
  3. Christer Norden - "Lay Back"
  4. NCCU - "Superstar"
  5. Shades Of Love - "Do Your Own Dance"
  6. Sonya Spence - "Let Love Flow On"
  7. Nu-Cleus - "Needing A Woman"
  8. Al Wilson - "Love You Girl"
  9. Richardi Mac - "Told You So"
  10. Maureen Bailey - "Takin' My Time With You"
  11. Fein - "Stonedage"
  12. June Evans - "Hardly Need To Say"
  13. Starcrost - "Quicksand"
  14. Creative Arts Ensemble - "Unity"
  15. Ron Rinaldi - "Mexican Summer" (mixed CD)
  16. Leila Pinheiro - "Tudo Em Cima"
  17. Christer Norden - "Lay Back"
  18. NCCU - "Superstar"
  19. Shades Of Love - "Do Your Own Dance"
  20. Sonya Spence - "Let Love Flow On"
  21. Nu-Cleus - "Needing A Woman"
  22. Al Wilson - "Love You Girl"
  23. Richardi Mac - "Told You So"
  24. Maureen Bailey - "Takin' My Time With You"
  25. Fein - "Stonedage"
  26. June Evans - "Hardly Need To Say"
  27. Starcrost - "Quicksand"
  28. Creative Arts Ensemble - "Unity"
Review: The new Spacetalk label gets off to a flying start thanks to this compilation by French house shotter, Jeremy Underground. We know him, and you surely know him, though his My Love Is Underground label, an imprint that has produced some of the best deep house in the last five years. He's not in house mode today, though, and instead the DJ shows us his soul roots. Ron Rinaldi's opener "Mexican Summer" is a real peach of a song, then there's some Brazilian disco-funk through Leila Pinheiro's "Tudo Em Cima", and the supremely deep and sensual "Superstar" by NCCU. Other favourites include Maureen Bailey's bittersweet anthem "Takin' My Time With You", and June Evans' "Hardly Need To Say", a tune that we could just leave on repeat. A highly recommended comp!
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Crown Posada
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Cat: JAL 222CD. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. You Could've Been A Lady
  2. No Point In Trying
  3. Given It All
  4. 50 Days Of Winter
  5. Now That Love Has Gone
  6. Glue Bag Flags
  7. Fight On
  8. Crown Posada
  9. Glass
  10. Slave To The Blues
  11. New Jerusalem
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Sirens (CD + 12 page booklet)
Cat: OP 042CD1. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Killing Time
  2. The Governor
  3. Leaves
  4. No
  5. Three Sides Of Nazareth
  6. History Lesson
Review: The Chilean producer based in New York City Nicolas Jaar presents his new album entitled Sirens. This is his first solo album since 2011's Space Is Only Noise LP and released on his own Other People imprint. Jaar has been involved in various projects over the years, such as Darkside (with multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington), while last year he released Pomegranates, a collection of ambient tracks provided as an alternative soundtrack to the 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates. The LP is six tracks that "flow seamlessly" between each other. According to a press release, the album is "Jaar's most topically cohesive and politically-minded record to date."
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Illusion Of The Tale
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Cat: UNDRTW 004. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Orbits
  2. Eternal Sleep
  3. Frequency
  4. Ghost Theory
  5. Absence Of Light
  6. Secrets
  7. Day Of The Divide
  8. In The Emerald
  9. Forever One
  10. Visions
  11. Blue Night
  12. Child Of The Lake
  13. Origins
  14. District
  15. Frozen Sky
  16. The Darkest Return
Review: Since establishing himself as one of British bass music's finest exponents of experimental dancefloor material at the tail end of the noughties, Matt "Phaeleh" Preston has gradually been moving towards the chill-out room. Like 2014's Sommus, Illusion of the Tale is an all-ambient affair, with Preston serving up tracks that veer from becalmed dreaminess and drifting coolness, to crystalline melodiousness, via the kind of deep space fodder that was once the preserve of German great Pete Namlook. It's hard to make genuinely brilliant ambient material, but Preston more than holds his own. As a result, Illusion of a Tale - smothered in atmospheric field recordings to enhance the trip - is amongst his strongest work to date.
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Sport (CD)
Cat: XLCD 776. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. FiT_17
  2. Fuck You, Oscar
  3. Frankie (feat Frankie)
  4. Big Keith (OK OK mix)
  5. Skype
  6. Junk
  7. Jonny (feat Jonny)
  8. Beat 20_194r
  9. Gettin' Paid To Be Yourself (Al Kick Ass mix)
  10. Do You Rotate? (feat Dale Cornish)
  11. Her Face
  12. Gone A Bit Bendy (NTS Chatroom version)
  13. Plastic
  14. Mad Love (feat Loke Rahbek)
Review: Since co-founding the Diagonal label in 2011, Powell has established himself as a serious talent with a penchant for the angular and unusual. XL Recordings seems to agree, as they've snapped up the producer's hotly anticipated debut album. As you might expect, it's built around the producer's distinctively fuzzy synthesizer motifs, industrial production style, punk attitude, and a variety of dystopian dancefloor rhythms. Crunchy guitar lines mingle with odd vocal samples, while mutant synth melodies combine gleefully with skittish beats and freakish, modular electronics. It's the kind of thing you'd have expected to hear from '80s industrial giants such as Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire, but with a thoroughly contemporary twist.
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A Moon Shaped Pool
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A Moon Shaped Pool (CD + booklet)
Cat: XLCD 790. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Burn The Witch (3:41)
  2. Daydreaming (6:26)
  3. Decks Dark (4:41)
  4. Desert Island Disk (3:44)
  5. Ful Stop (6:07)
  6. Glass Eyes (2:53)
  7. Identikit (4:26)
  8. The Numbers (5:44)
  9. Present Tense (5:03)
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief (4:38)
  11. True Love Waits (5:08)
Review: There was naturally much excitement when A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead's surprise ninth studio set, popped up on streaming and download services back in May. Here it gets a CD release, offering those who prefer physical products a chance to bathe in its' woozy eccentricities. Seen by some as a return to their arty rock roots following an extended period spend exploring electronics, the album's 11 tracks draw on a variety of influences (krautrock, ambient, Pavement, James Blake, Stockhausen, intense melancholia etc.), with predictably impressive results. Occasionally elegant, string-laden and grandiose, always beautiful, and sometimes intensely moving, A Moon Shaped Pool is undeniably up there with the band's best work.
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The Legacy Of Funk: The Finest & Rarest Masters
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Cat: 888751 98412. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The Jacksons - "That's What You Get (For Being Polite)" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  2. Herbie Hancock - "Stars In Your Eyes" (Special Disco remix)
  3. George Duke - "Brazilian Love Affair"
  4. Luther Vandross - "Never Too Much"
  5. The Isley Brothers - "Hurry Up And Wait"
  6. Earth, Wind & Fire - "I've Had Enough"
  7. The Jones Girls - "Nights Over Egypt"
  8. Keni Burke - "Risin' To The Top"
  9. People's Choice - "Do It Any Way You Wanna" (A Tom Moulton mix)
  10. Tom Browne - "Funkin' For Jamaica"
  11. Michael Wycoff - "Looking Up To You" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  12. Bernard Wright - "Haboglabotribin'"
  13. Aretha Franklin - "Get It Right" (remastered version)
  14. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "Love Is Always On Your Mind" (12" version)
  15. Raydio - "More Than One Way To Love A Woman"
  16. The Jacksons - "Rock With You" (live)
  17. Carl Anderson - "Buttercup"
  18. Rodney Franklin - "The Groove"
  19. Teddy Pendergrass - "I Can't Leave Your Love Alone"
  20. Ramsey Lewis - "Sun Goddess" (feat Earth, Wind & Fire)
  21. Marvin Gaye - "Rockin' After Midnight" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  22. The Reddings - "Remote Control"
  23. Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Music"
  24. The Jones Girls - "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else"
  25. Patti Labelle - "Joy To Have Your Love"
  26. Brick - "Dazz" (Dazz Disco mix)
  27. Charles Earland - "Coming To Your Live"
  28. Harvey Mason - "Till You Take My Love" (original 12" mix)
  29. Boz Scaggs - "Lowdown"
  30. The Isley Brothers - "So You Wanna Stay Down" (DJ Reverend P edit)
Review: For their latest trawl through the back catalogues of legendary labels Epic, Arista, Philadelphia International and RCA Victor, SonyBMG has handed over the reins to noted re-editor and crate-digger DJ Reverend P. He duly gathers together three discs of killer material, alternating between the well-loved - Tom Browne's "Funkin' For Jamaica", The Jones Girls' "Nights Over Egypt", and George Duke's "Brazilian Love Affair", for starters - and the slightly lesser-known. The latter category contains some excellent alternative mixes, including the original, killer 12" version of Herbie Hancock's "Stars In Your Eyes", a rare Tom Moulton remix of "Anyway You Wanna" by Peoples Choice, and a smattering of the good Reverend's own re-edits.
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Cat: HJRCD 73. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Stepping On Salt
  2. Phoenicia Wireless
  3. Drift Model
  4. Galaxy Series 7
  5. Collapsing Dual Core
  6. Monomer
  7. Galaxy Series 5
  8. Aluminosilicate Mirrors
  9. Long Term Evolution
  10. Molecular Memories
  11. Purple Graphene
Appropriation Stories
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Cat: HOS 470CD. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. This Passage
  2. Vacive
  3. Flatlands
  4. Life Backwards
  5. Resin & Lacquer
  6. Watchers
  7. For Closure
  8. In Respect Of Tactics
  9. Spires
  10. The Faintest Trace, The Quietest Whisper
Review: How one appropriates themselves is allegedly what Guy Brewer looked inwards and asked himself regarding his current penchant for techno and experimental music and covering up a somewhat secretive past as part of drum and bass duo Commix. The Appropriation Stories LP addresses this subject head on, for his second full length release on Hospital Productions since 2013's Under A Single Banner. The Berlin based producer conducts experiments merging the worlds of harsh and textural techno (as heard on his respected Avian imprint) with industrial noise mayhem as executed under his Covered In Sand or Alexander Lewis aliases. All in all a compelling listen that provides moments of cerebral listening with adrenalised dancefloor fodder.
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In Drum Play
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Cat: HESCD 003. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Mutual Exchange
  2. Rotor Soap
  3. Bulb In Zinc
  4. More Is More To Burn
  5. Scaled Wing
  6. One By One
  7. Lofty Can
  8. Send It In
  9. Skips Desk
  10. DNS
Human Energy
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Cat: ZENCD 232. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Lapis
  2. Morphogene (feat Ruckazoid)
  3. Angel Speak (feat MeLo-X)
  4. Tell U (feat Rochelle Jordan)
  5. Surfed Out
  6. Do It 4 U (feat DAWN)
  7. Celestial Levels (feat Jesse Boykins III)
  8. Isometrix
  9. Spectrum Sequence
  10. White Crown (feat Tosin Abasi)
  11. Ocean Of Thought
  12. Etheric Body Temple
  13. Dos Puertas (feat Kevin Hussein)
  14. Opalescent
  15. Colour Communicator
Review: In the three years since the release of his last full-length as Machinedrum, Vapor City, Travis Stewart seems to have done some soul-searching. Whereas that set was a punchy and occasionally punishing mixture of juke, D&B, and UK garage sounds, Human Energy looks towards new age sounds and ideas for inspiration. Of course, Stewart hasn't completely abandoned skittish rhythms and bass music influences, it's just that these come wrapped in cheery, off-kilter synthesizer melodies, sparkling electronic flourishes, and repeated nods towards ambient, R&B and experimental synth-pop. As a result, it's a hugely entertaining and imaginative set, with just enough club-ready fodder to keep DJs happy.
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Dynamis (CD)
Cat: TECCD 022. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Instruction To Survive (2:00)
  2. Kingdoms Fall (2:00)
  3. Badman (feat Killa P) (2:00)
  4. Collide (2:00)
  5. Paradigm (2:00)
  6. Sink Or Swim (2:00)
  7. Fear Change (2:00)
  8. Betrayal (feat Beezy) (2:00)
  9. Unite (2:00)
  10. Serpent (2:00)
  11. Fiya (2:00)
  12. Talk To Me (2:00)
Review: When it comes to dubstep, Distance (AKA DJ/producer Greg Sanders) has pretty much done it all. Since making his debut in 2003, he's released two fine albums on Planet Mu, mixed a volume of the Dubstep Allstars series, and laid down a string of killer 12" singles. With this history in mind, it's perhaps unsurprising that Dynamis, his first full-length for Tectonic, sees him look further afield or inspiration. While heavyweight sub-bass and the rhythmic swagger of dubstep remain at the heart of his productions, the album also incorporates elements of dubstep, experimental electronica, IDM, electro, ambient, and even Nine Inch Nails style fuzz-rock intensity.
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Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel
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Cat: METACD 008 . Rel: 10 Oct 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Siren Song (feat Robert Manos)
  2. Tone Poem
  3. Inna Soul Jah
  4. Through The Rays
  5. King Of The Hustlers
  6. A New Renegade
  7. Innersense
  8. Sacrifice (feat Natalie Duncan)
  9. Rockers
  10. Outcast
  11. DMT (feat Hive)
  12. Steam (The Final Chapter)
Review: 22 years into his production career, Dominic Angas - armed, of course, with his trusty Roland S760 - continues to deliver high quality drum & bass. Last Refuge of a Scoundrel is his first album for Goldie's Metalheadz stable, and sees the D&B veteran deliver a literary-inspired set of epic proportions. So, while his famous growling basslines and punchy jungle rhythms remain - see the sub-low wobble of "Tone Poem", the hardcore era madness of "King of the Hustlers" and the ragga-goes-tech-step thrust of "Rockers" - these are often counter-balanced by more musically expansive offerings. Check, for example, the epic ambient builds of "DMT" and "Steam (The Final Chapter)", the spine-tingling intro to "Siren Song", and the symphonic feel of "A New Renegade".
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Slow Knife
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Cat: ZIQ 380CD. Rel: 17 Oct 16
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Hourglass
  2. Under The Surface
  3. In Your Sleep
  4. Bending Moon
  5. Slow Knife
  6. Floating Forest
  7. Love Theme
  8. Approaching
  9. Broken Fox - Black Hole
  10. Breaking The Surface
  11. In Your Skin
  12. Warmer Light
  13. Halogen Light
  14. Lathe
Review: Kuedo's previous album, 2011's Severant, was marked out by the producer's willingness to combine Vangelis style soundtrack synth-scapes with the body-popping beat patterns of trap and footwork. On Slow Life, he switches focus a little, emphasizing his cinematic influences - Michael Mann and Mica Levi are mentioned in the press blurb - while toning down the beats and bass. The resulting set is seductively atmospheric, with drowsy chords, bewitching electronics and ear-catching melody lines combining to create beautiful and beguiling instrumental soundscapes. There's little in the way of club-focused material, but plenty of period detail and a string of brilliantly mood-altering compositions. It could well be Kuedo's strongest set yet.
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Strands (CD)
Cat: KRANK 205CD. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Horizon Of Appearances (6:27)
  2. Same River Twice (5:55)
  3. A False Seeming (3:13)
  4. Ketracel (4:34)
  5. Time We Have (5:47)
  6. Strands (5:17)
  7. Transience Of Earthly Joys (6:39)
  8. Die In Fascination (4:17)
Stranger Things: Volume 1 (Soundtrack)
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Cat: INV 176CD. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Stranger Things
  2. Kids
  3. Nancy & Barb
  4. This Isn't You
  5. Lay-Z-Boy
  6. Friendship
  7. Eleven
  8. A Kiss
  9. Castle Byers
  10. Hawkins
  11. The Upside Down
  12. After Sarah
  13. One Blink For Yes
  14. Photos In The Woods
  15. Fresh Blood
  16. Lamps
  17. Hallucinations
  18. Hanging The Lights
  19. Biking To School
  20. Are You Sure?
  21. Agents
  22. Papa
  23. Cops Are Good At Finding
  24. No Weapons
  25. Walking Through The Upside Down
  26. She'll Kill You
  27. Run Away
  28. No Autopsy
  29. Dispatch
  30. Joyce & Lonnie Fighting
  31. Lights Out
  32. Hazmat Suits
  33. Theoretically
  34. You Can Talk To Me
  35. What Else Is There To Do?
  36. Hawkins Lab
Review: There's no doubt that the brilliant, synthesizer-heavy soundtrack played a key part in the success of Netflix's deliciously odd thriller, Stranger Things. Written and performed by Survive members Kyle Dixon and Michael Steen, it got the right balance between John Carpenter style creepiness, Vangelis-like melodiousness, and the cinematic feel of classic movie soundtrack material. Happily, the streaming behemoth has decided to release two volumes of musical highlights from the series, beginning with this first volume. It's testament to the quality of the Texas-based duo's work that those who've not seen the series should still enjoy it. This is atmospheric, clandestine electronic music of the highest order.
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Sound Signature Presents: These Songs That Should've Been Out On Wax By Now - Part Two
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  1. Warrior Code
  2. Digital Love
  3. Wayshimoovs RX
  4. The Madd Emperor
  5. Loose Cannons
  6. Ooohbass
  7. Leave The Funk To Us (raw mix)
  8. Caddylack Steam Theme
  9. Ain't No Need (live - version 2)
Review: The Sound Signature label continues its' round-up of tracks they've not quite managed to get out on wax to date, supposedly due to endless delays at pressing plants. This second volume in the series is, if anything, even stronger than its' predecessor. Certainly the line-up of artists is ridiculously strong, with Tony Allen, Andrew Ashong, Kai Alice, Marcellus Pittman and, of course, boss man Theo Parrish, all contributing. Musically, it's a deep, soulful, loose, jazzy and breezy affair that takes in folksy neo-soul, intergalactic broken beats, Rhodes-laden instrumental hip-hop, throbbing, left-of-centre deep house, and sumptuous, string-laden jazz-funk. It's the kind of set that will bring a little sunshine into your life, regardless of the darkness happening in the World around us.
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Sound Signature Presents: These Songs That Should've Been Out On Wax By Now - Part One
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  1. Somewhere Inbetween
  2. Whachawannado (instrumental)
  3. Arrivals
  4. Faucet
  5. Pure Plastic
  6. Hanna's Waltz
  7. Greazy Spoonwalk
  8. Bring Me Down
  9. Something About Detroit (2nd mix)
Review: According to Theo Parrish, this surprise CD compilation - the first of two, apparently - was inspired by his frustration at delays at vinyl pressing plants. What we get is a nine-track selection of previously unreleased cuts from a wide variety of label artists, including Amp Fiddler, Kyle Hall, Alton Miller, Hanna and, of course, Parrish himself. Unhelpfully there's no indication of who made which track, but in some ways it doesn't matter. Touching on all of the label's musical inspirations, the nine tracks variously touch on breezy nu-jazz, moody ambience, spacey deep house futurism, jazz-funk flecked broken beat, and sludgy, mind-altering beatdown. Predictably, the standard is impressively high throughout.
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French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol 2: 1978-1985
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Cat: FVR 122CD. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Crystal - "Funky Biguine"
  2. Charms - "Givin' It Up"
  3. Neilo Feel - "Havana"
  4. Jackie Esam - "Movin'"
  5. Ideku Dynasty - "Funk Force Leader"
  6. Black Bells Group - "Talk Me Mam's"
  7. Claude Morgan - "Le Sherif Qui Danse"
  8. Roots - "Sheriff's Horse"
  9. Marc Ashy - "Bye Cocotiers"
  10. Nel Oliver - "You Are My Dream"
  11. Greg Smaha - "Sunshine"
  12. Messan - "Keep Cool"
Review: During its late '70s and early '80s heyday, France's disco-boogie scene tended towards the eccentric. Yet despite the camp, tongue-in-cheek feel adopted by many French bands and producers, much of the music was of an impressively high standard. That much is clear from Charles Maurice's second French Disco Boogie Sounds compilation. Packed full of slick, synthesizer-driven material and punchy, horn-heavy disco-funk thrillers (see the Teena Marie style "Movin" by Jackie Esam), it's a fine collection of Gallic dancefloor treats. You're unlikely to find a better example of jazz-funk positivity than Black Bells Group's "Talk Me Mam's", while Messan's "Keep Cool" is a lesson in thrusting, up-tempo disco sweatiness.
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Late Night Tales
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Late Night Tales (mixed CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNCD 45. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Barry Woolnough - "Great Father Spirit In The Sky" (2:00)
  2. David Holmes & Steve Jones - "The Reiki Healer From County Down" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  3. The Children Of Sunshine - "It's A Long Way To Heaven" (2:00)
  4. Spark Sparkle - "Slythtovery" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  5. Alain Maclean - "Talking Judgement Day Blues" (2:00)
  6. David Crosby - "Orleans" (1:59)
  7. Buddy Holly - "Love Is Strange" (2:00)
  8. After Dinner - "Paradise Of Replica" (2:00)
  9. Lullaby Movement - "Ru-Ru (Sleep Little Baby)" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  10. Jeff Bridges & Keefus Ciancia - "It's In Every One Of Us" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  11. Song Sung - "I'm Not In Love" (exclusive 10cc cover version) (2:00)
  12. Neo Maya - "I Won't Hurt You" (2:00)
  13. BP Fallon & David Holmes - "Henry McCullough" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  14. Documenta - "Love As A Ghost" (2:00)
  15. Keith Fullerton Whitman - "Stereo Music For Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar & Computer" (part 1) (2:00)
  16. Eat Lights Become Lights - "Into Forever" (2:00)
  17. Geese - "Andrew Parsnip" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  18. Die Hexen - "Gloomy Sunday" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  19. David Holmes & Jon Hopkins - "Elsewhere Anchises" (feat Stephen Rea - exclusive track) (2:00)
Review: Treading an eclectic path through a twenty year career that's taken in everything from Detroit techno to vintage French ye-ye, from breakbeat-driven floor-fillers to krautrock epiphanies, David Holmes has made his name predominantly as an exemplary crate-digger and aesthete, whether soundtracking Steven Soderbergh movies or dishing our albums of his own. Thus, it comes as no surprise that this compilation - marking something of a personal journey for Holmes - is reflective of his status as an exemplary man of taste. Whether dispensing classics by the likes of David Crosby or Buddy Holly, unreleased original solo material or killer obscurities from everyone from modular synthesis cultist Keith Fullerton Whitman to Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges, this stylish nocturnal travelogue puts the listener resolutely in safe hands.
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Common Purpose
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Cat: LIES 088. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. B Leeds
  2. M Gardner
  3. D Reynolds
  4. M Morandi
  5. J H Kingery
  6. M Gardner (2)
  7. M Ravitz
  8. E G Rodolfo
  9. M Ravitz (2)
  10. B Leeds (2)
  11. M Ravitz (3)
  12. M Gardner (3)
  13. N Dawson
  14. D Reynolds (2)
  15. M Morandi (2)
Review: Brooklyn-based Chicagoan Max Ravitz has enjoyed modest success under the Patricia alias, releasing a pair of fine experimental house albums on Opal Tapes. His latest full-length is credited to M Rav, a pseudonym he first used for a particularly dirt-encrusted 'XMAS' 12" on L.I.E.S back in 2014. Common Purpose is mostly a collaborative affair, with the vast majority of the album's 15 tracks recorded alongside friends and guest producers including Cloudface (D. Reynolds), Bookworms (N. Dawson), Huerco S (B. Leeds), Jahiliyya Fields (M. Morandi), his wife Josephine Kingery, Terekke (M. Gardner) and Ngly. It's a typically ghostly, far-out and hazy affair, with Ravitz' experimental house, techno, hip-hop and electro rhythms smothered in freshly baked chords, dubbed-out textures, and the usual L.I.E.S grittiness. It makes for alluring listening, all told, and feels like something you should listen to at 5am, while still feeling the effects of a particularly epic night out.
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Played by: Skudge
The Music Factory
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Cat: SPEARLTD 027. Rel: 19 Sep 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Promised Land
  2. Growth Comes
  3. Can You Handle It? (feat MC DRS)
  4. Real Good (interlude)
  5. Neverland
  6. Mile High Club (feat MC Fava)
  7. Exploration
  8. Next Level 90 (interlude)
  9. Give It To Me Right
  10. Testament
  11. Memories (feat MC Tina)
  12. One Of A Kind
  13. Be Right Here (feat Random Movement)
  14. The Night Shift
  15. Route 166
Review: Since making his debut back in 2000, few have done more to further the cause of liquid D&B and "jungle jazz" than Luke "Utah Jazz" Wilson. The Music Factory is the producer's fifth full-length, and sees him continue to explore the potential of deep, melodious and emotion-rich drum and bass. While there are guest appearances dotted throughout - DRS, MC Fava, MC Tina, and Random Movement all feature - Wilson is at his best when laying down spine-tingling, string-drenched solo rollers. As a result, highlights come thick and fast, from the punchy breakbeats, sweeping electronics and hazy late night vocal samples of "Neverland", to the classic Good Looking Records flex of "Give It To Me Right", and the smoky, loved-up sweetness of "One Of A Kind".
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22 A Million
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Cat: JAG 300CD. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. 22 (Over Soon)
  2. 10 Death/Breast
  3. 715 Creeks
  4. 33 GOD
  5. 29 #Stratford Apts
  6. 666 (Upsidedowncross)
  7. 21 Moon Water
  8. 8 (Circle)
  9. 45
  10. 1000000 Million
Review: The evolution of Justin Vernon from the broken-hearted, falsetto-voiced troubadour who emerged from his cabin to deliver his debut eight years ago to the here and now may seem downright implausible, yet the facts of the matter are this - '22, A Million' is proof positive that he is one of the most multi-faceted and enigmatic and inscrutable artists we have at our disposal, still capable of delivering heart-rending beauty in song form yet also of marrying it to wilful abstraction in a way that not only offers emotional resonance yet reflects and refracts its surrounding era to offer succour and salvation. Sing it from the rooftops, this is little short of a complicated modern masterpiece.
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All Q'd Up
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All Q'd Up (2xCD (CD1 unmixed, CD2 mixed))
Cat: QTZCOMP 013CD. Rel: 03 Oct 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Spencer Morales - "Without Your Love" (feat Randy Roberts)
  2. Alicia Myers - "Right Here, Right Now"
  3. Ann Nesby & DJ Spen - "I Feel"
  4. Diephuis & Eastar - "Don't Quit" (feat Jocelyn Brown)
  5. Michele Chiavarini - "Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands)"
  6. Jasper Street Company - "Reach"
  7. Marc Evans - "Supernatural"
  8. Tracy Hamlin - "Never Too Much"
  9. Spencer Morales & Hanlei - "Are You A Winner"
  10. Tracy Hamlin - "Never Too Much"
  11. Alicia Myers - "Right Here, Right Now"
  12. Diephius & Eastar - "Don't Quit" (feat Jocelyn Brown)
  13. Jasper Street Company - "Reach"
  14. Spencer Morales & Hanlei - "Without Your Love" (feat Randy Roberts)
  15. Michele Chiavarini - "Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands)"
  16. Ann Nesby & DJ Spen - "I Feel"
  17. Spencer Morales & Hanlei - "Are You A Winner"
  18. Sheila Ford - "The Best Of My Love"
  19. John Morales - "Into My Soul"
  20. The MuthaFunkaz - "Muthaz Day"
Reggae Funk & Soul 1969-1975
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Reggae Funk & Soul 1969-1975 (unmixed CD with obi-strip)
Cat: DSRCD 009. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. The Preacher - "Black Moses"
  2. The Chosen Few - "People Makes The World Go Round"
  3. Derrick Harriott & The Chosen Few - "Psychedelic Train"
  4. The Crystalites - "Stranger In Town"
  5. Karl Bryan & The Crystalites - "Slippery"
  6. Derrick Harriott - "Message From A Black Man"
  7. The Chosen Few - "Am I Black Enough"
  8. Bongo Herman & Les - "Home Sweet Home"
  9. Bongo Herman & Les - "Hail I"
  10. Pat Satchmo - "A Handful Of Friends"
  11. I Roy - "Tougher Than Tough"
  12. Derrick Harriott - "Brown Baby"
  13. Crystal Generation - "Hell Below"
  14. Ramon & The Crystalites - "Golden Chickens"
  15. The Chosen Few - "Going Back Home"
  16. Noel Brown - "Phoenix"
  17. Kingstonians - "Right From Wrong"
  18. The Chosen Few - "I'm Sorry"
  19. Kim Harriott - "Just Want To Be Your Joy"
  20. Junior Murvin - "Rescue The Children"
Head Carrier
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Cat: PM 018CDX . Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Head Carrier
  2. Classic Masher
  3. Baal's Back
  4. Might As Well Be Gone
  5. Oona
  6. Talent
  7. Tenement Song
  8. Bel Esprit
  9. All I Think About Now
  10. Um Chagga Lagga
  11. Plaster Of Paris
  12. All The Saints
Review: When the dust settled, it would be fair to say that 'Indie Cindy', Pixies 2014 recording comeback, was not a roaring success, from its unfortunate title down. Paradoxically, what appears to have made the difference for the vastly superior 'Head Carrier' is the arrival of talented journeywoman bassist Paz Lenchantin, who makes her presence felt throughout and perhaps shakes up the chemistry of the band just enough to make them comfortable taking chances. The spiky pop hooks, humour and off-kilter raunch are here in spades, yet more importantly 'Head Carrier' sounds like the work of a band comfortable in its own skin once again.
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Cat: NHS 298CD. Rel: 10 Oct 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Hi!
  2. Chasing Sunrise (feat Elisabeth Troy)
  3. Life/Thrills (feat Namgawd)
  4. Worldwide (feat Ragga Twins)
  5. Electric Echo (feat Gunship)
  6. Northern Lights
  7. How Far (feat Romeo Testa)
  8. Fatso
  9. Western Jam
  10. We Got It (feat Rothwell)
  11. Signal
  12. Cadence (feat Reija Lee)
  13. Destination Earth
  14. Bring It Like That
  15. Penggemar
Review: Metrik earned plenty of praise for his 2014 debut album, Universal Language, which cannily fused '90s tech-step, jungle and hardcore influences with Hospital Records' usual fluid, "disco D&B" sound. This follow-up is, if anything, even better. From the moment he unleashes the saucer-eyed positivity of opener "Hi", Life/Thrills whizzes past at a breakneck speed, with the entertainment factor high throughout. Highlights naturally come thick and fast, from the radio-friendly cheeriness of future anthem "Chasing Sunrise" (featuring vocalist Elizabeth Troy), and Ragga Twins hook-up "Worldwide" (reggae-breaks goes D&B), to the glistening, progressive house influenced stepper "Northern Lights", and glistening, LTJ Bukem-style liquid roller "Signal".
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Toy (CD)
Cat: 060254 7821607. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Frautonium (intro)
  2. Limbo
  3. 30'000 Days
  4. Cold Flame (feat Malia)
  5. Kiss The Cloud (feat Fifi Rong)
  6. Pacific AM
  7. Starlight Scene
  8. Give You The World (feat Malia)
  9. Tool Of Love
  10. Dialectical Kid
  11. Dark Side
  12. Blue Biscuit
  13. Magma
  14. Frautonium
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Mix Vol 1 (Soundtrack)
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Cat: 050087 334680. Rel: 21 Dec 15
  1. Blue Swede - "Hooked On A Feeling"
  2. Joe Walsh - "Rocky Mountain Way"
  3. Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now"
  4. Dobie Gray - "Drift Away"
  5. Hudson Brothers - "So You Are A Star"
  6. Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town"
  7. The James Gang - "Walk Away"
  8. The James Gang - "Funk ~49"
  9. Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing"
  10. Gloria Gaynor - "I Will Survive"
  11. Cameo - "Funk Funk"
  12. Three Dog Night - "Joy To The World"
The Legacy Of Soul: The Finest & Rarest Masters
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Cat: 888751 98492. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The O'Jays - "Back Stabbers" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  2. Bobby Womack - "How Could You Break My Heart"
  3. Dexter Wansel - "The Sweetest Pain"
  4. Teddy Pendergrass - "When Somebody Loves You Back"
  5. Billy Paul - "Me & Mrs Jones" (live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 1973)
  6. Norman Connors - "The Creator Has A Master Plan"
  7. Tyrone Davis - "In the Mood"
  8. Johnnie Taylor - "Please Don't Stop (That Song from Playing)"
  9. Bill Withers - "Harlem"
  10. The Jacksons - "Show You The Way To Go"
  11. MFSB - "Use ta Be My Guy"
  12. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fantasy"
  13. Shuggie Otis - "Strawberry Letter 23"
  14. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "I Feel a Song In My Heart"
  15. Lou Rawls - "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"
  16. Nina Simone - "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" (remastered)
  17. The Delfonics - "You Are Gone"
  18. The Main Ingredient - "Rolling Down a Mountainside"
  19. The Manhattans - "Kiss & Say Goodbye"
  20. The O'Jays - "Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)"
  21. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Wake Up Everybody"
  22. Billy Paul - "Let 'Em In" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  23. Ronnie Dyson - "I Don't Wanna Cry"
  24. Patti LaBelle - "I Don't Go Shopping"
  25. Major Lance - "That's What Mama Say"
  26. Norman Connors - "Betcha by Golly Wow" (feat Phyllis Hyman)
  27. Erma Franklin - "Piece Of My Heart"
  28. The Isley Brothers - "Make Me Say It Again Girl" (part 1 & 2)
  29. Leon Haywood - "It's Got To Be Mellow"
  30. Sly & The Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay"
The Yellow Collection
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The Yellow Collection (2xCD (CD 1 unmixed, CD 2 mixed))
Cat: 541416507727. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Atella - "Mechanical Sparrow" (feat O Martin) (2:00)
  2. Nteibint - "By Your Side" (feat Rush Midnight) (2:00)
  3. Du Tonc - "We Can Hold On" (Satin Jackets dub) (2:00)
  4. MiddleSkyBoom - "Slow With The Run" (feat Eliezer) (2:00)
  5. Man Power - "Fisky" (2:00)
  6. Luxxury - "Breathe" (2:00)
  7. Horixon - "Colours" (feat Else Born) (2:00)
  8. Vinny Villbass - "The Itch" (2:00)
  9. Blackie/The Oohoos - "Aphexy" (2:00)
  10. Zombies In Miami - "El Wild" (2:00)
  11. This Soft Machine - "It's Operational" (2:00)
  12. James Curd/Turbotito - "You Could Be Floating" (2:00)
  13. Go March - "Rise" (2:00)
  14. Atella - "Mechanical Sparrow" (feat O Martin) (2:00)
  15. Nteibint - "By Your Side" (feat Rush Midnight) (2:00)
  16. Du Tonc - "We Can Hold On" (Satin Jackets dub) (2:00)
  17. MiddleSkyBoom - "Slow With The Run" (feat Eliezer) (2:00)
  18. Man Power - "Fisky" (2:00)
  19. Luxxury - "Breathe" (2:00)
  20. Horixon - "Colours" (feat Else Born) (2:00)
  21. Vinny Villbass - "The Itch" (2:00)
  22. Blackie/The Oohoos - "Aphexy" (2:00)
  23. Zombies In Miami - "El Wild" (2:00)
  24. This Soft Machine - "It's Operational" (2:00)
  25. James Curd/Turbotito - "You Could Be Floating" (2:00)
  26. Go March - "Rise" (2:00)
Review: For the fifth installment of their colour coordinated compilation series, Eskimo Recordings has picked a Yellow theme. Perhaps its' just us, but the music contained within seems to be even hazier and more incandescent than that featured on previous volumes. In other words, it's a deliciously summery selection, with the Belgian label highlighting works from label regulars and newcomers that subtly blur the boundaries between languid Balearica, colourful nu-disco, deep house, slo-mo grooves and horizontal synth-pop. Highlights come thick and fast, from the sparse, head-nodding grooves of Middle Sky Boom, the revivalist dub disco of Luxxury, and subtle psychedelics of Vinny Villbass, to the spacey, Italo disco-influenced throb of Zombies In Miami.
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Rebirth 10
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Rebirth 10 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: REB 036CD. Rel: 01 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Bocca Grande - "Procedere 2011" (reprise)
  2. Chromatic Filters - "Slow Emotions"
  3. Chromatic Filters - "Evolving"
  4. T-Polar - "Crossroads"
  5. Ruby - "Anna (You Get The Best Of Me)" (Tevo Howard mix)
  6. Bocca Grande - "Procedere 2011"
  7. NUfrequency - "Fallen Hero" (feat Ben Onono - Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
  8. Bocca Grande - "Even If" (Morning Factory remix)
  9. Chromatic Filters - "Slow Emotions" (Mark E dub)
  10. Agoria - "For One Hour" (feat Scalde)
  11. Chris Turner - "FlyLOVE" (Andres remix)
  12. Dolphin Boy - "Don't Stop" (Soul Clap remix)
  13. Yotam Avni/Akra - "Pentimento/Pure" (Rising Sun Melancholia)
  14. System Of Survival - "Blueglass"
  15. Freaks - "Right Now" (feat Robert Owens - Silver City remix)
  16. NUfrequency - "Promised" (feat Shara Nelson - Charles Webster dub mix)
  17. Tevo Howard - "Crazy Love"
  18. UND - "Fox In The Box" (Telespazio remix)
  19. NUfrequency - "Go That Deep" (feat Shara Nelson - Skylark vocal mix)
  20. James Teej - "Night Wears Thin" (Shield extended cut)
  21. Chromatic Filters - "Horizon Stripes" (Jamie 326 Rewhump)
  22. Jesse Futerman - "Betrayal (Love Is Misery)" (Shield reedit)
  23. Tevo Howard - "Boing Pop" (Outboxx remix)
  24. Tevo Howard - "Without Me" (feat Tracey Thorn)
  25. Wallflower - "Say You Won't Ever" (Larry Heard Underground mix)
  26. Axus - "Suite Disappointment" (Motorcitysoul remix)
  27. Corrado Bucci - "Open Your Eyes" (Andres remix)
  28. And If - "Lead You To Heaven (Finest Dream)" (feat Alison Limerick - Manuel Tur Around dub)
  29. Julian Sanza - "Bolumen"
  30. Akra - "Pure" (Lake People remix)
  31. Bocca Grande - "Even If" (Mr Fingers remix)
  32. Villanova - "Monk"
  33. James Teej - "Spending Life" (Ripperton Hyperlove dub)
  34. Wallflower - "Manifest" (Rampa remix)
  35. Freaks - "Wake Up" (album mix)
  36. Marc Romboy & Bajka - "Reciprocity"
  37. Tevo Howard - "Without Me" (feat Tracey Thorn - Marcus Worgull dub/Dixon edit)
  38. Butch & C. Vogt - "The Infamous" (Robytek Vs Shield edit)
  39. James Teej - "Spending Life" (Affkt & Danny Fiddo remix)
  40. Stefano Testa - "Manetta's Fine Food" (Tevo Howard club cut)
  41. Robytek - "Luna Africana" (Roland Appel remix)
  42. Djuma Soundsystem - "Bipolar" (DOP Morning remix)
  43. Alison Marks - "Descendance" (Shield reedit)
  44. Akra - "Salt & Pepper"
  45. Rennie Foster - "Devil's Water" (reprise)
  46. Square Mode - "The Wheel" (original piano reprise)
  47. Larry Heard - "Winterflower"
Review: What better way to celebrate a decade in business than by getting Chicago deep house legend Larry Heard to select and mix a double-disc compilation of label highlights? Hats off, then, to Rebirth, who managed to persuade Mr Fingers himself to deliver his first commercially available DJ mix. As you'd expect from both label and DJ, it's a wonderfully atmospheric and melodious affair, with Heard selecting and blending emotion-rich tracks and mixes from Chromatic Filters, Bocca Grande, NuFrequency, Tevo Howard, Motor City Drum Ensemble and James Teej. The first disc, in which Heard races through 28 tracks in just over 70 minutes, is particularly memorable.
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Made In Vienna
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Made In Vienna (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: EXPJM 01. Rel: 24 Oct 16
Deep House
  1. Cover Me Up (feat Kat Vinter) (2:00)
  2. Drop In Pressure (feat Knixx) (2:00)
  3. Simple Poetry (2:00)
  4. Wake Beside You (feat Christa Vi) (2:00)
  5. Hide (feat Enequist) (2:00)
  6. Gotta Love It (2:00)
  7. Deeper (feat Human Life) (2:00)
  8. Daydreaming (feat Enequist) (2:00)
  9. Sleepless (feat Wehbba & Angelique Bianca) (2:00)
  10. Back In The Days (feat Bam) (2:00)
  11. Silent Crime (2:00)
Review: Joyce Muniz cut her teeth as a vocalist in her native Vienna during the early 2000s, appearing on countless Stereotyp records, before making her name as a house producer for labels such as 20:20 Vision and Exploited. It's to the latter she's returned on this quietly confident debut album. Mixing woozy, enjoyable house grooves - think powdery, Visionquest style deep house/tech-house hybrids, with the odd darker moment - with vocal contributions from a range of guests (Kat Vinter, Enequist, Human Life and Christa Vi all feature), it's a largely breezy and ear-pleasing concoction. There are few genuine surprises, but enough highlights to suggest that repeat listening will be rewarded.
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Mangiami: La Compilation
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 in stock $8.41
Cat: CHANNEL 48CD. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. The Loose Control - "Doin' It" (feat Ray Stevens II)
  2. Thugfucker - "100" (original mix)
  3. Dedication - "Let Me Rock You"
  4. Alex From Tokyo & Bing Ji Ling - "Don't Move" (feat MC Kinky G)
  5. Populette - "Another One"
  6. Grackle - "Jungle" (T Keeler & Capablanca rework)
  7. Totes Preesh - "The Spirit Is Alive"
  8. Nick Chacona - "Band Practise (Brooklyn Girls Rerun)" (feat Cole Odin)
The Bells
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The Bells (CD)
Cat: ARN 045CD. Rel: 29 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Szikra Intro
  2. BB
  3. Dollar Club
  4. Gex
  5. Josey's Tune
  6. Dance....While The Record Spins
  7. Sziv Utca
  8. The Bells
  9. Pop
  10. Urszusz
Review: In recent times, Studio Barnhus co-founder Kornel Kovacs has delivered a string of eccentric, hard-to-pin-down 12" singles that drag house music in weird and wonderful new directions. He's at it again on Bells, the Swede's long-awaited debut album. While largely deep, melodious and quirkily lo-fi - the distinct sound of tape hiss is never far away - Kovacs nevertheless veers off in many different directions over the album's ten-track direction. So while the pitched-down UK funky rhythms and 8-bit synth melodies of "Josey's Tune" impress, dancefloors may prefer the rambunctious, redlined Latin-house thump of "Gex", the sparkling rave revivalism of "Dance...When The Record Spins", or the rubbery bounce and pulverizing analogue bass of "Pop".
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Twin Peaks (Soundtrack)
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Twin Peaks (Soundtrack) (low-price CD)
Cat: 007599 2631624. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Twin Peaks Theme (5:01)
  2. Laura Palmer's Theme (4:52)
  3. Audrey's Dance (5:14)
  4. The Nightingale (4:47)
  5. Freshly Squeezed (3:45)
  6. The Bookhouse Boys (3:29)
  7. Into The Night (4:38)
  8. Night Life In Twin Peaks (3:20)
  9. Dance Of The Dream Man (3:38)
  10. Love Theme From Twin Peaks (5:00)
  11. Falling (5:14)
Is It Balearic? Recordings 10 Year Anniversary
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 in stock $13.24
Cat: IIBCOM 002. Rel: 08 Aug 16
  1. The Two Mamarrachos - "En Calma"
  2. Glass Coffee - "Disclosures" (Coyote Uber remix)
  3. Clandestino - "Crack In The Sky" (Beat Broker Dream dub)
  4. Last Waltz - "Tribute" (Machete Savane remix)
  5. DJ Rocca & Daniele Baldelli - "Sartana"
  6. Daniel Wainwright - "Doing It"
  7. The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - "Neva Liv U"
  8. Ilija Rudman - "Second Screen"
  9. Felix Dickenson - "Ousana" (Coyote remix)
  10. I-Boat Captain - "Poly Punk"
  11. Coyote - "California Jam"
  12. Craig Bratley - "Maverick Sound System Mix"
  13. Max Essa - "Burning Palms"
  14. Rompante - "How Low Can You Dance" (Ahiki remix)
  15. Sorcerer - "Zulu Honda"
  16. Coyote - "Sin Distracciones"
  17. 9DW - "Right On" (original mix)
  18. Leo Mas & Fabrice - "Sunrise 87" (Balearic Militant mix)
  19. Downtown Party Network - "The Returning" (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
  20. Max Essa - "Feel The Machine"
  21. Baptiste & Pierre - "Virage" (Ruf Dug extension)
  22. Joe Morris - "Mpondo Theme"
Review: 2016 sees Coyote arrive at a decade of posing the question Is It Balearic? Replicating the compilation shaped celebrations surrounding their fifth anniversary, the landmark is noted with this fine 2CD collection. The compiling skills of Balearic chieftain Max Essa are called on for the first disc selections, with Coyote taking care of business on the second for a fine horizontally-minded celebration of all things Balearic encompassing 22 tracks. Tempos nudge back and forth, different vibes coming to the fore along the way as a dash of steel drum is replaced by forthright synth glistens and upright basslines. Legends mingle alongside future heroes, Foolish Felix and Baldelli impressing as much as Last Waltz and Clandestino. As the end nears, up pops Prins Thomas's classic Diskomiks of Downtown Party Network. Here's to another ten years Is it Balearic?
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25 25
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 in stock $8.67
25 25 (CD)
Cat: DFA 2525CD. Rel: 22 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Meet Me At The End
  2. Relay
  3. Slow Listen
  4. 25/25
  5. Dial Me In
  6. Wave
  7. Ya
  8. Upper Left
Review: Since the departure of Dominic Butler, Factory Floor's Gabriel Gurnsy and Nik Colk Void has consciously moved away from the Throbbing Gristle/Cabaret Voltaire inspired sound with which they made their name. On 25 25, their third full length, they continue this voyage. While there are occasional reminders of their industrial roots dotted throughout the album, the most obvious influences this time round are acid house and no-nonsense European techno. Their tracks have always been subtly shifting, full-throttle, groove-based affairs, of course, but this time round they seem more intent on sound-tracking breathless, 4am dancefloor moments, rather than showcasing their arty, experimental roots. That all of the eight tracks bang hard is a given.
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DMC Commercial Collection October 2016: Exclusive Megamixes Bootlegs & Remixes (Strictly DJ Only)
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 in stock $22.68
Cat: DMC 405. Rel: 10 Oct 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Ellie Coulding - "Still Falling For You" (Tito & Miliani remix)
  2. Besty vs Cher - "Lost & Found vs Believe" (RKL mix)
  3. Taylor Swift - "Taylor Swift Megamix 1" (Rod Layman mix)
  4. Taylor Swift - "Taylor Swift Megamix 2" (Rod Layman mix)
  5. Sweedish House Mafia vr Ray Parker Jr - "Ghostbusters Child" (feat John Martin - Bergwall mix)
  6. Rolling Stones vs Cosy Powell vs Guns & Roses - "Sympathy Dance For The Devil" (Statik mix)
  7. Black Machine vs Felix Jaehn - "Bonfire How Gee Booty" (Allstar mix)
  8. Various - "Autmnal Pop Monsters" (Keith Mann mix)
  9. Flo Rida vs TLC - "Hello.. No Scrubs On Friday" (feat Jason Derulo - Robert Jansen aka Roaxx J mix)
  10. Jay Z/Lukas Graham - "Mama Said Its A Hard Knock Life" (Kevin Sweeney mix)
  11. Various - "Super Pop Mix" (Allstar mix)
  12. Coldplay vs Shannon - "Let The Music Play For The Weekend" (Bergwall mix)
  13. Shakira - "Hips Don't Lie" (feat Wyclef Jean - DMC Bergwall remix)
  14. Lady Gaga - "Perfect Illusion" (Phunkstar remix)
  15. Various - "Ultimate Human League: Mix 1" (Kevin Sweeney mix)
  16. Various - "Ultimate Human League: Mix 2" (Kevin Sweeney mix)
  17. Zara Larson - "Lush Life" (DMC remix)
  18. Galantis vs Adina Howard - "Freak Like Money" (Bergwall mix)
  19. Various - "Autumnal Dance Club Mix" (Keith Mann mix)
  20. Michael Jackson vs Gorgon City - "Remeber The Wall" (Bergwall mix)
  21. Various - "The Devils Cut Up" (Statik mix)
  22. Sigmna Fe/Knife Party - "Bonfire Booty Cry" (Urbanheadz mix)
  23. Various - "Alterative Anthems" (Allstar mix)
  24. Kanye West/Dizzie Rascal - "Fade Re-Fixes" (Urbanheadz mix)
  25. Tina Turner - "What's Love Got To Do With It" (2016 DJ edit - Kevin Sweeney mix)
  26. Various - "Electronic Dance Mixtape #13" (Alex Giacomini mix)
There Is No Right Time
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 in stock $9.68
Cat: AUSCD 008. Rel: 17 Oct 16
Deep House
  1. Have The Guts
  2. Be Good To Me, Poly
  3. Waiting For L
  4. Time To Leave (Can't mix)
  5. 10405 (Alice)
  6. Our Odyssey
  7. Something Keeps Me Real Quiet
  8. Left On Lucy (feat Huerta)
  9. Earnest Kelly
  10. 4D Anxiety
Played by: Bodhi
Defected In The House Amsterdam 2016
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 in stock $8.92
Cat: 082619 4340322. Rel: 24 Oct 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Duke Dumont - "Be Here"
  2. Full Intention - "Keep Pushing"
  3. Rhythm Masters - "Feel Your Love"
  4. Anabel Englund - "London Headache" (Purple Disco Machine remix)
  5. SIS/Tommy Bones - "Wurlitzer In Me/Put It On You" (feat Lydia Rhodes - accapella)
  6. Tom Middleton - "Cicadas" (Marlon D's U.C. Colombian mix)
  7. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - "Canoa"
  8. Benji Candelario, Arnold Jarvis & Nina Lares - "Higher" (Benji Candelario Thump mix)
  9. Mihai Popoviciu - "Focus"
  10. Simion - "Can You Feel It" (original mix)
  11. Eli Escobar - "Up All Night"
  12. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Kot Anthem" (Soul Vision remix)
  13. Honey Dijon - "Houze" (feat Seven Davis Jr. - Deetron extended remix)
  14. M.ono & Luvless - "Never Gonna Leave You 2K16"
  15. Soul Clap - "Shine (This Is It)" (feat Nona Hendryx)
  16. Crookers - "A Place In My Heart (More Than A Dub)" (feat Kym Mazelle)
  17. Soul Vision - "Don't Stop" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  18. Chris Lorenzo - "Sleep Talk" (feat Alex Mills)
  19. Barbara Tucker - "Stay Together" (Armand's 'Crazy' Trauma mix)
  20. Zappe - "Larry's Exotic Blend"
  21. Matthias Meyer/Full Intention - "Infinity/Beating Drum" (accapella)
  22. Mr. G - "Transient"
  23. Dennis Ferrer - "Right Thing" (feat Ben Westbeech)
  24. Kiddy Smile - "Let A B!tch Know" (Boston Bun remix)
  25. Duke Dumont/Joeski - "Worship/Clap Yo Handz" (feat E-Man - accapella)
  26. Marlin - "Urgent Power"
  27. Whitesquare - "Delysid"
  28. Red Rack'Em - "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger"
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6 (CD)
Cat: MULEMUSIQCD 55. Rel: 30 May 16
Deep House
  1. Awakening Co Creator
  2. Kundalini Rising
  3. Declacified
  4. New Life Form
  5. Learning Process
  6. Adjusted Perception
  7. Gather Strenght
  8. Alternate Reality
  9. Reap Love
  10. Things To Come
  11. Vision In Osaka
Review: The last time we heard Fred P under his FP-Oner guise was for an album, the minimally named 5, which came out on Japan's powerful Mule Musiq stable. As such, FP-Oner returns with 6 for the same label, carrying a similar load of molecular deep house music coated in a distinctive sci-fi kinda feel. This is what Fred P does best; that is, constructing intricate patterns of sound and giving them a shape through house. In other words, each of these eight tunes tell a much more interesting story than the dancefloor and, instead, they force the listener to enter a world of its own, guided by airy, mystical synths and plenty of electronic manipulation. Excellent, as always, Mr P.
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Inna Nice Up! Fashion
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 in stock $9.68
Inna Nice Up! Fashion (unmixed CD)
Cat: NUPFADCD 01. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Asher Senator - "To Whom Respect Is Due" (Jahtari remix)
  2. Starkey Banton - "I & I Saw Them Coming" (Radikal Guru remix)
  3. General Levy - "Incredible" (Wrongtom remix)
  4. Papa San - "Perdominant" (Machinedum remix)
  5. Cutty Ranks - "As You See It" (Mr Benn remix)
  6. Bunny General - "Mek Them Rock" (Jstar remix)
  7. Daddy Freddy - "Yes, We A Blood" (The Bug remix)
  8. Tenor Fly - "Rude Boy Talk" (Toddla T & Mele remix)
  9. Super Cat - "Request The Style" (Special Request remix)
  10. Johnny Clarke - "Young Rebel" (Aries remix)
  11. Andrew Paul - "Who's Gonna Make The Dance Ram" (Serial Killaz VIP)
  12. Pato Banton - "Nice Up The Session" (Dub Pistols remix)
Talk To The Sea
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 in stock $14.26
Cat: MFM 002CD. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Snake Theory
  2. The Word Love
  3. Still
  4. Fata Morgana
  5. Redanzen
  6. Talk To The Sea
  7. Music For Chameleons
  8. Little Faith
  9. First Time Ruth Saw The Sea
  10. The Nylon Dollar
  11. The Kasparian Circle
  12. Nadir
  13. Stella Maris
  14. Call Me
  15. The City Lights
  16. She Wears Shades
  17. Almanac
  18. Moor
  19. Not The Kind That's Blues
  20. Ship Beetle
  21. Random Security
  22. Zarata
  23. Shallow's Tempest
Review: Until Music From Memory released Talk To The Sea back in 2014, only a handful of crate-diggers had heard of Italian ambient/new age pioneer Gigi Masin. The two-disc retrospective, which featured a mixture of self-released material from the '80s and early '90s, and a handful of previously unreleased tracks, was a runaway success, propelling Masin towards cult status (a fact later emphasized by his Gaussian Curve collaboration with Jonny Nash and Young Marco). Here, the collection gets a worthy re-press. It still sounds as magical as ever, amply demonstrating the Venetian's ability to create enticing, life-affirming mood pieces out of little more than bittersweet chords, drifting brass or woodwind instruments, simple drum machine patterns and blissful synthesizer refrains.
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 in stock $14.78
Odisea (2xCD)
Cat: MFM 009CD. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Un Hombre Oscuro
  2. Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
  3. Nada De Lo Que Sucede
  4. Para Que Pasen Las Termitas
  5. Ceniza Humedia
  6. Prefiero El Naranja
  7. The Guardian
  8. Light Is Not Like Life
  9. Los Cielos Siempre
  10. Una Gota De Asfolto
  11. Se Que Estas Ahi
  12. La Muerte Del Agua
  13. The Ten Heads Of Someone
  14. Linda Cubana
  15. Tierra Media
  16. Mano Transparante
  17. Apriendo A Amerizar
  18. Odisea 3
  19. Club Global
  20. Mientras Tanto Oigo
  21. Suelo Para Pisar
  22. Maquina De Aliento
Review: Expanded 2CD edtiion: Having introduced Gigi Masin to a wider audience via the brilliant Talk To The Sea compilation back in 2014, Music From Memory is now attempting to do the same with Suso Saiz. Like Masin, Saiz was a new age/ambient pioneer in his country (in this case, Spain), releasing a smattering of obscure solo albums between 1984 and the present day. The material on Odisea - dreamy, stripped-back, evocative, occasionally breezy and largely built around vintage synthesizers and his own, Steve Hillage-like guitar work - is taken from those albums, as well as an obscure cassette-only release. As usual, the Amsterdam diggers have also included a number of previously unreleased tracks, drawn from the musician's extensive archives. It all ads up to another must have compilation from Europe's premier Balearic archivists.
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