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Ritual Chants
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Ritual Chants (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: 541416 507964. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Man Parrish - "Water Sports"
  2. The Rias Orchestra - "Amram"
  3. John J Francis - "God's Garden"
  4. Chac Mool - "Ofrenda"
  5. Kraan - "Silky Way"
  6. GRC Five - "Saga Of A Secluded Swamp Monster"
  7. Free Fantasy - "Caroline"
  8. Jeanette - "L'Amour Joue Au Violon"
  9. Wavemaker - "Tunnel Of Love"
  10. Bobby Lyle - "Making Love"
  11. Babla & Kanchan - "Aay Mere Dil"
  12. FG's Romance - "What Is Love Today?"
  13. Etienne Vermoessen & Guido Delo - "Easy Morning"
  14. Musyl & Joseppa - "Follow Me"
  15. Karat - "Auf Den Meeren"
  16. El Sueno De Hyparco - "Rhodas"
  17. Tony Wilson - "Hangin' Out In Space"
  18. Zru Vogue - "Do The Zru"
  19. Golden Hands - "Take Me Back"
  20. Minako Yoshida - "Black Moon"
  21. Adrian Gurvitz - "New World"
  22. Hitomi Tohyama - "Wanna Kiss"
  23. Chagrin D'Amour - "Ciao Katmandou"
  24. Amini - "Habibi"
  25. Electric Machine - "Fancy Good"
  26. Jean Guy Ruff - "Cover Girl"
  27. JM Black - "Lipstick (Shout!)"
  28. Danny Boy - "Discomix"
  29. La P'tite Fred - "Stormy Love Affair"
  30. Ennio Morricone - "Dance On"
  31. The Right Combination - "I'm Still In Love With You"
  32. Sharpio - "Dance Drome (We Can Make Your Body Move)" (instrumental)
  33. Mansour Sallama - "Love & Happiness"
  34. Grant Santino - "Try Love"
  35. Dionne - "Come Get My Lovin'"
  36. Will To Power - "Say It's Gonna Rain" (Acid Rain dub)
  37. Raoul Denis Jr - "Ti Gason (Fe Respew')"
  38. Dan Lacksman - "Love You Every Day"
  39. Pop Corn Makers - "Nothing"
  40. Family Four - "En Hast Utan Namn"
Review: They've taken us on some of the most transcendental mix-trips of recent years - from sunrise to sunset via cosmic forest and magic circles by way of their endless global dancefloor - assault no young act is digging as deep as Psychemagik. Or as a spiritually. Yet another case in point: Rituals. By far the duo's most extensive, majestically curated and organized trip to date. 40 tracks exploring the last 60 years of studio creations and vibe explorations, from the progressive synth odyssey of Vermoessen & Delo to the steel drum electro boogie of Gurvitz by way of the dense rainbow textures of Amini and cosmic synth struts of Le P'tite Fred, you get the feeling that Rituals is the mix experience Psychemagik have been working towards their whole career. Happy travels...
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Played by: Phat Phil Cooper
Wrong Crowd
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Cat: 888751 88252. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Wrong Crowd (4:27)
  2. Magnetised (3:55)
  3. Concrete (3:50)
  4. Constellations (4:32)
  5. Sparrow (4:51)
  6. Still Getting Used To Being On My Own (3:03)
  7. Silhouette (4:42)
  8. Jelousy (3:48)
  9. Daddy (3:17)
  10. Here I Am (3:29)
  11. Somehow (6:38)
Glitterbox: For Your Disco Pleasure
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Cat: 826194 345822. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Joyce Sims - "Come Into My Life" (club version)
  2. Lenny White - "Didn't Know About Love (Til I Found You)"
  3. Mahogany - "Ride On The Rhythm"
  4. Bridge - "Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back" (Extended vocal version)
  5. NYC Peech Boys - "Don't Make Me Wait"
  6. Lorry Wu - "Let Me Show You" (Long vocal version)
  7. Sybil Thomas - "Rescue Me"
  8. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)"
  9. Sebastien Tellier - "Kilometer" (A-Trak remix)
  10. Local Options - "Plus One"
  11. NY's Finest - "Do You Feel Me" (City Soul Project club mix)
  12. Soft Rocks/Kings Of Tomorrow - "Talking Jungle/So Alive" (Justin Vandervolgen remix/acapella)
  13. Eli Escobar - "Happiness" (part 2)
  14. Code 718/Blaze - "Equinox/My Beat" (feat Palmer Brown Henrik Schwarz remix)
  15. Loleatta Holloway - "Love Sensation" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  16. Chic/Cevin Fisher - "Everybody Dance/The Way We Used To" (12" mix/accapella)
  17. First Choice - "Doctor Love" (Kerris Lost mix)
  18. Kelly Charles - "You're No Good For Me"
  19. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Purple Disco Machine re-work)
  20. Soft House Company - "What U Need"
  21. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz - "The Way You Love Me" (feat Marc Evans)
  22. Johnny D & Nicky P - "Reach 4 The Sky" (Henry St mix)
  23. RIP Productions - "She's Got"
  24. Ashford & Simpson - "Found A Cure" (A Tom Moulton mix)
  25. Lapsley - "Operator" (DJ Koze 12 inch extended disco version)
  26. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "Set It Out" (Plaster Hands version)
  27. Soul Clap - "Shine (This Is It)" (feat Nona Hendryx)
  28. Sandy Rivera - "Come Into My Room" (feat LT BrownTake It Back mix)
  29. Johnny Corporate - "Sunday Shoutin" (B Boys Shouting dub)
  30. Michelle Weeks - "The Light"
  31. Carolyn Harding & Damon Horton - "Sing-A-Song" (Masters At Works High vocal mix)
  32. Amira - "Walk" (Mousse T Full vocal)
  33. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling U" (feat Yasmin David Morales remix)
  34. Lykke Li - "Dance, Dance, Dance"
Review: Defected's Glitterbox parties helped bring a serious dose of disco to the White Isle during the summer of 2016. To round off another successful year, Defected boss Simon Dunmore has decided to serve up a two-disc mix "For Your Disco Pleasure". Effectively, it's a soulful, action-packed exercise in joining the dots between the past and the present, with original '70s and '80s cuts being interspersed with contemporary nu-disco and disco house productions. Dunmore gets a good balance between the well known and obscure (Mahogani's underground boogie classic "Ride On The Rhythm", Kelly Charles' piano-heavy U.S garage classic "You're No Good For Me"), while mixing in killer contemporary cuts by the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Soul Clap and Eli Escobar.
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Broken Knowz
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Cat: TCLRCD 018. Rel: 28 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Last Of The Dogons
  2. Paradise Valley
  3. Niiko
  4. 1001 Nights
  5. Squeaky Maya
  6. $hake It Down
  7. Knowledge Of Selfie
  8. Boolin
  9. Yemaya
Review: It's amazing to think that Jay Daniel is still only 25. Since making his debut five years ago, the producer has been responsible for some of the finest house music to emerge from Detroit in recent times. Interestingly, he's slightly modified his woozy and gently soul-flecked blueprint on this hotly anticipated debut album. For starters, many of the tracks - standouts "Paradise Valley" and "Knowledge of Selfie" included - feature live drums, played and recorded in his mother's basement. This rhythmic adjustment gives Broken Knowz a far looser and warmer feel than his previous work, in the process elevating his deliciously rich and musical deep house to a whole new level. In other words, it's an impressively assured and entertaining debut album.
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Aquafusion (limited CD)
Cat: MLPH 11CD. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Back To Elba
  2. Aquafusion
  3. Duality (feat Krista Michaela)
  4. Surf Blue
  5. Barbados
  6. I Saw The Wind
  7. Open Sequences
  8. Seagulls
Review: Under the A Vision of Panorama alias, Mikhail Khavsko has released some of the most beguiling nu-Balearic music of the past few years. Aquafusion is his long-awaited debut album, and is sure to further enhance his already high reputation. Drawing on sun kissed synthesizer grooves, languid nu-disco and hazy pop for inspiration, the album boasts all manner of ear-pleasing highlights. These include the new age inspired ambient slinkiness of "Open Sequences", the Gigi Masin style bliss of "Seagulls", the mid-'80s synth-pop-goes-dancing bounce of "Barbados", and the baked, horizontal pop of "Duality" (which notably features the drowsy vocals of Krista Michaela).
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Love By Machine
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Cat: 4WLCD 700. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. In Mono (1:32)
  2. Locator (1:30)
  3. Just Don't Speak (Midnight Sun redub) (1:30)
  4. 7 B4 Dawn (1:30)
  5. Bad Love II (1:30)
  6. Sounds Of Jericho (1:30)
  7. (Where) Time Collides (1:30)
  8. Pain Pressure (1:30)
  9. 8 B4 Dawn (1:30)
Review: When it comes to purist Motor City Futurism, few can match the Burden Brothers' Octave One outfit. They seem to have been artistically rejuvenated in recent times, with Love By Machine - their sixth full-length in total - appearing little more than 12 months after their superb Burn It Down album. Over the course of nine hugely entertaining tracks, they successfully wring every last bit of soul from their machines, pairing traditional Detroit techno sounds - fizzing hi-hats, Model 500 style bass, bold synthesizer melodies, and nods to both electro and Italo-disco - with drum hits, pianos and other subtle touches borrowed from house. The result is another rich, melodious and far-sighted collection.
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The Very Best Of Glenn Miller
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Cat: 886976 91622. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. In The Mood
  2. Moonlight Serenade
  3. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)
  4. Tuxedo Junction
  5. A String Of Pearls
  6. Pennsylvania 6-5000
  7. Chattanooga Choo-Choo
  8. American Patrol
  9. (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo
  10. On A Little Street In Singapore
  11. The St. Louis Blues March (with The Army Air Force Band)
  12. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
  13. Star Dust
  14. Little Brown Jug
  15. When You Wish Upoun A Star
  16. The Woodpecker Song
  17. G.I. Jive (with The Army Air Force Band)
  18. Fools Rush In
  19. Over There (with The Army Air Force Band)
  20. Blueberry Hill
  21. Over The Rainbow
  22. Serenade In Blue
  23. When Johnny Comes MArching Home
  24. In The Mood (feat Jodie Prenger- bonus track)
Thanks For Joining Us
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Cat: SPEAR 075CD. Rel: 05 Dec 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Morning Star (feat Philippa Hanna - Break remix)
  2. Is Anybody Out There? (feat S.P.Y - The Vanguard Project remix)
  3. Delirious (Kimyan Law remix)
  4. Firebox (Ulterior Motive remix)
  5. Summery (feat Philippa Hanna - Electrosoul System remix)
  6. Class Of '92 (Conduct remix)
  7. Cut Me Loose (feat Hybrid Minds & Rocky Nti - Muffler remix)
  8. I Believe (feat Villem & Frank H Carter III - Bachelors Of Science remix)
  9. Typical Description (feat David Boomah - Calibre remix)
  10. Lost & Found (feat Rocky Nti - Hybrid Minds remix)
  11. Come & Join Us (Klute remix)
  12. Sun Goes Down (feat Saint Louis - Pola & Bryson remix)
  13. The River Runs Dry (feat LSB & Rocky Nti - Tokyo Prose remix)
  14. Think Twice (GLXY remix)
Review: Last year, Spearhead label boss BCee released Come & Join Us, a vibrant full-length exploration that saw the producer working with a string of like-minded vocalists, musicians and studio buffs. Thanks For Joining Us sees that material get a working over from a veritable who's who of drum & bass talent. Break kicks things off with a hazy, dreamy and melodious interpretation of "Morning Star", while Ulterior Motive skillfully blend classic jungle rhythms, and rubbery electric bass flashes on their rendition of "Firebox". Elsewhere, Bachelors of Science turn "I Believe" into a jazz-flecked, soulful D&B anthem, and Calibre puts a rocket under the dub-flecked warmth of "Typical Description". Arguably best of all, though, is Klute's superb liquid jungle re-boot of "Come & Join Us".
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Diving From The Void
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Cat: SOMACD 112. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Voices In Your Head
  2. Immersion
  3. Stellar Acid
  4. Frozen Room
  5. Estrange
  6. Flirting With Disaster
  7. Supject X103
  8. District 2 (909 Drums)
  9. The Unknown
  10. Anxiety
  11. Raven
Review: Legendary Scottish techno imprint Soma rounds off its 25th year with a surprise debut album from Charles Fenckler, a producer who has been associated with the label since 2014. While he does a neat line in slowly unfurling creepiness (see the ambient/IDM opener "Voices In Your Head", and similarly beat-free "Anxiety"), Fenckler specializes in the kind of throbbing, no-nonsense techno that's always gone down well at Soma label parties. This is dense, rhythmic body music - pepped up occasionally by wayward acid lines, ghostly chord progressions and icy aural textures - that puts heavy drums at the heart of the action.
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Played by: Resident Advisor
Bedrock 18
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Bedrock 18 (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: BED 18CD. Rel: 05 Dec 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - "Fanfare" (Darren Emerson reprise)
  2. Quivver - "Mumbo Jumbo" (reprise)
  3. Sebastian Markiewicz - "Sensation"
  4. Collective Machine & Philipp Straub - "Hold You In The Moment"
  5. Digitaria - "Revenge Of The Fantasy"
  6. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - "Fanfare" (Marc Romboy Moving Atoms mix)
  7. Amari - "Cult Vision"
  8. Moonface - "Across The Gulf Of Space"
  9. Guy J - "2026"
  10. Lee Van Dowski - "8H24"
  11. Eagles & Butterflies - "Murder Was The Bass" (Lee Van Dowski remix)
  12. Quivver - "This Was" (reprise)
  13. Stelios Vassiloudis - "Volver"
  14. Tiefstone - "Kratos"
  15. CJ Jeff - "Side Effects"
  16. Sam Jaspersohn - "Islands"
  17. D-Nox & Beckers - "Mondays"
  18. Uner - "The Dock & The Elevator"
  19. Ryan Davis & Microtrauma - "Recurrence"
  20. Dave Angel - "Inside Out"
  21. Kontakt - "Wild Forest"
  22. C-Jay - "Finko"
  23. C-Jay - "Trip"
  24. C-Jay - "The Experience Of Love"
  25. C-Jay - "Equanimity"
  26. C-Jay - "Carte Blanche"
  27. C-Jay - "BackSlider" (part 3 - C-Jay's Endless Ambient remix - bonus track)
Review: For the latest volume in Bedrock's long-running compilation series, boss man John Digweed has decided to tinker with the format a little. The first two, unmixed discs boast exclusive, previously unheard tracks from some of the label's favourite artists, as well as material from a clutch of new signings. There's naturally plenty to admire, from the chunky, trippy, late night grooves and bubbly electronics of Sebastian Markiewicz's "Sensation", and Amari's undulating, acid-flecked "Cult Vision", to the symphonic bliss of Quivver's "This Was (Reprise), and Dave Angel's bombastic techno pumper "Inside Out". As if that wasn't enough to get the juices flowing, disc three contains six previously unheard ambient soundscapes from fast-rising producer C-Jay.
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Cat: 007567 8669224. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Heavydirtysoul
  2. Stressed Out
  3. Ride
  4. Fairly Local
  5. Tear In My Heart
  6. Lane Boy
  7. The Judge
  8. Doubt
  9. Polarize
  10. We Don't Believe What's On TV
  11. Message Man
  12. Hometown
  13. Not Today
  14. Goner
Night Slugs Allstars Volume 3
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Cat: NSASCD 003. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. DJC - "C100"
  2. Ikonika - "Stick Shaker"
  3. Hysterics - "Empty VIP"
  4. NA - "Ecstasy Cut"
  5. Bok Bok/Sweyn J - "Good 2 U" (feat Semma)
  6. Girl Unit - "Queen B"
  7. Jam City - "Direct Drums"
  8. Sweyn Jupiter - "Throwback Thursday"
  9. Helix - "Funky 1irst"
  10. Neana - "Cyberia"
  11. L-Vis 1990 - "Sweet Spot" (feat Ronika)
  12. Sheen/Sweyn J - "My Syrup"
  13. Bok Bok/Sweyn J - "Unlimited" (feat Flirta D)
Review: Night Slugs label boss Bok Bok has described the music featured on this latest volume in their occasional Allstars compilation series as having a "human core". Certainly, there's a definite warmth and colourful positivity on show throughout. Check, for example, the glistening, instrumental synth-pop bliss of Sheen and Sweyn J's "My Syrup", the sparkling, cut-up dancefloor heaviness of Neana's Alexander O'Neal-sampling "Cyberia", and the dense, druggy, tropical house hum of Jam City's "Direct Drums". Throw in equally as inspired contributions from Helix, Girl Unit and Hysterix, and you have an excellent collection of high quality, hard-to-pigeonhole jams.
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Emergence (CD)
Cat: MESH 001CD. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Symmetry (with Tom Hodge) (2:00)
  2. Seed (feat Kathrin DeBoer) (2:00)
  3. Waves (2:00)
  4. Distant Light (2:00)
  5. Myth (with Tom Hodge) (2:00)
  6. Order From Chaos (2:00)
  7. Cyclic (2:00)
  8. Impermanence (feat Kathrin DeBoer) (2:00)
  9. Trust (with Tom Hodge - feat Kathrin DeBoer) (2:00)
  10. Organa (2:00)
  11. Unbounded (2:00)
Review: London's Max Cooper has stated that when he plays a live show, he likes to deconstruct the performance into fragments of sound on a granular level, paying meticulous attention to detail. For his Emergence live A/V (that he's been touring for the last two years), he applies these same principles to the visuals; using a variety of MIDI methods that are synced and allow him to manipulate both in realtime. It's the story of how "everything comes from (almost) nothing," using knowledge, theories and insights gained from his previous role as a geneticist. Cooper weaves a together a fascinating auditory experience here, his second album since 2014's Human, covering a variety of sonic moods in his now signature way. Take for instance "Trust" featuring the lovely vocals of Kathrin deBoer and a bit of help from good studio mate Tom Hodge; here jazzy drum and bass arrives via field recordings and classical aesthetics in wonderful harmony. Also, the deep, multi layered and ethereal journey track "Waves" sees Cooper on point, as usual, until "Cyclic" goes for something a bit more ferocious on this broken beat techno exercise where inventive use of sampling and sound design collide with perfect tension and suspense.
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Pop Ambient 2017
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Pop Ambient 2017 (unmixed CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 135. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Yui Onodera - "Cromo2"
  2. Kenneth James Gibson - "Her Flood Knocked Me To The Ground (But I Was Already There)"
  3. Soulsavers - "Hal" (Wolfgang Voigt mix)
  4. Scanner & Yui Onodera - "Locus Solus"
  5. Jens-Uwe Beyer - "Final 9"
  6. Max Würden - "Fernfeld"
  7. Anton Kubikov - "Dekka"
  8. Leandro Fresco - "Sonido Espanol"
  9. Thore Pfeiffer - "Good Life"
  10. Max Würden - "186.000 Miles Per Second"
  11. Leandro Fresco - "El Abismo"
  12. Jens-Uwe Beyer - "Final 10"
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Turns (CD)
Cat: OSTGUTCD 38. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Senden
  2. Encipher & Decipher
  3. Club Entropicana
  4. Technogate
  5. Turnhalle
  6. Nocturnal
  7. Statik
Review: Berghain regulars Sam Barker and Andy Baumecker impressed with their 2012 debut album, Transsektoral, but have been noticeably quiet since then. While that album gleefully fused stripped-back Teutonic techno with elements of UK bass music, Turns is an altogether more cerebral affair. It begins with a pair of becalmed, mood enhancing ambient cuts, before stepping towards the dancefloor via the undulating, analogue techno pulse of "Club Entropicana". It's a pattern that continues throughout the album, with spaced-out, experimental interludes making way for more percussive, modular-driven club fare. Highlights include the dub techno warmth of "Nocturnal", and creepy closer "Statik".
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Content (CD)
Cat: SOULR 076CD. Rel: 07 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Lydian
  2. Pandora
  3. Missing You
  4. The Optimist
  5. I Need Love
  6. Circle
  7. Blinding
  8. Capture My Heart
  9. Losing You
  10. Sketch For My Sweetheart
  11. Catching Lightening
Review: Slow and steady: LSB has been known to heads for years now but he's never hurried himself, he's never carved out identikit formulas for the sake of fans, he's never played the predictable games. In true Soul:r style (a label he's now fully signed with) he's focused on ensuring he only releases his very best material since day one. Naturally his album is no different; the gentle fades of "Lydian", the raw emotion of "Circle", the outright epicity of the 8-min "Blinding", the sad farewells of "Missing You"... Every second of the album has been considered and delivered with real thought and detail. Contented? You will be...
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Havana Cultura: Anthology
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Cat: BWOOD 0158CD. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Kerkstra - "Soy Cubano" (feat Etian Brebaje Man & Sexto Sentido)
  2. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Lagrimas De Soledad (No Existen Palabras)" (feat Danay Suarez)
  3. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Arroz Con Pollo"
  4. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "La Mulata Abusadora" (feat Telmary & Elain Morales)
  5. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Rezando"
  6. Mala - "Calle F"
  7. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Roforofo Fight" (feat Mayra Caridad Valdes)
  8. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "La Rumba Experimental" (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
  9. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Cuando Ya No Este" (feat Danay Suarez)
  10. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "La Revolucion Del Cuerpo" (part 1 - Skinner Owiny Sigoma mix)
  11. Chillum Trio - "Yemaya" (feat Coki & Yeni)
  12. Arema Arega - "Ay"
  13. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Espera Mi Gente" (feat Danay Suarez & Ogguere)
  14. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Orisa" (feat Dreiser & Sexto Sentido)
  15. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Check La Rima" (feat Los Aldeanos, Danay Suarez & Silvito El Libre)
  16. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "La Plaza" (Poirier remix)
  17. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "La Revolucion Del Cuerpo" (feat Ogguere, Danay Suarez & Obsesion - part 1)
  18. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Ipacuba" (feat Danay Suarez, Francis Del Rio, Vince Vella & Julio Padron)
  19. Seu Seppie - "Traigo" (feat El Niche)
  20. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Yambu" (Daisuke Tanabe & Yosi Horikawa remix)
  21. Danay Suarez - "En Lo Profundo"
  22. Dayme Arocena - "El Ruso"
  23. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - "Rezando" (Michel Cleis remix)
Review: It's almost a decade since Gilles Peterson headed to Cuba to found the Havana Cultura project, famously described by the Brownswood founder as a "Buena Vista Club for the 21st century". This two-disc Anthology showcases the project's development since 2008, gathering together original tracks produced by Peterson with the assistance of various fast-rising Cuban musicians and vocalists, plus some of the Worldwide radio host's favourite remixes from other artists. It's a predictably fine collection of contemporary Cuban music, fusing traditional South American styles with jazz, hip-hop, broken beat, Rotary Connection and jazz-funk. Keep an eye out for a fine, Innervisions style tech-house remix from Poirier, a deliciously organic interpretation from Motor City Drum Ensemble, and a typically percussive rework from Michel Cleis.
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Global Underground: Twenty
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Cat: GU 20YRCD. Rel: 31 Oct 16
Progressive House
  1. Moby - "Pale Horses" (Apparat remix)
  2. Yousef - "Come Home" (Sasha Matterhorn intro remix)
  3. Simian Mobile Disco - "Hustler"
  4. Joris Voorn - "Ringo" (re-work)
  5. Superpitcher - "Heroin"
  6. Guy Gerber - "Belly Dancing"
  7. Darren Emerson - "Crash Jack" (Manuel De La Mare remix)
  8. Dino Lenny - "I Feel Stereo"
  9. Henrik Schwarz & Ame & Dixon - "Where We At" (feat Derrick L Carter - version 2)
  10. Audion - "Mouth To Mouth" (Scuba Orbital 93 mix)
  11. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann - "Diablo"
  12. Timo Maas presents Mad Dogs - "Better Make Room" (James Holden remix)
  13. Jim Rivers - "Stone" (Henry Saiz mix)
  14. Nic Fanciulli - "Materia" (Robert Hood remix)
  15. Pig & Dan - "Eiffel Nights"
  16. Finger Fest Inc - "Autoporno" (D Ramirez remix)
  17. Radio Slave - "My Bleep" (Roman Flugel remix)
  18. Oliver Huntemann - "37°"
  19. Booka Shade - "Charlotte" (Booka No Pain No Gain mix)
  20. UNKLE - "Heavy Drug" (Surrender Sounds mix)
  21. Kris Menace - "Fairlight" (feat Fred Falke)
  22. Sound 5 - "The Hacienda Must Be Re:Built" (Tim Davison & Nicko Izzo remix)
  23. Elekfantz - "Diggin' On You" (Solomun remix)
  24. Hybrid - "Theme From Wide Angle" (Dark Skies remix)
  25. Lostep - "Burma" (Sasha remix)
  26. Vector 13 - "Rise"
  27. Adam Freeland - "Silverlake Pills" (Gui Boratto remix)
  28. Dave Seaman - "Gobbledygook" (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
  29. Trafik - "Find Me" (Guy J dub)
  30. Bluefish - "One" (Bluefish Pitched Back mix)
  31. Dune - "Boomerang" (Quivver Boom Q dub)
  32. Roland Klinkenberg - "Mexico Can Wait" (feat DJ Remy - Gabriel Ananda remix)
  33. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson - "Leftorium" (Petar Dundov remix)
  34. Silver City - "Shiver" (Ewan Pearson Bari Girl remix)
  35. Situation 2wo - "Way2tite" (Redanka re-version)
  36. Greens Keepers - "Keep It Down" (feat Colette - Radio Slave dub)
  37. GusGus - "Crossfade" (Maceo Plex mix)
  38. Carlo Dall'Anese & Gui Boratto - "Beautiful Song"
  39. Bushwacka! - "Healer" (house mix)
  40. Sebastien Tellier - "La Ritournelle"
  41. Denney - "Another Day" (feat Kayleigh Stephenson)
  42. Dale Middleton - "Disappearing Act" (album edit)
  43. Just Her - "Follow You Down"
  44. Jaap Ligthart & Alice Rose - "Lost In Love"
  45. Arturo Hevia - "Raices" (album edit)
  46. Habischman - "Hoodoo"
  47. Anii - "Rusty"
  48. FOTN - "Celeste" (album edit)
  49. Several Definitions - "Glint"
  50. Third Son - "Europa"
These People
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 in stock $8.31
Cat: RPACD 001 . Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Out Of My Body
  2. This Is How It Feels
  3. They Don't Own Me
  4. Hold On
  5. These People
  6. Everybody Needs Somebody To Hurt
  7. Picture Of You
  8. Black Lines
  9. Ain't The Future So Bright
  10. Songs Of Experience
Review: The Wigan-birthed sage Richard Ashcroft has taken his fair share of flak over the years for his messianic tendencies, unflinchingly epic songwriting style and fervent self-belief, yet when it's in the service of albums like 'These People', it seems more than a little churlish to object to any of these attributes. Displaying an electronic freshness that finely complements the string-swathed widescreen sweep for which he's become known, these impassioned ditties are rarely notable for their subtlety, yet Ashcroft's rich baritone and raw charisma serve to elevate them to new plateaus of emotion and intensity. Write this fella off at your peril.
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Last Night On The Planet
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 in stock $10.08
Cat: ZENCD 238. Rel: 28 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Momma (feat Rejjie Snow) (1:30)
  2. Rich & Dan (1:30)
  3. Shanel (1:30)
  4. Wootera (1:30)
  5. Dog Brush (1:30)
  6. Bad Sign (feat Jed & Lucia) (1:30)
  7. Frugaloo (1:30)
  8. Soulette (1:30)
  9. Rubu (1:30)
  10. Last Night On The Planet (feat Pyramid Vritra) (1:30)
Review: Some three years on from the release of their acclaimed, self-titled debut album, Letherette's Andy Harber and Richard Roberts are finally ready to share the follow-up. Happily, it's another sublime set. Over the course of 10 impeccably produced tracks, the duo shimmies between dreamy instrumental hip-hop (the traditional Ninja Tune grooves of opener "Momma"), loose-limbed, jazz-flecked electronica, spacey Dam Funk style electrofunk (the brilliant "Shanel"), garage-influenced UK house ("Wootera"), blazed downtempo pop (the claustrophobic "Bad Sign"), and various strains of imaginative, colourful deep house ("Dog Brush", "Soulette"). They even find time to squeeze in one of the most beautiful cuts of the year, the crystalline "Rubu".
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 in stock $8.22
Woman (CD)
Cat: BEC 5156620. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Electro House
  1. Safe & Sound
  2. Pleasure
  3. Alakazam!
  4. Fire
  5. Stop
  6. Chorus
  7. Randy
  8. Heavy Metal
  9. Love S.O.S
  10. Close Call
Review: It's easy to forget that Justice were once one of dance music's most hyped acts, gracing magazine covers and gate-crashing the pop charts with a succession of crunchy, electro-house bombs. Times may have moved on, but the Parisian duo remain big news. Woman is their first studio album for five long years, and smartly moves between quirky, radio-friendly pop and thrusting club workouts. In the latter category you'll find the spiraling, low-slung, Italo-disco-with-balls of "Alakazam", the classic Ed Banger growl of "Chorus", and the vintage Daft Punk madness of "Heavy Metal". While these are impressive, it's actually the more downtempo songs - "Love S.O.S" and the dreamy "Close Call" included - that arguably stand out.
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Fabriclive 90
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 in stock $9.02
Fabriclive 90 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 180. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. O$VMV$M - "Thin Joe"
  2. Jabu & SKRS - "BwoyTestVIP"
  3. ManonMars - "Nuke The Threat"
  4. Gantz - "Shaitan"
  5. Kahn - "Polar" (feat Rider Shafique - Gantz remix)
  6. Mungo's Hi Fi - "Rules Of The Dance" (feat Charlie P - JD remix)
  7. Lamont & Boofy - "Walkin' Round Ere"
  8. Gantz - "Temple Meads"
  9. Ishan Sound & Rider Shafique - "Highest VIP"
  10. Boofy - "LVX93"
  11. Pinch & Kahn - "Send Out"
  12. Jamakabi - "Hot It Up" (Kahn & Neek remix)
  13. Jook - "Juice"
  14. TMSV - "Shallow Breath"
  15. OBF - "Ram Dance"
  16. The Bug - "Fuckaz" (feat Spaceape)
  17. Youngstar - "Bongo" (Kahn & Neek remix)
  18. Kahn & Neek - "Acting The Goat"
  19. Gemmy - "The Set Up"
  20. Hi5Ghost - "Scorpion's Mask"
  21. Young H - "We A Talk" (feat Dread MC & Rider Shafique - Ishan Sound remix)
  22. Lemzly Dale - "No Long Talk" (Kahn & Neek remix)
  23. Commodo - "S Is For Snakes"
  24. Kahn & Neek - "Damascu"
  25. Jabu - "Hungry Ghosts" (feat Chester Giles)
  26. VMOS & Boofy - "Dial Ton"
  27. Sir Spyro - "Topper Top" (feat Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann & Killa P - Kahn & Neek remix)
  28. Kode9 & The Spaceape - "Ghost Town"
Review: The 90th installment of the long-running FabricLive series comes from Kahn & Neek, AKA Young Echno members Joe McGann and Sam Barrett. The 28-track mix-up is naturally heavy on material from friends and collaborators (Jabu, Pinch, Ishan Sound, Gemmy etc.), plus a swathe of their own productions and remixes. It offers a whirlwind tour of the Bristol duo's influences and inspirations, taking in paranoid, dubbed-out ambience, stoned trip-hop, sub-bothering grime, post-dubstep intensity, hard-to-define madness (Gantz's brilliant "Temple Meads"), dancefloor-burning ragga revisions, and mutant, wide-eyed post-R&B (the fantastic "Dial Ton" by VMOS and Boofy). In other words, it perfectly encapsulates the duo's club-rocking DJ sets, not to mention where Bristol's bass scene is right now.
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Watergate 21
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 in stock $11.14
Watergate 21 (mixed CD)
Cat: WG 021. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Culoe De Song - "Deadman's Walk" (exclusive)
  2. Francesco Chiocci - "Nightmares"
  3. Em Ex - "Fire" (unreleased)
  4. Culoe De Song - "Bang Royales" (exclusive)
  5. Mr Joe - "Vector Groove" (exclusive)
  6. &Me - "Trilogy" (feat Sabota)
  7. David Anthony - "I'm Free" (feat Beverlei Brown - Manoo dubstrumental)
  8. Culoe De Song - "Aftermath" (exclusive)
  9. Culoe De Song - "Juice" (exclusive)
  10. Corinda - "Sleepless Nights"
  11. Em Ex - "Somadoda" (unreleased)
  12. Boddhi Satva - "Skin Diver" (feat Teedra Moses - Ancestrumental mix)
  13. Illumonate DJs - "Nomvula" (exclusive)
  14. Mr Joe - "Dharma" (exclusive)
  15. Guti - "Hurt" (Yoruba Soul mix)
Review: The latest installment in Watergate's long-running mix series comes from Culoe De Song, a South African producer who made his name fusing tech-tinged European deep house sounds with musical and rhythmic influences from across the African continent. This mix encapsulates that warm and inviting sound, moving between inspired tracks from the likes of Mr Joe, &Me, Bodhi Satva, and Corinda. Almost half of the tracks are exclusive or previously unreleased, including a clutch of unheard tracks from the producer itself. It all adds up to an evocative and enjoyable set that perfectly showcases De Song's unique production and DJing style.
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The Untold Way
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 in stock $12.46
Cat: DYSTOPIANCD 01. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Revive (2:00)
  2. The Untold Way (2:00)
  3. Lowa (2:00)
  4. No GHSTS (feat Tijana T) (2:00)
  5. Momentum (2:00)
  6. Michigan Lights (2:00)
  7. Gently Falls (1:36)
  8. Cloning Society (2:00)
  9. Muted (2:00)
  10. Gravity Growl (2:00)
  11. Alighting (2:00)
  12. Ground Disorder (2:00)
Review: After years spent slowly building his reputation, 2016 has seen Monoloc - AKA Frankfurt producer Sascha Borchardt - hit the big time. This sophomore album - his first for four years - follows hot on the heels of well-received EPs on Soma and Hotflush. It's an undeniably atmospheric affair, with Borchardt smoothly moving between dark and evocative ambience, macabre techno, moody electronica, foreboding experiments, and creepy, post-dubstep bass explorations. While the overriding mood is naturally ghostly and occasionally intense, he finds time for moments of picturesque clarity, not least the wonderful, string-drenched IDM of "Gently Falls" and melancholic fluidity of closer "Ground Disorder".
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The Masquerade
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The Masquerade (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: 082619 4344924. Rel: 07 Nov 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Ultra Nate vs Roland Clark - "The First Time Free" (Claptone remix)
  2. Purple Disco Machine - "Drumatic"
  3. Mattei & Omich - "Marlena Loop"
  4. Alaia & Gallo - "Wo Is He?" (feat Kevin Haden - Claptone remix)
  5. Gregory Porter - "Liquid Spirit" (Claptone remix)
  6. Simion vs MD X-Spress - "God Made Me Feel It" (Claptone edit)
  7. New Order - "People On The High Line" (Claptone remix)
  8. David Keno - "Youth"
  9. Powers That Be & Roland Clark - "Planet Rock" (Claptone remix)
  10. Junior Sanchez - "Da House Dat Jack Bult"
  11. Riva Starr - "I Believe In You"
  12. Tom Jay - "Body Move"
  13. Onsra - "I Need You"
  14. KlangKuenstler - "Jam Master Jack"
  15. Wildchild - "Renegade Master"
  16. Latmun - "Def"
  17. Mat.Joe - "Weego"
  18. Raumakustik - "Raider"
  19. Rainer Truby & Corrado Bucci presents TRUCCY - "Step Forward"
  20. Langenberg - "Shadows" (feat Blakkat - Atjazz remix - instrumental)
  21. Deo & Z-Man - "Universal Neighbours" (SLG remix)
  22. Asadinho - "Jaslemere" (verson 2)
  23. Daniel Steinberg - "No One Can Change Me" (Nick Holder remix)
  24. Bas Roos - "Searchin'"
  25. Konstantin Sibold - "Dome"
  26. Kapote - "Fuck Music" (Session Victim remix)
  27. Martin Waslewski - "Beautyhell"
  28. Freiboitar - "Nobody Dance"
  29. COEO - "Back In The Days"
  30. Superlover/Barbara Tucker - "Timeless/Beautiful People"
  31. Cassius - "Cassius 99" (Tim Green remix)
  32. Julien Jabre - "War" (Claptone remix)
Review: Since the start of the summer, Claptone has been hosting "Masquerade" events across Europe, asking clubbers to become part of his "freak circus". This double-disc mix-up sees the German producer offer a glimpse of the musical treats he's been dishing out at those parties. He begins with a "Night Mix" that runs through groovy, bluesy, funk-fuelled house from Purple Disco Machine, Alai & Gallo, Gregory Porter, New Order and Powers That Be, before stomping towards tougher, chunkier territory. Disc two is a "Day Mix" in which he smoothly runs through deeper, sunnier, and more melodious tracks and remixes from the likes of Atjazz, Cassius, Nick Holder, COEO and Bass Roos. Naturally, both mixes are hugely entertaining.
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Expansion (CD + 6 page booklet)
Cat: SHACD 016. Rel: 07 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Bite The Dust (feat Jakes)
  2. Belly Of The Beast
  3. Fourward & Friction - "Run Your Mouth"
  4. Empty Soul
  5. Beta Alpha Theta Delta
  6. Dewey
  7. Sequencer
  8. Over
  9. From East (feat Pep)
  10. Fourward & Mefjus - "Everytime"
  11. What If (feat Rene)
Review: Austrian combo Fourward - so-called because there are four members - has been delivering on-point drum & bass since the tail end of the noughties. Expansion is their second album in total, and first since signing to Shogun Audio back in 2014. It's a punchy and thrill-packed affair, moving from he far-sighted electro-jungle of "Beta Alpha Theta Delta", to the bubbly, D&B/hip-hop fusion of Pep hook-up From East, via the woozy "Over" and rip-snorting "Sequencer". Along the way, you'll find fine collaborations with Jake, Mefjus and Rene, as well as the twisted wobble bass assault that is "Dewey". In a word: bombastic.
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My Woman
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 in stock $8.31
My Woman (CD)
Cat: JAG 284CD. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Intern (2:00)
  2. Never Be Mine (2:00)
  3. Shut Up Kiss Me (2:00)
  4. Give It Up (2:00)
  5. Not Gonna Kill You (2:00)
  6. Heart Shaped Face (2:00)
  7. Sister (2:00)
  8. Those Were The Days (2:00)
  9. Woman (2:00)
  10. Pops (2:00)
Dub Mentalist
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 in stock $10.60
Cat: MSCD 006. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Mentalist
  2. Build Fire (feat Jay Spaker)
  3. Vengeance
  4. Raggamuffin Souljah (feat Echo Ranks)
  5. Zen Dub
  6. Back Off (feat Solo Banton)
  7. Desert Flower (feat Violinbwoy)
  8. Move Along (feat Earl 16)
  9. Empire Dub
  10. Halfmoon Dub
Vibrant Forms III
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 in stock $10.34
Cat: SUBWAXFXCD 02. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Regional Shift
  2. Uncontained
  3. Hordes Descent
  4. Safe Harbour
  5. Tortile
  6. Gradual Approach
  7. Autonomous
  8. Variant (CD version)
  9. Contact
Review: Fluxion's Vibrant Forms series was launched by Basic Channel offshoot Chain Reaction at the tail end of the '90s, and gathered together previously vinyl-only cuts and previously unreleased tracks. On this third volume, the Greek producer has decided to take a different approach. In his words, this is a "proper album" rather than a compilation. It's typically atmospheric and immersive, offering up tracks that nestle somewhere between minimal techno hypnotism, smoker-friendly dub techno, and deliciously spaced out ambient dub. Rhythmically, it's a little more eclectic and mixed-up than we've come to expect, but his core values - use of space, tape delay and lo-fi aural textures - remain in tact throughout.
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Future Disco Vol 10: Complete Repeat A Disco Drama
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 in stock $10.60
Future Disco Vol 10: Complete Repeat A Disco Drama (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: NEEDCD 25. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Snacks - "Matinee"
  2. Rhyze - "Just How Sweet Is Your Love" (Walker & Royce remix)
  3. Kraak & Smaak - "Way Back Home" (feat Ivar - Tiger & Woods remix)
  4. Lapsley - "Operator" (DJ Koze disco edit)
  5. Leon Revol - "Cantik"
  6. Ocho - "Vines" (Darshan Jesrani instrumental mix)
  7. Franc Moody - "Yuri"
  8. Marquis Hawkes - "I'm So Glad" (Paul Woolford rework)
  9. Adesse Versions - "Explain It"
  10. Adam Port & Here Is Why - "Tonight" (Adam Port 12" Autobahn edit)
  11. Skatebard - "The Bells Of Mist"
  12. Tensnake - "Freundchen Presales"
  13. Pale Blue - "The Math"
  14. Sandboards - "Nothing But A Freak" (original mix)
  15. Cubenx - "First Wave Front"
  16. VIMES - "Mind" (reprise)
  17. Lapsley - "Operator" (DJ Koze disco edit)
  18. Rhyze - "Just How Sweet Is Your Love" (Walker & Royce remix)
  19. Kraak & Smaak - "Way Back Home" (feat Ivar - Tiger & Woods remix)
  20. Ocho - "Vines" (Darshan Jesrani instrumental mix)
  21. Leon Revol - "Cantik"
  22. Marquis Hawkes - "I'm So Glad" (Paul Woolford rework)
  23. Adesse Versions - "Explain It"
  24. Explain It - "Tonight" (Adam Port 12" Autobahn edit)
  25. Tensnake - "Freundchen"
  26. Sandboards - "Nothing But A Freak" (original mix)
  27. VIMES - "Mind" (reprise)
The Sound Of Belgium Vol 3
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 in stock $15.12
Cat: LMFLF 318CD. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Plastic Bertrand - "Tout Petit La Planete"
  2. 1000 Ohm - "A.G.N.E.S"
  3. Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel - "Decollage"
  4. Zwischenfall - "Flucht 1985"
  5. Noise Abroad - "Vent That Spleen"
  6. Front 242 - "Quite Unusual"
  7. The Weathermen - "Poison"
  8. Zinno - "What's Your Name?"
  9. Telex - "The Voice"
  10. Chayell - "Beach"
  11. Antena - "Camino Del Sol"
  12. Dan Lacksman - "Skylab"
  13. Chris Craft - "Discosmic Sinfonia"
  14. Waylon - "Creme De La Creme"
  15. Public Relations - "Eighty Eight"
  16. PLB System - "Acid River"
  17. Periclis - "Fly Woman"
  18. Acts Of Madmen - "The Dream"
  19. The Maxx - "Cocaine"
  20. 101 - "Rock To The Beat"
  21. Twice Of Love - "The Birth"
  22. Major Problem - "Acid Queen"
  23. Spock Jr - "Ion" (Boccaccio edit)
  24. Zerocks - "You Too"
  25. Sister Movie - "Hold Me"
  26. P.J.istes - "Confocation"
  27. Zsa Zsa La Boum - "Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas"
  28. Digital Vamp - "You Can Take My Body" (Vamp Dance mix)
  29. 2 Body's - "Astoria"
  30. Technotronic - "Pump Up The Jam" (Red Zone mix)
  31. The Project - "Do That Dance"
  32. Frank De Wulf - "The Tape" (remix)
  33. Channel X - "Rave The Rhythm"
  34. Pleasure Game - "Le Dormeur" (Paradox mix)
  35. Aquastep - "Oempa Loempa"
  36. Phantasia - "Inner Light" (French version)
  37. Bazz - "House Of Pax" (Sanchid mix)
  38. Plexus - "Cactus Rhythm" (Mike Ferlin mix)
  39. Kate B - "Free"
  40. Human Resource - "Dominator" (Frank De Wulf remix)
  41. Ravesignal - "Horsepower"
  42. Test - "Overdub" (New Concept)
  43. Jambo! - "Drumattack"
  44. Mappa Mundi - "Trance Fusion"
  45. UNA - "Can You Hear Me"
  46. Dream Concept - "Shy Kid" (In Rhythm mix)
  47. V-Tracks - "Heretic Voices"
  48. Jeannot - "Astrology"
  49. Dave Swayze - "Goldwave (24K)"
  50. Blue Alphabet - "Cybertrance"
  51. Danny Casseau aka Trax-X - "Gravity"
  52. DJ Marco Bailey - "Scorpia"
  53. CJ Bolland - "The Prophet"
  54. Yves Deruyter - "Back To Earth" (Rave mix)
  55. T-Quest - "Upiter"
  56. The Amazing - "Qu'est-ce Que Vous Voulez?"
Review: We were wondering when this beast of a compilation would come out, and we certainly have not been disappointed with the result! La Musique Fait La Force, Belgium's powerhouse when it comes to electro and breakbeat - the good shit, not that regurgitated nu-skool crap - comes through with the third instalment of The Sound Of Belgium, an extended selection of electro, hardcore, breakbeat, and everything else that came out of the country in the late 80s and early 90s. There is plenty to be excited about here so you are more than spoilt for choice...especially given the fact that pretty much everything on here is solid gold. Dig in!
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Malibu (CD)
Cat: SW 234141. Rel: 18 Jan 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. The Birds
  2. Heart Don't Stand A Chance
  3. The Waters (feat BJ The Chicago Kid)
  4. The Season/Carry Me
  5. Put Me Thru
  6. Am I Wrong (feat Schoolboy Q)
  7. Without You (feat Rapsody)
  8. Parking Lot
  9. Lite Weight (feat The Free)
  10. Room In Here (feat The Game & Sonyae Elise)
  11. Water Fall (interluuube)
  12. Your Prime
  13. Come Down
  14. Silicon Valley
  15. Celebrate
  16. The Dreamer (feat Talib Kweli & Timan Family Choir)
Played by: DJ Gilla, NICK V
Red Earth & Pouring Rain
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 in stock $9.10
Cat: COMM 148. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Red Earth & Pouring Rain
  2. Emeralds
  3. Dew On The Vine
  4. Roses On A Breeze
  5. New Jerusalem
  6. Love Can't Stand Alone
  7. Auld Wives
  8. Greenwoods Bethlehem
  9. Broken Parable
  10. Fortress
  11. Gabriel
  12. Napoleon
Review: Despite having found initial attention via the modern British folk scene that also spawned Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling et al, Bear's Den have managed to carve our a distinct identity for themselves, and this second album sees them building on this with aplomb and ingenuity. Maintaining their trademark heart-on-sleeve approach, and harnessing their Ivor Norvello-worthy songwriting chops to electronic soundscapes and sweeping melodic traditions that extend through hazy recollections of the '70s and '80s, 'Read Earth & Pouring Rain' is the sound of this duo striking out as global contenders for widescreen pop supremacy.
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Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid
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 in stock $8.22
Cat: ZEF 004CD. Rel: 19 Sep 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. We Have Candy
  2. Daddy
  3. Banana Brain
  4. Shit Just Got Real
  5. Gucci Coochie
  6. Wings On My Penis
  7. U Like Boobies?
  8. Rats Rule
  9. Jonah Hill
  10. Stoopid Rich
  11. Fat Faded F**k Face
  12. Peanutbutterjelly
  13. Alien
  14. Street Light
  15. Darkling
  16. I Don't Care
Radial Magnetization
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 in stock $15.38
Cat: SV 07. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Radial Magnetization
  2. Nothern Lights (original reshape)
  3. Shooting Stars (Ambience version)
Drum & Bass Mix: Resurrection
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 in stock $9.54
Cat: VS 007. Rel: 14 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Rufige Kru - "Lost Rufige"
  2. Saburuko - "Cairo"
  3. Dylan - "Desolation"
  4. Dylan - "Witchcraft"
  5. Rufige Kru - "Dark Metal"
  6. Nucleus & Paradox - "Esoteric Funk"
  7. Nucleus & Paradox - "Esoteric Funk" (part 2)
  8. Jonny L - "Running"
  9. Dungeon Master - "The Crawler"
  10. Danny Breaks - "The Bear"
  11. Saburuko - "London"
  12. Dillinja - "So Damn Tuff"
  13. Dillinja - "All Aboard"
  14. Jonny L - "Spike"
  15. Nucleus & Paradox - "Exoteric"
  16. Danny Breaks - "Crime Mutations"
  17. Dylan & Damage - "Bass Kick"
  18. Future Prophecies - "Electronic Funk"
  19. Dylan & Mason - "Bass Kick" (Dylan & Mason remix)
  20. Future Prophecies - "Bring The Noise"
Gothenburg Cluster
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 in stock $8.48
Cat: NHS 299CD. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Gothenburg Cluster
  2. OK
  3. Moonlight Lullaby
  4. Together Again
  5. Foley Funk
  6. Power Scheme
  7. Babylon Prepare
  8. Black Notes (feat Daniel Baeder)
  9. Pavlov's Dog
  10. Prime Expansion
  11. Ground Zero (feat Inja)
  12. Still Breathing (feat Keeno)
  13. Quid Pro Quo
  14. Redemption
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Mix Vol 1 (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $4.56
Cat: 050087 334680. Rel: 21 Dec 15
  1. Blue Swede - "Hooked On A Feeling"
  2. Joe Walsh - "Rocky Mountain Way"
  3. Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now"
  4. Dobie Gray - "Drift Away"
  5. Hudson Brothers - "So You Are A Star"
  6. Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town"
  7. The James Gang - "Walk Away"
  8. The James Gang - "Funk ~49"
  9. Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing"
  10. Gloria Gaynor - "I Will Survive"
  11. Cameo - "Funk Funk"
  12. Three Dog Night - "Joy To The World"
A Moon Shaped Pool
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A Moon Shaped Pool (CD + booklet)
Cat: XLCD 790. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Burn The Witch (3:41)
  2. Daydreaming (6:26)
  3. Decks Dark (4:41)
  4. Desert Island Disk (3:44)
  5. Ful Stop (6:07)
  6. Glass Eyes (2:53)
  7. Identikit (4:26)
  8. The Numbers (5:44)
  9. Present Tense (5:03)
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief (4:38)
  11. True Love Waits (5:08)
Review: There was naturally much excitement when A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead's surprise ninth studio set, popped up on streaming and download services back in May. Here it gets a CD release, offering those who prefer physical products a chance to bathe in its' woozy eccentricities. Seen by some as a return to their arty rock roots following an extended period spend exploring electronics, the album's 11 tracks draw on a variety of influences (krautrock, ambient, Pavement, James Blake, Stockhausen, intense melancholia etc.), with predictably impressive results. Occasionally elegant, string-laden and grandiose, always beautiful, and sometimes intensely moving, A Moon Shaped Pool is undeniably up there with the band's best work.
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Vibe Telemetry
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 in stock $10.60
Cat: RBCD 08. Rel: 14 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. 147 Stars (2:00)
  2. Sierra (2:00)
  3. Tripping Beauty (2:00)
  4. Datajungel (2:00)
  5. Highs & Bungalows (1:33)
  6. See Hex & Moon (2:00)
  7. Mezcal Eclipse (2:00)
  8. Expanse (2:00)
  9. Entropikalia (2:00)
  10. Untitled (The Party) (2:00)
  11. Flow System (2:00)
  12. DTMF (2:00)
Review: Press reviews of Henning Severud's long-awaited debut album have been universally positive, and it's easy to see why. While the Norwegian touches on numerous styles across Vibe Telemetry - new age, ambient house, Scandolearic, Italo-disco, vintage Italian deep house and even saucer-eyed techno - each have been filtered through his hazy, hard-to-define desire to create music with its own distinctive sense of atmosphere. As a result, it's a hugely vibrant, colourful and inventive set, with Severud effortlessly creating a set of tracks that works as a coherent, easy to listen to whole, despite the presence of numerous future floor-fillers. As debut albums go, it's something of a cracker.
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Played by: Eddie C
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 in stock $10.08
Glass (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 237. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. The Journey
  2. Fall Into Water
  3. Red Glass
  4. Wounded
  5. Oracle
  6. Fuel The Fire
  7. River
  8. Thousand Yard Stare
  9. Paradise
Review: Ryan Hunn AKA Illum Sphere has impressively grown and matured as a producer since making his debut on Fat City back in 2009. His 2014 debut album, Ghosts of Then & Now, was something of a watershed moment, tempering his experimental, bass-heavy dancefloor compositions with a newfound love of cinematic sounds. Glass arguably moves further in the latter direction. While there are some nods towards his club-ready past - see the 4/4 shuffle of "Fall Into Water", or the moody electro bounce of "Fuel The Fire" - it's not the beats that dominate, but rather his evocative chord progressions and IDM style melodies. In fact, it's the more sanguine, ambient inspired cuts, of which there are numerous, that really stand out.
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Rojus: Designed To Dance
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 in stock $10.60
Cat: RBCD 061. Rel: 04 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Beyond This...
  2. Saxony
  3. Beau Sovereign
  4. Paradisea
  5. Wahness
  6. Blush
  7. Kibru's
  8. ...There Is You
Review: Having contributed a stellar track to Gerd Janson's Musik For Autobahns 2 compilation, it's little surprise to see Leon Vynehall pop up on Running Back. Rojus (Designed To Dance) is an expansive affair, with Gerd Janson deeming the eight-track set worthy of his CD edition to go alongside the doublepack for the vinyl heads. It's also predictably varied; contrast, for example, the drowsy ambient chords and twinkling electronics of opener "Beyond This", and the deep-jack-goes-rave sweatiness of "Beau Sovereign". Vynehall also finds space for the Balearic jazz-house swing of "Paradisea", the wall-of-sound Detroit deep house of "Blush", and the African influenced drum workout "...There Is You". In other words, it's a versatile cracker.
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Cat: PERMVAC 1532. Rel: 17 Oct 16
Deep House
  1. Ophmar
  2. Wake People
  3. Tell Me (feat Joe Goddard)
  4. Nordo
  5. R-Mancer
  6. Labyrinth (feat Annie)
  7. Aska (feat Kelley Polar)
  8. Boilered
  9. Scared (feat Jasnau)
  10. Farewell House
The Legacy Of Nu Soul: The Finest & Rarest Masters
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 in stock $6.90
Cat: 888751 98452. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Jacksoul - "Still Believe In Love"
  2. John Legend - "She Don't Have To Know"
  3. Sade - "By Your Side"
  4. Alicia Keys - "I Won't (Crazy World)"
  5. Kenny Lattimore - "Just What It Takes" (Human Rhythm remix)
  6. Dionne Farris - "Hopeless" (from the New Line Cinema film "Love Jones")
  7. Davina - "So Good" (feat. Raekwon)
  8. Amel Larrieux - "Get Up"
  9. LSK - "Life Without You"
  10. Syleena Johnson - "I Am Your Woman" (Summertime remix - radio edit)
  11. Kwesi - "Heavenly Daughter" (Soul Inside mix)
  12. Lyfe Jennings - "Stick Up Kid"
  13. Raheem Devaughn - "Is It Possible"
  14. Glenn Lewis - "Don't You Forget It"
  15. Trina Broussard - "Inside My Love"
  16. Maxwell - "Matrimony: Maybe You"
  17. Joy Denalane - "Loverman" (live)
  18. Anthony Hamilton - "Charlene"
  19. Aretha Franklin - "A Rose Is Still A Rose" (feat Lauryn Hill)
  20. Tatyana Ali - "He Loves Me"
  21. 7 Sons Of Soul - "Need You"
  22. Raheem Devaugn - "Guess Who Loves You More"
  23. Heather Headley - "Nature Of A Man"
  24. Angie Stone - "Wish I Didn't Miss You"
  25. Kenny Lattimore - "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know"
  26. Davina - "I Can't Help It"
  27. Jon B. - "Finer Things" (feat Nas)
  28. Lyfe Jennings - "She Got Kids"
  29. Frankie - "If I Had You"
  30. Omar - "Be Thankful" (Soul Inside mix)
  31. Sweetback - "You Will Rise" (feat Amel Larrieux - bonus track)
  32. Raphael Saadiq - "Oh Girl" (bonus track)
The Legacy Of Funk: The Finest & Rarest Masters
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 in stock $6.90
Cat: 888751 98412. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The Jacksons - "That's What You Get (For Being Polite)" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  2. Herbie Hancock - "Stars In Your Eyes" (Special Disco remix)
  3. George Duke - "Brazilian Love Affair"
  4. Luther Vandross - "Never Too Much"
  5. The Isley Brothers - "Hurry Up And Wait"
  6. Earth, Wind & Fire - "I've Had Enough"
  7. The Jones Girls - "Nights Over Egypt"
  8. Keni Burke - "Risin' To The Top"
  9. People's Choice - "Do It Any Way You Wanna" (A Tom Moulton mix)
  10. Tom Browne - "Funkin' For Jamaica"
  11. Michael Wycoff - "Looking Up To You" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  12. Bernard Wright - "Haboglabotribin'"
  13. Aretha Franklin - "Get It Right" (remastered version)
  14. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "Love Is Always On Your Mind" (12" version)
  15. Raydio - "More Than One Way To Love A Woman"
  16. The Jacksons - "Rock With You" (live)
  17. Carl Anderson - "Buttercup"
  18. Rodney Franklin - "The Groove"
  19. Teddy Pendergrass - "I Can't Leave Your Love Alone"
  20. Ramsey Lewis - "Sun Goddess" (feat Earth, Wind & Fire)
  21. Marvin Gaye - "Rockin' After Midnight" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  22. The Reddings - "Remote Control"
  23. Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Music"
  24. The Jones Girls - "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else"
  25. Patti Labelle - "Joy To Have Your Love"
  26. Brick - "Dazz" (Dazz Disco mix)
  27. Charles Earland - "Coming To Your Live"
  28. Harvey Mason - "Till You Take My Love" (original 12" mix)
  29. Boz Scaggs - "Lowdown"
  30. The Isley Brothers - "So You Wanna Stay Down" (DJ Reverend P edit)
Review: For their latest trawl through the back catalogues of legendary labels Epic, Arista, Philadelphia International and RCA Victor, SonyBMG has handed over the reins to noted re-editor and crate-digger DJ Reverend P. He duly gathers together three discs of killer material, alternating between the well-loved - Tom Browne's "Funkin' For Jamaica", The Jones Girls' "Nights Over Egypt", and George Duke's "Brazilian Love Affair", for starters - and the slightly lesser-known. The latter category contains some excellent alternative mixes, including the original, killer 12" version of Herbie Hancock's "Stars In Your Eyes", a rare Tom Moulton remix of "Anyway You Wanna" by Peoples Choice, and a smattering of the good Reverend's own re-edits.
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Glory (CD)
Cat: 889853 62812. Rel: 29 Aug 16
  1. Invitation
  2. Do You Wanna Come Over?
  3. Make Me (feat G-Eazy)
  4. Private Show
  5. Man On The Moon
  6. Just Luv Me
  7. Clumsy
  8. Slumber Party
  9. Just Like Me
  10. Love Me Down
  11. Hard To Forget Ya
  12. What You Need
The Legacy Of Disco: The Finest & Rarest Masters
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 in stock $6.90
Cat: 888751 98402. Rel: 23 Sep 16
  1. MFSB - "Love Is the Message" (Danny Krivit edit)
  2. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Don't Leave Me This Way" (Tom Moulton mix)
  3. The Trammps - "Love Epidemic" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  4. Jean Carn - "Was That All It Was" (78rpm version)
  5. Archie Bell & The Drells - "Where Will You Go When the Party's Over" (Tom Moulton mix)
  6. The Jacksons - "Walk Right Now" (12" Luongo Disco mix)
  7. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Boogie Wonderland" (12" version)
  8. New York Community Choir - "Express Yourself" (David Todd remix)
  9. George Duke - "I Want You for Myself" (Tom Moulton mix)
  10. Phyllis Hyman - "You Know How to Love Me" (remasered)
  11. Eddie Kendricks - "Ain't No Smoke Without Fire" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  12. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Bad Luck" (original Mike Maurro remix)
  13. Melba Moore - "Standing Right Here" (Tom Moulton mix)
  14. Harvey Mason - "Groovin' You" (12" version)
  15. The Three Degrees - "Dirty Ol' Man" (Tom Moulton 12" extended mix)
  16. Teddy Pendergrass - "Do Me"
  17. Norman Connors - "Once I've Been There" (remastered)
  18. Esther Phillips - "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes"
  19. Jackie Moore - "This Time Baby" (Tom Moulton mix)
  20. The O'Jays - "I Love Music" (Tom Moulton mix)
  21. The Emotions - "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  22. Melba Moore - "You Stepped Into My Life" (John Luongo remix)
  23. Teddy Pendergrass - "Only You" (12" version)
  24. Idris Muhammad - "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This" (DJ Reverend P short edits)
  25. Lou Rawls - "See You When I Git There" (Tom Moulton mix)
  26. Linda Hopkins - "It's In Your Blood" (special disco version)
  27. Patti Labelle - "Music Is My Way Of Life" (John Luongo remix)
  28. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "Taste Of Bitter Love"
  29. Herbie Hancock - "Saturday Night"
  30. Teddy Pendergrass - "You Can't Hide from Yourself" (Mike Maurro remix)
The Legacy Of R'N'B Slow Jamz: The Finest & Rarest Moments
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 in stock $6.90
Cat: 888751 98472. Rel: 03 Oct 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Luther Vandross - "Take You Out"
  2. Joe - "Don't Wanna Be A Player" (Joe/Big Baby remix)
  3. H-Town - "They Like It Slow" (feat Roger Troutman)
  4. Ginuwine - "Pony" (extended mix)
  5. Next - "Imagine That"
  6. Roachford - "Naked Without You" (Full Crew mix)
  7. Sade - "Somebody Already Broke My Heart"
  8. Allure - "When The Shades Go Down"
  9. Destiny's Child - "No, No, No," (part 1)
  10. Jon B. - "Are U Still Down?" (feat 2Pac)
  11. Frankie - "My Heart"
  12. Whitney Houston - "It's Not Right But It's Okay" (Rodney Jerkins Smooth mix)
  13. Usher - "Can U Get Wit It" (Gangsta Lean edit)
  14. Brownstone - "5 Miles To Empty" (Cutfather & Joe Remix Up)
  15. TQ - "Westside"
  16. Donell Jones - "In The Hood" (remix version with rap)
  17. Des'ree - "You Gotta Be"
  18. Men Of Vizion - "Show You The Way To Go"
  19. Groove Theory - "Keep Tryin'" (The Wet mix)
  20. Maxwell - "Til The Cops Come Knockin'" (Live MTV Unplugged)
  21. Babyface - "Reasons For Breathing"
  22. Jagged Edge - "Ready & Willing"
  23. Chris Brown - "Young Love"
  24. Charlie Wilson - "Ready & Willing"
  25. Kenny Lattimore - "Days Like This" (album version)
  26. R. Kelly - "I Wish - Remix (To The Homies That We Lost)"
  27. Boyz II Men - "The Colour Of Love"
  28. Toni Braxton - "Come On Over Here"
  29. Link - "I Really Wanna Sex Your Body"
  30. Ruff Endz - "I Apologize"
  31. Tatyana Ali - "Kiss The Sky"
  32. Donell Jones - "Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)"
  33. Tyrese - "Sweet Lady"
  34. Ginuwine - "Holler" (Full Crew Smoove mix)
  35. Jon B. - "They Don't Know"
  36. Alicia Keys - "Goodbye"
The Legacy Of Soul: The Finest & Rarest Masters
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 in stock $6.90
Cat: 888751 98492. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The O'Jays - "Back Stabbers" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  2. Bobby Womack - "How Could You Break My Heart"
  3. Dexter Wansel - "The Sweetest Pain"
  4. Teddy Pendergrass - "When Somebody Loves You Back"
  5. Billy Paul - "Me & Mrs Jones" (live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 1973)
  6. Norman Connors - "The Creator Has A Master Plan"
  7. Tyrone Davis - "In the Mood"
  8. Johnnie Taylor - "Please Don't Stop (That Song from Playing)"
  9. Bill Withers - "Harlem"
  10. The Jacksons - "Show You The Way To Go"
  11. MFSB - "Use ta Be My Guy"
  12. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fantasy"
  13. Shuggie Otis - "Strawberry Letter 23"
  14. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "I Feel a Song In My Heart"
  15. Lou Rawls - "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"
  16. Nina Simone - "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" (remastered)
  17. The Delfonics - "You Are Gone"
  18. The Main Ingredient - "Rolling Down a Mountainside"
  19. The Manhattans - "Kiss & Say Goodbye"
  20. The O'Jays - "Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)"
  21. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Wake Up Everybody"
  22. Billy Paul - "Let 'Em In" (DJ Reverend P edit)
  23. Ronnie Dyson - "I Don't Wanna Cry"
  24. Patti LaBelle - "I Don't Go Shopping"
  25. Major Lance - "That's What Mama Say"
  26. Norman Connors - "Betcha by Golly Wow" (feat Phyllis Hyman)
  27. Erma Franklin - "Piece Of My Heart"
  28. The Isley Brothers - "Make Me Say It Again Girl" (part 1 & 2)
  29. Leon Haywood - "It's Got To Be Mellow"
  30. Sly & The Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay"
Nigeria Soul Fever: Afro Funk Disco & Boogie: West African Disco Mayem!
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 in stock $10.46
Cat: SJRCD 344. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Joni Haastrup - "Free My People" (2:00)
  2. Christy Essien - "You Can't Change A Man" (2:00)
  3. Akin Richards & The Executives - "Afrikana Disco" (2:00)
  4. Tee Mac - "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" (2:00)
  5. Joni Haastrup - "Greetings" (2:00)
  6. Don Bruce & The Angels - "Ocheche" (2:00)
  7. Benis Cletin - "Get Up & Dance" (2:00)
  8. Colomach - "Enoviyin" (2:00)
  9. Joni Haastrup - "Do The Funkro"
  10. Tee Mac - "Living Everyday" (feat Marjorie Barnes)
  11. Arakatula - "Mr Been To"
  12. Angela Starr - "Disco Dancing"
  13. Joni Haastrup - "Wake Up Your Mind"
  14. Jimmy Sherry & The Music Agents - "Nwaeze"
  15. Benis Cletin - "Soul Fever"
  16. Arakatula - "Wake Up Africa"
Review: Somewhat surprisingly, Nigeria Soul Fever is apparently Soul Jazz Records' first attempt to document the vibrant West African disco, Afro-funk and boogie scene of the 1970s. As usual, they've done a bang-up job. Noted crate-digging journalist Bill Brewster provides detailed sleeve notes, while the two-disc selection is largely made up of blistering cuts from artists who will be unfamiliar to all but the most studied Afro-disco diggers. The selections from Don Bruce & The Angels, Akin Richards & The Executives and Angela Starr, in particular, are little less than essential, as the continued high prices of their original 12" single releases neatly proves. If you're after a West African disco primer, look no further.
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