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Transport (CD)
Cat: TRESOR 285CD. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Transport
  2. Lightyears
  3. Odyssey
  4. Riod
  5. Merkur
  6. 2600
  7. Zeolites
Review: To coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Berlin club Tresor, Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald have released a second Borderland album together. It begins in ominous mode, with the title track's brooding bass tones casting a long, dark shadow, but the pair soon find a way to break away from the gloom with the mesmerising chords and heavy rhythm of "Lightyears" and the wonderfully spacey Detroit techno of "Riod". Both "Odyssey" and "Merkur" push the tempo back down but keep an emphasis on hypnotic, woozy textures, snappy drums and jazzy tones, while "2600" shows that Van Oswald hasn't lost his ability to craft dub-heavy, dreamy techno.
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Pampa Vol 1
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Pampa Vol 1 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: PAMPACD 11. Rel: 02 May 16
Deep House
  1. Lianne La Havas - "Lost & Found" (Matthew Herbert remix)
  2. Roman Flugel - "9 Years" (DJ Koze remix)
  3. Ada - "You & Me"
  4. Alex Boman - "In The Dust Of This Planet"
  5. Nasrawi - "Bump With You"
  6. Funkstorung - "I Does It" (feat Sensational)
  7. Jackmate - "Pacemaker" (feat Nik Reiff)
  8. Lawrence - "Glow"
  9. Dntel - "Snowshore"
  10. Josef - "I Wonder"
  11. Michel Cleis - "Un Prince"
  12. Die Vogel - "Everything" (feat Sofia Kennedy)
  13. Mount Kimbie - "Bells_5"
  14. Stimming - "No 17"
  15. Isolee - "I Like It Here Can I Stay"
  16. Jamie XX vs DJ Koze - "Come We Go"
  17. Gold Panda - "Black Voices"
  18. Acid pauli - "Nana"
  19. Roman Fugel - "9 Years"
Review: The first compilation on Koze's Pampa label is a lovingly curated affair. It starts with the left field house of Herbert's take on Lianne La Havas and Ada's r&b-infused "You & Me", as well as DJ Koze's own hymnal take on Roman Flugel's "9 Years". Other Pampa regulars like Axel Boman are well represented and he provides the ultra-mellow "In The Dust of This Planet". Equally though, Koze also provides a platform for newcomers to the fold. There's the utterly bizarre, glitch-hop of Nasrawi and Funskstorung's contributions, and at the other end of the spectrum, wide-eyed deep house from Mount Kimbie and Jamie xx & Kosi Kos' pumping indie-dance "Come We Go".
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The Black Album
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Cat: 12R 04CD. Rel: 02 May 16
Deep House
  1. Harmony (intro)
  2. Harmony
  3. Rotation
  4. Face It
  5. SP1200 Jam
  6. Schlagsahne
  7. Chord Prog
  8. Me Myself & An MPC
  9. Sunday Morning
  10. Summer (Slow Porno mix)
Review: Alessandro "Deep88" Pasini is one of deep house's unsung heroes; a producer who consistently delivers enjoyable, club-ready material, but for whom wider acclaim has proved elusive. Perhaps The Black Album, his third solo album, will bring him the credit he deserves. Certainly, it's a hugely enjoyable set, with Pasini laying down a tight selection of warm, rich and evocative cuts variously influenced by late '80s Italian deep house, Chicago jack-tracks, Larry Heard, early Nu Groove releases, and the shuffling grooves of New Jersey garage. Pasini's penchant for using vintage samplers, synths and drum machines guarantees that his loving tributes are always on-point, and boast the kind of pleasing looseness that can only be attained by using original analogue hardware.
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Methods Of Movement (reissue)
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Cat: SSMXCD 2. Rel: 11 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Undisputed Truth - "Sandman"
  2. Tullio De Piscopo - "Stop Bajon (Primavera)"
  3. Lil Louis & The World - "Funny How U Luv"
  4. Outside - "The Plan" (Kton mix)
  5. Level 42 - "Love Meeting Love"
  6. Skyy - "First Time Around"
  7. First Choice - "Love Having You Around"
  8. Luther Vandross - "Never Too Much"
  9. Tony Allen - "Hustlers"
  10. James Brown - "Get It On The Good Foot"
  11. Joe Lewis - "Love Mystery (Of Love #2)"
  12. Kenny Dixon Jr - "I Like It" (Sherard Ingram mix)
  13. ERB - "The Weekend"
  14. Leron Carson - "China Trax"
  15. Theo Parrish - "Reaction To Plastic"
  16. Incognito - "I Can See The Future"
  17. George Benson - "The World Is A Ghetto"
  18. Two Tons O Fun - "Make Someone Feel Happy Today"
  19. One Way - "Do Your Thang" (feat Al Hudson)
Review: Since its' initial release back in 2000, Theo Parrish's Methods Of Movement mix has attained cult status. 16 years on, the set has lost none of its' potency, or for that matter its' ability to entertain. An exercise in classic dancefloor eclecticism, it offers a sprint through dusty disco, soul, funk, Afrobeat, boogie, Detroit techno and deep house. It's effectively the kind of set you'd expect Parrish to play at a house party, laying down favourites from Tullio De Piscopo (the Balearic classic "Stop Bajon (Primavera)", Luther Vandross, Tony Allen, Incognito, First Choice and pal Kenny Dixon Jr. Packed full of energy, and shot through with soul, Methods Of Movement is Theo Parrish at his mercurial best.
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Classic Mixes: I Love Prince (Strictly DJ Only)
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Cat: DMCCLASSPRINCE 1. Rel: 02 May 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Prince - "The Definitive Prince mix" (part 1 - Dakeyne mix)
  2. Prince - "The Definitive Prince mix" (part 2 - Dakeyne mix)
  3. Prince - "The Definitive Prince mix" (part 3 - Dakeyne mix)
  4. Destiny's Child vs Prince - "Kissaboo" (Ben Liebrand mix)
  5. Prince - "Get Off" (Ben Liebrand remix)
  6. Prince - "1999" (Dakeyne remix)
  7. Prince - "Alphabet Street" (Ben Liebrand DMC remix)
  8. Prince - "Kix Megamix" (Dakeyne mix)
  9. Prince & The Revolution - "Kiss" (Ben Liebrand Dutch kiss remix)
  10. Prince - "When Doves Cry" (Steve Franklin DMC remic 2016)
  11. Prince - "Rasberry Street" (Dakeyne DMC remix)
  12. James Brown vs Prince - "Sexy Kiss Machine" (Tom Newton mix)
Crooks Crime & Corruption
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Cat: TEMPACD 025. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Legends
  2. GBU (feat Orson)
  3. Justify (feat Harry Keyworth - LP version)
  4. Bak 2 NY
  5. Kuriosity
  6. Boardwalk Emperor
  7. Change
  8. Ruf Justice
  9. Good Old Days (LP version)
  10. Criminally Insane
Review: Undisputed godfathers of UK dubstep Horsepower Productions are back with another full length; their first in 12 years since 2004's To The Rescue LP. As Tempa themselves put it succinctly: "Crooks, Crime & Corruption" draws from numerous facets of the UK underground and further afield in order to take you on a compelling, wholly immersive journey. Highlights include "Justify" featuring Harry Keyworth which sounds like Jah Wobble versus Ry Cooder, the deep spiritual house of "Bak 2 NY" or "Kurisoity 6" and the business as usual, street level bass therapy as heard on the raw "Change" or the pure fire junglist anthem "Criminally Insane".
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Remixed With Love By Joey Negro Vol 2
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Cat: ZEDDCD 038. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. The O'Jays - "I Love Music" (Joey Negro Sweet Music mix)
  2. Patti LaBelle - "Music Is My Way Of Life" (Joey Negro Funk In The Music mix)
  3. Pockets - "Come Go With Me" (Joey Negro Found A Place mix)
  4. Gwen McCrae - "Keep The Fire Burning" (Joey Negro Feed The Flame mix)
  5. The Trammps - "Can We Come Together" (Joey Negro Philly dub excursion)
  6. George Benson - "Love Ballad" (Joey Negro Jazzy reprise)
  7. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "Taste Of Bitter Love" (Joey Negro disco re-blend)
  8. Kleeer - "Open Your Mind" (Joey Negro Seeekret mix)
  9. Nicolette Larson - "Lotta Love" (Joey Negro Yacht disco mix)
  10. Robert Palmer - "Every Kinda People" (Joey Negro Multicultural Multitrack mix)
  11. Christopher Cross - "Ride Like The Wind" (Joey Negro extended disco mix)
  12. Thelma Houston - "I'm Here Again" (Joey Negro Ready To Roll mix)
  13. Grace Jones - "Pull Up To The Bumper" (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper mix)
  14. Cheryl Lynn - "You Saved My Day" (Joey Negro Tell The World mix)
  15. Willie Hutch - "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" (Joey Negro Return Of The Mac mix)
  16. Norman Connors - "Stella" (Joey Negro Jazz Ride)
  17. Jean Carn - "Time Waits For No One" (Joey Negro extended disco mix)
  18. Loose Change - "Straight From The Heart" (Joey Negro Straight To The Groove mix)
  19. Wanda Walden - "Don't You Want My Lovin'" (Joey Negro Back To 81 mix)
  20. People's Choice - "Here We Go Again" (Joey Negro Philly Stomp mix)
Review: With the possible exception of The Reflex, no other producer can match the multi-track re-edits and remixes delivered by house maestro and long-time disco digger Dave 'Joey Negro' Lee. Having laid down a marker with 2013's Remixed With Love, the veteran producer has decided to emphasize his credentials with this similarly superb follow-up. Over the course of two action-packed discs, Lee skillfully re-arranges 20 disco and boogie favourites, using the inherent swing, funk and energy of his source material to create superb, dancefloor-friendly tweaks. Amongst the well-known cuts - think "Pull Up To The Bumper", "Keep The Fire Burning" and "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" - you'll also find sublimely soulful rearrangements of overlooked cuts from Nicolette Larson, Cheryl Lynn and Norman Connors.
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Live In Detroit (reissue)
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Cat: SSMXCD 1. Rel: 11 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Larry Heard - "Carla's Dance"
  2. Theo Parrish - "First Floor Metaphor"
  3. Herbie Hancock - "Stars In Your Eyes"
  4. The Players Association - "Hustlin'"
  5. Fingers Inc - "Music Take Me Up"
  6. Track 6
  7. Chip E - "It's Dub"
  8. Five Special - "Why Leave Us Alone"
  9. Cameo - "It's Serious"
  10. Mr Fingers - "Washing Machine"
  11. Marcellus Pittman/Theo Parrish - "Night Of The Sagitarius"
  12. Blaze Team - "Who Can Luv U?" (mix a)
  13. Theo Parrish - "Overyohead"
  14. Erotic Drum Band - "Jerky Rhythm"
  15. Men From The Nile - "Watch Them Come!!!"
  16. Theo Parrish - "Selector's Theme"
  17. Theo Parrish - "Dance Of The Drunken Drums"
Review: Theo Parrish doesn't serve up many mix CDs these days, so it's good that he's making a swathe of classic recordings available again. Live In Detroit was initially recorded and released back in 1999, and sees the Motor City house legend joining the dots between the cosmic deep house and raging acid tracks of Larry Heard, the intergalactic jazz-funk of Herbie Hancock, the percussive disco onslaught of the Erotic Drum Band (the drum-heavy madness of "Jerky Rhythm"), and a sprinkling of '80s boogie favourites. The great man also reaches for a number of his own impeccable productions, and keeps things moving with the skill of a true master.
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Cityscapes/Landscapes (Record Store Day 2016)
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  1. Ingen Reklam
  2. Pluribus
  3. View From The Hill
  4. Solaris (part 1 & 2)
  5. Dawn
  6. Paper Kites
  7. Landscapes
  8. Dusk
Watergate 20
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Watergate 20 (mixed CD)
Cat: WG 020. Rel: 21 Mar 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Kettenkarussell - "Ten Friends"
  2. Yokoo & Retza - "Satori" (exclusive)
  3. Leafar Legov - "Tribal Girls"
  4. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - "Turgoyakk" (exclusive)
  5. Matthias Meyer - "Uluwatu" (exclusive)
  6. Johannes Beck - "Nachtwache" (Tristen remix)
  7. Palms Trax - "In Gold"
  8. Langenberg - "Ideosami"
  9. GHIZ
  10. Herzel - "Daydreamer" (Palms Trax Backroom Office Tool)
  11. Hyenah - "Soak It" (feat Nonku)
  12. Matthias Meyer - "LA Strings"
  13. Raucherecke - "Malibu"
  14. Alejandro Mosso - "Formosa"
  15. Marco Resmann - "Fluid Of Life"
  16. Underworld - "Crocodile" (Innervisions Orchestra mix)
  17. Matthias Meyer - "Ostinato" (Patlac remix)
  18. Vessels - "Elliptic" (Barker & Baumecker remix)
  19. Efdemin - "Parallaxis" (Traumprinz Over 2 The End remix)
Louie Vega Starring XXVIII
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Louie Vega Starring XXVIII (limited unmixed 2xCD + booklet + poster)
Cat: 888295 399678. Rel: 21 Mar 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Funkadelic - "Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You?"
  2. 3 Winans Brothers - "Dance" (feat The Clark Sisters)
  3. Elevator (Going Up) (feat Monique Bingham)
  4. Angels Are Watching Me (feat Bucie)
  5. A New Day (feat Caron Wheeler)
  6. Magical Ride (Wave Of Love) (feat N'Dea Davenport)
  7. Gift Of Love (feat Tony Momrelle)
  8. Heaven Knows (feat Anane Vega)
  9. Can We Keep This Going (feat Kaylow)
  10. Gimme Some Love (feat Vikter Duplaix)
  11. Just The Way I Like It (feat Cassio Ware)
  12. See Some Light (feat Nick Monaco & Soul Clap)
  13. I Deserve To Breathe (feat Adeva)
  14. Let's Do It (feat Leroy Burgess & Convertion - Louie Vega interpretation)
  15. You Are Everything (feat Jocelyn Brown)
  16. Together We Can (feat Kenny Bobien)
  17. Joy Inside My Tears (feat Josh Milan)
  18. Because We Love It (feat Zara McFarlane)
  19. Turned Onto You (feat Lisa Fischer & Anane Vega)
  20. Do What You Gotta Do (feat Lisa Fischer)
  21. Stop On By (feat Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle)
  22. Slick City (feat Cindy Mizelle & Lisa Fischer)
  23. You've Got It Bad Girl (feat Josh Milan)
  24. In The Morning (feat Andreva)
  25. Been Such A Long Time Gone (feat Josh Milan)
  26. Es Vedra (feat Luis Salinas)
  27. Everlasting Love (feat Diviniti)
  28. Ain't No Stoppin' Love (feat Byron Stingily)
Review: Given the length of his career, it's rather surprising to find that Starring XXVIII is the New York house veteran's debut solo album. As the title suggests, it's an all-star affair, with each of the 28 tracks - stretched across two discs - featuring a guest vocalist or collaborator. After fusing P-funk and house with the help of Funkadelic, the Masters At Work man rolls through organic, Latin-tinged deep house, Nuyorican Soul style goodness (with a little help from former Soul II Soul singer Caron Wheeler), intergalactic dancefloor soul (alongside Viktor Duplaix), boogie-house brilliance (a tasty version of Leroy Burgess and Convexion's "Let's Do It"), jazz-funk, and luscious downtempo grooves ("Stop On By").
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Talk To The Sea
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Talk To The Sea (2xCD repress)
Cat: MFM 002CD. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Snake Theory
  2. The Word Love
  3. Still
  4. Fata Morgana
  5. Redanzen
  6. Talk To The Sea
  7. Music For Chameleons
  8. Little Faith
  9. First Time Ruth Saw The Sea
  10. The Nylon Dollar
  11. The Kasparian Circle
  12. Nadir
  13. Stella Maris
  14. Call Me
  15. The City Lights
  16. She Wears Shades
  17. Almanac
  18. Moor
  19. Not The Kind That's Blues
  20. Ship Beetle
  21. Random Security
  22. Zarata
  23. Shallow's Tempest
Review: Until Music From Memory released Talk To The Sea back in 2014, only a handful of crate-diggers had heard of Italian ambient/new age pioneer Gigi Masin. The two-disc retrospective, which featured a mixture of self-released material from the '80s and early '90s, and a handful of previously unreleased tracks, was a runaway success, propelling Masin towards cult status (a fact later emphasized by his Gaussian Curve collaboration with Jonny Nash and Young Marco). Here, the collection gets a worthy re-press. It still sounds as magical as ever, amply demonstrating the Venetian's ability to create enticing, life-affirming mood pieces out of little more than bittersweet chords, drifting brass or woodwind instruments, simple drum machine patterns and blissful synthesizer refrains.
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The Ship (Deluxe Collector's Edition)
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The Ship (Deluxe Collector's Edition) (limited CD in hardback book + art prints)
Cat: WARPCD 272X. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. The Ship
  2. Fickle Sun
  3. Fickle Sun The Hour Is Thin
  4. Fickle Sun I'm Set Free
Review: Given that Warp Records has described this set from ambient legend Brian Eno as "almost as much musical novel, as a traditional album", it's perhaps fitting that this limited edition comes housed in a hardback book. The album's narrative unfurls slowly across the album's four tracks, picking up pace during the 26-minute "Fickle Sun" suite of tracks. Predictably, it's all hugely atmospheric and attractive, featuring a mix of dreamy electronics, twinkling pianos, poetic spoken word extracts and, according to Eno's own notes, "three-dimensional recording techniques". Perhaps most intriguing of all, though, is closer "Fickle Sun I'm Set Free", which sees Eno paying tribute to the hazy, psychedelic pop of Harry Nilsson.
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Strictly Roger Sanchez
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Strictly Roger Sanchez (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: 082619 4330224 . Rel: 25 Apr 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Billie Ray Martin - "Your Loving Arms (S-Man's Anthem Mix) - Billie Ray Martin" (Hands In The Air remix)
  2. Incognito - "Givin' It Up" (Roger Sanchez Uplifting club mix)
  3. Drizabone - "Pressure" (Roger Sanchez Soul Sensation mix)
  4. Valerie Etienne - "Misunderstanding" (Roger Sanchez R-Senal mix)
  5. Love Tribe - "Stand Up" (Narcotic mix)
  6. Corrina Joseph - "Live Your Life With Me" (Narcotic vocal mix)
  7. Howie B - "Making Love On Your Side" (S-Man Dark Gypsy mix)
  8. House Of Gypsies - "Sume Sigh Sey" (Da S-Man Junglisticly Funkee mix)
  9. Raw Stylus - "Pushing Against The Flow" (Roger Sanchez Narcotic mix)
  10. The Psychedelic Waltons - "Wonderland" (feat Roisin Murphy - The S-Man Dark Tribe mix)
  11. Michael Watford - "Michael's Prayer"
  12. Kathy Sledge - "Another Star" (Roger Sanchez Ultimate Anthem)
  13. The S-Man - "Time To Stop" (9 To 5 mix)
  14. Roger Sanchez presents Nu Solution - "I Need You" (feat Tonya Wynne - Nu Solution mix)
  15. Sound Of One - "As I Am" (Roger Sanchez Uplifting mix)
  16. Roger Sanchez& The Deep - "Deep"
  17. Roger Sanchez - "My Organ"
  18. Roger Sanchez & Twilight - "I Want Your Love" (Roger Sanchez Classic club mix)
  19. Roger Sanchez - "Body Heat" (Nu Solution mix)
  20. The S-Men - "Back" (Roger Sanchez Ill Steelo mix)
  21. Underground Solution - "Luv Dancin'" (In Deep mix)
  22. Roger Sanchez - "Get Hi"
  23. Aly-Us - "Follow Me (Can You Feel The Dub)"
  24. DV8 - "Work It"
  25. Roger Sanchez - "Shake-Shake"
  26. Roger Sanchez - "Let Your Body Jerk"
  27. Roger Sanchez - "The Loft Groove"
  28. The Rhythm Factor - "Lose Control" (Egotrip mix)
  29. Tribal Infusion - "Sumba Lumba" (S-Man's Got You In A Trance mix)
  30. Brotherhood Of Soul - "I'll Be Right There" (Hardtimes mix)
  31. The Funk Junkeez - "Got Funk?" (Da Mongoloids Funktastic Funk mix)
Played by: Jason Hodges
Review: It's 26 years since Roger Sanchez released his first production, the bleep-inspired deep house of "Dream World" by Ego Trip. A career retrospective, then, is long overdue. Strictly Roger Sanchez does a good job in this regard, gathering together classics, forgotten gems and big hits on three themed discs. The first focuses on remixes, including such gems as his heavyweight rework of early Corina Joseph's "Live Your Life With Me" (a fantastic early Basement Jaxx production), while disc two showcases original productions from the Kangol-wearing DJ. The third and final disc looks at "The Strictly Years", dusting down killer early tracks including Underground Solution's "Luv Dancin" and DV8's "Work It".
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We Are Defected: This Is Our House!
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We Are Defected: This Is Our House! (mixed 4xCD (comes in different sleeve colours, we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive))
Cat: WADTH 01CD. Rel: 02 May 16
Funky/Club House
  1. ATFC - "Bad Habit" (feat Lisa Millett - ATFC original vocal)
  2. Blaze presents UDA - "Most Precious Love" (Feat Barbara Tucker - DF Duture 3000 mix)
  3. Dennis Ferrer - "Hey Hey" (DF Attention vocal mix)
  4. Pirupa - "Party Non Stop" (original mix)
  5. Sandy Rivera & RAE - "Hide U" (Sandy Rivera club mix)
  6. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Finally" (Danny Krivit/Steve Travolta re-edit)
  7. Storm Queen - "Look Right Through" (vocal mix)
  8. Soulsearcher - "Can't Get Enough" (vocal club mix)
  9. Shakedown - "At Night" (original)
  10. Oliver Dollar & Jimi Jules - "Pushing On"
  11. Fish Go Deep & Tracey K - "The Cure & The Cause" (Dennis Ferrer remix)
  12. Junior Jack - "E Samba" (Junior Jack original club mix)
  13. MK - "Always" (feat Alana - Route 94 remix)
  14. Cleptomaniacs - "All I Do" (feat Bryan Chambers - original Cleptomaniacs mix)
  15. Soul Central - "Strings Of Life" (Danny Krivit re-edit)
  16. Tensnake - "Coma Cat"
  17. MK - "Burning" (Vibe remix)
  18. Yousef - "Beg" (Hot Since 82 future mix)
  19. MD X-Spress - "God Made Me Phunky" (original mix)
  20. Dennis Ferrer - "Church Lady" (feat Danil Wright - original)
  21. Copyright - "He Is" (feat Song Williamson - Ferrer & Sydenham Inc Vox mix)
  22. Candi Staton - "Hallelujah Anyway" (Larse vocal)
  23. Dubtribe Sound System - "Do It Now" (extended version)
  24. Noir & Haze - "Around" (Solomun vox)
  25. DJ Gregory - "Elle" (original mix)
  26. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fall For You" (feat April - Sandy Rivera classic mix)
  27. FCL - "It's You" (Mousse T discotronic mix)
  28. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz - "The Way You Love Me" (feat Marc Evans - original)
  29. Johnny Corporate - "Sunday Shoutin'" (original)
  30. Sandy Rivera - "Come Into My Room" (feat LT Brown - Take It Back mix)
  31. Rebot - "Enjoy Music"
  32. Bob Sinclar - "Save Our Soul" (Brian Tappert re-edit)
  33. Playgroup - "Front 2 Back" (feat KC Flight - Todd Terry re-edit)
  34. Mr G - "Lightz" (G'Out dub)
  35. Kevin Saunderson - "Future" (feat Inner City - Kenny Larkin Tension mix)
  36. 4th Measure Men - "4 You" (Maya Jane Coles mix)
  37. Osunlade - "Envision" (Yoruba Soul mix)
  38. Gel Abril - "Spells Of Yoruba" (Jamie Jones Watertight mix)
  39. Chicken Lips - "He Not In"
  40. Intruder (A Murk Production) - "Aname" (feat JEI - long ass mix)
  41. Chez Damier - "Can You Feel It" (Steve Bug remix)
  42. Guti - "El Solitario" (Carl Craig remix)
  43. Ame - "Rej"
  44. Julien Jabre - "Swimming Places" (Jerome Sydenham remix)
  45. Chasing Kurt - "From The Inside" (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  46. Sisy Ey - "Do it Good" (Riva Starr Back To Detroit mix)
  47. The Juan MacLean - "A Simple Design" (Deetron remix)
  48. Dennis Ferrer - "Mind Ur step" (feat Janelle Kroll - original mix)
  49. Nick Curly - "Underground" (Dennis Ferrer mix)
  50. Hercules & Love Affair - "Do You Feel The Same?"
  51. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling U" (feat Yasmin - deep mix)
  52. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "LOVE"
  53. The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (KZR Defected Stripped Down mix)
  54. Eddie Fowlkes - "That's What I Think About"
  55. Mr G - "Precious Cargo" (feat Blondewearingblack - vocal mix)
  56. Gotsome - "Just A Feeling" (Sonny Fodera remix)
  57. Titto Wun - "The Way U Do It"
  58. Daniel Steinberg - "Let Me Down" (Tube & Berger remix)
  59. Flashmob - "Need In Me"
  60. Rachel Row - "Follow The Step" (Kink Bass & Beats mix)
Review: Believe it or not, Defected Records is 17 years old this year. In that time, Simon Dunmore and Janet Bell's label has released a lot of classic material, as this expansive, four-disc set proves. We Are Defected: This Is Our House is little less than an expansive "greatest hits" collection, featuring both familiar dancefloor hits of old - Kings Of Tomorrow's "Finally", Shakedown's "At Night", Dubtribe Soundsystem's "Do It Now", Ame's "Rej", DJ Gregory's "Elle", Chicken Lips' "He Not In", and so on - and more recent material. In the latter category you'll find similarly large and much-played tracks and remixes from the likes of Deetron, Storm Queen, Flashmob, Hercules & Love Affair, and Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch.
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Tape Rolling!
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Cat: PSCD 91. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Slim Smith - "The Time Has Come" (unreleased cut)
  2. I Roy & Augustus Pablo - "Devil's Brother In Law" (unreleased cut)
  3. Ernest Wilson - "Sentimental Man" (extended mix)
  4. Big Joe & king Tubby - "Rasta Train"
  5. Cornell Campbell - "I Wonder Why" (unreleased cut)
  6. U Roy Junior - "Two Ton Guletto"
  7. John Holt - "Stick By Me" (unreleased cut)
  8. King Tubby - "A Wonderful Version"
  9. Cornell Campbell - "Give Me Love" (unreleased cut)
  10. King Tubby - "Straight To The Copycat Head"
  11. Busty Brown & The Clowns - "Soon I'm Gonna Make It"
  12. Horace Andy - "Man Next Door" (unreleased cut)
  13. I Roy - "Noisy Place" (unreleased cut)
  14. Leroy Samuels - "Trying To Wreck My Life"
  15. Delroy Wilson - "Any Heart Can Be Broken"
  16. Eric Donaldson - "Cherry On Baby"
  17. I Roy - "Festival Mash Up"
  18. Vin Gordon - "Riding For A Fall"
  19. Cornell Campbell - "My Confession" (unreleased cut)
  20. Slim Smith - "Turning Point" (unreleased cut)
Realtime Inverted
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 in stock $15.18
Realtime Inverted (hand-numbered CD limited to 100)
Cat: PF 12CD. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Ghosts Of Kata Beach
  2. Endless Stream
  3. Melt
  4. Salt Mines
  5. Umbrellas In The Sun
  6. Buoyancy
  7. Auqanet
  8. Softdive
  9. Transition Point
Review: Dolly man Brooks Mosher is a man of many talents, it seems. Not content with serving up tasty deep house and dusty techno jams, he's decided to launch a new ambient alias, Cinematic 74. His debut album under the pseudonym, Realtime Inverted, is something of a treat, particularly for those raised on a diet of early '90s material from Mixmaster Morris, The Orb, Pete Namlook and Jonah Sharp. Woozy, melodious and spacey, it feels like an authentic period piece, complete with Global Communication style bubblers, heavenly Detroit techno influences, heavy dub basslines, and oblique early Internet references. Above all, it makes for wonderful listening.
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Foregrow EP
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 in stock $6.98
Foregrow EP (CD single)
Cat: ASD 027CD. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Foregrow
  2. Expre'act
  3. Lowth Forgue
  4. UNF
The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco
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 in stock $12.13
Cat: HDYARE 3. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Evie Sands - "You Can Do It"
  2. Rickiee Lee Jones - "Chuck E's In Love"
  3. Laura Allan - "Opening Up To You"
  4. Melissa Manchester - "Shine Like You Should"
  5. Franne Golde - "Isn't It Something"
  6. Valerie Carter - "Crazy"
  7. Teri De Sario - "Baby I Don't Want Your Love"
  8. Carole Bayer Sager - "It's The Falling In Love"
  9. Carly Simon - "Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)"
  10. Jaye P Morgan - "Let's Get Together"
  11. Lauren Wood - "Gotta Lotta"
  12. Renee Geyer - "Be There In The Morning" (Australian single version)
  13. Maria Muldaur - "Midnight At The Oasis"
  14. Brenda Russell - "New York Bars"
  15. Leah Kunkel - "Temptation"
  16. Amy Holland - "Strengthen My Love"
  17. Carole King - "Disco Tech"
  18. Doris Abrahams - "Dance The Night Away"
  19. Lyn Christopher - "Take Me With You"
Loft Classics Vol 12
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 in stock $17.60
Cat: LCCD 2012. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Yellow Train
  2. Can't Fake The Feeling
  3. L.O.V.E
  4. Get Ready For The Future
  5. High Priestess
  6. Set Fire To Me
  7. How Much Are They
  8. City Country City
Review: Speak to any New York DJ of a certain vintage, and they'll happily talk for hours on the thrill of attending parties at The Loft, and in particular the open-minded brilliance of David Mancuso's selections. The ongoing Loft Classics series has thus far done a good job in reflecting this. This 12th installment is no different. While it contains a wealth of disco classics (The Winners' "Get Ready For The Future" and Geraldine Hunt's "Can't Fake The Feeling" included), the mystery compilers have also found room for the spiritual jazz-dance goodness of "High Priestess", the heavyweight dancefloor dub of "How Much Are They", and the oh-so Balearic loveliness of closer "City Country City".
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Never Give Up
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 in stock $10.02
Cat: NHS 288CD. Rel: 02 May 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Nothing More
  2. Got Me Thinking (feat Vela)
  3. One Way
  4. The End (feat Voicians)
  5. One Last Picture (feat Kye Sones)
  6. Never Give Up
  7. Stand By You
  8. Not Alone (feat Duckfront, MVE, Frae - album mix)
  9. Just Be Good (feat Nymfo)
  10. Don't Forget
  11. Falling (feat MVE)
  12. Solarize (feat Logistics - album mix)
Rojus: Designed To Dance
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 in stock $11.84
Cat: RBCD 061. Rel: 04 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Beyond This...
  2. Saxony
  3. Beau Sovereign
  4. Paradisea
  5. Wahness
  6. Blush
  7. Kibru's
  8. ...There Is You
Review: Having contributed a stellar track to Gerd Janson's Musik For Autobahns 2 compilation, it's little surprise to see Leon Vynehall pop up on Running Back. Rojus (Designed To Dance) is an expansive affair, with Gerd Janson deeming the eight-track set worthy of his CD edition to go alongside the doublepack for the vinyl heads. It's also predictably varied; contrast, for example, the drowsy ambient chords and twinkling electronics of opener "Beyond This", and the deep-jack-goes-rave sweatiness of "Beau Sovereign". Vynehall also finds space for the Balearic jazz-house swing of "Paradisea", the wall-of-sound Detroit deep house of "Blush", and the African influenced drum workout "...There Is You". In other words, it's a versatile cracker.
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Miami 2016
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 in stock $18.51
Miami 2016 (mixed 3xCD)
Cat: 505207 5013459. Rel: 14 Mar 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Eli & Fur - "Over Again"
  2. Kiko & Olivier Giacomotto - "Black Eyes"
  3. Maurice Aymard - "Full Body Contact" (Raxon remix)
  4. Guti - "El Solitario" (Carl Craig remix)
  5. Tim Green - "Overstance"
  6. Lancelot - "As It Were"
  7. Howling - "X Machina" (Cubicolor remix)
  8. Yotto - "Personal Space"
  9. Bicep & Hammer - "Dahlia"
  10. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling U" (feat Yasmin - Deep mix)
  11. DeMarzo - "I Like It"
  12. Saison - "Do You"
  13. My Digital Enemy - "Magnetize"
  14. NVOY - "Higher" (extended edit)
  15. Smokin Beats - "Dreams" (Tough Love remix)
  16. Boris Dlugosch - "Keep Pushin" (Purple Disco Machine Vox mix)
  17. Apres - "Prophet" (extended mix)
  18. Tube & Berger/Ante Perry - "In The Shadows" (Joeski remix)
  19. Denney - "On & On"
  20. Dario D'Attis - "Little Higher"
  21. Sergio Fernandez - "Escape Plan"
  22. Riva Starr - "Velvet Zone"
  23. Gorge - "Tayo"
  24. Dosem - "Optimism"
  25. ANOTR - "Stop The Music"
  26. Wade - "Collapsed Jam"
  27. Kideko & George Kwali - "Crank It"
  28. Latmun - "Def"
  29. Ben Remember - "Flow Down"
  30. Mike Vale - "Common Ground"
  31. Raumakustik - "Panther" (Format B remix)
  32. Mat Joe - "Just Licks"
  33. Dusky - "Bitter Lake"
  34. Kaiserdisco - "Nine Tea's"
  35. Mendo - "Don't Hold Back" (Chus & Ceballos remix)
  36. Prok & Fitch - "Tears"
  37. Mark Knight & Cevin Fisher - "Rocket Man"
  38. Stanny Abram - "Keep The Flow"
  39. Luciano - "7direction(S)" (feat JAW - Dennis Ferrer remix)
  40. Alex Niggemann - "Divergent"
  41. Ejeca - "BAK2U"
  42. Adam Beyer - "Time Flies" (Tiger Stripes remix)
  43. Yvan Genkins - "Brother"
  44. Metodi Hristov - "Don't You Know"
  45. Miguel Bastida - "Throwmmer"
  46. Jay Lumen - "Work It Out"
  47. Christian Smith - "Turn The Lights"
  48. Ramiro Lopez - "Push It"
  49. Carlo Lio - "Technicolour Boogie" (Chus & Ceballos remix)
  50. UMEK - "Collinearity" (Oscar L remix)
  51. Eric Sneo - "On Spot"
  52. Joseph Capriati - "Fratello" (Dubfire remix)
  53. 3 Channels - "Rucola Apocalypse"
  54. Tiga - "Don't Break My Heart" (Deetron remix)
  55. Smash TV - "Granite Falls"
  56. Gardens Of God - "Montana"
  57. Joy Wellboy - "The Magic" (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Dub)
Permanent Vacation Selected Label Works 5
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Cat: PERMVAC 1452. Rel: 18 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Alex Burkat - "Pay The Rent" (Barnt remix)
  2. Lord Of The Isles - "301C Symphony"
  3. New Jackson - "Made It Mine"
  4. Woolfy vs Projections - "Combination" (Benjamin Frolich spooky edit)
  5. Dollkraut - "Fire"
  6. Drvg Cvltre - "Night Time IS The Right Time"
  7. Lake People - "Uneasy Hiding Places"
  8. TB - "City Girl"
  9. Locked Groove - "Thesseus"
  10. Mano Le Tough - "I See Myself In You"
  11. Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler - "Tomorrow We Start A New Life Again"
  12. Midnight Magic - "Same Way I Feel" (Session Victim remix)
  13. Lauer - "Ward"
  14. Thomalla - "Funfair"
  15. Dollkraut - "Fire" (Invisible Conga People remix)
  16. Lake People - "Brooklyn"
  17. Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler - "If Not Tomorrow Maybe Someday"
  18. The Drifter & Benjamin Frolich - "Waterville"
  19. Lord Of The Isles - "C020 (6mins)"
  20. North Lake - "Prism"
  21. Tuff City Kids - "Lambsgame" (feat Shan)
  22. New Jackson - "Having A Coke With You"
Review: Munich's Permanent Vacation churns out releases at a rapid rate, making it annoyingly easy to miss out on great material. Lucky, their sporadic Selected Label Works compilation series can help fill in the gaps. Volume Five contains a wealth of tasty treats, from the wonky late night throb of Dolkraut's mesmerizing "Fire", and progressive house influenced dancefloor bliss of TB's "City Girl", to the Orbital style intelligent techno of Daniel Bortz and Sacha Sibler, via the bass-heavy wonkiness of Lake People. There's also another chance to savour Session Victim's loose, warm and groovy rework of Midnight Magic, and a tops-off-friendly chunk of Sound Factory era pump from Tuff City Kids.
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AOR Global Sounds 1975 - 1983 Volume 2 (remastered)
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 in stock $14.56
Cat: FVR 116CD. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Jay Days - "Long Way Home"
  2. Greg Yoder - "Things Were So Easy"
  3. Renee Geyer Band - "Two Sides"
  4. O Ji Ji - "The Shadow"
  5. Robert Cotter - "Everything I'm Living For"
  6. Carol Ray Band - "Quelques Mots Gentils"
  7. Bobana Petrovica - "Prepad"
  8. Byrne & Barnes - "Love You Out Of Your Mind"
Review: Last year, French record collector Charles Maurice put together AOR Global Sounds, a compilation of forgotten tracks from around the World, by artists influenced by the hazy West Coast style of Steely Dan. Here, he unleashes a follow-up, once again delving deep into the archives for inspiration. There's naturally much to admire, from the music box-heavy blue-eyed soul of Greg Yoder, and sax-laden stoner jazz-funk of O Ji Ji, to the synth-heavy disco-funk shuffle of Carol Ray Band's brilliant "Quelques Mots Gentils", and the Balkan AOR disco warmth of Bobana Petrovica. Look to the heavens, hold a loved one close and get slow-dancing.
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Alpe Lusia
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 in stock $10.62
Cat: DIYNAMICCD 14 . Rel: 02 May 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Prepare
  2. Pressing Plant
  3. Trains Of Hope
  4. Parking Lot
  5. 22 Degree Halo
  6. For My Better Half
  7. Symphorine
  8. Tanz FArr Drei
  9. Saibot
  10. Alpe Lusia
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Endless (CD)
Cat: BLCDX. Rel: 05 Oct 15
Deep House
  1. Asteroids & Star Dust (original mix)
  2. Endless (Ultra Deep mix)
  3. Deep Down Paris (Le Voyage)
  4. Le Voyage
  5. Don't Go
  6. Negentropy
  7. Come Inside
  8. Jeremiah - "Khawuleza" (feat Vusa Mkhaya - unreleased dub)
Review: Given the deep, dreamy and luscious sound of his productions, it's perhaps unsurprising that Brawther has been a regular contributor to Chez Damier and Ron Trent's Balance imprint. As Endless neatly proves, the Parisian producer has provided the label with some tremendous music since 2009, much of which could pass as authentic Damier material. The latter makes an appearance on the wonderful title track, but his trademark sound - fluid, quietly soulful, bumpin', hazy and dancefloor friendly - can be heard throughout this essential retrospective. Naturally, there's more than a little Trent flavour to some of the cuts, too - in particular the enveloping pads and twinkling pianos of "VXVXVX" - making this a sublime collection of sumptuous, ultra-deep house.
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Intimate Connection
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 in stock $10.62
Intimate Connection (limited CD)
Cat: RGRCD 017. Rel: 14 Mar 16
Deep House
  1. Ourownthingkey (dub)
  2. Isleoflucy
  3. Ourownthing
  4. Answerman
  5. Letlovetaketheblame
  6. Newnation
  7. Noturningback
  8. Nightfever (live dub)
  9. Justonetouch (live dub)
  10. Letlovetaketheblamekey (dub)
Review: Since launching his Roar Groove label a couple of years back, Graeme Clark has become increasingly prolific. Almost a year to the day from the release of his first album of original productions, Love That Will Not Die, the Glaswegian presents the follow-up, Intimate Connection. Throughout, there's an emphasis on Balearic-minded deep house, with picturesque synth lines and toasty chords stretching out over rich and groovy deep house rhythms. Of course, there are darker turns along the way - see the Red Zone influenced bump of "Answerman", and the warehouse friendly "Noturningback" - but these still bristle with tactile, loved-up intent. A trio of previously unheard "live dubs" of cuts from Love That Will Not Die completes an excellent package.
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Escapism 3
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Escapism 3 (unmixed CD)
Cat: LIQUICITYCOMP 007. Rel: 25 Apr 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Pogo - "No Worries" (Hybrid Minds remix)
  2. Magoto - "YGMYC"
  3. Champion - "Stratos"
  4. Dualistic & Subsequent - "Sunrise" (feat Ella)
  5. Loz Contreras - "Tunnel Vision" (feat David Albury)
  6. Pola & Bryson - "Paper Booklet"
  7. Phase & Whiney - "It Means Nothing"
  8. Fliwo - "Yehay"
  9. Monrroe - "Stay" (feat Charlotte Haining)
  10. Trifonic - "Lies" (Nymfo remix)
  11. Pola & Bryson - "Whisper To Me" (feat Sammie Bella)
  12. Gavin G - "Nowhere To Hide"
Dark Star (Soundtrack) (remastered)
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 in stock $11.84
Dark Star (Soundtrack) (remastered) (unmixed CD with obi strip)
Cat: WRWTFWW 007CD. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Music, Sound Effects & Dialogue Excerpts (part 1)
  2. Music, Sound Effects & Dialogue Excerpts (part 2)
  3. Martin Segundo & The Scintilla Strings - "When Twilight Falls On NGC 891"
  4. Alan Howarth - "Doolittle's Solo" (remake)
  5. Dominik Hauser - "Benson Arizona" (remake)
Review: Those familiar with the work of John Carpenter will understand the importance of Dark Star, the darkly comic sci-fi tale with which he made his directorial debut in 1974. As with many of his later films, Carpenter composed the soundtrack - almost entirely on synthesizers, of course - which was later released as a standalone album. This timely reissue contains both of the original 'tracks' from the 1980 release, which blend Carpenter's far-sighted, experimental synthesizer work with snippets of dialogue and spacey sound effects from the movie. As a bonus, the label has included a trio of notable cover versions of tracks from the movie, including Dominik Hauser's country take on tongue-in-cheek theme song "Benson Arizona".
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Magic Peterson Sunshine
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 in stock $13.96
Cat: 0210880 MS1. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Don Ellis - "Dew"
  2. Mary Lou Williams - "It Ain't Necessarily So"
  3. Jonny Teupen - "Harp Revolution"
  4. Pedro Iturralde Quintet - "Cancion Del Fuego Fatuo" (feat Paco De Lucia)
  5. Gunter Hampel Quintet - "Our Chant"
  6. George Gruntz - "Nemeit"
  7. Orchester Roland Kovac - "Service I"
  8. The Third Wave - "Love Train"
  9. The Singers Unlimited - "Stone Ground Seven"
  10. Eddie Louiss - "Out Of The Sorcellery"
  11. John Taylor Trio - "White Magic" (bonus track)
  12. The Modern Jazz Group Freiburg - "Big "P""
  13. Francy Boland - "Lillemor"
  14. Mark Murphy - "Why & How"
  15. Wolfgang Lauth - "Denn Liebe Ist Stark Wie Der Tod"
  16. Das Wolfgang Dauner Trio - "Love Is Summer"
Review: With summer just around the corner, Gilles Peterson has decided to unleash some audio sunshine to get us in the mood. Magic Peterson Sunshine sees him digging into the vaults of Black Forest-based imprint MPS Records, a legendary outlet for whose vast catalogue encompasses nearly 50 years of eccentric, imaginative jazz. The 16-tracks take in a variety of jazz styles and moods, from the fizzing, up-tempo intensity of The Modern Jazz Group Frieburg's "Big P", and the undulating organ madness of Eddie Louiss' "Out Of The Sorcellery", to the harmonious samba-jazz of The Singers Unlimited, and some Dave Brubeck-style goodness from Mark Murphy. Throughout, Peterson's selections are as summery as a legendary back-yard barbecue.
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Planet I:A
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Planet I:A (unmixed CD)
Cat: IACD 02. Rel: 02 May 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Khords & R381 - "Flastag Dream"
  2. Khords & R381 - "3 Colors"
  3. Chet Matuto - "Keep My Secret"
  4. Kije - "Everything"
  5. Picota & Kumbh - "Tiki Originas"
  6. Gremlinz & Apostroph - "Trials Of Osiris"
  7. Displaced Paranormals & Tom Small - "Confusion"
  8. Displaced Paranormals & Tom Small - "Synchronize"
  9. Displaced Paranormals & Torn - "Orbit"
  10. Psycho Mantis - "Orbituary"
  11. Outrage - "Talkers"
  12. DBR UK - "Sound Killer"
Little Girl Blue Remixed
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 in stock $11.84
Cat: SPA 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Plain Gold Ring (Mop Mop remix)
  2. My Baby Just Cares For Me (The Reflex edit)
  3. Mood Indigo (Renegades Of Jazz remix)
  4. Little Girl Blue (Maestro remix)
  5. Love Me Or Leave Me (Suonho relove)
  6. African Mailman (The Rebel remix)
  7. I Loves You Porgy (Mess Dierdrop remix)
  8. My Baby Just Cares For Me (Gabriel & Castellon & Maestro remix)
  9. African Mailman (Opolopo remix)
  10. Plain Gold Ring (Fab Samperi remix)
  11. He Needs Me (Gramophonedzie remix)
  12. Love Me Or Leave Me (Gabriel & Castellon & Maestro remix)
  13. African Mailman (Smoove remix)
  14. Central Park Blues (Monte Midnight remix)
Review: Given that Nina Simone's 1958 debut album, Little Girl Blue, is something of a stone cold classic, it would be fair to say that DJ Maestro was taking a huge risk when he decided to get it remixed by contemporary artists. Thankfully, most involved have done a fine job, balancing the need to put their own spin on things, while paying due reverence to the source material. Highlights include a slick Reflex edit of perennial favourite "My Baby Just Cares For Me", a fast-paced, jazz-dance flavoured interpretation of "Love Me Or Leave", a sumptuous deep house take on "I Loves You Porgy" by Medd Dierdrop, and, best of all, a fantastic Latin house rework of "African Mailman" by Opolopo.
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From The Archive: Compiled By Volcov
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 in stock $8.89
Cat: BBE 272CCD. Rel: 14 Mar 16
  1. Are & Be - "The Sound Of The Memory Of Many Living People"
  2. The Urban Cru - "Go" (Chez Damier classic mix)
  3. Manfredo Fest - "Arigo" (Volcov edit)
  4. TGB - "Do The Right Thing" (feat Patricia Shannon)
  5. Oneness Of Juju - "Turning On To Me"
  6. Hot Quisine - "Keep The Same Old Feeling"
  7. Shuya Okino - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya)
  8. Shokazulu - "Part 4"
  9. Chanan Hanspal - "Footprints In The Sand" (Shannon Harris Urbancity reinterpretation)
  10. Fanfair - "Gotham Odyssey" (Volcov edit)
  11. O Donel Levy - "Sophisticated Disco" (Volcov edit)
  12. The Antilles - "Simon's Melody"
  13. Bembe Segue - "Sun On My Back"
Handsworth Revolution (Deluxe Edition)
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 in stock $14.27
Cat: 472605 0. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Handsworth Revolution
  2. Bad Man
  3. Soldiers
  4. Sound Check
  5. Prodigal Son
  6. Ku Klux Klan
  7. Prediction
  8. Macka Splaff
  9. Bun Dem (bonus track)
  10. Revolution (dub - take 1 - extended mix - bonus track)
  11. Prodigal Son (7" mix - bonus track)
  12. Prodigal Son (dub - bonus track)
  13. Ku Klux Klan (12" mix - bonus track)
  14. Prediction (12" mix - bonus track)
  15. Revolution (dub - take III - bonus track)
  16. Handsworth Revolution (The BBC Sessions - BBC version)
  17. Bad Man (BBC version)
  18. Prodigal Son (BBC version)
  19. Ku Klux Klan (BBC version)
  20. Macka Splaff (BBC version)
  21. Prediction (BBC version)
  22. Revolution (dub - part 2)
  23. Bad Man (dub - take 1)
  24. Soldiers (dub)
  25. Sound Check (dub)
  26. Prodigal Son (dub - extended mix)
  27. Ku Klux Klan (dub)
  28. Macka Dub (alternative take)
  29. Prediction (7" mix)
  30. Prediction (dub - 7" mix)
The Evening Falls
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 in stock $11.23
Cat: KOMPAKTPACD 04. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. To See You Drift
  2. Long Gone Canadian Summer
  3. Failed To Interrupt
  4. Poured Semi Silently Upon You
  5. A Conversation Between Friends
  6. Lateral Decomposition
  7. Broken Thought
  8. Weighty Repetitions
  9. The Art Of Forgetting Yourself
Ultimate Hip Hop
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 in stock $6.09
Ultimate Hip Hop (unmixed 4xCD)
Cat: 889853 01322. Rel: 21 Mar 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Cypress Hill - "Insane In The Brain"
  2. A Tribe Called Quest - "Can I Kick It?"
  3. Fuges - "Fu-Gee-La"
  4. MOP - "Ante Up (Robin Hoodz Theory)"
  5. Wu Tang Clan - "Gravel Pit"
  6. Run DMC - "It's Like That"
  7. Outkast - "Ms Jackson"
  8. NAS - "The Message"
  9. Common - "I Used To Love HER"
  10. Clipse - "Grindin'"
  11. Dead Prez - "Hip Hop"
  12. Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones" (part 2)
  13. Mystikal - "Shake Ya Ass"
  14. Xzibit - "X"
  15. DMX - "Lord Give Me A Sign"
  16. Cam'Ron - "Me & My Boo"
  17. Pras - "Blue Angels"
  18. Big Pun - "Still Not A Player" (feat Joe)
  19. Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock - "It Takes Two"
  20. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Boom! Shake The Room"
  21. Run DMC - "It's Tricky"
  22. Whodini - "Freaks Come Out At Night"
  23. Boogie Down Productions - "My Philosophy"
  24. Schooly D - "Saturday Night"
  25. Poor Righteous Teachers - "Rock Dis Funky Joint"
  26. Fu-Schnickens - "Ring The Alarm"
  27. Cypress Hill - "How Could I Just Kill A Man"
  28. Reakwon - "Ice Cream" (feat Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Cappadonna)
  29. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)"
  30. Big L - "Put It On"
  31. Goodie Mob - "Cell Therapy"
  32. Kool G Rap - "Fast Life" (feat NAS)
  33. DJ Quik - "Tonite"
  34. Compton's Most Wanted - "Hood Took Me Under"
  35. Too $hort - "The Ghetto"
  36. A Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour"
  37. Wu-Tang Clan - "CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)"
  38. Nas & Bravehearts - "Oochie Vally" (remix)
  39. Da Brat - "Funkdafied"
  40. Eric Sermon - "I'm Hot"
  41. Rhymefest - "Fever"
  42. Tha Alkaholiks - "Only When I'm Drunk"
  43. Souls Of Mischief - "Ya Don't Stop"
  44. Funkdoobiest - "Rock On"
  45. Special Ed - "I Got It Made"
  46. Brand Nubian - "Love Vs Hate"
  47. Ghostface Killah - "Iron Maiden" (feat Raekwon & Cappadonna)
  48. UKG - "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)" (feat Outkast)
  49. Camp Lo - "Luchini Aka This Is It"
  50. Above The Law - "Black Superman"
  51. Prodigy Of Mobb Deep - "Keep It Thoro"
  52. Q-Tip - "Let's Ride"
  53. Petey Pablo - "Freek-A-Leek"
  54. DJ Snake & Lil Jon - "Turn Down For What"
  55. Kid Ink - "Show Me" (feat Chris Brown)
  56. Future - "Honest"
  57. J Cole - "Work Out"
  58. A$AP Rocky - "Peso"
  59. Travi$ Scott - "Antidote"
  60. Bobby Shmurda - "Hot N*gga"
  61. TI - "Dope Boyz"
  62. Dej Loaf - "Try Me"
  63. G-Eazy - "I Mean It" (feat Remo)
  64. Cassidy - "AM To PM"
  65. Bow Wow - "Like You" (feat Ciara)
  66. A$ap Ferg - "Shabba" (feat A$ap Rocky)
  67. Kreyashawn - "Gucci Gucci"
  68. Yo Gotti - "Lebron James"
  69. J-Know - "Hood Hop"
  70. Juicy - "Scoolarship" (feat A$ap Rocky)
  71. Tyler, The Creator - "Domo23"
Into The Heart Of Love
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 in stock $9.11
Cat: ERC 019CD. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Hopi
  2. Taizee
  3. Make Me A Tea
  4. A Little A Long Way
  5. The Frog's Fandango
  6. When You Find Your Love
  7. A Complex Art
  8. Trish's Return
  9. Into The Heart Of Love
  10. Love On Other Planets
  11. Don't Delay
  12. Woo-Woo
  13. The Subtle Shadow
  14. Sarah
  15. Are You Falling?
  16. It's Love
  17. Mountains
  18. Gentle Actions
  19. The Return Journey
  20. The Heart Of Love/Lullaby
  21. The Heart Sleeps
  22. Spaces We Breathe
Review: Emotional Rescue and Woo once again come together, this time to reissue their masterpiece, the previously cassette-only album Into The Heart Of Love. A joyous, uplifting ode to love in all it's forms, the trials and tribulations and ultimately the triumphs are all encapsulted in Woo's unique soundscapes. Of all the myriad of released and unreleased Woo recordings, Into The Heart Of Love is without a doubt their most complete and cohesive body of work. Full of Woo's quirky analogue dub electronics, there is also a very English sense of folk. With more vocals then their other albums, the structure and softness of mood quintessentially comes from the Mother Isle. Mark's guitar craft is at its most expressive, entwined with subtle bass, a breadth of clarinet and touches of piano. This is all mixed and merged beautifully with Clive's now recognisable desk and synthesiser mastery. As individual as anything you'd hear coming from the Black Ark. More peaceful and uplifting than Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong and encompassing than its Cosy Inside, the album presented as Into The Heart Of Love is exactly that. Drawing you into it's swirls and layers upon layers, slowly wrapping you in it's own special, spectral soundcape. It is love indeed that permeates throughout. Again and again the titles lead the way, but it's more than that. The lilting hopes, joy, optimism and peace expressed in songs like When Your Find Your Love, Sarah and The Heart Of Love show Woo in all their glory. Of all Woo's songs and craft, their best is all included. The simplicity but detailed interplay between the two brothers is as telepathic as imagined. Pushing and pulling together to represent a wondrous album. Of course, it had to be. It's Love.
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Groove: 60 Soul & Funk Classics
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 in stock $5.77
Cat: 019029 5983246. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Rufus & Chaka Khan - "Ain't Nobody"
  2. Sister Sledge - "Lost In Music"
  3. George Benson - "Turn Your Love Around"
  4. Chic - "My Forbidden Lover"
  5. Roberta Flack - "Back Together Again" (feat Donny Hathaway)
  6. Vaughan Mason & Crew - "Bounce Rock, Skate, Roll"
  7. Rose Royce - "Is It Love You're After"
  8. Narada Michael Walden - "I Shoulda Loved Ya"
  9. Stacy Lattisaw - "Jump To The Beat"
  10. Chicago - "Street Player"
  11. Candi Station - "Victim"
  12. Light Of The World - "Swingin'"
  13. The Beginning Of The End - "Funky Nassau"
  14. Stargard - "Wear It Out"
  15. Chaka Khan - "Clouds"
  16. Gino Soccio - "Try It Out"
  17. Spinners - "I'll Be Around"
  18. Groover Washington Jr - "Just The Two Of Us" (feat Bill withers)
  19. Bloodstone - "Natural High"
  20. William Devaughn - "Be Thankful For What You've Got"
  21. The Fatback Band - "I Found Lovin'"
  22. Patrice Rushen - "Forget Me Nots"
  23. Sister Sledge - "Thinking Of You"
  24. Rockers Revenge - "Walking On Sunshine" (feat Donnie Calvin)
  25. Linx - "Intuition"
  26. Beggar & Co - "(Somebody) Help Me Out"
  27. Slave - "Watching You"
  28. Gwen McCare - "Funky Sensation"
  29. Donald Byrd - "Love Has Come Around"
  30. Michael McDonald - "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)"
  31. Leon Ware - "Why I Came To California"
  32. Phreek - "Weekend"
  33. Al Jarreau - "Boogie Down"
  34. Larry Graham - "Sooner & Later"
  35. Wanda Walden - "Don't You Want My Lovin'"
  36. Aquarian Dream - "You're A Star"
  37. Deodato - "Keep On Movin"
  38. Pieces Of A Dream - "Warm Weater"
  39. Debra Laws - "Very Special"
  40. Terry Callier - "Occasional Rain"
  41. Chaka Khan - "I Feel For You"
  42. Joyce Sims - "Come Into My Life"
  43. Steve Arrington - "Feel So Real"
  44. Nu Shooz - "I Can't Wait"
  45. Womack & Womack - "Love Wars"
  46. Rochelle - "My Magic Man"
  47. Jocelyn Brown - "Love's Gonna Get You"
  48. David Grant - "Watching You, Watching Me"
  49. Phil Fearon & Galaxy - "What Do I Do"
  50. The Time - "Cool"
  51. Sheila E - "The Glamorous Life" (part I)
  52. Jaki Graham - "Round & Around"
  53. Teddy Pendergrass - "Joy"
  54. Keith Sweat - "I Want Her"
  55. Levert - "Casanova"
  56. Club Nouveau - "Lean On Me"
  57. Zapp - "More Bounce To The Once"
  58. Kleeer - "Intimate Connection"
  59. BB & Q Band - "Genie"
  60. Randy Crawford - "You Might Need Somebody"
You Find The Key
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 in stock $11.84
Cat: PERL 107CD. Rel: 04 Apr 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Munich Uncertain
  2. Got To See You
  3. Find The Key 2012
  4. Swallowed Memory
  5. The Mysterious Pocket Is Right
  6. The Only Your Researching
  7. Cinematicorc
  8. Love Keep Mapping The Head
Played by: TIJN
Review: While he's barely paused for breath in the last decade, it's still been eight years since Fumiya Tanaka delivered his last album, Unknown 3. The epitome of long overdue, You Find The Key is his fourth album. Interestingly, it sees the 44 year-old, Japanese producer tweaking his now familiar bass-heavy minimal techno blueprint. Thrillingly, the bass lines are bolder and jauntier, and the beats jazzier, resulting in an altogether funkier take on the minimal techno style. Of course, there are still moments that recall his previous work - see the deep and dubby "Swallowed Memory" - but it's those that take a sideways step towards funk-fuelled pastures ("Munich Uncertain", "The Only Your Researching") that stand out.
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Is It Balearic? Recordings: The First 5 Years
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 in stock $11.84
Cat: IIBCOM 001. Rel: 07 Jul 14
  1. Gavin Gordon - "El Sueno Oscuro"
  2. Coyote - "Blue Skies"
  3. Max Essa - "The One U Want" (Coyote remix)
  4. Coyote - "Going Out" (Max Essa remix)
  5. Deadstock 33's - "Drifting On A Wave" (The Mainstem remix)
  6. Coyote - "Afro Balearic" (Rune Lindbaek remix)
  7. Coyote - "How Ya Doin" (original mix)
  8. The Project Club - "Intro" (Ray Mang remix)
  9. Max Essa - "Heartache" (original ’86 club mix)
  10. Reverso 68 - "Piano 89"
  11. Pharao Black Magic - "Amulet" (Begin remix)
  12. Freshro - "Fantasma" (unreleased exclusive)
  13. Coyote - "Layback" (Windsurf remix)
  14. Coyote - "Electric Sunburst" (Phoreski remix)
  15. Ahiki - "Samarkand"
  16. Hardway Brothers - "Mania Theme" (Toby Tobias remix)
  17. Coyote - "Minamoto" (Shocks Wa Pulpit Chillout remix)
  18. I-boat Captain - "Slower" (The Backwoods remix)
  19. Max Essa - "Uptown Vibrations" (Mark Seven Downtown remix)
  20. Social Disco Club - "Peaceful Warrior" (Soft Rocks Jesus Convention remix)
  21. Coyote - "Crazy World"
  22. The Project Club - "El Mar Y La Luna" (Lovefingers remix)
  23. Khidja Looki - "Original" (unreleased exclusive)
Review: Alongside like-minded imprints Claremont 56 and International Feel, Coyote's Is It Balearic? label - a fitting name, given the difficulty in pinpointing the Balearic sound - has been at the forefront of the nu-Balearic scene for the last five years. Here, they celebrate that fact by offering up a celebratory compilation with pal Moonboots and Coyote each selecting a disc of unmixed favourites. There's predictably plenty of sun-kissed downtempo warmth (Windsurf's sunrise-friendly remix of Coyote's "Laidback", Gavin Gordon's flamenco-influenced "El Sueno Oscuro"), alongside a smattering of deliciously baggy and wide-eyed dancefloor moments (see Max Essa's jaunty Balearic disco jam "Heartache" and a thrillingly griity Soft Rocks remix of Social Disco Club). If that wasn't enough to get the juices flowing, the collection also features some stunning unreleased material from Freshro and Khidja Looki.
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The Hope Six Demolition Project
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 in stock $11.64
Cat: 477375 8. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. The Community Of Hope
  2. The Ministry Of Defence
  3. A Line In The Sand
  4. Chain Of Keys
  5. River Anacostia
  6. Near The Memorials To Vietnam & Lincoln
  7. The Orange Monkey
  8. Medicinals
  9. The Ministry Of Social Affairs
  10. The Wheel
  11. Dollar, Dollar
Review: Arguably the most consistent mainstream artist of the last two decades on the planet, Polly Harvey is nonetheless never content resting on her laurels. Moreover, The Hope Demoltion Project may be her most ambitious album yet - not only one chronicling manifold travels to Afghanistan, Kosovo and Washington DC and concerned lyrically with global war and poverty, but one whose genesis was watched by the public as part of an art installation. Yet oddly even with the weight of expectation to consider, this may be Harvey's most infectious catchy and fleet-footed collection of songs to date. With a garagey rawness of delivery harking back to her earliest work and an imaginative richness of arrangement, these melodious and haunting songs tackle difficult subjects with alacrity and no little gravtias, testimony to a rare talent on potent form.
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I Love Bowie Volume 1: Megamixes Two Trackers Remixes (Strictly DJ Only)
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 in stock $12.13
Cat: DMCDB. Rel: 01 Feb 16
Funky/Club House
  1. David Bowie - "Modern Love" (Steve Franklin remix - DMX extended remix 2016)
  2. David Bowie - "Track 2" (Rod Layman mix - RKL mix 2016)
  3. David Bowie - "Let's Dance" (DJ Ivan Santana mix - DMC remix 2016 - Showstoppers re edit)
  4. Queen & David Bowie - "Track 4" (Queen & King megamix 1)
  5. Queen & David Bowie - "Track 5" (Alan Coulthard mix - Queen & King megamix 2)
  6. Queen & David Bowie - "Under Pressure" (Sergio Wos remix - Sergio Wos remix 2016)
  7. David Bowie - "Let's Dance" (Steve Franklin remix - 80s re take remix)
  8. David Bowie - "Rebel Rebel" (Rod Layman remix - Once A Rebel remix)
  9. David Bowie - "Track 9" (Sanny X mix)
  10. Vanilla Ice vs Queen & David Bowie - "Track 10" (Dakeyne mix)
  11. CeCe Peniston vs David Bowie - "Final Dance" (Dakeyne mix)
  12. David Bowie - "Jump They Say" (Brothers In Rhythm remix)
Pre Release & Future Chart Hits: DJ Promo May 2016: (Strictly DJ Use Only)
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 in stock $25.19
Cat: DJO 207. Rel: 02 May 16
Funky/Club House
  1. ASAP - "Strive" (feat Missy Elliott)
  2. Benny Benassi & Chris Brown - "Paradise"
  3. Blonde & Craig David - "Nothing Like This" (Hotel Garuda remix)
  4. Digital Farm Animals & Youthonix - "Wanna Know" (feat R Kelly - Jay Pryor remix)
  5. Disciples & David Guetta - "No Worries" (radio)
  6. DJ Snake - "Middle" (feat Bipolar Sunshine - F4B remix)
  7. Drake - "One Dance" (feat WizKid & Kyla)
  8. Jennifer Lopez - "Ain't Your Mama"
  9. Joe & Jake - "You're Not Alone" (Cahill radio)
  10. Kings vs Cookin On 3 Burners - "This Girl" (radio)
  11. Little Mix - "Hair" (feat Sean Paul)
  12. Nathan Sykes - "Give It Up" (feat G-Eazy - radio)
  13. Nick Jonas - "Close" (feat Tove Lo)
  14. Pink - "Just Like Fire" (from OST Alice Through The Looking Glass)
  15. Rihanna - "Needed Me" (clean)
  16. Rudimental - "Common Emotions" (feat MNEK - Jenaux remix)
  17. Shawn Mended & Camila Cabello - "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
  18. Sigala - "Give Me Your Love" (feat John Newman - radio)
  19. Snakehips - "Money On Me" (feat Anderson Paak)
  20. Triboi - "And Wot" (radio)
  21. WSTRN - "Come Down" (Zac Samuel radio)
  22. Years & Years - "Desire" (feat Tove Lo - Fono Radio)
  23. Zhu - "In The Morning"
  24. Alx Veliz - "Dancing Kizomba" (Soul Seekerz radio)
  25. Bebe Rexha - "No Broken Hearts" (feat Nicki Minaj - super clean version)
  26. Bergwall & Akerlund - "Born To Be Brave" (original radio)
  27. Billy Ocean - "When The Going Gets Tough" (7th Heaven radio)
  28. Chase & Status - "NRG" (feat Novelist)
  29. Fetty Wap - "Wake Up" (XXX explict)
  30. Herve - "Bang The Drum" (radio)
  31. High Contrast - "Remind Me" (club mix)
  32. Katy B & Chris Lorenzo - "I Wanna Be" (original)
  33. Kideko & George Kwali - "Crank It"
  34. Kid Ink - "Promise" (feat Fetty Wap - clean video edit)
  35. KNOXA - "Bang Bang" (feat Georgia Ku - VIP radio)
  36. Matoma - "Paradise" (feat Sean Paul & KStewart - original radio)
  37. Meghan Trainor - "Better" (feat Yo Gotti)
  38. Michael Calfan - "Nobody Does It Better" (KC Lights mix)
  39. Natalie Chamil - "Tu Y Yo" (original radio)
  40. Nick Jonas - "Champagne Problems" (radio)
  41. Rod Stewart - "Walking In The Sunshine"
  42. Tom Zanetti - "Darlin" (radio)
  43. Wilkinson - "Flatline" (feat Wretch 32 - Nu Logic remix)
  44. Zak Abel - "Everybody Loves Me"
Fabric 78
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 in stock $7.27
Fabric 78 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 155. Rel: 20 Oct 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Renato Figoli - "Super Lemon Vapor"
  2. Dubtil - "Isitor"
  3. Papa Sang Bass - "Barb Coating Sonnet" (Sonja Moonears Sony In The Sky remix)
  4. Emi Nescu - "Sirius"
  5. Amir Alexander - "Bittersweet Memories"
  6. Dilated Pupils - "Lost Evidence"
  7. Nu Zau - "Bioco 23"
  8. Hakim Murphy - "Vatitio"
  9. Vlad Caia - "Codex Voluspa"
  10. Mandar - "Naughty Mandar"
  11. SAM - "Third Track"
  12. Cristi Cons - "Anatrack"
  13. Oshana - "I See Through You"
  14. Topper - "Abuelito"
  15. Andy Kolwes - "Emozionn"
  16. Vincentiulian - "Nemeta" (Adsum remix)
  17. Daze Maxim - "Beginning An Ending" (Baby Ford remix)
Review: Given the current political climate in the UK, it seems fitting that Romanian minimal house DJ has chosen to open his contribution to Fabric's long-running mix series with Renato Figoli's "Super Lemon Vapor", a track that smartly satirises the attitude of some small-minded Brits to immigration. From here, Raresh runs through some 16 cuts of woozy, tripped out minimal house, peppering productions by his compatriots with the occasional nod across the Atlantic (both Amir Alexander and Hakim Murphy cuts are excellent). If you've seen Raresh play at the Farringdon disco on one of his bi-annual bookings, you know the man has mixing skills and they are most certainly on display here.
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Fabriclive 84
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 in stock $10.62
Fabriclive 84 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 168. Rel: 23 Nov 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Dub Phizix & DRS - "Break The Chains"
  2. Dub Phizix - "Who Are You?"
  3. Ulterior Motive - "Muted" (feat James Sunderland)
  4. Subtension & Minor Rain - "Sklep"
  5. Dub Phizix & Skeptical - "Contact"
  6. Was A Be - "WLTB"
  7. Dub Phizix + Chunky - "Dummeh/Ooh Aah" (acapella)
  8. Chimpo - "Backslang"
  9. Riot - "Zouk In The Souk"
  10. Basement Jaxx - "Buffalo" (Dub Phizix remix)
  11. Dub Phizix & Xtrah - "Bill Roach"
  12. Levelz - "LVL 09"
  13. Skeptical - "Tundra"
  14. Dub Phizix - "Dun Dem"
  15. Subtension - "Fairlady"
  16. Dub Phizix - "Gaana"
  17. Riot - "Bounce"
  18. Was A Be - "Champion Sound"
  19. Fixate - "Tweeker"
  20. Dub Phizix - "Bounce"
  21. Cadenza & Nasher - "Gyal Town"
  22. Fixate - "Sueno"
  23. Chimpo - "Atlanta"
  24. Fixate + Ward 21 - "Tic Tac/Doberman" (acapella)
  25. Dub Phizix - "Bugs"
  26. Dub Phizix & Chimpo - "Ossibisa"
  27. Dub Phizix & Strategy - "Jus' A Nuvver Divvy"
  28. Chimpo - "Restless Leg Syndrome"
  29. Dub Phizix - "Smokey Hot Biscuits"
  30. The Rum Baba - "Stop Talk"
  31. Skittles - "Mr Song"
  32. Fixate - "Throwback Therapy"
  33. Sam Binga - "8Barr"
  34. Dub Phizix + Strategy - "Hoooligan Plague/Marka" (Fabriclive VIP acapella)
  35. DRS - "Count To Ten" (feat ENEI - VIP)
  36. The Rum Baba - "Metallic"
  37. Dub Phizix - "Never Been" (feat FOX)
  38. Mikal & Riot - "Control Of People"
  39. Dub Phizix - "Rainy City Music"
  40. Matthew David Scott - "What's Next?"
Played by: Bop
Ideal Juice Compil
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 in stock $17.91
Cat: DJEBCP 01. Rel: 14 Mar 16
Deep House
  1. Ideal Juice
  2. Urban Posture
  3. This Ultimate Dare
  4. Sakura Park
  5. O'riginal Rude Boy
  6. Bezbar
  7. Hunting Back
  8. Juicy Street
  9. This Thing For Wil
  10. Seven Cells
Review: To date, Djebali's reputation has been built entirely on the quality of his vinyl-only releases. Ideal Juice actually marks his first release on a digital format, and gathers together brand new versions of material previously released on wax (thus sidestepping potential complaints from those that copped his 'vinyl only' 12" singles). Predictably, there's much evidence of the trademark brand of dancefloor-ready basement funk that has made the Parisian one of deep house's most name-checked producers in recent times. Highlights are plentiful, and include the U.S garage swing and French Touch loops of "This Ultimate Dare", the tipsy synths and low-slung pulse of "O'riginal Rude Boy", and the eyes-closed deep house-soul of "Hunting Back".
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 in stock $10.91
Invictus (unmixed CD)
Cat: YSRLP 003CD. Rel: 25 Apr 16
Drum And Bass
  1. As We Fight
  2. Flickering Switch (feat Limewax)
  3. Black Box
  4. U Mad? (feat Sinister Souls)
  5. Never Stop
  6. Feel The Force (feat The Panacea)
  7. Porto
  8. Low Life Criminals (feat Katharsys)
  9. STFU
  10. Slave (feat Gancher & Ruin vs Cooh)
  11. Tech 9
  12. Lockdown (feat The Sect)
  13. Cobblepot
Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam
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 in stock $11.84
Cat: 541416 507606. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Placebo - "Scene Of The Crime" (Dave Clarke remix)
  2. Maelstrom & Louisahhh! - "Rough & Tender" (Dave Clarke Ghotic Stripped Down mix)
  3. The Soft Moon - "Wrong" (Dave Clarke remix)
  4. Neon Judgement - "TV Treated" (Dave Clarke Gothic remix)
  5. Gazelle Twin - "Exorcise" (Dave Clarke remix)
  6. Amazing Snakeheads - "Here It Comes Again" (Dave Clarke remix)
  7. I Am Kloot - "These Days Are Mine" (Dave Clarke Fripped Out remix)
  8. Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal - "Rebellion" (Dave Clarke remix)
  9. A Place To Bury Strangers - "Straight" (Dave Clarke remix)
  10. I Am Kloot - "These Days Are Mine" (Dave Clarke remix)
  11. Amazing Snakeheads - "Here It Comes Again" (Dave Clarke Acoustic remix)
  12. Crash Course In Science - "Flying Turns" (Unsubscrive remix)
  13. House Of Black Lanterns - "Broken" (Unsubscrive remix)
Played by: Black asteroid
Review: Since relocating to Amsterdam over a decade ago, Dave Clarke has kept himself busy with remix work. Much of that material is showcased on the self-explanatory Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam. In typical Clarke fashion, the included reworks touch on dark electro (Maelstromm & Louisaah!, The Soft Moon), eyeliner-clad new wave (Neon Judgement), EBM (Gazelle Twin), pitch-black industrial (A Place To Bury Strangers) and, of course, bombastic techno. In this category you'll find a surprisingly funky rework of veteran indie-rockers Placebo, and a throbbing, set-phasers-to-stun interpretation of Crash Course In Science's "Flying Turns".
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Close To The Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984
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 in stock $27.32
Close To The Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984 (unmixed 4xCD + 48 page booklet in hardback book)
Cat: CRCDBOX 24. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Five Times Of Dust - "Computer Bank"
  2. The Klingons - "RAM"
  3. Chris & Cosey - "Re-Education Through Labour"
  4. Malcom Brown - "Sedation Stokes"
  5. Storm Bugs - "Little Bob Minor"
  6. Thomas Leer - "Tonight As A Drum"
  7. Blancmange - "Holiday Camp"
  8. Inner City Static - "Fractured Smile"
  9. We Be Echo - "Sexuality"
  10. Bourbonese Qualk - "God With Us"
  11. Nagamatzu - "Faith"
  12. O Yuki Conjugate - "Disco Song"
  13. British Electric Foundation - "Optimum Chant"
  14. Kevin Harrison - "All Night Long"
  15. Voice Of Authority - "Stopping & Staring"
  16. Colin Potter - "I Am Your Shadow"
  17. British Standard Unit - "D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?"
  18. Five Times Of Dust - "The Single Off The Album"
  19. Spoon Fazer - "Back To The Beginning"
  20. Gerry & The Holograms - "Gerry & The Holograms"
  21. The Passage - "Drugface"
  22. John Foxx - "A New Kind Of Men"
  23. 100% Manmade Fibre - "Green For Go"
  24. Those Are Aliens - "Sentimental"
  25. Final Program - "Protect & Survive"
  26. The Human League - "Being Boiled"
  27. Instant Automatons - "New Muzak"
  28. Cultural Amnesia - "Materialistic Man"
  29. Worldbackwards - "(Leaving Me) Now"
  30. Alan Burham - "Music To Save The World By"
  31. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "Almost"
  32. Eyeless In Gaza - "Kodak Ghosts Run Amok"
  33. Schleimer K - "Broken Vein"
  34. Native Europe - "The Distance From Koln"
  35. Zorch - "Adrenalin (Return Of The Elohim)" (part 1)
  36. Sea Of Wires - "Robot Dance"
  37. Ron Berry - "Sea Of Tranquility"
  38. MFH - "Mistral"
  39. Adrian Smith - "Joe Goes To New York"
  40. Mark Shreeve - "Embryo" (extract)
  41. EG Oblique Graph - "Triptych"
  42. Carl Matthews - "Encounter"
  43. Paul Nagle - "Ynys Scaith"
  44. O Yuki Conjugate - "Sedation"
  45. Konstruktivist - "Western Vain"
  46. Attrition - "Dead Of Night" (excerpt)
  47. Throbbing Gristle - "What A Day"
  48. A Tent - "No Way Of Knowing"
  49. Portion Control - "Go For The Throat"
  50. DC3 - "Eco Beat"
  51. Renaldo & The Loaf - "Dying Inside"
  52. Blah Blah Blah - "In The Army"
  53. Legendary Pink Dots - "God Speed"
  54. Muslimgauze - "Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer"
  55. Suisse - "Live At The Longborne"
  56. Alien Brains - "Menial Disorders" (extract B2)
  57. Storm Bugs - "Himeal (And She Blew)"
  58. Third Door From The Left - "In The Room"
  59. Al Robertson - "Dignity Of Labour"
  60. BcGilbert, GLewis, Russell Mills - "Mzui" (extract)
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