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Shure NWHLB Whitelabel Replacement Stylus For WHLB Whitelabel Cartridge
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Cat: 212339 Rel: 20 Mar 06
Replacement stylus (N-WHLB) for Whitelabel aka White Label cartridge
Notes: Introducing the Shure White Label cartridge.

The Shure N-WHLB is a truly revolutionary piece of DJ technology. Tailored for the club environment, the White Label features sonic characteristics including solid drop bass, flat mids and accented highs. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the cartridge additionally delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance and better skip resistance. It also includes an adjustable stylus overhang, reliable electrical contact and improved stylus visibility.
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Audio Technica AT95e Cartridge & Stylus
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Cat: 336007 Rel: 24 Nov 08
VM phono cartridge (blister pack)
Notes: The half-inch standard mount and dual-magnet AT-95E cartridge sounds clear, dynamic and richly balanced. The AT-95E has been a multiple recipient of best buy ratings in the UK. It has been created from combinations of the classic and musically acclaimed Linn Basik, K5 and K9 phono cartridges. Unlike these cartridges however, the AT-95E is delightfully affordable and available. It allows music lovers to use limited means to upgrade their turntables and as a result get a higher level of discernment and listening pleasure without the usual expense of high end cartridges, and some users may no longer wish to upgrade further.

Manufactured to Audio-Technica's world class quality standards, the Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge is completely hand assembled and tolerances are held to just thousands of an inch.
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Residue/TECTORP 18 1
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Residue/TECTORP 18 1 (1-sided 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: RESIDUE/TECTORP 18.1. Rel: 09 Jan 17
Deep House
  1. Dungeon Maggots (2:04)
  2. Matter Of Factness (7:31)
  3. Affect (0:13)
  4. Nuances (0:06)
  5. Seciov (0:06)
Review: It's the big, bad Joe Claussell, and the master reigns in the new year with this absolute stunner of an EP for the Sacred Rhythm label. This is Claussell at his most daring, however, and while you might be expecting some phat-ass house beats and groovy tribalism, the man goes far left of the field on here. The opening "Dungeon Maggots" is a translucent blend of crystal synths and subtle dub echoing, while "Matter Of Factness" injects a delicate house flow into the mix, propelled into motion by a dubby guitar riff. "Affect", "Nuances", and "Seciov" all act as beatless electronic tools, a trio of synth sways to add extra effect to your DJ mix. Yes, Joe!
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Tocker (12")
Cat: CAB 47. Rel: 16 Jan 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Tocker (10:34)
  2. Wildpark (12:13)
Heaven Knows Remixes
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Cat: VR 166. Rel: 05 Dec 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Heaven Knows (Vega Yoshisawa unreleased mix) (8:53)
  2. Heaven Knows (Honeycomb vocal mix) (8:29)
Review: "Heaven Knows" was first featured on Louie Vega's expansive triple album of collaborations, Louie Vega Starring... XXVIII. Here, it gets the remix treatment. On the A-side, the Masters at Work man joins forces with Hajime Yoshizawa to deliver a largely instrumental, Afrobeat inspired take full of layered hand-held percussion, undulating grooves, and the latter producer's killer organ solos. On the flip, Blaze's Josh Milan provides a honeyed, effortlessly soulful interpretation that places Anane Vega's delicious vocals at the heart of proceedings. While it lacks a little of the hustling energy of the A-side, it will no doubt go down a treat at clubs that like it soulful.
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I'm In Love/Black Widow
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I'm In Love/Black Widow (limited 7" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: X 07NAVYRE. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Jennifer Lara - "I'm In Love" (3:25)
  2. Joe Cruz - "Black Widow" (2:52)
Dego & The 2000 Black Family
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Cat: NERO 028T. Rel: 08 Feb 16
Deep House
  1. Don't Stop (Let It Go) (feat Izzi Dunn) (7:18)
  2. Save It Til Later (4:49)
Review: Assisted by long-time studio partner Kaidi Tatham, former 4 Hero man Dego's been on fire of late, delivering killer singles - and a fine album - for the likes of Eglo and Rush Hour. Here he pops up on Neroli again with more superb, soul-flecked dancefloor fare. "Don't Stop (Let It Go)" is particularly potent, offering a disco and jazz-funk influenced chunk of celebratory deep house laden with thrilling live instrumentation from members of "the 2000 Black family" (Tatham and others, basically). He completely flips the script on "Save It Till Later", a refreshingly rough and ready chunk of bass-heavy, acid-flecked house/techno fusion that benefits greatly for some particularly warped electronics. Darkness and light on one 12"; what's not to like?
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Perception EP
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Cat: APL 007. Rel: 23 Sep 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Perception
  2. Machine Speak
  3. Drums Be Drums
  4. Do You Feel What I Feel
Review: Apparel Music is happy to present the Perception EP from Portuguese producer Accatone - named after the debut film by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. Primed with four of Accatone's own productions, Perception demonstrates this producer to be a fiend for the groove and rhythm yet also mindful of 808 drum samples and lush chords. Accatone's musical know how, gained through a life on full front musicianship and live acts, enables him to translate his soul world influences into contemporary House music. It's difficult to sum up his productions and his DJ sets as in a way he thrives for the old school House and Techno and brings his own imprint, a highly organic dance floor experience that can change in a clap and still maintain a natural voyage like flow. With a vast music selection on his crate, Accatone is able to blend both the old and new without any trouble of a sort.

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Solemnity (2xLP)
Cat: FAS 012. Rel: 02 Jan 17
  1. Ain't That The Truth? (3:54)
  2. Xless (4:27)
  3. The Unspoken Thing (5:35)
  4. Unusual Sense (6:29)
  5. That Stuck TDK (5:46)
  6. Interfluide (1:53)
  7. Alog (7:06)
  8. A War Melody Dreamer (7:22)
  9. Sending Forth (6:44)
  10. Recognition! (4:05)
  11. Peace In The Darkness (3:40)
Review: Father & Sons has been a revelationary house and techno imprint over the past three years, and it's partly thanks to both the productions and general artistic direction of its founder and head, Spain's Julian Perez. The producer kicks off 2017 with a debut solo album, Solemnity, that spans all corners of the 'techno' sphere. From the slower, moodier waves of "Ain't That The Truth", or the subtle electro swings of "Xless", and even the rough dub techno of "Unusual Sense", there is something in here for all sorts of DJs to enjoy. While each track has a club sensibility, Perez manages to construct a subtle story through his diverse array of dance tracks.
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Dope (12" repress)
Cat: PLAY 007. Rel: 05 Dec 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Dope (8:27)
  2. Praise The Lord (7:36)
Love For The Sake Of Love (The Mike Maurro Remixes)
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Cat: BR 07. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Love For The Sake Of Love (Mike Maurro remix) (8:59)
  2. Sweet Dynamite (Mike Maurro remix) (7:32)
Eye Sight
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Eye Sight (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: HYB 031. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Eye Sight 1 (6:13)
  2. Eye Sight 2 (7:04)
Review: You know Cari Lekebusch. You must have crossed paths with his timeless shades of house and techno over the years, in some form, and his consistent releasing schedule is further proof of this guy's eternal skills when it comes to dance music. Spear-heading Sweden's underground scene along with other notable artists like Adam Beyer, the man has given us endless streams of quality, the majority of which have come out on the excellent H Productions. He's back on the label now with a solid duo of bangers: "Eye Sight 1" muscles its way through the mix like a speeding bullet - a track that would easily be included in Berghain's soundtrack - while "Eye Sight 2" adds a little more bump to its groove thanks to the help of an intricate web of percussion hysteria. Solid.
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Gone Too Soon EP
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Gone Too Soon EP (12" repress)
Cat: SNKR 008. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Limit Of Paradise (5:16)
  2. Snake Charmer (6:27)
  3. Gone Too Soon (5:55)
  4. Zero Fifteen (6:20)
Review: Rave legends 2 Bad Mice return with their first release since 2004 and suddenly the world doesn't feel like quite such a bleak place. Naturally we're treated to the full spectrum from running man, heads-down rolling breaks ("Snake Charmer") to the absolute, unabashed piano heaven and hands-in-the-air euphoria of the title track. With the classic loose drum rolls and dubby subs of "Zero Fifteen" and the stretched out drum trippery of "Limit Of Paradise" completing the set, it's a welcome (and highly timely) return for one of rave music's most influential collectives.
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Sky Girl
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Sky Girl (2xLP + MP3 download code repress)
Cat: ES 002. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Linda Smith - "I So Liked Spring" (5:27)
  2. Karen Marks - "Cold Cafe" (3:03)
  3. Bruce Langhorne - "Leaving Del Norte" (1:56)
  4. The Seraphims - "Conciousness Of Happening" (2:13)
  5. Gary Davenport - "Sarra" (5:00)
  6. Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadians - "Feeling Sheepish" (4:09)
  7. The Rising Storm - "Frozen Laughter" (3:12)
  8. Warfield Spillers - "Daddy's Little Girl" (4:50)
  9. Joyce Heath - "I Wouldn't Dream Of It" (2:17)
  10. Joe Tossini & Friends - "Wild Dream" (4:29)
  11. Scott Seskind - "I Remember" (2:52)
  12. Angel - "Driving (Down)" (4:28)
  13. Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris - "Slow" (1:05)
  14. Nora Guthrie - "Home Before Dark" (2:38)
  15. Once - "Joanna" (3:17)
Review: Sky Girl is the work of two noted (but arguably under-appreciated) crate diggers, DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery, and gathers together a veritable treasure trove of obscure material loosely connected by (in the label's own words) "the same longing sentiment". Its' fifteen tracks touch on a variety of hazy, down-tempo styles, and were recorded at various points between 1961 and '91. There's much to admire throughout, from the folksy psychedelic pop of The Rising Storm's "Frozen Laughter", and spoken word eccentricity of Scott Seskind's "I Remember", to the dreamy, eyes-closed ambience of Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris' "Slow" and string-laden samba-folk of Nora Guthrie's "Home Before Dark".
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A Month Of Rain EP
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Cat: PALAY 02. Rel: 18 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. A Month Of Rain
  2. Made Visible
Review: Returning to the fray for the second installment in its deep house venture, the People Are Looking At You imprint sees a confident expansion on the sultry tones laid out on the first slab of wax, featuring a sturdy pair of cuts from London production duo Jonno & Tommo. Taking charge with the A side, "A Month Of Rain" is a multi-faceted mover loaded with suspense and surprise. In its opening strains the sharp beat ticks out across a sparse, dub-informed soundscape that slowly fills out via a captivating chord refrain, haunting and seductive in equal measure. Without giving too much away ahead of experiencing the track for yourself, be prepared for a dazzling break in the clouds that lifts the summit of the track into an entirely different headspace. On a different kind of house agenda, "Made Visible" creeps into action on a slow and slamming bed of rough drums and immersive bass notes, subtle flashes of percussion creating kinks in the groove and the choice vocal samples injecting warmth and soul into the otherworldly atmosphere. When the climactic chords come in to signal the second half of the track, it brings the ranging elements to the surface for a truly soul-cleansing experience.
Proving that house tracks need not stagnate in the same mood from start to finish, PALAY02 is a strong next step for a label committed to bringing something new to the table.
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Abyssal (heavyweight hand-stamped vinyl 12" + sticker)
Cat: FRACT 006. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Abyssal (6:13)
  2. Abyssal (James Ruskin remix) (6:46)
Review: Marcos Leiras, or simply Leiras as he appears on his impermeable techno experiments, has been doing a great job with his Ownlife imprint, but the artist has decided to take a breather on mysterious - and inarguably excellent - Fracture imprint. That might be misleading, however, because while "Abyss" is undoubtedly a tune of deepness and subtlety, it is by no means lacking in energy and rich texture; in fact, it is without a doubt one of the best deep techno tunes we've heard since the start of 2017. There's a remix by a little someone called James Ruskin on the flipside, and while you're probably thinking that it might be all guns blazing, the UK don's version is actually as deep as he can possibly go. Broken beats, spectral sonic plains, and that inimitable Ruskin vibe.
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Played by: Adriana Lopez
Tell Me About Darkness
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Cat: RUB 002. Rel: 12 Dec 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Dennis Gettin' Paid (Naughty NMX Mini Madness) (4:46)
  2. Tell Me About Darkness (Naughty NMX Flip) (4:21)
Kjempegreie Edits
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Cat: FINNITUS 003. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Superkind - "LOL" (9:26)
  2. Rulefinn - "Just Try" (8:56)
  3. Rulefinn - "Let The OK Music Play" (6:14)
Review: Rule-breaking Rulefinn returns with three more far-out edits for our pleasure. "LOL" takes the lead as Rulefinn teams up with Kim Durbeck for a strung out strutter that's laced with Bernard bass and, inexplicitly, a manic laughter track over the top. Familiar yet trippy, drop this at the right time to really hit your floor sideways. On the B Rulefinn goes solo with two more beauties "Just Try" is a pitched up soul joint that loops and loops with subtle momentum while "Let The OK Music Play" is percussive gold for all creative mixers out there.
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Looking Up To You
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Looking Up To You (7" repress)
Cat: MSV 021. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Looking Up To You (3:58)
  2. (Do You Really Love Me) Tell Me Love (3:58)
Review: With roots as a backing singer for Stevie Wonder, Wycoff went on to become a soul ambassador throughout the early 80s. This 1982 reissue is one of the best examples of his silky, heartfelt delivery... "Looking Up To You" is a dynamic love song where traces of big 70s production build and build throughout. "(Do You Really Love Me) Tell Me Love", meanwhile, was only ever released as a B-side. Its 80s production counter the dramatics of the A-side with cool synthetic perfection. Reissues don't get much broader in production or sweeter in sound than this.
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Unknown Landscapes Selected IV
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Cat: POLEGROUP 043. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Unbalance - "Rejected" (5:30)
  2. Reeko - "Dead Animal" (6:33)
  3. Mike Parker - "Serrated Formation" (5:27)
  4. Lussuria - "Dockside Pickup" (7:04)
Young Death
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Young Death (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: HDB 100. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Young Death (5:52)
  2. Nightmarket (7:28)
Review: Burial's first multiple-track release since "Rival Dealer" three years ago: "Young Death" takes the lead with weave of deep, scratchy and evocative human textures while soulful vocal shards yearn and flutter over soft faraway beats. "Nightmarket" takes an even more introspective meander through the shadowy unknown with fractured arpeggios, distant whispers and thick graininess that envelops almost overwhelmingly. As forward, unusual and unique as ever, Burial remains in a league of his own. Limited.
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Mobile Fidelity Original Master Anti Static Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves (pack of 50)
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Cat: 422120 Rel: 04 Apr 11
50 record sleeves
Notes: These are the same high-quality inner sleeves that MOFI use for their most-prized vinyl releases. They are imported, three-ply, anti-static, premium sleeves (similar to rice paper) and work with both LPs and laser discs.

Back construction consists of a paper layer sandwiched between two sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a translucent HDPE front.

These custom-designed inner sleeves protect against all common problems associated with regular sleeves of all types, such as scratching, static build-up and contamination etc.

Your records are irreplaceable, these sleeves will guarantee they last a lifetime.
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Ascender (12" repress)
Cat: FIT/WALT-J 02. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. Track 1 (4:07)
  2. Track 2 (5:33)
  3. Track 3 (4:08)
  4. Track 4 (5:14)
Okay Okay (remastered)
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Okay Okay (remastered) (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: EDITORSKUTZ 009. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Okay Okay (4:19)
  2. Okay Okay (Sleazy McQueen & VinylAddicted edit) (6:03)
  3. Okay Okay (Lillo Carillo & Deaf Kick edit) (6:21)
  4. Hey Ciao Tu (Guido Minisky/The Reflex edit) (6:24)
Review: Pino D'Angio enjoyed an interesting career, finding fame in his native Italy as both an author and composer. Around the turn of the '80s, he released a number of fine disco cuts, including the tasty "Okay Okay". It boasted a gravelly rap in Italian, rubbery electric bass, twinkling electric piano solos, and just the right amount of bouncy disco swing. Here, Editor's Kutz have licensed the original, backing it up with a pair of fresh re-edits: a subtle, punchier touch-up from Sleazy McQueen and VinylAddicted, and a disco-house tweak from Lillo and Deaf Kick. Arguably best of all, though, is The Reflex's adjustment of Guido Minisky's re-edit of sax-laden, boogie era jazz-funk jam "Hey Ciao Tu".
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Space Fire Truth
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Space Fire Truth (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UZURI 023. Rel: 12 Sep 16
Deep House
  1. Along Came Ra
  2. Doorway To Another Dimension Of Being
  3. Universal Language
  4. World Is The Space Ways
Review: Uzuri proudly welcomes Giorgio Luceri with the 1st of 2 eps signed on the label for 2016 . with previous releases on Jamal Moss's Mathematics imprint , On the Prowl ++ , 'Space Fire Truth' sees Giorgio charting new territory to his previous output & coming correct in the process .
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T1 (remastered)
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T1 (remastered) (180 gram transparent vinyl 12" limited to 500 copies)
Cat: THL 009R. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. T1
  2. T2
Review: Icelandic dub techno outpost Thule close out 2016 with a welcome reissue of a classic from the archives. Thorhallur Skulason has been operating since the 90s in a variety of guises including Sanasol and Oz Artists, but his classic T1 12" from 1998 is surely one of the high points of his career as Thor. "T1" leads the charge on this remastered release, perfecting the art of throbbing, trancey techno with sparse ingredients and a killer groove. "T2" is the light to "T1"'s shade, leaving the door open for harmonious synth ripples to chime through amongst other delicate sonic delights.
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The Pestle
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Cat: LTNC 010. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. 2011 Monkhide (feat Hayden Chisholm) (2:28)
  2. 2010 The Pestle (feat takeshi Nishimoto) (6:48)
  3. 1999 Nerfs D'Acier (5:51)
  4. 1996 Intrication (5:45)
  5. 1994 Sorcier (6:24)
  6. 1993 Day In Rho (4:07)
Played by: Dj soFa
Downtown Sounds Classics Volume 4
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Cat: FFP 011. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Aleem - "Release Yourself" (Pablo & Shoey Re-jig) (11:37)
  2. Mary Clark - "Take Me I'm Yours" (Pablo & Shoey Re-jig) (8:05)
  3. Rena - "Dance It Off" (Pablo & Shoey Re-jig) (8:53)
Review: Mancunian scalpel fiends Pablo & Shoey have been rather quiet of late. Surprisingly, this is the first EP in their popular Downtown Sounds Classics series for almost two years. In a nod to Manchester's once-thriving electro scene, the A-side is given over to a tasty, on-point rearrangement of Aleem's 1984 breakdance classic "Release Yourself", which once helped inspire a generation of future dance music producers. On the flip, Mary Clark's recently reissued 1980 disco classic "Take Me I'm Yours" goes under the knife, before they finish with a high-octane chunk of obscure disco silliness: Rena's ludicrously hard to find "Dance It Off". Their edit is fairly reverential, sticking to the loose and sweaty feel of the original.
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Social Music
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Social Music (180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SJ 1 . Rel: 07 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Social Music (7:41)
  2. I Plan To Stay A Believer (7:03)
  3. VLG (feat Leonardo Milano De Cuba) (7:49)
  4. People (6:10)
Review: Channeling the spirit of Moodymann, Rick Wilhite and other such Detroit house greats, Guilhem Monin follows up on the promise of his debut for Colors last year with this sizzling slice of rough hewn deep house gold where the samples stay locked in the groove and the atmosphere of the room is captured forever on the record. "Social Music" would surely not sound out of place on KDJ, while "I Plan To Stay A Believer" calls upon the warming tones of Rick Wade et al amidst an irresistible 909 house bump. "VLG" gets a little more sassy with its choppy edit style, and then "People" brings in a fist-pumping riff to hit the sweet spot later in the night.
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Experiential Learning Part 2
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Experiential Learning Part 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HR 002. Rel: 12 Dec 16
Deep House
  1. Solar System Is Vital To The Planet (7:37)
  2. Life Goes On (6:18)
  3. Tree's Dance (7:08)
Review: Giammarco Orsini kicked off Heko Records last year with the first volume of Experiential Learning, and now he's back for round two following a brief spot on Elephant Moon earlier in the year. "Solar System Is Vital To The Planet" dominates the A side in a swinging, punchy style of techno that calls to mind the likes of Stephen Brown. "Life Goes On" on the flip however comes on with a housier demeanour, keeping the Detroit synth tones plush and the mood mellow. "Trees Dance" breaks away into a stripped back electro style that sits as a neat foil to the grooving 4/4 elsewhere on the EP.
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BAS 002
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BAS 002 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAS 002. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Avi Musaifi - "Qarva" (7:47)
  2. Avi Musaifi - "Qarva" (Abdulla Rashim remix) (6:09)
  3. Varg - "So Many People Trying To Be Unique (But They Still Remind Me Of Loke Rahbek)" (5:30)
  4. Newa - "Black Eyebrows Are Indefferent" (5:49)
Review: The first single on Georgian label Bassiani invited the likes of HVL and Vril to contribute, and now they turn to another selection of imposing techno auteurs for further exploits in dark realms. Avi Musaifi's "Qarva" is imposing enough on its own as an EP opener, but then Abdullah Rashim steps up with a remix that becomes a masterclass in eerie tension thanks to icy swells of drone and an unforgiving line in hi-hats. Varg is feeling feisty on the bass-growling "So Many People Trying To Be Unique (But They Still Remind Me Of Loke Rahbek)", but Newa attempts to soothe the situation with a pleasingly delicate yet energetic techno workout.
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Hamal (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 001. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Hamal (7:13)
  2. Palette (5:28)
  3. Annabanana (6:29)
  4. Discovery (6:50)
Review: Commonly found steering his own Nabuco label, Noha slides over to Constant Black (Sub label of Constant Sound) to round out a very productive 2016 with another round of on-point deep house cuts sprinkled with immersive techy leanings. "Hamal" may have a stout rhythm section at its core, but the layers of synths and processing on top all speak to a tripped out dubby mindstate, while "Palette" only reaches further out into wistful 4/4 territory. There's still a crucial clubby mentality powering this EP though, and the reduced hypnotism of "Annabanana" taps into this perfectly before the live drum workout "Discovery". Vinyl only release
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The Betty Hill Case
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Cat: SITS 012. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. The Meeting/The Dream/Taken Away (10:29)
  2. Absorbed/Betty's Star Map/Two Lost Hours (A) (7:49)
  3. Two Lost Hours (B)/Examination Room (8:47)
  4. Men In Black/New Hampshire Hills (8:00)
My House
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My House (12")
Cat: NDR 001V. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. My House (5:49)
  2. High Rollers (5:02)
Review: The cheekily titled Nude Disco (say it quickly) made his debut earlier this year, joining forces with Ben Macklin for a digital-only outing on Modal Recordings. On this vinyl debut, the Brixton-based DJ/producer is once again in collaborative mode, delivering two tracks co-produced by pal Curtis Chip. A-side "My House" is a cheery, party-starting affair, with the duo successfully breathing new life into Diana Ross's reggae-influenced 1979 disco single, "It's My House", mainly by giving it a chunky but tastefully executed house rhythm track. You'll find more peak-time business on the flip, where "High Rollers" provides a saucer-eyed blast of disco-house nostalgia.
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You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)
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Cat: MLPS 7804. Rel: 02 Jan 17
  1. You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (Larry Levan remix) (6:44)
  2. You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (Larry Levan remix instrumental) (6:57)
Played by: Roland the Realest
Technics Tonearm Rest
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Technics Tonearm Rest (tonearm rest)
Cat: 227421 Rel: 25 Sep 06
Official tone arm rest replacement part for Technics turntable models SL1200 MK2/M3D
Notes: This is the genuine replacement arm rest that fits all of the Tecnhnics SL1200Mk2/SL1200M3D turntables.
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Music Madness Remixes
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Cat: FVR 120. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Music Madness (6:24)
  2. Music Madness (Voilaaa remix) (5:51)
  3. Music Madness (Tom Noble remix) (6:54)
  4. Track 4
Review: Favourite France drop some absolute truth with this killer reissue of Beckie Bell's 1980 classic "Music Madness", from the album 'In Need Of...'. This is he funkiest disco you can possibly ask for, a chirpy, upbeat tune that calls for the good times. It's the sort of track that can be slapped on in just about any set, anywhere, and Bell's vocals are as infectious as the tight groove that pushes the track forwards. There are a couple of remixes, though, which bring out the best of the original and make it even more playable than before. The first one is a more beat-heavy reinterpretation from Voilaaa, while Tom Noble injects the perfect level of houseness into the equation thanks to a slamming 4/4 and some extra percussion. Perfect, and very much recommended if you've somehow slept on the original.
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Martin Hayes Edits
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Martin Hayes Edits (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: RNT 015. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Get On Down (6:00)
  2. Make Me Dance (5:14)
  3. Tight Spot (5:37)
  4. Ol' Funky Music (5:44)
Review: Like many producers, Martin Hayes has built his career on the twin pursuits of original, sample-heavy house production and floor-friendly re-edits. This 12" sees him reaching for the scalpel once more, delivering a quartet of killer cut-jobs for Brooklyn's mighty Razor 'N' Tape. He begins with the rubbery bass, punchy horns and sweaty disco percussion of "Get On Down", before offering a perfect balance between low-slung strut and epic, string-laden brilliance on the even better "Make Me Dance". Flip for the percussion-heavy disco-funk workout "Tight Spot", and the atmospheric funk breaks, glistening guitars and spacey delays of EP closer "Ol' Funky Music".
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Al Kent Edits
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 in stock $9.03
Al Kent Edits (heavyweight vinyl 12" repress)
Cat: RNT 016. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Good Inside (7:14)
  2. Come Back Home (original disco version) (6:27)
  3. 4006 (5:57)
Review: Since launching in 2012, the Razor N Tape label has been one of the edit scene's most consistent labels. Along the way, they've released killer reworks from some impressive names, including Dimitri From Paris, Ron Basejam and Late Night Tuff Guy. Their latest high-profile recruit is Glaswegian disco digger and all round nice guy Al Kent. The three cuts here are a little tougher and more house-friendly than his often purist extensions, but still retain the loose, celebratory feel of his vintage source material. Choose between the soulful brilliance of "Come Back Home (Original Disco Version)", the low-slung, filter-and-delay boasting bounce of the thumping "Good Inside", and the no-nonsense disco-funk shuffle of "4006".
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Rumours (LP)
Cat: 936249 7935. Rel: 04 Feb 13
  1. Second Hand News
  2. Dreams
  3. Never Going Back Again
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Go Your Own Way
  6. Songbird
  7. The Chain
  8. You Make Loving Fun
  9. I Don't Want To Know
  10. Oh Daddy
  11. Gold Dust Woman
45 RPM 7" Record Adapter Dome (red plastic, single)
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 More than 10 in stock $0.99
Cat: 624382 Rel: 12 Sep 16
Red, dome-shaped, plastic adapter
Notes: This red plastic 45 RPM dome type record adapter is made from the original die. The dome allows you to quickly place a 45 RPM record on your player yet unlike spider adapters the dome still allows you to hold the record safely with 2 fingers by the large inner hold and outer edge. Also considered much easier to use than the standard 'hockey puck' design adapter.
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Chord MIDI Cable (black, 3m)
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 More than 10 in stock $2.00
Cat: 416486 Rel: 31 Jan 11
5 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN MIDI cable
Notes: A high quality MIDI cable for connecting music controllers and devices together. Strong and flexible cable comes with low loss conductors and global shielding ensure a clean data stream. It is terminated at each end with a 180- 5-pin DIN plug.

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Change Reaction (reissue)
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 in stock $10.04
Cat: C#CC 029. Rel: 12 Dec 16
Deep House
  1. Sometimes (instrumental) (3:52)
  2. The Way You Make Me Feel (4:20)
  3. Separate Ways (Insane mix) (4:13)
  4. All Aboard, House Train (instrumental) (4:24)
  5. Set Me Free (radio remix) (3:31)
  6. Change Reaction (Headache mix) (4:39)
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Examples (limited yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: FW 152Y. Rel: 16 Jan 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. New Speed (0:43)
  2. Lift Off (1:17)
  3. Contact (1:59)
  4. Rahw (1:21)
  5. Harps In Space (2:01)
  6. Circles (2:24)
  7. Can I Get A Witness? (1:28)
  8. Spooky Fonk (1:00)
  9. 4 De La (2:05)
  10. Harmonics (2:04)
  11. Love Vamp (1:25)
  12. The Sun & Beyond (1:28)
  13. Amerie (2:15)
  14. Rhythm King (0:54)
  15. Bas (1:33)
  16. Flute Time (0:53)
  17. It's Rainy (2:08)
  18. It's Okay (2:17)
  19. Myo Shuffle (0:30)
  20. Masamba (2:24)
  21. Gold (0:58)
  22. Lau's Lament (2:32)
  23. Everything Will Work Out Fine (0:37)
  24. Open Up (2:06)
  25. Re-Lax (2:46)
  26. Lullaby (0:44)
  27. Dreams (2:05)
  28. Good Evening (0:41)
Summer Dance (Danny Krivit edits)
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Cat: TKD 13068. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. The Richie Family - "Summer Dance" (Danny Krivit edit) (6:54)
  2. Wild Honey - "At The Top Of The Stairs" (Danny Krivit edit) (6:54)
Serato Performance Series 12 Inch Control Vinyl (black, pair)
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 2 in stock $21.60
Cat: 504206 Rel: 04 Apr 16
12' control vinyl pressing for scratch live DJs using Serato's NoiseMap Control Tone
Notes: This new line of performance vinyl features a re-mastered Serato NoiseMap Control Tone that is 6db louder than existing pressings, allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear and the most authentic feeling digital vinyl experience on the market.

The new Performance Series pressings are packaged as a double set and feature a wide range of new colours.
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Dreamin (12")
Cat: S 12353. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Dreamin (7:32)
  2. Dreamin (instrumental) (5:44)
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