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Eisen Im Feuer
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Cat: A+W XV. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Hexenjagd (6:28)
  2. Eisen Im Feuer (6:54)
  3. Leichentanz (5:56)
  4. Herzschlag (5:30)
Go One's Way
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Go One's Way (limited hand-stamped 12" + sticker)
Cat: IDEALISTMUSIC 08. Rel: 15 May 17
Deep House
  1. Baaz - "Burgundy" (6:39)
  2. Idealist - "Why Did You Come Here" (8:07)
  3. Thomas Wood - "Rough Road" (5:37)
  4. Christoph Schindling - "Most Important" (8:22)
Review: Swiss label Idealistmusic return with another fine various artists EP: the first since 2015's edition which brought us great stuff from SCSI-9, Pablo Mateo and Idealist himself. For the label's ninth edition, they serve up some tough tribal deep house by fellow Swiss deepness purveyors Baaz of Office Recordings whose contribution "Burgundy" is emotive as ever. Thomas Wood's "Rough Road" is classic deep house informed by a healthy love of classic Chicago sounds by Larry Heard or Chris Gray. On the flip, Christoph Schindling's contribution "Most Important" is a summery and hypnotic groove awash in tape saturation and lo-fi aesthetics; its spanglish melodies working some real magic over its strict electro beat.
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Mothership Connection (reissue)
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Mothership Connection (reissue) (limited coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: 7022 C. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. P Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) (7:42)
  2. Mothership Connection (Star Child) (6:12)
  3. Unfunky UFO (4:26)
  4. Supergroovalistic-Prosifunkstication (5:03)
  5. Handcuffs (4:03)
  6. Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (5:48)
  7. Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples (5:09)
Escales Vol 2
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Cat: CMUS 008. Rel: 15 May 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sebastian Eduardo - "Battle Of Wits" (7:58)
  2. Barbir - "LOWLIFEQUALITYS" (5:23)
  3. RX - "Programming Behavior" (6:38)
  4. Francois - "Catane" (6:38)
OFFEN 005.5
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OFFEN 005.5 (hand-numbered hand-stamped 10" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OFFEN 0055. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Jazz (4:52)
  2. Assassin De La Popcorn (4:20)
The Breaks
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The Breaks (12")
Cat: MDS 4010. Rel: 11 Oct 04
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. The Breaks (vocal mix)
  2. The Breaks (instrumental)
Played by: Suonho
High Hill
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High Hill (12")
Cat: WHITELOOPS 3. Rel: 27 Mar 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. High Hill (7:36)
  2. The Spirit (7:24)
Review: Elusive producer Disk has been busy of late, delivering two low-key - but also highly regarded - EPs in the last few months. This latest 12", which also appears via his Whiteloops imprint, boasts another two tried-and-tested dancefloor treats. First up is "High Hill", a bustling chunk of rolling dancefloor voodoo built around chunky deep house drums, flash-fried samples and fluttering tech-house flourishes. He takes a totally different approach on the B-side, paying tribute to the dreamy chords, loved-up breadowns and skittering breakbeats of early British hardcore productions. It sounds like 808 State's "Pacific" was a major influence, though the breaks on Disk's production boast a much funkier swagger.
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Head Trip EP
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Head Trip EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JKH 003. Rel: 22 May 17
Deep House
  1. Head Trip
  2. Down The Street
  3. You Are My Groove
Review: The Two Diggers project has been steadily increasing in productivity since first emerging in 2015, and now it makes the move to Jack's House Recordings with this no-nonsense three-tracker. "Head Trip" keeps things simple but utterly effective with a crisp beat, subby bassline and catchy lead arpeggio, while "Down The Street" takes a groovier, albeit equally stripped back, approach. "You Are My Groove" spreads itself across the B-side with a brighter disposition that lets warm and soulful samples slip in between the classic house rhythms. If you're looking for straight-up jams that will do the business on the floor, look no further.
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Mr Misunderstood (Record Store Day 2017)
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Mr Misunderstood (Record Store Day 2017) (limited gatefold blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 255731 625. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Mr Misunderstood (5:19)
  2. Mistress Named Music (5:19)
  3. Chattanooga Lucy (3:24)
  4. Mixed Drinks About Feelings (2:57)
  5. Knives Of New Orleans (4:02)
  6. Round Here Buzz (3:36)
  7. Kill A Word (3:19)
  8. Holdin' My Own (3:55)
  9. Record Year (2:59)
  10. Three Year Old (3:47)
Vol 2
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Vol 2 (12")
Cat: ECC 002. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Cosa Rosa (4:24)
  2. Wake Up (6:25)
  3. Nar Nar Nehe (4:38)
  4. Och Eye (3:10)
  5. 4 Rune (5:06)
Review: Peckham rising: the Eccentric crew celebrate five years of parties with five more slabs of obscure, deck-ready cosmic gold. Both "Cosa Rosa" and "Wake Up" ease us in gently with shimmering synths and well-tempered slo-mo grooves but "Nar Nar Nehe" ups the energy with a rolling synth boogie groove that's peppered with layers or synth-tom percussion and dubby echoes. Those in need of a swamp wallow should head for the soaking wet bass of "Och Eye" before we're whisked away in an easterly direction on a vibe made purely of faraway twangs, dubby percussion and yearning atmospheres. Genuinely stunning.
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Rongorongo (12")
Cat: ALTZ 009. Rel: 15 May 17
Deep House
  1. O-N-RA (7:38)
  2. Turn (7:23)
  3. O-N-RA (Keita Sano Okayama Street Line mix 1) (7:24)
  4. O-N-RA (Keita Sano Okayama Street Line mix 2) (7:22)
Biotope Trax
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Biotope Trax (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: Y 004. Rel: 08 May 17
Deep House
  1. Syggo (5:32)
  2. Opiate Tea (6:59)
  3. Hybrew (7:22)
Bee To The Flower
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Cat: BEESWAX 0003. Rel: 24 Apr 17
  1. Bee To The Flower (5:24)
  2. Bee To The Flower (The Reflex Revision) (7:19)
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CANOE 001 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CANOE 001. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. D.a.t (5:25)
  2. Save Lite (4:26)
  3. Rexperiance (6:07)
Review: The Canoe label comes to life with some rough and ready cuts for the wilder kind of dance, courtesy of Nyra's gritty studio approach. Having previously been found on the likes of Never Learnt, Elastic Dreams and more besides, there's no doubt the plucky producer has experience in the field, and the diversity of the styles on CANOE 001 is testament to that. "D.a.t" is a stripped down machine workout that keeps things punchy and urgent throughout. "Save Lite" meanwhile is a wound-up, bleepy techno number with soul, and then "Rexperiance" aims for the rave jugular with a stab-tastic lead and some crunchy breaks.
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Water (2xLP repress)
Cat: AMB 1311LP. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Water (10:17)
  2. Road Trip Song (10:18)
  3. Fade To What? (5:18)
  4. Funky Man (8:59)
  5. Captain Storm (5:31)
  6. Miles & More (5:25)
  7. Miniature (9:24)
Review: As Apollo starts to spread its wings into a richer pool of artists in its second guise, so they look to Anton Zap for a healthy seven-track offering that brings warmth to the label that seemed to escape some of the recent releases. There's no doubt Zap is good at creating a mellow atmosphere, but as "Water" demonstrates he can also tease more earthly textures and tones into his ambient techno studies to create a greater depth and impact. There are some more house orientated turns such as the spaced-out shuffle of "Road Trip Song", while "Funky Man" rolls on a sassy beatdown groove and acidic bassline, providing a welcome diversity in amongst the mystical aura of Zap's productions and Apollo's downtempo remit.
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Key (reissue) (Record Store Day 2017)
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Cat: TSQ 5371. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Porch (2:13)
  2. Under Street (4:18)
  3. What Does It Mean? (3:58)
  4. Vision (1:17)
  5. Fat Stream (7:27)
  6. Vision (2:04)
  7. Do You Be? (4:11)
  8. Vision (0:35)
  9. Chance (4:07)
  10. Dungeon (6:25)
Review: Meredith Monk is a bit of a legend around certain circles. The multi-talented composer, dance performer and director has appeared in and been the main producer of a a whole world of material from the early 70s right up to this very day. While her most iconic work has perhaps been credited to the infamous ECM imprint, the artist's early work is still regarded as her most poignant and expressive. Key, her debut album from 1971, is a rarity in its original form, so this reissue from Tompkins Square has probably made the wish of many collectors come true! Not only is the album a piece of work to be lauded for its vision and originality, but it also ticks off many boxes and crosses many dots. Guided by Monk's mouse-like sounds in a sort of hyper-falsetto, the LP moves and shifts between different influences and styles; from ominous drones to more dreamy soundscapes, this is ambient cranked up to the max and given a good shouting at. Psychedelic and fearless, Monk prowls on in people's imagination.
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Disorder (feat. Bezier & The Field mixes)
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Cat: SC&P 002. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Disorder (5:07)
  2. Viideo Dreams (4:00)
  3. Unknown (4:53)
  4. Unknown (Bezier remix) (7:32)
  5. Disorder (The Field remix) (7:02)
Review: Junto Club kicked off Snap Crackle & Pop late last year, and now the label returns with the debut solo release from London-based outfit DEEDS. While Rollo and Kiri Inglis may have previously popped up on an obscure compilation on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, this record should see their coldwave sound shoring up with many more adventurous listeners. "Video Dreams" is a beautifully melancholic slice of electronica while "Unknown" reaches for euphoric heights. Remixes from Bezier and The Field round the record out as a wonderful exercise in emotive home listening electronics for sensitive souls.
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Played by: Honey Soundsystem
3 Years Of Faut Section
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3 Years Of Faut Section (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: FAUTCD 01. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Corvum - "Anamnesis"
  2. Osse - "Daemonum"
  3. A Thousand Details - "They Sow Scorn You Get Hate"
  4. Apart - "Pointless"
  5. Kwartz - "Her Green Eyes"
  6. Reeko - "Redimensionado"
  7. Von Grall - "Current Time"
  8. V I L - "Replica"
  9. Relapso - "Cardio"
  10. Jonas Kopp - "BTI"
  11. Christian Wunsch - "Lone Wolf"
  12. Pfirter - "Die Glocke"
  13. Tensal - "Apocalip"
  14. Birth Of Frequency - "The Garden"
  15. Stefan Vincent - "Blue Orgyn"
  16. Zadig - "Solar Wind"
  17. Arnauld Le Texier - "Hipulse"
  18. Kessell - "Neektar"
  19. Lewis Fautzi - "Citonpyh"
  20. Kike Pravda - "Impulse"
  21. Abstract Division - "Twilight Escape"
  22. Alex Randal - "Convergence"
  23. Christinne - "Utopian"
  24. Oscar Mulero - "Reduction & Synthesis" (Lewis Fautzi remix)
  25. Deepbass - "From Beyond"
  26. Sejon - "Dreamers"
  27. Svarog - "Other Land"
Review: Faut Section founder Lewis Fautzi knows how to put together an epic collection of tracks. Like its 2015 predecessor, Two Years of Faut Section, this third volume in the Portuguese techno label's compilation series runs to an epic three discs in length. Although largely true to Fautzi's vision for the label - in his words "hypnotic techno at its most pure and raw" - you'll still find a number of dark ambient and glistening IDM cuts amongst the uncompromising, 6AM stompers, picturesque dub techno workouts, throbbing box jams and acid-driven dancefloor psychedelia. It's also true that the quality threshold remains high throughout, suggesting that more than a few DJs will invest in its no-holds-barred charms.
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Played by: Edit Select, Kessell
From Russia With Love EP
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Cat: SKKB 004. Rel: 22 May 17
Deep House
  1. Scherbatsky (5:18)
  2. The Playbook (6:34)
  3. Teddy Westside (6:41)
  4. Blue French Horn (6:42)
Deep Mind
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Deep Mind (12")
Cat: MANHIGH 003. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Deep Mind (5:38)
  2. Polarity (6:06)
  3. Beacon (6:07)
  4. Beacon (Goner remix) (6:06)
Cities Below Future Seas
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Cat: DCLS 028LP. Rel: 22 May 17
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. We'd Like To Capture Your Mind (8:23)
  2. Porkbag (6:49)
  3. Ho'oponopono (4:02)
  4. Sirens At Dusk (7:05)
  5. Stropharia Cubensis (3:42)
  6. Dresden (5:38)
  7. Black Pudding (4:55)
Different Aspirations
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Cat: EL 3001. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Different Aspirations (Cosmic) (7:00)
  2. Different Aspirations (radio) (3:51)
  3. Woodstock (4:42)
Review: Sometime Phenomenal Handclap Band and Paqua member Quinn Luke AKA Bi Jing Ling returns to action for the first time in 2017. Like his previous output for the likes of Claremont 56, Tummy Touch and Aficionado Recordings, "Different Aspirations" joins the dots between loose-and-jazzy West Coast rock and dewy-eyed rock. The real standout is the A-side "Cosmic" version, which brilliantly extends the track via subtle solos, loose drum fills and oodles of early summer afternoon atmosphere. On the flip you'll find him channeling the spirit of Don Henley and Donald Fagen on the vocal "Radio" version of "Different Aspirations", before launching into space via the hazy, dubbed-out funk-rock shuffle of "Woodstock".
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Tresor EP
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Tresor EP (12")
Cat: HPF 001. Rel: 01 May 17
Deep House
  1. Tresor (5:46)
  2. SAB (6:03)
  3. Mariana (5:56)
  4. SAB (DJ Steaw remix) (6:12)
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USEDIT 01 (12")
Cat: USEDIT 01. Rel: 01 May 17
Deep House
  1. I Need U Now (5:52)
  2. Be Fearless (6:06)
  3. Love 4 Love (5:47)
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HMZ003 (180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies + insert)
Cat: HMZ 003. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Civil Eng
  2. Sans Corps
  3. Sulphites
  4. P.S.14
Review: Third chapter by HomeMadeZucchero very own Meze is a 4 dimension disengaged statement.
Wide ambiances wrap mental bass lines and saturated dynamics in a minimalistic melodics drama. Tempered by icy harmonic pads and human shreds.

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EP (12")
Cat: BB 25. Rel: 15 May 17
Deep House
  1. The Queens (4:58)
  2. The Coincidence (6:10)
  3. The Queens (Eli Escobar remix) (6:03)
  4. The Tape (5:51)
Mary Janes Theory
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Mary Janes Theory (hand-stamped 12" in hand-stamped sleeve) (1 per customer)
Cat: MUJA 003. Rel: 06 Feb 17
Deep House
  1. Do You Want My Love (5:14)
  2. Give Up (6:08)
  3. Don't Cry (6:15)
  4. Loose Legs (5:42)
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Cat: SESSIONS 03. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Track 1 (8:10)
  2. Track 2 (5:18)
  3. Track 3 (8:58)
Review: The third volume in the Sessions series brings together a trio of much loved producers for a series of untitled, all-star collaborations. Regular collaborators Dynamo Dreesden and SVN are joined by Dave '2562' Huismans under his now familiar A Made Up Sound alias. The studio threesome hits the ground running on the A-side workout, which sounds like an alien techno interpretation of 1990 British "bleep and bass" - all tipsy sub-bass, intoxicating bleeps and skewed TB-303 motifs. On the flip they pepper a snappy, pitched-down ghetto house groove with dreamy synthesizer flourishes ("Untitled 2"), before bathing in a bath of liquid hallucinogens on the rhythmic ambient weirdness of "Untitled 3".
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Played by: Flori
Split EP
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Split EP (12")
Cat: ASDISCOBAR 01. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Norken & Nyquist - "Aux Patch" (6:12)
  2. Lerosa - "Love Money" (6:21)
  3. Robin Ordell & Seuil - "Activation Synthesis" (6:21)
  4. Robin Ordell & Seuil - "808 Cabriolet" (5:54)
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Cat: YOYAKUZA 001. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Rurou (6:36)
  2. Ougi (6:45)
  3. Setsuna (7:24)
The Soul Of Disco Volume 1
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Cat: ZEDDLP 007. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Tenderness - "Gotta Keep On Trying" (Joey Negro re-edit) (6:24)
  2. The Disco Fox - "The Fox" (Joey Negro re-edit) (7:58)
  3. Jesse G - "That's Hot" (Joey Negro re-edit) (6:15)
  4. Velvet Hammer - "Party Hardy" (Joey Negro re-edit) (6:14)
  5. Zebra - "Closer To The Feeling" (3:42)
  6. Sandi Havens - "Happy" (6:50)
  7. Sergeant & Malone - "Love Message" (6:34)
  8. Milton Hamilton - "We Have All The Time" (6:18)
  9. The Sparkles - "Trying To Get Over" (4:52)
  10. Natural Order - "Jealousy" (5:12)
Technics Overhang Gauge
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Technics Overhang Gauge (overhang gauge)
Cat: 344643 Rel: 02 Mar 09
Notes: This unique accessory is designed not only for adjustment as an overhang gauge but also as a head shell stand.

This gauge is exclusively designed for Technics direct drive player systems which come with attached tonearm.

This should not be used with the model SL-110 or SL-120 motor units.
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Technics Dust Cover Hinge Mount For SL1200, SL1210 MK2, 3 & 5 Turntables (single, hinge mount only)
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Cat: 553158 Rel: 03 Nov 14
Replacement dust cover hinge mount for Technics SL1200, SL1210 MK2, 3 & 5
Notes: Replacement dust cover hinge mount for Technics SL1200, SL1210 MK2, 3 & 5
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Cat: ZENCD 243. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. War It
  2. The Highest Flood
  3. Panic
  4. Exalter
  5. Border Margin Barrier
  6. Arms Out
  7. Vandalism
  8. Sjurvival
  9. Raw Language
  10. Knife Edge
Review: Forest Swords man Matthew Barnes has described Compassion, his long anticipated follow-up to 2013 debut Engravings, as a "sonic distillation of an uncertain world". Interestingly, it sounds rather more poignant than his previous work, which tended towards the dark, dystopian and uncomfortable. Musically, it offers an attractive and intriguing blend of acoustic instrumentation, real and synthesized orchestration, a huge range of sampled voices, and beats and textures created through electronic means. It's not neo-classical, but neither is it pure electronica, either. Instead, Barnes has delivered a sublime hybrid whose effortless beauty struggles manfully to escape from the dark shadow of current affairs.
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Heimat (CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 137. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Zum Mond
  2. Jaguar
  3. Wacker
  4. Stoli
  5. Le Fux
  6. Juli
  7. Amina
  8. Zwerg
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AZD (2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 241. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Nimbus (0:54)
  2. Untitled 7 (5:12)
  3. Fantasynth (5:03)
  4. Blue Window (3:42)
  5. Cyn (3:18)
  6. X22rme (5:05)
  7. Runner (5:13)
  8. Falling Rizlas (2:26)
  9. Dancing In The Smoke (6:24)
  10. Faure In Chrome (5:54)
  11. There's An Angel In The Shower (7:31)
  12. Visa (4:27)
Played by: Ali Renault
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AZD (limited clear vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code in silvered sleeve)
Cat: ZEN 241X. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Nimbus (0:55)
  2. Untitled 7 (5:11)
  3. Fantasynth (5:02)
  4. Blue Window (3:41)
  5. Cyn (3:20)
  6. X22rme (5:04)
  7. Runner (5:10)
  8. Falling Rizlas (2:26)
  9. Dancing In The Smoke (6:23)
  10. Faure In Chrome (5:49)
  11. There's An Angel In The Shower (7:32)
  12. Visa (4:28)
Played by: Flori, TML, Thread London
The Sound Of A Feeling EP
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Cat: DOG 57. Rel: 27 Mar 17
Deep House
  1. Shit Wizard (6:04)
  2. We Walk To War (6:12)
  3. We Walk To War (Tee Mango remix) (6:32)
  4. The Sound Of A Feeling (8:14)
Review: Nottingham based Ron Basejam is the anagrammed alter-ego of Crazy P co-founder James Baron who creates music with feelings on labels such as Futureboogie and Wolf Music and now for Freerange sister label Delusions Of Grandeur. On the fittingly titled The Sound Of A Feeling EP he serves up the charmingly titled "Shit Wizard" a soulful, nu-disco boogie-down jam. "We Walk To War" in its original form is the kind of lo-slung/slo-mo disco that really floats our boat, but the remix up next by Tee Mango really injects it with some Stevie Wonder style soul-funk that'll help get your shine on. The title track on the flip is the deepest and most emotive offering here, with its sublime and hypnotic qualities being pushed along by a tight groove.
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Listen To Your Heart Part 1
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Cat: DOG 58. Rel: 01 May 17
Deep House
  1. Bring It Back (6:20)
  2. If We Can Make It Here (4:28)
  3. Moons & Flowers (6:32)
  4. The Hatch (2:50)
Too Soon You're Old
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Too Soon You're Old (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ATH 038. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Too Soon You're Old (4:49)
  2. Lady Day & John Coltrane (3:25)
  3. What's Going On (interlude) (0:45)
Review: Penny Goodwin's material is hard enough to come by in LP format, but the 7"s really are a sight for sore eyes. Luckily, we got Athens Form The North on our side, a stupendous soul and funk reissuer that has been delivering some serious heat over the last three years. "Too Soon You're Old" is a 1973 soul charmer, full of mystique and sensuality, the track moves slowly but with a great deal of funky swing to its bass. "Lady Day & John Coltrane" is a different kind of swinger, an uptempo funk ballad backed by flurries of organs and drum rolls, whereas "What's Going On" heads down a spiritual jazz tip to complete what is the most diverse soul single we've got to offer this week!
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Des Promesses
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Des Promesses (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FVR 132LP. Rel: 03 Apr 17
  1. People (4:07)
  2. African Music (feat Doctor Lass) (7:02)
  3. Pour La Vie (feat Pat Kalla) (4:49)
  4. Problems (feat Sir Jean) (6:00)
  5. Kemtane (feat Doctor Lass) (6:31)
  6. Mambo Football (5:05)
  7. Des Promesses (feat. Pat Kalla) (7:08)
  8. Mandjou (feat Doctor Lass) (5:25)
  9. Mbele (5:01)
  10. Tu N'as Pas De Voiture (feat Pat Kalla) (4:39)
  11. Et Toi Tu Crois (feat Hawa & Fouley Badiaga) (4:39)
  12. Decalement (feat Pat Kalla) (4:32)
  13. La France (feat Tout Le Monde) (4:30)
Review: Despite Bruno 'Patchworks' Hovart boasting a discography packed to the rafters with successful forays into all sorts of vintage dancefloor styles, many were still surprised at the brilliance of the first Voilaaa album, On Te L'avait Dit. This follow-up is equally as impressive, and features 13 more trips into classic Afro-disco and tropical disco territory. With Clavinets, punchy horns, live percussion and Afrobeat bass to the fore, Hovart and his many collaborators - including a number of French vocalists with African heritage - variously pay tribute to all sorts of late '70s and early '80s dancefloor fusion sounds. The album includes tons of club-ready excursions, including the righteous "Problems", disco-tastic "Kemtane" and sweaty, high octane "Mbele".
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Way Back Home EP
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 in stock $10.25
Way Back Home EP (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: RNTR 010. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Way Back Home (feat Ivar) (6:36)
  2. Seb's Party (6:39)
  3. Way Back Home (feat Ivar - Tiger & Woods remix) (6:28)
  4. Way Back Home (feat Ivar - Ben Sun remix) (7:05)
Stand On The Word (remixes)
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 in stock $9.17
Cat: FVR 069. Rel: 07 May 12
  1. Stand On The Word (Larry Levan mix)
  2. Stand On The Word (Patchworks remix)
  3. Stand On The Word (Panoptikum Arkestra remix)
  4. Stand On The Word (Walter Mecca remix)
Review: Having already reissued the Joubert Singers disco classic "Stand On the Word" in its original form earlier this year, French label Favourite get busy with a remix-heavy accoutrement in twelve inch format. Those new to the art of collecting classic discotheque vinyl will no doubt be tempted by the appearance of the much vaunted Larry Levan mix, which turns out wasn't actually by the legendary DJ but instead the equally brilliant and much missed Walter Gibbons. Regardless, the remix is a classic in the disco canon, and is complemented by three all new renditions. Long term label associate Patchwork comes through with a nicely judged remix that realigns the groove to a slinky Philly disco swagger, while on the flip Austrian duo Panoptikum Arkestra go for a stripped back dubby beatdown angle. Local Parisian production talent Walter Mecca calls on the spirit of p-funk and Dilla for a nicely blunted hip-hop take to round out this 12" nicely.
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Ron Bacardi Edits
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 in stock $9.70
Ron Bacardi Edits (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: RNT 024. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Back For More (6:22)
  2. Circles (4:19)
  3. Let The Music Play (5:36)
  4. Never Used To Dance (5:17)
Flowers EP
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 in stock $11.32
Flowers EP (12")
Cat: SS 048. Rel: 27 Aug 12
Deep House
  1. Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish - "Flowers"
  2. Andrew Ashong - "Take It Slow"
  3. Andrew Ashong - "The Way She Moves" (short version)
Review: At first glance, the pairing of Forest Hill resident Andrew Ashong and Sound Signature boss Theo Parrish would seem strange. But the duo have worked together previously with the Ghanaian born vocalist (and supposed owner of a vinyl collection that would make most record shops look like a car boot sale) lending his soulful tones to Parrish's excellent nine minute plus translation of the Hot Chip and Spiritualised affiliated About Group. Whereas that collaboration was more about Ashong's voice being just one element of a production that was undoubtedly Parrish, the three tracks present on the Flowers EP look to showcase what a talent the Londoner is. Those trademark dust filled stacatto rhythms are present in the opening title track, but they never swamp Ashong's killer vocal delivery, while "Take It Slow" is bonafide D funk of the highest order. After the brutal, divisive nature of Theo's kung fu experimentalism on the Any Other Styles EP, these three tracks show him in a wholly new light and hopefully Parrish and Ashong will be making much more music together.
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Unknown Pleasures (remastered)
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 in stock $15.64
Unknown Pleasures (remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 082564 6183906. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Disorder (3:28)
  2. Day Of The Lords (4:45)
  3. Candidate (2:56)
  4. Insight (4:12)
  5. New Dawn Fades (4:44)
  6. She's Lost Control (3:54)
  7. Shadowplay (3:51)
  8. Wilderness (2:35)
  9. Interzone (2:14)
  10. I Remember Nothing (5:50)
Mulatu Of Ethiopia
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 in stock $10.52
Cat: STRUT 129CD. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Mulatu
  2. Mascaram Setaba
  3. Dewel
  4. Kulunmanqueleshi
  5. Kasalefkut-hulu
  6. Munaye
  7. Chifara
  8. Mulatu (mono album mix)
  9. Mascaram Setaba (mono album mix)
  10. Dewel (mono album mix)
  11. Kulunmanqueleshi (mono album mix)
  12. Kasalefkut-Hulu (mono album mix)
  13. Munaye (mono album mix)
  14. Chifara (mono album mix)
Review: According to those with more knowledge than us, Mulatu Astatke is one of Ethiopia's most influential musicians. He left the country to study abroad in the early 1960s, eventually settling in New York. It was there where he recorded the legendary Mulatu of Ethiopia, a set that helped define what the musician called "Ethio-jazz". Here Strut Records have given the 1972 set - original of copies of which change hands for phenomenal sums of money - the reissue treatment, delivering both stereo and mono mixes of the album's seven sparkling tracks. Although influenced by his Ethiopian upbringing and a deep love of Latin jazz, the album's major inspirations - think jazz-funk, psychedelia and Blaxploitation soundtracks - are all American.
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Shure NWHLB Whitelabel Replacement Stylus For WHLB Whitelabel Cartridge
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 More than 10 in stock $42.06
Cat: 212339 Rel: 20 Mar 06
Replacement stylus (N-WHLB) for Whitelabel aka White Label cartridge
Notes: Introducing the Shure White Label cartridge.

The Shure N-WHLB is a truly revolutionary piece of DJ technology. Tailored for the club environment, the White Label features sonic characteristics including solid drop bass, flat mids and accented highs. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the cartridge additionally delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance and better skip resistance. It also includes an adjustable stylus overhang, reliable electrical contact and improved stylus visibility.
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