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Make Noise System Cartesian Complete Modular Synth
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 1 in stock $2,367.87
Cat: 599680 Rel: 29 Feb 16
Complete modular synthesizer based around the Rene Cartesian Sequencer module
Notes: A complete modular synth that travels to ALL COASTs and puts the Rene Cartesian Sequencer to fantastic use along the way.

This system is capable of Subtractive Synthesis, Additive Synthesis, FM Synthesis, Phase Modulation Synthesis, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and more... often simultaneously.
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Alpha Recording System ARS Model 4100 Rotary DJ Mixer (black)
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 1 in stock $2,284.76
Cat: 594665 Rel: 14 Dec 15
4 channel, Japanese hand crafted rackmountable rotary DJ mixer
Notes: The Alpha Recording System Model 4100 rotary DJ mixer features 4 high quality audio channels, housed within a striking hand-crafted rack-mountable unit.

Designed with the audio purist in mind, the ARS Model 4100 mixer features only what is essential to a DJ. This "no frills" approach results in fewer distractions to get between you and what really matters - the music.

Overall, the acoustic character of the Model 4100 mixer is both warm and deep, with particular attention paid to deliver think, punchy basslines and detailed high frequency reproduction.

With the user in mind, Alpha Recording System have selected painted fluorescent green input selector switches for each channel. This allows you to see exactly what's selected at a glance, even in the often dark conditions of a nightclub!

A combination of RCA & XLR outputs further add to the flexibility of this diverse rack-mountable mixer - perfect for any gig.

The featured effect send/return loop allow the user to expand the capabilities of this mixer to using it alongside any outboard gear - either per channel or on the master output stage.
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Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1 Plus Semi Modular Synthesizer (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $769.89
Cat: 595682 Rel: 08 Dec 14
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1+ Synthesizer is an expandable version of the System 10.1. Housed in our larger Cell[90] desktop case, the System 10.1+ has room to grow. The additional space allows a nearly infinite number of expansion options. The included black plastic blank panel can be easily trimmed as new modules are added to keep the case looking clean.

Just like the System 10.1, the System 10.1+ offers direct access to a wide array of modern, analog monosynth sounds. Without a single patch cable, floor shaking bass and aggressive leads are just a few knob tweaks away. Plugging in a few patch cables opens the Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1+ Synthesizer to complex experimentation by offering unlimited control over both the modulation and audio signal paths. All of the elements of a classic voltage controlled, analog modular synth are available as an open, patchable, modern synthesizer.

The System 10.1+ Synthesizer features a complex waveforms oscillator. Standard triangle, square, and saw waves are available alongside a sub oscillator and our new blade wave. The blade wave is a rich, modulatable saw that can be controlled in several unique ways.

The System 10.1+ Synthesizer also features our new Lopass Gate. The Lopass Gate uses a highly tuned set of vactrols to produce everything from natural sounding filter sweeps and res'd out piercing leads to organic percussion. The Lopass Gate has 3 modes of operation: Low pass filter, VCA, and lopass gate. In lopass gate mode, the filter combines the features of both the low pass filter and VCA to produce a harmonically rich, intricate sound.
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Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM Synthesizer (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $727.29
Cat: 631488 Rel: 27 Oct 14
B-STOCK: Slight wear to box, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Slight wear to box, product in perfect working order***

Back to the raw power and purity of non-programmable discrete analog, where STUDIO ELECTRONICS started in 1985. The snap and punch of hardware envelopes drive the BOOMSTAR's brilliant voltage controlled circuits with unparalleled sonic integrity and versatility. BOOMSTAR is the ultimate desktop analog synthesizer for those who remember and desire still, the electronic Analog sound that changed the world, and for seekers who have yet to discover that magic and delight... in their time.

Driven by rapid fire hardware envelope snap, and near Modular sound flexibility (at the flip of any of its 20 toggle switches), the STUDIO ELECTRONICS BOOMSTARr desktop* synth is a performer and sound designer's waking dream. The Boomstar foundation: two Oscillators - stackable waveforms with Sub OSC, two Envelopes - invertible, loopable, with 'drone' and 'master' mode, is accented expressively by hardware XMod and exponential glide, extensive modulation routing, and a flexible software LFO: jacked for heavy lifting and fine-tuned experimentation - even go "off synth" with the external input and color exotic oscillations.

The quick-turn shaft pots along the bottom for the hardware Ring Mod, Noise, Filter Feedback and VCO Levels make vital sonic change intimate, immediate, and indispensable; the adjacent Overdrive switch adds warmth and edge. Thirty one pots insure fluid, intuitive mastery over wide-ranging sweep and subtlety of tone: feather in the changes or whip them suddenly and rhythmically into shape.

Now Six Models Pumped: SE80 - the legendary, creamy, multi-mode Yamaha CS-80, 700 - innovative MiniKORG, 5089 - classic Moog 24dB ladder, 4075 - powerfully resonant ARP 2600, SEM - the original Oberheim 12dB, 3003 - the chirpy, acidic, bouncy Roland TB-303.

S. E.'s patchable, discrete, through-hole, hand-matched transistor, American-made analog synthesizers are as rugged as they are flexible; inspiring instruments built to last a lifetime, and then some, no matter which brilliant, hand-crafted filter model you choose.
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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV1 Modular Organism Patchable Synthesizer Module (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $587.04
Cat: 623905 Rel: 14 Mar 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Heart and Soul of Modular Synthesis:
The Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms SV-1 is a complete dual oscillator synthesizer, designed to be the core of your eurorack modular system. Building on the sound and legacy of our celebrated Waveforms oscillator, the SV-1 module features two full-range independent analog oscillators; sound sources that are perfect for dynamic and inspired performances. In addition to these two high-performance oscillators, we stuffed the SV-1 with a perfectly curated set of modular synthesis tools including dual, chained mixers, a plucky, four stage envelope generator, and of course, our legendary analog state-variable filter.

The Lifeforms SV-1 is a synthesizer powerhouse, providing absolutely everything you need to create gigantic and iconic synth sounds: roaring bass, shimmering leads, lush pads and warm drones are only a few knob turns away. Instantly, out of the box, a rich feature set with a fluid, easy to understand interface empowers you to create vibrant, thick tones. Modulation and Tools sections fill out the analog SV-1 modulation capabilities with a triangle and square LFO, two sub-octave oscillators chained to the main oscillator, and noise with sample & hold.

Your Sound, Your Way:
Pre-patched under the hood, patch cables are not necessary to get started. But as soon as you begin patching, you will feel the power provided by the 53 patch points and 21 knobs. By breaking each feature of the synthesizer out with patch cables, a tremendous amount of flexibility and control emerges to patch up any sound your imagination can dream up. All the tried and true analog classics are there at your disposal: sine, sawtooth, triangle and square. In addition, our exclusive and powerful blade wave on Oscillator 1 adds a unique weapon to your sonic arsenal. Deep modulation options award you complex control of nearly every function of the SV-1.

A Team Player:
We've designed the Lifeforms SV-1 to be the perfect centerpiece of any eurorack synthesizer regardless of size. In a smaller system, the SV-1 provides a wide variety of synthesis options through a hefty set of synthesis tools. Combined with a larger collection of modules, you can unlock never-before-heard expressiveness and unparalleled control over the rich feature set of the SV-1. The ability to patch and integrate the SV-1 with other existing eurorack compatible gear gives you truly infinite modulation and expansion options.

Feature Set/Comparison:
Audio Source:
Lifeforms SV-1 - 2 Oscillators: 5 waveforms + 2 sub octaves and 4 waveforms, respectively
Moog Mother-32 - 1 Oscillator: 2 waveforms
Make Noise 0-Coast - 1 Oscillator: 2 waveforms

Lifeforms SV-1 - 53 patch points (20 in, 32 out, 1 dual purpose). Fully modular (all section in/out points accessible separately)
Moog Mother-32 - 32 patch points (18 in, 14 out). Semi-modular (some section in/out points inaccessible)
Make Noise 0-Coast - 27 patch points (14 in, 13 out). Fully modular (all section in/out points accessible separately)

Lifeforms SV-1 - 4 channel mixer, splittable into 2x2 channel mixers
Moog Mother-32 - 2 channel mixer
Make Noise 0-Coast - Ext. audio input

Sound Shaping:
Lifeforms SV-1 - 3-state variable filter (Low/High/Bandpass)
Moog Mother-32 - 2-state variable filter (Low/High)
Make Noise 0-Coast - Additive synthesis (wavefolding, overtones), no filter

Lifeforms SV-1 - 4 stage ADSR, 2 multi-waveform LFOs, 2 noise sources + smooth and stepped S&H
Moog Mother-32 - 2 stage AD + Sus. switch, 1 multi-waveform LFO, 1 noise source
Make Noise 0-Coast - 3 stage ASD, 1 dual-purpose AD/LFO, S&H + offset

*For audio demos, please visit -
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Pioneer DDJ SR Performance DJ Controller
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 3 in stock $549.63
Cat: 507592 Rel: 25 Nov 13
2 channel DJ controller designed for use with Serato software
Notes: The DDJ-SR 2 channel DJ controller is designed for use with Serato DJ software.

The smaller and more compact DDJ-SR inherits many of the same functionalities and controls of the larger DDJ-SX introduced in 2012, offering large aluminum jog wheels, integrated performance pads, and a new PAD PLUS feature that adds four additional audio effects to the performance pads.

The DDJ-SR takes advantage of Serato DJ's full capability, ensuring its layout of knobs and buttons are exceptionally easy-to-use with the software.

Large rubber "performance pads" located below the big jog wheel provide HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER and SAMPLER functions. Each soft-touch rubber pad illuminates in blue to enable users to tap the pad(s) quickly for each effect, with the output volume varying depending on the strength of each tap.

By activating the new PAD PLUS button, the functions of the performance pads are transformed, converting the four function buttons into HOT CUE ROLL, TRANS, COMBO FX and SAMPLER ROLL. This enables DJs to trigger multiple FX with one button, and automatically sync samples and Hot Cues to the beat. The DDJ-SR also features a Beat Indicator which gives a visual representation of the beat.

- HOT CUE ROLL/SAMPLER ROLL - Launch Hot Cues and Samples that are automatically synced to the BPM.
- COMBO FX - Simultaneously trigger and modulate multiple effects and filters with one pad.
- TRANS - Cut the volume of FX in and out at pre-set intervals.

The DDJ-SR features two large jog wheels for precise scratching and mixing capabilities. The resistance for each jog wheel was fined tuned to provide users with the best "feel" and the shortest latency.

The built-in 2-channel mixer on the DDJ-SR is ideal for scratch performances. The mixer can also be used with four decks using the "deck select" buttons located on each side of the controller. In addition, the unit features a "Cross Fader Reverse" switch to enable the left and right decks to be controlled from opposite sides.

The DDJ-SR sports a steel top panel and an aluminum jog plate for a more elegant and stylish look and feel.

A free-of-charge download of Serato DJ software is included with the purchase of a DDJ-SR for an easy out-of-the-box experience.

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Eventide Space Programmable Reverb Effects Pedal (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $481.06
Cat: 584103 Rel: 18 Mar 13
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: *** B STOCK - Box opened, product in perfect working order ***

Never before has there been a more dazzling collection of reverb algorithms combined with delays, pitch shifting, tremolo, modulation, and special effects in such a compact and affordable package.

The Space features 12 of Eventide's signature reverb combination effects culled from the H8000FW and the Eclipse V4 along with some startling new magic. The Space includes 100 x presets, including presets crafted by Flood and Alan Moulder (The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, 30 Seconds to Mars, PJ Harvey and Them Crooked Vultures), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Nine Inch Nails), Richard Devine (sound designer, synthesist, performer, remixer), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Amedeo Pace (Blonde Redhead), Alex Somers and Jonsi Birgisson (Jonsi and Alex, Sigur Ros), Amadeo Pace (Blonde Redhead) and John Agnello (Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Kurt Vile). These unique effects, previously available only in Eventide rack processors, are now available in a compact, roadworthy package. Never before has there been a more dazzling collection of reverb algorithms combined with delays, pitch shifting, tremolo, modulation, and spatial effects in such a compact and affordable package.

12 of Eventide's signature Reverb Combo Algorithms:

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Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer Module
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 2 in stock $475.86
Cat: 590408 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Trigger sequencer
Notes: From a conceptual view, the Trigger Riot generates 16 clock streams consisting of multiple time manipulation functions (division, offsets, etc) that interact to create the trigger output, and direct access to each parameter via individual knobs allows for quick manipulation. The 8 outputs are the sum of those manipulated streams per row. The outputs of the module are arranged as either a 4x4 matrix, where each of the 16 knobs affects both row and column, or as a set of independent outputs for each row or column. This allows forming 8 complex musical interactions in a 'Matrix' mode or 8 independent streams in 'Independent' mode and is switchable from one to the other on press of a button for some unexpected results.

Since each of the 16 knobs represents a real time tweakable trigger generator/modifier the Trigger Riot is extremely playable and can result very complex patterns with only few knob turns; patterns that would otherwise take much longer and in some instances be almost impossible to produce using grid based step sequencing. Patterns can have unique time signatures that can repeat or be randomized through probability, time shifted and phased, divided, multiplied and counted, it's unbelievable how complex this module can get with minimal input.
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Electro Harmonix 45000 Multi Track Looping Recorder (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $414.56
Cat: 633453 Rel: 09 Feb 15
B-STOCK: Slight wear to box, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Slight wear to box, product in perfect working order***

Building on EHX's looper legacy, the 45000 combines the familiar controls of a multi-track digital recorder with state-of-the-art features making it possible to create complex multi-track loops quickly and easily.

Each loop has four mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track. The 45000 records non-compressed, 44.1 kHz / 16-bit CD quality audio direct to a removable SDHC card (4 to 32GB). Each card holds up to 100 individual loops accessed with the optional 45000 Foot Controller (sold separately).

Loop speed is adjustable over a two octave range, and reverse recording and playback are also possible. For extra convenience, a built-in metronome to a separate Monitor Out and a Headphone Out are also included.
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Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer (Shadow edition, black)
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 2 in stock $393.78
Cat: 467331 Rel: 10 Sep 12
Synthesizer + Waldorf Edition software, including D Pole Filter Module, PPG Wave 2.V & Attack
Notes: *** Synthesizer comes with a free copy of The Waldorf Edition software, including D Pole Filter Module, PPG Wave 2.V & Attack ***

Waldorf are back in the game. With the Blofeld. this synthesizer offers all the unique qualities that made Waldorf a truly legendary brand.

The engine inside the heavy duty, full metal chassis of the Blofeld delivers the same fat and rich sound that so many Waldorf users worldwide love when they play their Pulse, Q, Q+, Micro Q, Microwave, Microwave II/XT, or even the flagship Wave.

Yes, you've heard it right. The Blofeld is not only capable of producing these warm, organic analog sounds known from the Q synthesizer line, it also sports a wavetable engine like its predecessors with Wave in their names.

This unique synthesis system is based upon the revolutionary PPG Wave synthesizers of the early 80s. So when you listen to the Blofeld for the first time, you will instantly recognize those edgy, hard-hitting and bell-like timbres that have been an integral part of so many world hits from the PPG era on, and become increasingly popular once more.

In fact it is amazing to realize that nowadays this complex technology fits into such a slim and elegant device. And for a price no-one would have imagined a couple of years ago.
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Korg Electribe EMX2 Music Production Station (blue version) (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $383.39
Cat: 632657 Rel: 29 Aug 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The electribe has been reborn including KORG's latest technology distilled from popular products such as the KingKORG, kaossilator, kaoss pad, and taktile. The 200 preset patterns cover House and Techno as well as cutting-edge dance music genres such as Trap and EDM. Another major evolution of the new electribe is support for polyphonic playback, which is indispensable for musical styles that involve complex chord progressions such as House music.

Using the 16 pads placed on the front of the unit, you can create patterns intuitively while actually hearing and seeing the sounds. You can use the pads as a keyboard to realtime-record phrases, and also perform step recording by entering the pitch and rhythmic value one note at a time. The patterns you create can be used in alternate forms as you perform by taking advantage of the "step jump" feature inherited from the volca series, or by changing the "last step" to vary the length of each part.

There's also a "motion sequence" function that lets you record knob and button operations and use them in the pattern that you create. Either drums or synths can now be assigned to each of the 16 parts (i.e., the 16 pads). For example you could create complex rhythms by assigning drums to all of the 16 parts.

Familiar from the kaossilator is the "touch scale" function that lets anyone perform without wrong notes, just by moving a finger across the touch pad. The trigger pads that were popular on the taktile are also provided, making it easy for anyone to create phrases intuitively. The trigger pads can also be used for drum input. Settings allow you to switch velocity on/off.

For the electribe, KORG designed a synth engine that gives you the maximum sound-creating freedom and the fastest sound production. The 409 oscillator waveforms include analog modeling and PCM. The analog modeling synth engine provides a broad variety ranging from simple basic waveforms to complex combinations such as dual, unison, sync, ring modulation, and cross modulation. The PCM sound engine provides mainly rhythm sounds, but also covers multisamples for keyboard. (collaborations with Sample Magic, Loopmasters, Prime Loops are included)

The filters at the heart of the sound-shaping capabilities are inherited directly from the KingKORG, and they use filter algorithms that simulate standard synthesizers so that you can get "the sound" which was used in famous songs, just by selecting the appropriate filter type.

You can also apply filters to drums to create rhythm tracks that are rich in tonal variation. Modulation can make sound-creation more complicated, but we've made it easy by condensing it down to three parameters: simply select a template that specifies an effect and its target, and then adjust the speed and depth of the effect to suit your taste.

The new electribe provides effects such as compression and overdrive for each part, giving you uncompromising control over the nuances of individual sounds that differ subtly between genres. The groove function can be specified for each part, letting you apply a groove to your phrase simply by selecting a template.

The master effects can be controlled from the touch pad just like on the kaoss pad, and they include not only spatial-type effects that shape the overall acoustics but they also include effects that apply aggressively musical transformations such as the "Vinyl Break" effect inherited from the Kaoss pad series, and the newly developed "Seq Reverse" and "Odd Stepper" that change the playback order of the sequencer. These are also extremely effective for live performance. Insert effects can be assigned for individual parts, opening up even more complex sound-design possibilities. There's also a "pattern set" function which lets you switch patterns by pressing trigger pads, and an "event recording" function that records that performance. In addition to MIDI IN/OUT, "Sync IN/OUT" is also provided, allowing synchronized performances with the volca series, monotribe, or MS-20 mini. The unit can run on six AA batteries, so you can easily take it along with you and perform anywhere, providing on-the-go inspiration your musical ideas.
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Roland Boutique TR09 Rhythm Composer 909 Drum Machine (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $379.24
Cat: 636349 Rel: 31 Oct 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The influence of the TR-909 drum machine is still heard - and felt - more than three decades after it was launched. Now, the 909 sound is available as part of the Roland Boutique series in the form of the TR-09. Featuring the same front-panel layout and user interface of the original, the TR-09 is powered by Roland's ACB technology, delivering the speaker-pummelling power of the TR-909 in a super-affordable and portable format. Offering precise control over an array of drum parameters and the ability to keep playing when switching modes, the TR-09 may be compact, but it still has the power to move people. Studio sessions are well catered for too, with four separate outputs via USB audio, external instrument control via a trigger output, and USB MIDI.

909 Power via Roland's ACB Technology:
The original TR-909 blended analog kick, snare, and tom drums with six-bit samples for the hi-hats and cymbals. This hybrid approach to sound generation meant that the 909 sounded like no other drum machine. Accurately recreating such an influential sound while retaining the ability to edit and tweak the various parameters is only possible via Roland's ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) technology, which is also found in the popular AIRA series.

Classic TR-REC Sequencer with Enhanced Functions:
Dedicated TR-909 users will recognise the classic TR-REC style of programming found in the TR-09, with a choice of Step or Tap write modes. You can even change modes while the pattern continues playing, something not possible on the original. The TR-09 sequencer has 16 steps, and each has 16 sub-steps so you can fine-tune your performances. And just like the original TR-909, the Shuffle/Flam parameter can be selected using the buttons - but if you need greater control, simply use the display and rotary encoder to perfect your pattern.

Connect with External Gear:
The TR-09 is designed to easily connect with other gear. The main stereo mini-jack output can also be reconfigured to send the selected instrument to the right channel, with the other instruments output to the left. A mix input routes external audio through the main outputs, while the trigger output lets the TR-09 drive vintage analog synths such as the SH-101 or JX-3P, or modern gear like the current SYSTEM-500 modular series. Sync and control other gear via standard MIDI ports or USB, and even send the audio of four individual drum parts via USB to continue working in your favourite DAW.

Battery or USB Bus Power:
Some of the best music is made away from the studio, so the Roland Boutique series runs on 4 x AA batteries, ready for when inspiration strikes. Alternatively, you can power the TR-09 with USB bus power.

USB Audio Interface for Direct Recording to Your DAW:
Via its USB port, the TR-09 also functions as a high-quality audio interface, providing a simple and reliable way of recording directly to your DAW application. You can even send individual drums to separate channels, thanks to the TR-09's four discrete outputs over USB. Saving your favourite settings and sequencer patterns is easy too via the USB data backup function.
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Arturia Keylab 61 Controller Keyboard With Analog Lab 2 Software
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 1 in stock $352.22
Cat: 491385 Rel: 16 Sep 13
61 key universal MIDI controller keyboard with Analog Lab 2 Software
Notes: The Keylab 61 is a 61 note MIDI keyboard with velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys that is designed to easily integrate into any studio and stage environment. Packed with the Analog Lab, the 61 key controller offers unparalleled hands-on experience over the 5000 TAE synthesizer presets.

The KeyLab 61 key keyboard controller is ideal for performance and gives player's maximum expression, with velocity and aftertouch in addition to a set of knobs, faders and pads, as well as full connectivity on the back panel (like expression and sustain).

This premium controller gives the fullest access to Arturia's Analog Lab software; its pre-assigned controls make it the perfect solution for plug and play sound creation. Once the software is connected to the keyboard, you can put your mouse away and experience the same workflow as on a traditional hardware synthesizer.

With Arturia's Keylab 61 players and producers alike will discover a new depth of access to synth patches. You can now really get in and customize the huge library of internationally designed presets. A new Multi mode allows several sounds to be played at the same time with the addition of effects, layer/split functions and a Chord mode. In addition, the keyboard (like all of the Keylab series) can be easily used in any other software context.

Analog Lab 2 Included:
Imagine conveniently having all the keyboard and synth sounds you need for a gig or session all in one place on your computer. No racks. No stacks.
Analog Lab 2 gives you streamlined tag-based access to 5000+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection of 17 faithfully modeled legendary classic keyboards - including combinations and effects. Each preset automatically maps the most important sound parameters to your KeyLab or MiniLab for intuitive tweaking and performance control, and you can easily custom map to any controllers via the MIDI Learn feature. You can even save the presets you need for a gig into a playlist to step through during your sets. Analog Lab 2 is also the command center for all your V Collection keyboards, giving you full editing access to any full instruments you own.

Everything you need for creativity and inspiration is right here in Analog Lab 2

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Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP96 Professional Eurorack Synth Module Enclosure Case
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 1 in stock $311.69
Cat: 598240 Rel: 14 Mar 16
Hand-stained all hardwood eurorack synth module enclosure with power - 96HP of space
The Pittsburgh Modular Structure 208 and Structure 360 eurorack enclosures use a switching power supply that needs manually set to the correct AC input voltage. The internal switch has already be properly set for 220-230 VAC. This setting works for the EU and Australia or other countries that use 220-230 VAC power.
For use in countries that use 100-120 VAC power, such as North America and Japan, the switch inside the case on the AC/DC regulator needs to be switched to the left. The switch is marked with a Yellow sticker printed with "AC input voltage can be selected by switch. Check input voltage avoiding damage before power on." The switch is located on the side of the enclosure below the arrow.
Please contact Pittsburgh Modular with any questions.***

Structure EP-96 Eurorack Enclosure

- Small and Mighty

Beautifully stained hardwood double row eurorack case. A compact desktop enclosure with 96hp of space and plenty of power available for both analog and digital modules.

Everything is New:
With years of research and two case lines under our belt, we decided to start over and produce a line of cases for the next generation of eurorack synthesizers. The eurorack modular ecosystem is expanding faster than ever and manufacturers are constantly pushing eurorack cases and power supplies to the limits. What started as a power supply designed to drive primarily analog synthesizers has transformed into a supply that needs to simultaneously meet the unique demands of sensitive analog circuitry, power hungry digital processors, and ground sensitive user interface modules.

We started with what matters most. Clean power. A lot of it. Up to 3x the amount of clean power available in cases from other brands. Next we turned our focus to the enclosure itself and there was only one goal. Make the case stronger. Our engineers tested countless combinations utilizing different types of wood, joints, adhesives, assembly techniques, and hardware to ensure that Structure cases are as durable as they are beautiful.

With a clean and gorgeous design that promotes creative exploration, the Structure enclosures are our most robust and refined case line yet. With massive amounts of both room and clean power, you can reach completely new heights in your creative performances.

Structure EP-96 Features

Structure 96 Power
1.5A Amps of Clean +12v Power

1.5A Amps of Clean -12v Power

1 Amp of Clean +5v Power

Custom Power Board with 6 Keyed Eurorack Power Headers Per Row, 12 Power Headers Total

External On-off Power Button

Universal DC Adapter with IEC Power Connector Works Anywhere

Structure EP-96 Enclosure
All Hardwood construction (No cheap plastic here)

Double 48hp Rows

Edge to Edge Rail Design Reduces Gaps Between Modules and the Side of the Case

9 Smooth Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail (Holds up to 18 modules)

Beautifully Hand-Stained Hardwood

Structure EP-96 Dimensions
External Depth: 11 1/2"
External Height: 3 3/4"
External Width: 10 1/2"
Internal Depth Above Power Supply: 2 3/16"
Internal Depth Above Nothing: 2 3/4"
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Roland System 500 521 Dual VCF Module
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 1 in stock $298.58
Cat: 581795 Rel: 11 Jul 16
Dual Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) synth module - 16HP wide
Notes: Dual VCF:
Based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synthesizer, the SYSTEM-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in Eurorack format, the SYSTEM-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. Built in the USA and assembled in Japan, the SYSTEM-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls. And it's surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality.

Classic System. New Format:
The SYSTEM-500 consists of Eurorack format modules that you can mix and match in any combination to create the ultimate Roland modular synthesizer. Each module is completely analog and has been designed for maximum compatibility with the world of contemporary synthesizer and effects modules. The SYSTEM-500 is a compact, powerful system that opens up vast possibilities for sound design and musical exploration.

521 Dual VCF:
The 521 Dual VCF (voltage controlled filter) module features two separate low pass filters for modifying the timbre of audio sources. Each filter has its own dedicated controls for frequency cutoff, resonance, and a fixed high pass filter with two switchable cutoff points. Audio and CV input mixers on each channel allow the blending of multiple audio signals and modulation sources.
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AJH Synth Sonic XV Diode Ladder Wave Filter Module (black)
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 1 in stock $270.14
Cat: 625082 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Sonic XV Diode Ladder Wave Filter Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module (black)
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 2 in stock $270.14
Cat: 625058 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module
Eowave Domino Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer Module
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Cat: 633328 Rel: 05 Dec 16
Full-featured synth module including saw/square wave oscillator, ladder type low pass filter, decay envelope & VCA
Notes: The Domino is a redesign of its desktop synth bigger brother. Packing a full-featured synthesizer voice into 10HP, the Domino includes a saw/square wave oscillator, ladder type low pass filter, decay envelope and VCA. A plethora of patching possibilities makes this module a keen choice for portable systems, and those looking for deep sonic crafting within a tight HP space. Pair with a sequencer for instant basslines and acid lead lines, add some modulation to unlock the full sound design potential

- Cutoff - filter frequency
- Res - filter resonance
- Switch - switches between gate>VCA to envelope>VCA
- Pitch - pitch tuning
- Mix - blend saw and square waves
- P Mod - pitch modulation attenuator
- Decay - envelope decay
- Filter Envelope - modulation amount, pre-patched from envelope to filter
- F Mod - filter cutoff modulation attenuator

- CV
- PWM (square wave)
- Mix 1 in - input for external oscillator/sound source to replace saw wave
- Gate - gate in
- P Mod - pitch modulation, pre-patched to envelope
- F Mod - frequency modulation for filter cutoff, pre-patched to CV in
- Mix 2 in - input for external oscillator/sound source to replace square wave

- Saw
- Square
- Env - envelope output
- Out - out from VCA
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AJH Synth Ring SM Ring Mod Sub Bass Mixer Module (silver)
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Cat: 625077 Rel: 26 Sep 16
AJH synth ring sm ring mod sub bass mixer module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module (silver)
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Cat: 625054 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module Cockpit 4 Stereo Channel Performance Mixer Module
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Cat: 642575 Rel: 13 Mar 17
4 stereo channels performance mixer - 6HP wide
Notes: More than just a mixer - The Cockpit can not only be used to sum up mono and stereo signals with modular or line level, but as an effect insert for smartphones and tablets as well. Additionally, the module offers a ducking compressor plus sidechain input. Several Cockpits can be daisy-chained to form a large mixing setup. The audio paths feature a completely analog design to guarantee high-class sound.
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AJH Synth Mini Mod Dual Contour Generators Module (black)
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Cat: 625067 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Dual Contour Generators Module
Tascam DR 70D Portable Recorder For DSLR Cameras (B-STOCK)
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Cat: 618851 Rel: 15 Dec 14
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The DR-70D is a compact audio recorder that allows the aspiring DSLR user to create audio recordings in very high quality in parallel to their film or video shots. The recorder can be mounted directly between a tripod and the camera or on top of the camera, resulting in a compact package.

With its two built-in microphones, the DR-70D is instantly ready for use in standard situations. In addition, it provides four XLR/TRS combo jacks which can be used to record four channels of audio with excellent sound quality using professional microphones. Thanks to a camera output the recorder's stereo signal can be recorded also on the camera to ease subsequent editing of the material in combination with the slate tone function of the recorder. On the other hand you can use the camera input to monitor the audio of the camera using the recorder.

Features of the DR-70D include overload-resistant, great-sounding preamps with switchable low-cut filter and limiter, handling of microphone signals in mid/side format, 24- or 48-volts phantom power for condenser mics, as well as many common and not so common functions that facilitate capturing, monitoring and subsequent processing of the audio tracks.

The two omnidirectional microphones allow you to easily record natural stereo sound with just this unit. Used together with small shotgun mics, you can even record audio from people speaking in an interview and the ambient sound at the same time (on different tracks), for example, with a compact set up.

The four-channel design enables use of two shotgun mics and the stereo mic to record ambiance and each speaker individually. Since channels 1 and 2 can be set to the stereo input and channels 3 and 4 can be set to the built-in mic, a large variety of microphone setups is possible: MONO/DUAL MONO mode - This is best for recording the audio of a single performer. STEREO/DUAL STEREO mode - This is best for recording with the built-in microphone or a stereo mic. 2MIX/DUAL 2MIX mode - This creates stereo files of the signals of multiple inputs that have been mixed.

The mixer can take a total of 4 channels from among the four XLR inputs that support phantom power, the stereo mini-jack input and the built-in stereo mic. In addition to enable pan and level adjustments, this unit also offers a limiter, a five-setting low-cut filter and a delay that can compensate for distances between mics. Moreover, a mid-side decoding function allows the use of two microphones in mid-side configuration.

Mic preamps, which receive and amplify microphone input signals, have a large impact on the quality of the recorded audio material. The DR-70D uses Tascam original HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) microphone preamps that we created through careful selection of parts. For example, we chose the NE5532 for the operational amplifier, which has a strong effect on audio quality. With a mic amp circuit that uses discrete architecture comprised of meticulously-chosen parts, we have achieved an equivalent input noise of -120 dBu.

The A/D converter that converts analogue signals to digital is made by Cirrus Logic and is equivalent to those used in our successful DR series of linear PCM recorders. Recording at resolutions up to 96 kHz/24 bit is supported.

The designer of the DR-70D focused on making the unit small so that it does not interfere with camera-work when it is attached to a camera support system or stabilizer. The unit has tripod screw threads on the bottom side and a removable camera attachment screw on its top. A hot shoe mount is also included so you can attach the recorder in the way most convenient for you by placing it between a tripod and the camera or on top of the camera with a hot shoe:
- Stand adapter (14 inch) on bottom side to attach the unit to a tripod
- DSLR bracket for easy camera attachment and removal
- Hot shoe mount (accessible when not using the DSLR bracket)
- Handles on the front left and right sides protect the screen and can be used to attach a shoulder belt

The DR-70D has a camera input jack that can be used to monitor the audio from the DSLR camera. By using this with the DR-70D monitor selection function, you can efficiently monitor the audio from not only the DR-70D but also from the DSLR camera.

The camera output jack is designed to output the mixed audio to the camera so that the same audio can be recorded by the DR-70D and the camera. Since the input level varies by camera maker and there are usually few adjustments related to volume on DSLR cameras, this unit has an output volume dial that can be used to make adjustments.

The built-in generator can produce slate tones that can be used as references when aligning audio and video. In addition to being able to produce slate tones when recording starts or when it starts and stops, the SLATE button can be used to add slate tones at any desired point.
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AJH Synth Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module (silver)
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Cat: 625059 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer With Cubase AI Audio Production Software
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Cat: 519642 Rel: 24 Mar 14
10 channel analog mixing desk with effects and free bundled audio production software
Notes: For a more precise control and enhancement of your sound, XU models of the MG Series come equipped with a suite of Yamaha's renowned SPX effects. Featuring high-resolution Chorus, Flanger, Distortions, Reverb and Delay, all with editable parameters, these are the same multieffects processors used on Yamaha's high-end mixing consoles, giving you the tools you need to elevate your mixes to a higher plane.

For more than a century, Yamaha has been building a legacy of superior craftsmanship and innovation exemplified in all of our products, from an unrivalled catalog of world-class musical instruments to touring-grade professional audio. Now in its third incarnation, the MG Series embodies this pursuit of design excellence, and incorporates some of the same technologies developed for use in high-end professional consoles, including studio-quality preamps, powerful digital processing, and a rugged, reliable construction. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the MG Series boasts an extensive lineup of compact mixing consoles with models ranging from six to twenty channels, suitable for a diverse range of users and applications. For installed, recording, or live music settings, the solid construction and flexible design of these consoles lets you shape your sound with confidence, continually delivering peak performance and a level of sound quality and reliability unrivalled in its class.

Yamaha has always strived to provide sound engineers with the purest possible signal instead of added processing or color to give it a "signature" sound, and the MG Series is no exception. Embracing this philosophy of transparent sound, these mixing consoles deliver a level of sonic purity and sound quality that is unmatched in their class.

Everything you do as a sound engineer is dependent on the quality of your preamps, which determines the direction your mix will take, and ultimately how good it is going to sound. MG Series mixing consoles feature Yamaha's studio-grade discrete class-A D-PRE preamps, which utilize an inverted Darlington circuit comprising two cascading transistors in a configuration that provides more power with lower impedance. Delivering fat, natural sounding bass and smooth, soaring highs, with very low distortion, D-PRE preamps possess an impressively wide frequency range that allow them to handle signal from any audio source without overly amplifying any specific elements of the sound.

The head amp determines sound quality, and op-amp integrated circuits are one of the most important parts in the head amp circuit. MG Series mixers feature new, high-quality, custommade MG01 op-amps that we developed in cooperation with the semiconductor manufacturer. Although many other Op-amps prioritize electrical design and efficiency, we worked directly with the semiconductor manufacturer to focus on sound quality first.

With phantom power, MG Series consoles allow you to take full advantage of the greater frequency response and high sound quality of condenser microphones. The input channel with PAD switch accepts MIC to line level of inputs, PAD Switch attenuates high input signals that often accompany mic'ed instruments during performance, avoiding the clippingthat can seriously affect your mix.

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Tiptop Audio BD909 Analog Bass Drum Generator Module
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Cat: 590433 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Percussion synthesizer module reverse-engineered from the original TR-909 circuit - 8HP wide
Notes: Reverse-engineered from the original machine, our BD909 is an identical recreation of the original all-analog drum circuit of the TR-909. We've added additional controls and synthesis features that turn this classic circuit into a chest-pounding analog bass drum laboratory - all tightly packed into an 8HP module. The BD909 sound differs from our BD808 in that the main sonic energy is centered in the mid to low frequency range (as opposed to the low frequency range of the BD808). This frequency range gives the needed headroom allowing your bass Lines to deeply fill up the low end while the kick drum rides on top - creating a clear and punchy mix.

The BD909 includes all the controls found in the original: Attack, Decay, Tune Decay, Accent and Level. We have gone beyond that and added controls that further increase the palette of sound this circuit is capable of. First off, we've added a tuning control knob for the oscillator and included its own CV input and attenuator that let you tune your 909 kick with your bass lines. Next, we added control knobs for the tuning attack and extending tuning decay - each one affects the other, allowing for very intuitive and interactive sound shaping - this feature opens up numerous "sweet spots", and provides the ability to center the energy peak at different parts of the sound. Finally, we offer additional punch and distortion by giving complete control over the internal waveshaper, which allows you to overload the waveform manually or with voltage control.

Beginning with the classic and pure sound of the 909 kick, these additional functions greatly expand the BD909's flexibility and let it create powerful analog bass drums that range from soft and smooth to punchy and aggressive - and everything in between.
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Waldorf 2 Pole Analog Filter With The Waldorf Edition LE Software (B-STOCK)
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Cat: 548415 Rel: 26 May 14
B-STOCK: Box slightly worn, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box slightly worn, product in perfect working order***

For some decades now, analog filters have had a deep impact on contemporary music. Since its very beginnings, Waldorf has been renowned for the quality of their excellent sounding analog filters.

Whether these were integrated in stand alone units, such as the 4-Pole, X-Pole or the AFB16, which enabled the world's first analog plug-Ins, or were found inside Waldorf's synthesizers such as the Wave, the Q+ or the Pulse - Waldorf filters have influenced the world's sound for over two decades.

As a logical consequence, Waldorf's exclusive analog filter technology is now available in this novel square box (unexpectedly matching the Rocket synthesizer). 2-Pole is giving the guitar player, the DJ, or the keyboard player access to the heart of the Waldorf sound - with an inspiring user interface with a one knob/one function philosophy. Spice up your live performances with dramatic filter sweeps that really cut through. Funk up your guitar licks by hooking a pedal controller to 2-Poles' cutoff CV In or using the integrated envelope follower. Animate your pad sounds using 2-Pole's LFO. But beware - no matter what you do with this tiny black box, make sure you set the levels to your amplifiers and speakers correctly, as 2-Pole is yet another beast from Waldorf - with love!
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MIDI Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller
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MIDI Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller (MIDI footswitch controller)
Cat: 592369 Rel: 16 Nov 15
1/4" connection to an external dual footswitch or two contact closures which can be used to trigger MIDI events
Notes: The MIDI Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller provides a 1/4" stereo phone jack input for connection to an external dual footswitch or two contact closures which can be used to trigger MIDI events. Triggered MIDI events are merged with incoming MIDI messages and sent to the MIDI output of the Dual Footswitch Controller.

Triggered event types are programmable and include:
Control Change
Pitch Bend
Program Change
System Exclusive

Other functions include:
Program Change INC/DEC
Tap Tempo
Note-on Filter

MIDI Echo and Footswitch Toggle parameters are selectable on/off.

The Polarity of each footswitch can be determined automatically on power-up, or can be programmed to normally-open or normally-closed. It's also possible for the Dual Footswitch Controller to send out the state of its footswitches immediately on power-up rather than waiting for each to be depressed.

The Dual Footswitch Controller is programmed by sending it MIDI System Exclusive messages (see FAQs - Programming). This is easily done with the MIDI Solutions Programming Tools software. Once programmed, its settings are retained even after power is removed. The Dual Footswitch Controller can be reprogrammed with new settings as often as needed.

The Dual Footswitch Controller is MIDI-powered, and requires no batteries or power supply to operate with most MIDI products (see FAQs - Power and FAQs - LED for more information). A MIDI indicator LED lights up when the product is powered and flashes when MIDI data passes through it.
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AJH Synth Mini Mod Discrete Cascaded VCA Module (black)
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Cat: 625062 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Discrete Cascaded VCA Module
MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus
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Cat: 524241 Rel: 17 Mar 14
Compact MIDI event processor with a wide variety of functions
Notes: The MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus offers all of the functionality of the MIDI Solutions Event Processor, with 32 settings instead of the Event Processor's 10, and 8 variable storage locations instead of the Event Processor's 2. Each of the Event Processor Plus's 32 settings can be programmed with a unique MIDI processing function. By combining these settings the Event Processor Plus becomes an extremely powerful tool capable of processing MIDI events in almost any way imaginable. You can map MIDI events or ranges of MIDI events to other MIDI events, filter MIDI events or ranges of MIDI events, trigger MIDI events, toggle between MIDI events, sequence through MIDI events, scale or crossfade MIDI messages, transpose notes, scale velocities, map to and from System Exclusive, NRPN, Bank Select messages, store incoming values in variables for later use... the Event Processor is like a swiss army knife of MIDI processing products, an indispensable tool in any MIDI musician's arsenal.

The Event Processor Plus works by comparing each incoming MIDI event with each of its 32 settings. When an incoming MIDI event matches a setting, the event is processed according to that setting. By combining different settings for different incoming events, the Event Processor Plus becomes an extremely powerful tool capable of achieving virtually any combination of MIDI-processing functions.

Following is a list of the Event Processor Plus's functions, but better yet download the Event Processor Plus Programming Tools software and read the Guide to the Event Processor and Event Processor Plus by Bruce Wahler of Ashby Solutions. The Programming Tools software is free for download, quick to install, and contains lots of example files that demonstrate the many applications of the Event Processor Plus. And the Guide to the Event Processor and Event Processor Plus is a comprehensive guide that makes it easy to understand everything these amazing products are capable of!

Filter MIDI Events

Map MIDI Events

Trigger MIDI Events

Cycle Through a Sequence of MIDI Events

Turn Settings On and Off

Store Incoming Values in Variables

The Event Processor Plus is programmed by sending it MIDI System Exclusive messages (see FAQs - Programming). This is easily done with the Event Processor Plus Programming Tools software. Once programmed, the Event Processor Plus's settings are retained even after power is removed. The Event Processor Plus can be reprogrammed with new settings as often as needed.

The Event Processor Plus is MIDI-powered, and requires no batteries or power supply to operate with most MIDI products (see FAQs - Power and FAQs - LED for more information). A MIDI indicator LED lights up when the product is powered and flashes when MIDI data passes through it.

weight: 3.8 oz.
dimensions: 4-3/16" x 2-3/16" x 1-3/32"
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Tiptop Audio Z4000 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator Module
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Cat: 590407 Rel: 16 Nov 15
Voltage controlled analog envelope generator module with a built-in CV processor - 8HP wide
Notes: The Z4000 is a snappy voltage-controlled analog envelope generator with a built-in CV processor for scaling, inverting, and voltage-controlled deviating of the envelope shape. The Z4000 generates an envelope made of the four classic segments: Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release, in which each segment can be manually set using knobs or dynamically set under voltage control.

Control knobs for the Attack, Decay, and Release segments are scaled. The first 0-50% of the knobs' rotation is dedicated to high-resolution adjustment in the millisecond range; this allows for a fine adjustments that reduce clicks and pops to a minimum with the lowest possible delay and loss in snappiness. Conversely, the rotation of the knobs from 50% to 100% provide envelopes that can last anywhere from several minutes to infinity.

The output levels are fully adjustable with signals that can reach up to 10V in either polarity and can be mirrored into the opposite polarity or clipped using the voltage-controlled deviator scaler. A bi-colour LED indicates intermediate values in both polarities and their crossfade state.

The Attack slope switch allows selection of a logarithmic or exponential curve for the Attack segment; this subtle effect helps further the fine adjustment of the Attack segment slope. A shoot button is provided to let you fire the envelope manually. The Z4000 also provides a retrigger input allowing you to create legato notes when using a classic keyboard interface.

Going down to nuts and bolts, the 74000's smoothness and snappiness is made possible by a four-segment active-charge discrete circuit which is an extended version of circuits found in classic two-segment rise/fall transient generators.

The Z4000's feature set in just 8HP: a Tiptop envelope generator.
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Make Noise Function CV Generator Processor Module
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 8 in stock $143.37
Cat: 557477 Rel: 22 Dec 14
Compact analog computer module specifically designed for musical purposes
Notes: FUNCTION is part of the MATHS family of control voltage utility modules.

It is a small analog computer designed for solely musical purposes.
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Odyssey Black Label Series FZ1200BL Case For Technics Turntables (black)
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 1 in stock $139.22
Cat: 543735 Rel: 11 Aug 14
DJ turntable hardcase designed for 1200 style turntables, with removable front cover
Notes: Odyssey's Black Label Series of ATA flight cases. Made to the exact same standards as our Flight Zone series but with a twist.

Each compartment feature a valley or pit as you might call it that allows for more ventilation of the gear as well as an area for cables management.

The components used to produce this series, including the aluminum trim and hardware, is now anodized and/or powder coated in "Black" for a one of a kind look that is so slick looking it's beyond cool.

Fits 1200 Style Turntables by:
- Technics
- Numark
- Stanton

*Turntables not included*
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Digitech Whammy Ricochet Pitch Shifting Effect Pedal (B-STOCK)
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Cat: 636270 Rel: 27 Jun 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Whammy Ricochet lets you bounce your playing up or down in pitch in controlled or crazy shifts. A momentary switch and customizable independent rise and fall time ballistics, allow you to get the Whammy action you know and love without the use of a treadle. Just hold your foot on the footswitch and let the Ricochet do the rest.

Seven pitch selections: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, Octave, Double Octave, and Octave+Dry, as well as a toggle to select up or down for the selected pitch.

The Whammy Ricochet also has latching footswitch mode so you can rise or fall to pitch and stay there, and an LED ladder that shows your shift trajectory at all times. All these controls combine to create classic Whammy pitch-shifting as well as new sounds never heard before.

*For audio demos, please visit -
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4ms Quad Clock Distributor Expander Module
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 2 in stock $119.47
Cat: 589491 Rel: 14 Dec 15
Expansion module for the Quad Clock Distributor (QCD) synth module - 12HP wide
Notes: The QCD Expander is an expansion module for the Quad Clock Distributor (QCD). The QCD Expander adds a host of features, turning the QCD into a programmatic non-linear sequencer. Each channel gets a CV Trigger Delay (Pulse Width) jack and knob, an additional output jack with three selectable modes, and attenuverters for all CV input jacks. Self-patched evolving rhythms and swing/shuffle patterns are easily obtained, as well as complete control over standard rhythmic patterns.
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Intellijel Audio IO 1U Rack Module
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 2 in stock $112.20
Cat: 602200 Rel: 11 Apr 16
Dual balanced line audio input and balanced line audio output synth module - 24HP wide
Notes: Dual Balanced Line Audio Input and Balanced Line Audio Output

This module allows you to interface your Eurorack modular system to the pro balanced line level world (+4 dBu). You can send and return to rack mount/desktop FX units, patch to external line-level instruments like synths and drum machines, interface to a DAW, and much more.

This module connects to the Audio I/O JACKS module via ribbon cable. The same ribbon cable can be used to connect to the rear-mounted audio jacks of the 7U performance cases
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Electro Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal
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 4 in stock $107.30
Cat: 596690 Rel: 11 Jan 16
Stereo looper effects pedal with extra-long 12 minutes of stereo recording time - up to 10 independent loops
Notes: With 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo recording time on 10 independent loops and unlimited overdubbing, the compact 720 Stereo Looper provides guitarists with an intuitive tool that's perfect for practice and live performance.

*UK 3-piin power supply included
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Future Sound Systems MTX9 81 Point Pin Matrix Module
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 2 in stock $103.89
Cat: 634773 Rel: 19 Dec 16
9 input/9 output pin matrix synth module - 24HP wide
Notes: The MTX9 presents a new take on an old classic - the pin matrix, famously incorporated into EMS and Maplin synthesizer designs. The MTX9 provides 9 inputs and 9 outputs to be patched to one another, whilst allowing for passive splitting of one input to several outputs and averaging summation of several inputs to one output (or more).

Each component of the matrix has been designed to use standard parts - the pins are 2mm banana test plugs and all cards of the matrix are easily replaceable. Whilst the matrix is currently passive, an active expander card will be available from FSS soon. The MTX9 is supplied with a dry-wipe marker and 10 banana pins as standard, with spares available from FSS.
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4ms Row Power 30 Power Solution For Eurorack Systems (white)
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 2 in stock $103.38
Cat: 589508 Rel: 14 Dec 15
Power solution for eurorack systems - 30W
Notes: Row Power is a clean, regulated, and protected power solution for eurorack systems. Row Power 30 provides 30W of power, suited for any typical eurorack row (84HP to 168HP):

+12V @ 1.5A
-12V @ 750mA
+5V @ 500mA
Simply plug a universal power supply (laptop style) into either of the barrel plugs on the 4HP panel. Connect your modules via flying-bus cables or the Bus Stick.

Daisy-chain multiple Row Powers to use a single power brick for multiple rows (typically 3-5 rows per power brick). Each row will be independently regulated and protected for ultra-low cross-talk between rows. Rows can also be hot-swapped (plugged/unplugged without powering the whole system down).
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Electro Harmonix Cock Fight Cocked Talking Wah Pedal
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 1 in stock $98.71
Cat: 593089 Rel: 11 Jan 16
Wah effect pedal with fuzz & adjustable bias control takes the fuzz from "normal" to a classic "dying battery" sound
Notes: Guitar gods have used the cocked wah sound to create monster riffs that have earned a permanent place in the rock lexicon. That required finding the sweet spot in their wah pedal's sweep. The Cock Fight lets you achieve that cool cocked wah sound without the wah pedal. Tune in the tone you want. Add the built-in distortion for more grind and growl, or switch to the Talking Wah mode for a stuck voice-box sound. If you plug in an expression pedal, you can sweep the Cock Fight for jaw dropping wah and the tone you want.

Add the built-in distortion for more grind and growl, or switch to the Talking Wah mode for a stuck voice-box sound. If you plug in an expression pedal, you can sweep the Cock Fight for jaw dropping wah and talking pedal effects, with or without distortion!

*UK 3-pin power supply included
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Electro Harmonix 45000 Foot Controller Pedal (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $98.71
Cat: 636356 Rel: 09 Feb 15
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

It makes everything faster and easier by delivering hands free operation of key functions. Choose a new track or loop without missing a beat. Get instant access to up to 100 loops per SDHC card.

The Foot Controller receives power from the 45000 and connects to it with a standard mono guitar cable. It's a must have!
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Vinyl Collection
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 in stock $91.42
Vinyl Collection (limited numbered 5xLP box set + 180 gram vinyl 12" + art print)
Cat: BOX 20141. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Fields Of Gold
  2. Wade In The Water
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Wayfaring Stranger
  5. Songbird
  6. People Get Ready
  7. I Know You By Heart
  8. Time Is A Healer
  9. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
  10. Over The Rainbow
  11. Kathy's Song
  12. Ain't No Sunshine
  13. The Letter
  14. At Last
  15. Time After Time
  16. I Wandered By A Brookside
  17. Penny To My Name
  18. I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
  19. Easy Street Dream
  20. Anniversary Song
  21. Woodstock
  22. Way Beyond The Blue
  23. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  24. Fever
  25. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
  26. Tennessee Waltz
  27. Imagine
  28. Early Morning Rain
  29. You've Changed
  30. Still Not Ready
  31. I Can Only Be Me
  32. Danny Boy
  33. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
  34. Dark Eyed Molly
  35. The Water Is Wide
  36. Hallelujah I Love Him So
  37. God Bless The Child
  38. True Colors
  39. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
  40. American Tune
  41. Yesterday
  42. You Take My Breath Away
  43. Coat Of Many Colors
  44. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
  45. Ain't Doin' Too Bad
  46. Chain Of Fools
  47. Won't Be Long
  48. Walkin' After Midnight
  49. A Bold Young Farmer
  50. Early One Morning
  51. If I Give My Heart
  52. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  53. Summertime
  54. Somewhere
  55. What A Wonderful World
  56. You Take My Breath Away
Moog Sub Phatty Gig Bag (black)
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 1 in stock $88.32
Moog Sub Phatty Gig Bag (black) (synthesizer gig bag)
Cat: 526482 Rel: 09 Jun 14
Heavy duty gig bag for Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer
Notes: The Sub Phatty gig bag is designed to meet the needs of the gigging Sub Phatty owner. This protective synth cocoon is packed with 3/4" foam all around, shoulder strap, and an easy to carry handle for flexibility when making a long trek to a venue. The bag is lightweight and specifically sized to fit your new Sub Phatty analog synthesizer like a glove.

This gig bag is made of a heavy-duty nylon material, with double stitched construction. Black bag with white Moog logo.
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Odyssey FR1200E Flight Ready Turntable Case For Technics 1200/1210
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 More than 10 in stock $86.63
Cat: 555050 Rel: 17 Nov 14
Turntable flightcase for ultimate protection during transportation
Notes: Odyssey announces Exciting new additions to Odyssey's Flight Ready "E" Series cases. First introduced at the beginning of this year, this popular family of standard-duty flight cases now includes a new Turntable case and six Pioneer gear specific cases. Each case is made of black wood laminate construction with all chrome plated steel hardware.

This Flight Ready standard-duty ATA case protects your valuable turntable from the bumps and scratches of life on the road. The FR1200E is great for Technics 1200 style turntables but is large enough to hold Numark turntables as well. Fits the following Style Turntables but not limited to:

Fits the following but not limited to:
Technics 1200
Numark & Stanton Turntables
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It Came From NYC
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It Came From NYC (5xLP box + 108 page book + MP3 download code)
Cat: NUM 204LP. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Gentleman Junkie (Gods On Voodoo Moon) (2:23)
  2. King Of Souls (2:15)
  3. Tales From The Scare Crow Man (3:21)
  4. Cat's Eye Resurrection (1:41)
  5. Black Friday (3:14)
  6. Dead Or Alive (1:51)
  7. Pig Heaven (Pig Heaven) (0:09)
  8. Scarecrow 2 (4:34)
  9. Red River Flow (5:22)
  10. Rain Insane (5:34)
  11. Paradise Fireball (3:18)
  12. Slaughter The Grey (4:31)
  13. Eighty-Eight (Psycho-Head Blowout) (3:59)
  14. Fast Jungle (4:19)
  15. Gun Crazy (4:27)
  16. Kick (4:08)
  17. Memphis (2:52)
  18. Magdalene (4:59)
  19. True Crime (4:53)
  20. Ratmouth (Soul-Crusher) (3:39)
  21. Shack Of Hate (2:55)
  22. Drowning The Colossus (4:55)
  23. Crow II (3:50)
  24. Die Zombie Die (4:08)
  25. Skin (3:37)
  26. Truck On Fire (4:05)
  27. Future Shock (3:09)
  28. Scum Kill (3:45)
  29. Diamond Ass (3:44)
  30. Demonspeed (Make Them Die Slowly) (5:18)
  31. Disaster Blaster (6:02)
  32. Murderworld (6:10)
  33. Revenge (4:24)
  34. Acid Flesh (5:29)
  35. Power Hungry (5:10)
  36. Godslayer (7:14)
  37. God Of Thunder (God Of Thunder) (3:53)
  38. Love Razor (5:19)
  39. Disaster Blaster 2 (5:00)
Novation Launchpad Mini MK2 Pad Controller With Ableton Live Lite Software
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Cat: 570611 Rel: 18 May 15
Compact pad based grid instrument/controller, specifically deisnged for Ableton software.
Notes: Novation's most compact and affordable Launchpad grid instrument for Ableton Live. 64 mini pads for triggering clips, playing drum racks, controlling your mixer and doing just about anything else in Live, all while making amazing multicoloured performance videos for YouTube. It's just like a Launchpad, but smaller!

If you use Ableton Live, you need a Launchpad. It displays your session view on 64 multicoloured pads, letting you launch multiple clips at once and control anything else in Live. It's an evolution in creating electronic music and this mini version does all the same cool stuff as the normal Launchpad. The only difference is that it's exactly 22.917% smaller, so it hardly takes up any room. It's also built like a tank, so you don't have to worry about throwing it around.

As well as launching clips, you can use the mini 64-pad grid to play drum racks, create awesome light show videos and even control your mixer. there are also seperate buttons around the outside of the grid, whi ch you can use to apply killer FX or assign to whichever triggers and controls you fancy. Just image the possibilities if you combine this with Max for Live...

Forget about power sockets and drivers: Launchpad Mini is fully USB bus-powered, totally class-compliant and comes with everything you need to get started, including Ableton Live Lite.

You can even use your grid to control FL Studio's performance mode, or grab a Camera Connect Kit and use it with your iPadr to control Launchpad App. If you want to get really experimental, connect multiple Launchpad Minis together or build yourself a fully hands-on Ableton Live studio setup by combining with Launch Control, Launch Control XL or Launchkey.
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Ork Records: New York New York
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Ork Records: New York New York (4xLP box + 120 page book)
Cat: NUM 060LP. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. Television - "Little Johnny Jewel" (7:03)
  2. The Feelies - "Fa Ce-La" (2:51)
  3. Richard Hell - "(I Belong To The) Blank Generation" (2:53)
  4. The Revelons - "The Way (You Touch My Hand)" (3:04)
  5. The Erasers - "I Won't Give Up" (4:01)
  6. Alex Chilton - "All Of The Time" (2:34)
  7. Christ Stamey & The DBs - "(I Thought) You Wanted To Know" (3:21)
  8. Prix - "Zero" (3:45)
  9. Marbles - "Red Lights" (3:00)
  10. Alex Chilton - "Take Me Home & Make Me Like It" (2:31)
  11. Prix - "Girl" (2:45)
  12. The Idols - "Girl That I Love" (3:50)
  13. Mick Garren & The New Wave - "Lost Johnny" (3:28)
  14. Cheetah Chrome - "Still Wanna Die" (2:10)
  15. The Idols - "You" (3:14)
  16. Student Teachers - "Christmas Weather" (2:46)
  17. The Erasers - "It Was So Funny (The Song That They Sung)" (3:37)
  18. Richard Hell - "(I Could Live With You) (In) Another World" (6:03)
  19. Christ Stamey - "The Summer Sun" (3:05)
  20. Alex Chilton - "Free Again" (2:20)
  21. Richard Lloyd - "(I Thought) You Wanted To Know" (3:48)
  22. Student Teachers - "Channel 13" (2:12)
  23. Chris Stamey - "Where The Fun Is" (3:08)
  24. Prix - "Everytime I Close My Eyes" (1:44)
  25. The Feelies - "Forces At Work" (3:29)
  26. Marbles - "Fire & Smoke" (3:14)
  27. The Revelons - "97 Tears" (3:25)
  28. Cheetah Chrome - "Take Me Home" (2:52)
  29. Richard Hell - "You Gotta Lose" (3:30)
  30. Chris Stamey & The DBs - "If & When" (2:29)
  31. Mick Farren & The New Wave - "Play With Fire" (3:31)
  32. Richard Lloyd - "Get Off Of My Cloud" (2:56)
  33. Alex Chiton - "The Singer Not The Song" (2:02)
  34. Richard Lloyd - "Connection" (3:12)
  35. Alex Chilton - "Summertime Blues" (2:33)
  36. Mick Farren & The New Wave - "To Know Him Is To Love Him" (1:27)
  37. Link Cromwell - "Crazy Like A Fox" (2:18)
  38. Link Cromwell - "Shock Me" (1:57)
  39. Kenneth Higney - "I Wanna Be The King" (3:03)
  40. Lester Bangs - "Let It Blurt" (3:32)
  41. Alex Chilton - "Bangkok" (1:58)
  42. Peter Holsapple - "Big Black Truck" (2:43)
  43. Prix - "She Might Look My Way" (2:23)
  44. Alex Chilton - "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" (2:43)
  45. Prix - "Love You All Day Long" (3:01)
  46. Alex Chilton - "Shakin' The World" (3:02)
  47. Prix - "Love You Tonight" (3:27)
  48. Lester Bangs - "Live" (3:47)
  49. Kenneth Higney - "Funky Kinky" (5:35)
Grado DJ100i Cartridge & Stylus (B-STOCK)
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Cat: 602848 Rel: 24 Mar 08
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

Hi-Fi specialists Grado specialise in rich warm and unique sounding audio equipment. The Grado DJ100i is built and designed to meet the demanding needs of the professional DJ. These cartridges deliver performance never known before in the pro DJ market. The Grado specially engineered transmission line cantilever allows for the ideal transfer of music signal and for safe and effective stylus back-cueing. The prestige model DJ100 uses a 3-piece otl cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished, diamond mounted in a brass bushing. For possibly, the most advanced DJ cartridges ever offered to the professional DJ market.
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Elyxr Audio Revolution Vinyl Player (grey & burgundy)
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Cat: 618734 Rel: 18 Jul 16
Portable turntable with USB port for converting to mp3 format & RCA connection for external speakers
Notes: The Elyxr Revolution Vinyl Player brings the vintage to the present dressed in a beautiful briefcase design that accentuates class. Hear music the way the artists intend by playing your vinyl on the Elyxr Revolution which offers the rich warms sounds only produced by vinyl records without the need for external speakers.
The Elyxr Revolution Player sits beautifully in any home with sleek Grey casing and soft burgundy lining with Rose Gold fixings and wood effect handle.

Play your vinyl records at 3 different speeds (33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM) and convert the records to MP3 format using the USB port. Also play your music directly from your mp3 player or phone via the Line in 3.5mm Auxiliary point (cable not included).

RCA connections located at the back of the Player allow for connection to external speakers whilst controlling the volume directly from the turntable volume dial. Listen to the player through your headphones via the RCA connections using the RCA to Female 3.5MM cable included in the pack.
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2hp EG Envelope Generator Module
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Cat: 638778 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Full featured two stage envelope generator module
Notes: EG is a full featured two-stage envelope generator. In addition to a colossal range from 3ms to 11 minutes per stage, EG features the ability to switch between linear and exponential curves on the fly, a built-in attenuator, and CV over attack and decay. Boasting more features than modules five times its size, EG can fill any envelope-sized gap in your system.
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