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Helter Seltzer
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Helter Seltzer (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 100LP 52. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Buckle (2:58)
  2. In My Head (3:21)
  3. Too Late (3:13)
  4. Hold On (3:21)
  5. We Need A Word (4:26)
  6. Want For Nothing (3:40)
  7. Classic Love (2:34)
  8. Waiting For You (4:03)
  9. Headlines (2:33)
  10. Forgiveness (3:20)
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Kingdoms (CD)
Cat: SILK 022CD. Rel: 05 Mar 12
  1. Jack Rollin'
  2. Kingdoms
  3. Say Something
  4. Some Of Us Want For Nothing
  5. Nights Bridge
  6. I Need U
  7. One Night
  8. Theo
Between Two Selves
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 in stock $24.68
Cat: SILK 046LP. Rel: 03 Jun 13
Deep House
  1. Who I Will Become
  2. Bad Blood
  3. Please Dont Leave
  4. Come Closer
  5. His Kiss
  6. Work Me
  7. Uneasy
  8. Fear
Review: With more albums than singles to his name, there can be little argument that Michael Morrison is a prolific individual, not least when you consider the first Octo Octa release was in 2011. This latest LP for 100% Silk is a wondrous brew of machine soul, spanning techno, deep house and new wave in that curious blend that the label is known for. There are romantic turns as on "Bad Blood", rowdy breakbeat moments such as "His Kiss", industrial pneumatics like "Work Me", and a wealth of ideas in between. It's a strong and energetic body of work that displays both diversity and confidence at every turn, and makes for a great album of electronic music in the process.
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Still Browsing
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Cat: SILK 043. Rel: 22 Apr 13
  1. As Far As I Know
  2. Airplane Mode
  3. Theme From Tony's Party
  4. Baby Dre
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Stillhope (12")
Cat: SILK 062. Rel: 07 Jul 14
Deep House
  1. Stillhope
  2. The Medicine
  3. Change
  4. Theme For Ikaros
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 in stock $27.00
Opposites (2xLP)
Cat: 256465 4693. Rel: 28 Jan 13
  1. Different People
  2. Black Chandelier
  3. Sounds Like Balloons
  4. Opposite
  5. The Joke's On Us
  6. Biblical
  7. A Girl & His Cat
  8. The Fog
  9. Little Hospitals
  10. The Thaw
  11. Stingin' Belle
  12. Modern Magic Formula
  13. Spanish Radio
  14. Victory Over The Sun
  15. Pocket
  16. Trumpet Or Tap
  17. Skylight
  18. Accident Without Emeergency
  19. Woo Woo
  20. Picture A Knife Fight
Fire Within
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 in stock $16.10
Fire Within (limited gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 256464 2031. Rel: 23 Sep 13
  1. Wings
  2. Heart Of Gold
  3. Light Me Up
  4. Words As Weapons
  5. All You Never Say
  6. Strange Birds
  7. Maybe
  8. No Angel
  9. All About You
  10. Standing In The Way Of The Light
  11. Shine
Mars Audiac Quintet
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Mars Audiac Quintet (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: IF 08. Rel: 02 Jul 12
  1. Three - Dee Melodie
  2. Wow & Flutter
  3. Tansona Five
  4. Des Etoiled Electroniques
  5. Ping Pong
  6. Anamorphose
  7. Three Longers Later
  8. Nihilist Assault Group
  9. International Colouring Contest
  10. The Stars Our Destination
  11. Transporte Sans Bouger
  12. L'enfer Des Formes
  13. Outer Acceleration
  14. New Orthophony
  15. Fiery Yellow
Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
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 in stock $28.83
  1. Tone Burst
  2. Our Trinitone Blast
  3. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
  4. I'm Going Out Of My Way
  5. Golden Ball
  6. Pause
  7. Jenny Ondioline
  8. Analogue Rock
  9. Crest
  10. Lock Groove Lullaby
2hp Brst Burst Generator Module
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 2 in stock $67.52
Cat: 638777 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Voltage controlled burst generator & trigger delay module
Notes: Brst is a voltage controlled burst generator and trigger delay. Upon receipt of a gate signal, Brst will output a stream of triggers. Knobs and CV inputs give the user control over speed and the number of repetitions. Whether you're generating bouncing balls, crafting IDM drum beats, or humanizing a clock signal, Brst will prove an indispensable addition to your rack.
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2hp EG Envelope Generator Module
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 1 in stock $76.88
Cat: 638778 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Full featured two stage envelope generator module
Notes: EG is a full featured two-stage envelope generator. In addition to a colossal range from 3ms to 11 minutes per stage, EG features the ability to switch between linear and exponential curves on the fly, a built-in attenuator, and CV over attack and decay. Boasting more features than modules five times its size, EG can fill any envelope-sized gap in your system.
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2hp Clk Wide Range Voltage Controlled Clock Generator Module
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 2 in stock $67.52
Cat: 638780 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Voltage controlled clock generator
Notes: Clk is a voltage controlled clock generator with all the features a master clock needs. It has an extremely wide range from ten seconds between pulses well into audio rate. In addition, the pause button and CV input provide an expressive feature that is all too often missing in a modular setup. Stop using LFOs or other modulation sources for your master clock, and let Clk do what it's best at.
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2hp Rout 4 Channel Gate Switch Module
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 1 in stock $67.52
Cat: 638782 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Voltage controlled gate switch module
Notes: Rout is a voltage controlled gate switch. The signal present at the input can be sent to one of four outputs. Great for splitting a pattern across multiple voices or creating variations in a patch with a single gate source, Rout is a powerful addition to any rack's rhythm section.
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Live Evil
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Live Evil (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 4M 809. Rel: 14 Nov 11
  1. Sivad
  2. Little Church
  3. Medley: Gemini/Double Image
  4. What I Say
  5. Nem Um Talvez
  6. Selim
  7. Funky Tonk
  8. Inamorata & Narration (by Conrad Roberts)
Black Water (remastered)
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Cat: 4W 340. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Black Water (5:41)
  2. Black Waters (4:54)
  3. Untold (5:42)
Review: Originally released in 2000, Octave One's Black Water has now received the remaster treatment, taking the highly sought after first pressing of this bona fide Detroit techno anthem and giving it a boost for modern spinners to get busy with. The A side mixes "Black Water" and "Black Waters" are tough-edged bangers with that irrepressible Octave One energy, keeping the beats big and brutal and the melodies stabbing on the former and stripping down to a raw drum track for the latter. However it's the "Untold" version on the flipside that will get the crowds flipping out with its perfect string hook, rousing drums and Motor City romanticism.
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Parallax (LP)
Cat: CAD 3130. Rel: 07 Nov 11
  1. The Shakes
  2. Amplifiers
  3. Te Amo
  4. Parallax
  5. Modern Aquatic Nightsongs
  6. Mona Lisa
  7. Praying Man
  8. Doldrums
  9. Angel Is Broken
  10. Terra Incognita
  11. Flagstaff
  12. Lightworks
Dear Science
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 in stock $16.10
Cat: CAD 2821. Rel: 27 Oct 08
  1. Halfway Home
  2. Crying
  3. Dancing Choose
  4. Stork & Owl
  5. Golden Age
  6. Family Tree
  7. Red Dress
  8. Love Dog
  9. Shout Me Out
  10. DLZ
  11. Lover's Day
Trompe Le Monde
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 in stock $16.10
Cat: CAD 1014. Rel: 09 Jul 12
  1. Trompe Le Monde
  2. Planet Of Sound
  3. Alec Eiffel
  4. The Sad Punk
  5. Head On
  6. U-Mass
  7. Palace Of The Brine
  8. Letter To Memphis
  9. Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons
  10. Space (I Believe In)
  11. Subbacultcha
  12. Distance Equals Rate Times Time
  13. Lovely Day
  14. Motorway To Roswell
  15. The Navajo Know
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Logos (LP)
Cat: CAD 2930. Rel: 19 Oct 09
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. The Light That Failed
  2. An Orchid
  3. Walkabout (with Noah Lennox)
  4. Criminals
  5. Attic Lights
  6. Shelia
  7. Quick Canal (with Laetitia Sadier)
  8. My Halo
  9. Kid Klimax
  10. Washington School
  11. Logos
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 in stock $26.49
Soused (gatefold LP + 1-sided LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAD 3428. Rel: 20 Oct 14
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Brando
  2. Bull
  3. Herod 2014
  4. Fetish
  5. Lullaby
Review: This collaboration between the sepulchral Sinatra and the kings of ceremonial metallic drone-worship, whilst it is transparently not a work for the faint of heart, is nonetheless worth all the excitement its announcement created in avant-garde circles, and more besides, It's more audibly a work from Walker's than Sunn O)))'s, yet with their assistance the rich melodrama and unflinching abstraction has rarely sounded more startling, or alarmingly approachable. What's more, the counterpoint provided by Sunn O))) to his stentorian baritone elevates proceedings to new heights of otherworldly intensity, resulting in no less than a game-changing triumph, and a clear album of the year contender from this odd couple.
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Singles (CD)
Cat: CAD 3402CD. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Seasons (Waiting On You)
  2. Spirit
  3. Sun In The Morning
  4. Doves
  5. Back In The Tall Grass
  6. A Song For Our Grandfathers
  7. Light House
  8. Like The Moon
  9. Fall From Grace
  10. A Dream Of You & Me
Played by: Life on Planets
Bish Bosch
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Bish Bosch (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + CD + booklet)
Cat: CAD 3220. Rel: 03 Dec 12
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. See You Don't Bump His Head
  2. Corps De Blah
  3. Phrasing
  4. SDSS1416+13B
  5. Epizootics!
  6. Dimple
  7. Pilgrim
  8. The Day The "Conducator" Died
  9. See You Don't Bump His Head
  10. Corps De Blah
  11. Phrasing
  12. SDSS1416+13B
  13. Epizootics!
  14. Dimple
  15. Tar
  16. Pilgrim
  17. The Day The "Conducator" Died
Played by: Rivet
LSXX: Last Splash: 20th Anniversary Edition
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 in stock $71.68
Cat: DAD 3308. Rel: 02 Sep 13
  1. New Year
  2. Cannonball
  3. Invisible Man
  4. No Aloha
  5. Roi
  6. Do You Love Me Now?
  7. Flipside
  8. I Just Wanna Get Along
  9. Mad Lucas
  10. Divine Hammer
  11. SOS
  12. Hag
  13. Saints
  14. Drivin' On 9
  15. Roi (reprise)
  16. Shocker In Gloomtown
  17. New Year
  18. Hellbound
  19. Saints
  20. Hag
  21. I Just Wanna Get Along
  22. SOS
  23. Roi
  24. Head To Toe
  25. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  26. Cannonball
  27. Invisible Man
  28. Doe
  29. Drivin' On 9
  30. Don't Call Home
  31. Limehouse
  32. No Aloha (BBC Session, previously unreleased)
  33. Flipside (BBC Session, previously unreleased)
  34. Divine Hammer (BBC Session, previously unreleased)
  35. Hag (BBC Session, previously unreleased)
  36. New Year (November 1992 demo, previously released as a bonus 7" with original vinyl pressing of 'Last Splash')
  37. Pressing Of (November 1992 demo, previously released as a bonus 7" with original vinyl pressing of 'Last Splash')
  38. Grunggae (previously released on 4AD Label Compilation '13 Year Itch')
  39. Pressing Of (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  40. Invisible Man (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  41. No Aloha (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  42. I Just Wanna Get Along (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  43. Mad Lucas (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  44. SOS (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  45. Saints (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  46. 900 (November 1992 demo, previously unreleased)
  47. Iris (previously released on the 'No Alternative' Compilation)
  48. Do You Love Me Now?
  49. Don't Call Home
  50. Safari
  51. So Sad About Us
  52. Cannonball
  53. Cro-Aloha
  54. Lord Of The Thighs
  55. 900
  56. Divine Hammer (single version)
  57. Hoverin'
  58. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
  59. Do You Love Me Now?
  60. Head To Toe
  61. Shocker In Gloomtown
  62. Freed Pig
  63. Saints
Another Eternity
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Another Eternity (gatefold vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAD 3501LP. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Heartsigh
  2. Bodyache
  3. Push Pull
  4. Repetition
  5. Stranger Than Earth
  6. Begin Again
  7. Dust Hymn
  8. Flood On The Floor
  9. Sea Castle
  10. Stillness In Woe
Red House Painters
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Red House Painters (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: CAD 3410. Rel: 17 Aug 15
  1. Evil (6:54)
  2. Bubble (5:26)
  3. I Am A Rock (5:31)
  4. Helicopter (5:17)
  5. New Jersey (4:21)
  6. Uncle Joe (5:54)
  7. Blindfold (8:26)
  8. Star Spangled Banner (2:17)
Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel
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Cat: DAD 2811. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. A Ghost Story (2:43)
  2. Recent Bedroom (3:48)
  3. River Card (3:19)
  4. Quarantined (4:18)
  5. On Guard (3:48)
  6. Winter Vacation (4:01)
  7. Cold As Ice (3:33)
  8. Scraping Past (4:28)
  9. Small Horror (2:50)
  10. Ready, Set, Glow (3:04)
  11. Bite Marks (4:19)
  12. After Class (3:29)
  13. Ativan (2:51)
  14. Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel (3:40)
  15. Another Bedroom (5:39)
  16. It Rained (3:04)
  17. Stained Glass Swan (2:54)
  18. The Abandoned Closet (2:15)
  19. Spring Break (4:47)
  20. ABC Glasgow (5:02)
Into The Labyrinth (remastered)
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 in stock $19.73
Cat: DAD 3621. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. Yulunga (Spirit Dance) (6:52)
  2. The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove (6:03)
  3. The Wind That Shakes The Barley (2:49)
  4. The Carnival Is Over (5:30)
  5. Ariadne (1:50)
  6. Saldek (1:08)
  7. Towards The Within (7:08)
  8. Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home) (5:31)
  9. The Spider's Stratagem (6:35)
  10. Emmeleia (2:06)
  11. How Fortunate The Man With None (8:54)
  12. Bird (4:54)
  13. Spirit (4:56)
4ms Quad Clock Distributor Expander Module
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 2 in stock $119.47
Cat: 589491 Rel: 14 Dec 15
Expansion module for the Quad Clock Distributor (QCD) synth module - 12HP wide
Notes: The QCD Expander is an expansion module for the Quad Clock Distributor (QCD). The QCD Expander adds a host of features, turning the QCD into a programmatic non-linear sequencer. Each channel gets a CV Trigger Delay (Pulse Width) jack and knob, an additional output jack with three selectable modes, and attenuverters for all CV input jacks. Self-patched evolving rhythms and swing/shuffle patterns are easily obtained, as well as complete control over standard rhythmic patterns.
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4ms Row Power 30 Power Solution For Eurorack Systems (white)
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 2 in stock $103.38
Cat: 589508 Rel: 14 Dec 15
Power solution for eurorack systems - 30W
Notes: Row Power is a clean, regulated, and protected power solution for eurorack systems. Row Power 30 provides 30W of power, suited for any typical eurorack row (84HP to 168HP):

+12V @ 1.5A
-12V @ 750mA
+5V @ 500mA
Simply plug a universal power supply (laptop style) into either of the barrel plugs on the 4HP panel. Connect your modules via flying-bus cables or the Bus Stick.

Daisy-chain multiple Row Powers to use a single power brick for multiple rows (typically 3-5 rows per power brick). Each row will be independently regulated and protected for ultra-low cross-talk between rows. Rows can also be hot-swapped (plugged/unplugged without powering the whole system down).
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Allaby (12")
Cat: 50WEAPONS 043. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. Addison Groove - "Allaby" (4:36)
  2. Errorsmith - "Airbag" (5:30)
Review: Here's something to excite all those who like their dance music to come with a heavy dose of funk: a split release from 50 Weapons that boasts material from Bristol-based floor-slayer Addison Groove and scene veteran Erik "Errorsmith" Wiegand. The latter is in a combative mood, delivering a rave-friendly chunk of analogue madness that comes complete with colossal build-ups, twisted acid lines, bouncy electronics and ghetto-tech-inspired intensity. While rather good, it lacks the energy and punch of Addison Groove's contribution, the throbbing "Allaby". Typically, it sits somewhere between the relentless jack of juke, the cut-up appeal of ghetto-tech, and the rolling goodness of tech-funk. However you describe the track, it's a bit of a banger.
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Activator (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 50WEAPONS 047. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Marcel Dettmann - "Activator" (6:17)
  2. Zenker Brothers - "Namuan" (6:15)
Review: With the label's 50th and final release imminent, Modeselektor has decided to ramp up the pressure on 50 Weapons' last few EPs. Here, they turn to German techno royalty Marcel Dettmann, and fast rising Ilian Tape founders The Zenker Brothers. Dettmann kicks things off with "Activator" - a dark, intoxicating and smoky DJ tool built around shuffling, broken techno rhythms. As for the Zenker Brothers, their "Namuan" mines the world of 1990s loop techno for inspiration, with sweaty handclaps, fizzing electronics and clandestine aural textures riding a bouncy, chunk and formidably bass-heavy groove.
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7OG 1
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7OG 1 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 7OG 1. Rel: 27 Feb 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. #1 (6:55)
  2. #1 (Bass Tool) (6:38)
  3. #1 (Voice Tool) (5:49)
Internal Affairs: The Remixes
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Cat: 777 010. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Brighton - "Tesla" (Leaves remix) (7:21)
  2. Orson Wells - "Ratio" (Roger 23 remix) (7:40)
  3. Leaves - "Third Floor" (Pablo Mateo remix) (6:31)
  4. Glyn - "Kevin Lomax" (Orson Wells remix) (5:39)
Review: Ron Wilson's 777 serves up more raw and rusty house jams on a new various artists sampler entitled Internal Affairs: this is serious! On the A side is newcomer Brighton with "Tesla" (Leaves Remix), while Frankfurt's Orson Wells gives us "Ratio" where Saarbruckens finest: Roger 23 gets on the remix and delivers a lush deep acid rendition this side of Tin Man. On the flip, Leaves returns with the impressive "Third Floor" getting an awesome remix by Pablo Mateo; working those drum computers to impressive effect as always. Finally, Orson Wells stays on too; working the nightshift on his remix for Glyn's "Kevin Lomax" and giving it a lo-fi, neon lit makeover that will appeal to retroverts dancing well into the morning at Robert Johnson next Sunday morning.
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Live In Paris
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Live In Paris (limited heavyweight trifold vinyl 3xLP + DVD + MP3 download code)
Cat: COOP 003LP. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. Fire Walker (6:19)
  2. Let The Day Begin (4:08)
  3. Returning (6:52)
  4. Lullaby (6:12)
  5. Hate The Taste (4:18)
  6. Rival (4:08)
  7. Teenage Disease (3:58)
  8. Some Kind Of Ghost (4:31)
  9. Sometimes The Light (3:36)
  10. Funny Games (2:17)
  11. Sell It (10:48)
  12. Lose Yourself (8:06)
  13. Beat The Devil's Tattoo (5:41)
  14. Ain't No Easy Way (3:21)
  15. Berlin (3:26)
  16. Conscience Killer (4:42)
  17. Screaming Gun (5:11)
  18. Rifles (5:13)
  19. Stop (4:57)
  20. White Palms (6:35)
  21. Spread Your Love (5:53)
  22. Mercy (6:15)
  23. Shuffle Your Feet (2:33)
  24. Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song) (6:28)
  25. Live At The Theatre Trianon Paris & 33.3% A Documentary Film By Yana Amur (DVD)
Review: The staying power of B.R.M.C. in their seventeen year history - not to mention the extent that their influence is felt in the modern-day psych scene - somewhat belie the detractors who dubbed them a style-over-substance experience on their arrival. Sure, the sunglasses-indoors attitude and obsession with heavy-lidded cool are present and correct on this two-hour, triple-LP set as always, yet what comes across strongest is not only the nocturnal charge of their sound but the indelible strength of their songwriting. More than a mere greatest hits selection, Live In Paris is a worthy documentation of a band whose cadaverous charms appear built to last.
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Trickfinger (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ATLP 05. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. After Below (4:26)
  2. Before Above (4:15)
  3. Rainover (6:55)
  4. Sain (3:30)
  5. 85h (4:04)
  6. 4:30 (5:10)
  7. 100mc4 (4:45)
  8. Phurip (3:38)
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Witchazel (LP)
Cat: AJXLP 251. Rel: 28 Mar 11
Rock (All)
  1. An Awakening
  2. Take My Hand
  3. Accident At A Harvest Festival
  4. A Song For Rosie
  5. So Low
  6. Look In My Book
  7. The Pheasant
  8. Woman
  9. The Badger's Wake
  10. Rain Came Down (feat Paul McCartney)
  11. From The Manger To The Mortuary/Recorder Dance
  12. Into The Sky
  13. Roosting Time
Played by: Dr Rubberfunk
No Hard Feelings
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Cat: AJXLP 344. Rel: 17 Nov 14
  1. On Our Front Doorstep
  2. Keep It Burning
  3. A Little Alarmed
  4. Be Somebody
  5. Hunted
  6. No Hard Feelings
  7. Foolish Once More
  8. Foot In The Door
  9. She's An Attraction
  10. Lucky Lady
  11. The Crunch
  12. Say You're Lonely
  13. The Big AC
Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live
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Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live (limited gatefold transparent blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AJXLP 397X. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. The Innkeeper's Song (1:35)
  2. So Low (1:33)
  3. October Sun (2:32)
  4. Take My Hand (4:48)
  5. Sorry (Theme From) (5:19)
  6. Solstice (7:36)
  7. Snuff Box (5:12)
  8. Song For Rosie (4:17)
  9. Medicine (3:03)
  10. Devil Inside Me (3:26)
  11. The Pheasant (7:08)
1979 Now!
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1979 Now! (LP + CD)
Cat: AED 023LP. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. 1979 Now Intro
  2. Holiday Hymn
  3. Happy Go Lucky Girl
  4. The Water Was Bad
  5. Caught In Midstream
  6. The Devil's In League With You
  7. You Bring Out The Demon In Me
  8. You Made Me
  9. Born To Be A Rebel
  10. Get That Girl
  11. 1979 Now Outro
  12. 1979 Now Intro
  13. Holiday Hymn
  14. Happy Go Lucky Girl
  15. The Water Was Bad
  16. Caught In Midstream
  17. The Devil's In League With You
  18. You Bring Out The Demon In Me
  19. You Made Me
  20. Born To Be A Rebel
  21. Get That Girl
  22. 1979 Now Outro
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Understated (LP + CD)
Cat: AEDEC 18LP. Rel: 25 Mar 13
  1. Dilemma
  2. Baby Jean
  3. Carry On, Carry On
  4. 31 Years
  5. It's A Reason
  6. Too Bad (That's Sad)
  7. Down The Line
  8. Forsooth
  9. In The Now
  10. Understated
  11. Love's Been Good To Me
  12. Dilemma
  13. Baby Jean
  14. Carry On, Carry On
  15. 31 Years
  16. It's A Reason
  17. Too Bad (That's Sad)
  18. Down The Line
  19. Forsooth
  20. In The Now
  21. Understated
  22. Love's Been Good To Me
Affinity #1
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 in stock $8.83
Cat: AFFIN 027LTD. Rel: 09 Nov 15
  1. Claudio PRC - "Limnic" (7:11)
  2. Ness - "Vardar" (5:53)
  3. Reggy Van Oers - "Frenetic" (6:37)
  4. Deepbass - "The Light That Never Was" (6:08)
Review: Joachim Spieth's Affin imprint starts a new series titled Affinity and this inaugurates the new project in spectacular fashion. This new venture will likely delve into hypnotic techno territory and we like where it's leading! It's Sardinia's Claudio PRC up first who gives us "Limnic", a slow burning and sinister epic with some seriously evil sound design and droning bass drawing you into the void. Fellow Sardinian and Prologue label mate Ness is up next with "Vardar" a stomping and tunnelling techno affair with layer upon layer of immersive pads and paranoid atmospherics. On the flip is Dutchman Reggy Van Oers, with the rather Dettmann sounding "Frenetic" and finally sometime Ness collaborator, Glasgow's Deepbass gets onboard with the hypnotic and futuristic stomper "The Light That Never Was".
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 in stock $11.17
Solaris (12")
Cat: AL 003. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Solaris (6:03)
  2. Eclipse (5:52)
  3. Event Horizon (8:03)
AJH Synth Ring SM Ring Mod Sub Bass Mixer Module (silver)
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 1 in stock $254.56
Cat: 625077 Rel: 26 Sep 16
AJH synth ring sm ring mod sub bass mixer module
AJH Synth Sonic XV Diode Ladder Wave Filter Module (black)
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 1 in stock $270.14
Cat: 625082 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Sonic XV Diode Ladder Wave Filter Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module (black)
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 2 in stock $270.14
Cat: 625058 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Dual Contour Generators Module (black)
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 1 in stock $227.54
Cat: 625067 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Dual Contour Generators Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module (silver)
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 1 in stock $202.61
Cat: 625059 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod VCF Transistor Ladder Filter Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module (silver)
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 1 in stock $254.56
Cat: 625054 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Vintage Transistor Core VCO Module
AJH Synth Mini Mod Discrete Cascaded VCA Module (black)
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 1 in stock $161.05
Cat: 625062 Rel: 26 Sep 16
Mini Mod Discrete Cascaded VCA Module
AKG K72 Closed Back Studio Headphones
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 6 in stock $40.52
Cat: 599638 Rel: 14 Mar 16
Professional closed back headphones ideal for live sound monitoring, rehearsal rooms and recording studios
Notes: Pro quality sound meets style and affordability with the AKG K72 over-ear, closed back headphones. Professional-grade 40mm drivers reveal even the subtlest nuances, so you can be confident your mix will translate accurately on any system. Whether you're tracking the hook or mixing background harmonies, the self-adjusting headband and lightweight design will provide hours of comfort. Designed by the company whose mics and headphones have helped create some of the world's most iconic recordings, the durable K72 headphones deliver great sound wherever your music takes you.

Did your recording sound great at home but you regret playing it for your friends in the car? If so, you need an accurate monitoring solution to expose problems before you leave the studio. Our K72 headphones deliver authoritative, extended low-frequency response that gives definition to kick drums and bass guitars. At the same time, the detailed yet precisely balanced high-frequency response reveals the nuance in vocals, guitars and acoustic instruments. The K72 headphones confirm your critical creative decisions, so you know when your track's ready for prime time.

Wondering how it's possible to get such great sound from affordable headphones? When it comes to audio quality, driver size and weight are critical, especially in the lower frequencies. Our generous 40mm drivers deliver high sensitivity for powerful output, plus an extended frequency response that reveals every detail. The K72s also feature a low-impedance design for compatibility with a broad range of playback devices, from professional studio gear to portable music players. Our engineers leveraged their extensive expertise to optimize every single component - delivering a great set of headphones without compromise.

Whether you're tracking or mixing, you need to focus to perform at your best. The K72 headphones' closed-back design eliminates audio leakage and delivers sound to your ears only. The mic won't pick up the sound of the click track in your headphones - and you'll always be able to mix peacefully without being distracted by outside noise.

This exceptional level of audio isolation is due to a new acoustic chamber, which sits between the ear cup and the hinge that connects to the headband. Our innovative design gives you the freedom to move your head in any direction, without letting sound in or out. With the K72, you'll enjoy a private workspace, no matter where you choose to create.

Getting the perfect mix sometimes means monitoring track levels for hours - and that's when comfort really counts. We designed our unique self-adjusting headband to automatically create the perfect fit for every band member. No need to mess with delicate sizing mechanisms, which have the potential to break over time.

The exposed headband design keeps the K72 headphones comfortably light, without compromising driver size. Breathable, lightweight ear pads encircle your ears, rather than putting pressure on them. And a single-sided cable gives you freedom to move. To sum it up, these high-performance headphones sound, feel and look great. Who says you can't have it all?

AKG is known for making professional-grade gear that can stand the test of time, and the K72 headphones are no exception. We put them through extreme testing and abuse to ensure they'll handle anything you throw at them: Our regimen of drop-tests simulates exaggerated falls. 80,000 cable bend cycles at both end points ensure the cable won't break or underperform. And intensive driver testing - a prolonged series of 3W bursts every half second - means that the drivers won't fail when you really need them.

Since ear pads are often the first components to show wear, we made them replaceable to protect your investment over time. With exceptional performance and elegant design to match, the K72 is built for pros.
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