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Tremors (gatefold LP)
Cat: CAD 3403. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Tempest
  2. The Wheel
  3. Artifice
  4. Bloowflows
  5. Ransom Notes
  6. Paralysed
  7. Fool
  8. Lights
  9. Veto
  10. Lessons
  11. Tremors
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Advancement (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SBESTLP 70. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Everything Set Right (1:11)
  2. Man Plus (3:45)
  3. Age: Atomic (3:41)
  4. Vanishing Downstream (3:00)
  5. Scale (4:30)
  6. Persona (3:32)
  7. Wild Flowers (3:12)
  8. Gravity Calling (4:03)
  9. Everything Set Ablaze (2:36)
  10. Longer Life (4:42)
  11. Separate From The Arc (4:35)
Didn't It Rain (Deluxe)
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Didn't It Rain (Deluxe) (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SC 299LP. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Didn't It Rain
  2. Steve Albini's Blues
  3. Ring The Bell
  4. Cross The Road, Molina
  5. Blue Factory Flame
  6. Two Blue Lights
  7. Blue Chicago Moon
  8. Didn't It Rain
  9. Ring The Bell
  10. Cross The Road, Molina
  11. Blue Factory Flame
  12. Two Blue Lights
  13. Blue Chicago Moon
  14. The Gray Tour
  15. Spectral Alphabet
All I Know
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Cat: GEE 1002. Rel: 19 Oct 15
  1. All I Know (4:14)
  2. All I Know (version) (4:23)
Soulsby Oscitron Wavetable Oscillator With Uni-Five Companion Module
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Cat: 599034 Rel: 27 Feb 17
8-bit wavetable oscillator for Eurorack with Uni-Five companion module
Notes: The Oscitron is an 8-bit wavetable oscillator for Eurorack. It is based around the Atmegatron audio engine but also has a lot of different features, which make it more suited to the modular environment.

One of the key differences is the ability to capture wavetables via an audio input. There is also a "continuous capture" mode which produces vocoder-style effects.

The resolution of the audio engine can be altered from the Atmegatron's 32 sample wavetables, down to 16 and up to 128 samples, creating radically different timbres.

There is a clock input that can be routed to many different parameters. There are 5 CV inputs for controlling the most common parameters. 16 patches can be stored internally. As with the Atmegatron, different software can be uploaded to the Oscitron. A port of the Odytron software is ready for release in the first quarter of 2017.

Uni-Five companion module:

The Oscitron comes bundled with the Uni-Five companion module. This is a utility module that takes 2 bipolar +5/-5V signals and 1 unipolar 8V signal and converts them to unipolar 5V signals, suitable for the Oscitron's inputs. This is most useful for bipolar LFOs and envelopes. There is also an attenuator on each input. The modules are also available separately.


- 8-bit wavetable module
- Unique wavetable PWM Synthesis audio engine.
- Quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
- White aluminium faceplate with walnut side panels
- Nearly all parameters controllable by CV
- 16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches


- Huge selection of waveforms and filters
- Sample your own wavetables using the audio input
- Continuous sampling mode for vocoder-style effects
- Powerful synthesis features that takes Chiptune beyond 80s computer sounds
- Portamento and Quantizer
- Pulse width and phaser controls
- Unique 'wave crusher' effect


- Download the open source code from the downloads page
- Download the free Arduino development environment
- Tutorials and forums to help programmers
- Upload software using FTDI cable


- 1V/oct for pitch and filter cutoff
- 0-5V CV for pulse width, resonance and phaser
- Clock input (can be configured as extra CV control)
- Standard bipolar audio output
- 10 pin power and 6 pin FTDI programmer headers
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Belgica (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $8.15
Belgica (Soundtrack) (unmixed CD)
Cat: PIASR 430CDX. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Charlotte - "The Best Thing"
  2. The Shitz - "How Long"
  3. Rubber Band - "Caoutchouc"
  4. White Virgins - "Turn Off The Lights"
  5. Light Bulb Matrix - "Hot December"
  6. Kursat 9000 - "Colde Kutup Ayis"
  7. Erasmus - "Ti Ricordi Di Me"
  8. Burning Phlegm - "Nothing"
  9. Aquazul - "Slippy Fingers"
  10. Roland McBeth - "Don’t wait Up For Me"
  11. Diploma - "Got Any Chris Rea?"
  12. They Live - "The Cookie Crumbles"
  13. Danyel Galaxy - "Cybernetic Permutations In The Key Of A"
  14. The Shitz - "Sell It With Your Face"
  15. Robert Vanderwiel - "Nine Thousand Eyes"
  16. Noah’s Dark - "Inward"
Review: Belgica is a new movie about two Belgian brothers who run a club of the same name in Ghent. Who better to provide the soundtrack, then, than two Belgian brothers who reside in Ghent. Despite the myriad band names name-checked in the track list (each of whom is seen or heard performing in the film), each of the 16 tracks was written and produced by Soulwax, sometimes in association with guest musicians and actors. It's a neat trick, and one that leads to an impressively eclectic mixture of songs and styles, from post-punk era industrial dub and jangly West-coast indie, to minimal wave, krautrock, dub disco and frazzled post-boogie synth-pop.
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Played by: Kenneth bager
Real To Reel
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Real To Reel (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 887654 49921. Rel: 11 Mar 13
  1. Robert Levon Been, Dave Grohl & Peter Hayes - "Heaven & All"
  2. Chris Goss, Tim Commerford, Dave Grohl & Brad Wilk - "Time Slowing Down"
  3. Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins & Rami Jaffee - "You Can't Fix"
  4. Rick Springfield, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel & Pat Smear - "The Man That Never Was"
  5. Lee Ving, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Alain Johannes & Pat Smear - "Your Fife Is Calling"
  6. Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, Rick Nielsen & Scott Reeder - "From Can To Can't"
  7. Joshua Homme, Chris Goss, Dave Grohl & Alain Johannes - "Centipede"
  8. lain Johannes, Dave Grohl & Joshua Homme - "A Thick With No Sleeve"
  9. Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic & Pat Smear - "Cut Me Some Slack"
  10. Dave Grohl, Jessy Greene, Rami Jaffee & Jim Keltner - "If I Were Me"
  11. Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme & Trent Reznor - "Mantra"
Sound LAB Replacement Styli For Audio Technica ATN3472 Cartridge
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 2 in stock $5.57
Cat: 558102 Rel: 22 Dec 14
Replacement stylus for Audio Technica ATN3472 cartridge
Notes: A popular replacement stylus. Individually packed in a plastic case. Made in Japan.
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Ghost Town
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Cat: 741157 213317. Rel: 24 Dec 12
  1. Man At C&A
  2. A Message To You Rudy
  3. Rude Boy's Outta Jail
  4. Leave It Out
  5. You're Wondering Now
  6. Running Away
  7. Ghost Town
  8. It's You
  9. Gangsters
  10. Simmer Down (demo)
  11. Too Hot
  12. Rude Boy Gone To Jail (demo)
The Specials Live At The Moonlight Club
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 in stock $14.83
Cat: CHRTTX 5011. Rel: 04 Aug 14
  1. It's Up To You
  2. Do The Dog
  3. Monkey Man
  4. Blank Expression
  5. Nite Klub
  6. Concrete Jungle
  7. Too Hot
  8. Too Much Too Young
  9. Little Bitch
  10. Long Shot (Kick De Bucket)
Major Arcana
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Major Arcana (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAK 87LP. Rel: 08 Jul 13
  1. Pioneer Spine
  2. Tiger Tank
  3. Hitch
  4. Casper (1995)
  5. No Below
  6. Gary
  7. Fun
  8. Cash Cab
  9. Plough
  10. MKVI
Spindle Adapter Center For Playing 45 RPM Records (blue plastic, cone-shaped)
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Cat: 248492 Rel: 11 Dec 06
Blue, cone-shaped, plastic 45 adapter
Notes: Blue plastic spindle adapter center for playing 45 RPM 7" records.
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Another Way To Shine
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 in stock $18.99
Another Way To Shine (180 gram green vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: 888750 88561. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Magic Spell (5:36)
  2. Blind Mountain (4:05)
  3. Misty Valley (6:44)
  4. Picking From The Box (4:18)
  5. Nowhere To Go (6:20)
  6. Entering Into Peace (6:02)
  7. Sour Stains (5:47)
  8. Another Way To Shine (4:50)
  9. Past The Sound Of Whispers (5:54)
  10. Magic Spell
  11. Blind Mountain
  12. Misty Valley
  13. Picking From The Box
  14. Nowhere To Go
  15. Entering Into Peace
  16. Sour Stains
  17. Another Way To Shine
  18. Past The Sound Of Whispers
Sweet Heart Sweet Light
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Sweet Heart Sweet Light (2xLP + free MP3 download code)
Cat: DS 045LPS. Rel: 16 Apr 12
Rock (All)
  1. Huh? (intro)
  2. Hey Jane
  3. Little Girl
  4. Get What You Deserve
  5. Too Late
  6. Headin' For The Top Now
  7. Freedom
  8. I Am What I Am
  9. Mary
  10. Life Is A Problem
  11. So Long You Pretty Thing
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Response (gatefold LP)
Cat: SPITFIRES 1LP. Rel: 24 Aug 15
  1. Disciples (3:11)
  2. Tell Me (3:19)
  3. Escape Me (3:00)
  4. Spoke Too Soon (6:43)
  5. Relapse (3:36)
  6. Stand Down (3:33)
  7. Serenade (part 1) (1:31)
  8. I'm Holdin' On (3:20)
  9. Spark To Start (2:48)
  10. Words To Say (2:55)
  11. When I Call Out Your Name (3:44)
  12. Serenade (part 2) (0:50)
  13. 4am (5:40)
Rolf Lyssy's Teddy Bar: Soundtrack
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 in stock $16.64
Cat: CACHE 05LP. Rel: 11 Feb 13
  1. The Award (edit)
  2. The Silliest Tune
  3. Brief Encounter
  4. Small Talk
  5. Arrest Of Groucho
  6. Baby Baby
  7. Sweet Smell Of Success
  8. Too Much Smell
  9. The Silliest Song
  10. Reanimation Of A Filmmaker
  11. Swinging In The Closet
  12. Winding Down
  13. Strange Sounds (edit)
  14. The Dance
  15. Prepare For The Snow
  16. Seduction
  17. Walking
  18. On The Way
  19. Train
Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12 (Soundtrack)
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Cat: FKR 085LP. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Down At Long Street (0:27)
  2. Busy & Calm (1:20)
  3. Calm Places (1:45)
  4. Strip Bar (2:33)
  5. Little Italy (1:17)
  6. Lonely Night (2:23)
  7. Neon Pink & Blue (1:01)
  8. Nino Rotunda (2:35)
  9. Night Life (1:09)
  10. Sirtaki Nights (1:14)
  11. Angel In A Silver Wig (0:36)
  12. Sweetie Night (1:12)
  13. Goodbye Long Street (2:27)
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Transference (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MRG 365. Rel: 03 Nov 14
  1. Before Destruction
  2. Is Love Forever?
  3. The Mystery Zone
  4. Who Makes Your Money
  5. Written In Reverse
  6. I Saw The Light
  7. Trouble Comes Running
  8. Goodnight Laura
  9. Out Go The Lights
  10. Got Nuffin
  11. Nobody Gets Me But You
The Promise
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The Promise (180 gram vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: 88697 761771. Rel: 20 Dec 10
  1. Racing In The Street ('78)
  2. Gotta Get That Feeling
  3. Outside Looking In
  4. Someday (We'll Be Together)
  5. One Way Street
  6. Because The Night
  7. Wrong Side Of The Street
  8. The Brokenhearted
  9. Rendezvous
  10. Candy's Boy
  11. Save My Love
  12. Ain't Good Enough For You
  13. Fire
  14. Spanish Eyes
  15. It's A Shame
  16. Come On (Let's Go Tonight)
  17. Talk To Me
  18. The Little Things (My Baby Does)
  19. Breakaway
  20. The Promise
  21. City Of Night
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Magic (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CBS 717060. Rel: 22 Oct 07
  1. Radio Nowhere
  2. You'll Be Comin' Down
  3. Livin' In The Future
  4. Your Own Worst Enemy
  5. Gypsy Biker
  6. Girls In The Summer Clothes
  7. I'll Work For Your Love
  8. Magic
  9. Last To Die
  10. Long Walk Home
  11. Devil's Arcade
  12. Track 6
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (remastered) (Record Store Day 2015)
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Cat: 0888750142511. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. Badlands (4:00)
  2. Adam Raised A Cain (4:28)
  3. Something In The Night (5:12)
  4. Candy's Room (2:45)
  5. Racing In The Street (6:54)
  6. The Promised Land (4:25)
  7. Factory (2:17)
  8. Streets Of Fire (4:02)
  9. Prove It All Night (4:00)
  10. Darkness On The Edge Of Town (4:24)
Dress Rehearsal Broadcast 1992
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Dress Rehearsal Broadcast 1992 (limited gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PARA 078LP. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Born In The USA (6:29)
  2. Local Hero (6:22)
  3. Lucky Hero (5:10)
  4. Darkness On The Edge Of Town (5:24)
  5. If I Should Fall Behind (5:24)
  6. 57 Channels (And Nothing On) (7:14)
  7. The Big Muddy (3:51)
  8. Living Proof (6:21)
  9. My Hometown (9:26)
  10. Leap Of Faith (6:46)
  11. Man's Job (5:22)
  12. Roll Of The Dice (12:46)
  13. Human Touch (8:53)
  14. Glory Days (7:49)
  15. Hungry Heart (3:38)
  16. 1992 Interview (18:20)
Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source Module
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Cat: 627852 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Source module containing four voltage controlled function generators
Notes: Sputnik quad function & trigger source provides four independent or paired (quadrature mode) function generators for creating complex envelopes.

Attack and decay:
- 4 generators
- The time range of each generator (.005 - 10 seconds) can be controlled via CV pulse input jacks for both attack and decay + control knobs
- 3-mode switch per generator: CYCLE (LFO), TRANSIENT, SUSTAINED

- Each generator includes CV output + pulse output that generates a transient pulse at the end of the decay segment: if the generator is in CYCLE mode for instance, that cycle will repeat
- QUADRATURE MODE SWITCH with green LED: when engaged, 1+2 (or 3+4) work in tandem + a shift of 90 degrees to each other. These pairs can then be linked creating complex ADSR envelopes.
- Dedicated outputs for 1+2 and 3+4 as well as attenuator knobs for mixing channels.

This module contains four voltage controlled function generators that can be used in pairs, in order to mix them and additionally to create more complex envelopes in quadrature mode. Each channel can be used as an AD envelope or as LFO and also generates pulses.

Each channel of the QFTS is an individual function generator that, when having received a pulse at it's input, will generate an attack-decay cycle. The attack and decay times go from 0.005-10 seconds and each can be voltage controlled. When the AD-cycle is finished, a pulse will be generated at the pulse output. In cycle mode this output can be used as square wave LFO with a pulse width depending on the relationship of attack and decay times.
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Damogen Furies
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Cat: WARPLP 264. Rel: 20 Apr 15
  1. D Frozen Aac (5:38)
  2. Kwang Bass (6:11)
  3. Baltang Arg (6:48)
  4. Exjav Nives (5:19)
  5. Kontenjaz (3:42)
  6. Rayc Fire 2 (4:43)
  7. Baltang Ort (6:13)
  8. Stor Eiglass (4:28)
Review: Given how damn prolific Tom Jenkinson is, it's hard to believe Damogen Furies is the first Squarepusher album in 3 years. Issued through regular hub Warp, Damogen Furies is the thirteenth Squarepusher album and in order to keep things fresh Jenkinson apparently decided to record all the tracks in one take without any subsequent edits. He's quoted as using words like brutal and visceral in the sales notes and those are definitely feelings that come up when listening to Damogen Furies. The opening two tracks "D Frozen Aac" and "Kwang Bass" which sound like Daft Punk pulled backwards through a vacuum and an arcade machine desiccated respectively, set the tone for the album as a whole. Very Squarepusher.
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Around The World & Back
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Around The World & Back (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PNE 1741. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Eyes Closed (3:08)
  2. Secrets (3:43)
  3. Losing Myself (3:09)
  4. All You Are Is History (3:08)
  5. Perfect Score (3:18)
  6. All Or Nothing (3:38)
  7. Shape Up (2:41)
  8. Back & Forth (2:49)
  9. Around The World & Back (3:47)
  10. Breaking Ground (3:40)
  11. Tooth & Nail (2:56)
Steinberg Cubase Elements 9 Music Production Software (full retail boxed version)
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 1 in stock $81.17
Cat: 638191 Rel: 20 Feb 17
Streamlined version of Cubase 9 featuring a wide range of professional audio tools & effects
Notes: Cubase Elements welcomes you to the world of Cubase, offering a streamlined music production environment with plenty of features that help seize the moment when musical creativity strikes. Sharing the same pristine audio quality as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements provides the perfect starting point for intuitive song writing, studio-grade recordings and finalizing your mix. Do you want to elevate your sound to a new level? Cubase Elements is your next step.

Follow the flow:
Cubase Elements can keep up with the pace with which your ideas flow. Whether you want to record your instruments and vocals or program cutting-edge beats, you will find all the creative tools and features in Cubase Elements that will guarantee an efficient and rewarding workflow. Improve your tracks with professional and precise editing and mixing capabilities and polish your productions with the top-notch channel strip in the integrated MixConsole - just exactly to the standards you expect from a Cubase-line product.

Get your private assistants:
Composing music consists of finding an idea that you can elaborate into a full music composition. Cubase Elements makes it easy to harmonize and arrange your music with the innovative and unique Chord Pads and Arranger Track. Regardless whether you're looking for further inspiration, a quick and easy way to play chords or try out different arrangements, Cubase Elements offers you maximum flexibility combined with a lightweight user interface to refine your ideas and get the best out of your music.

Your sound of music:
Stay a step ahead of the rest with powerful instruments and awesome sounds. HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE and Prologue - Cubase Elements provide a vast array of high-end sampled instruments, uplifting acoustic and electronic drums and grooves, state-of-the-art synths and experimental sound design tools. With the acclaimed VST Amp Rack tone suite all the amps you need stand right by your side to give your music that very individual tone.
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Cosmoride (12")
Cat: MOJUBA 015. Rel: 26 Jul 10
Deep House
  1. Cosmoride
  2. Tsukayga
Review: These are the first fruits of musical excellence from Japanese producer Stereociti in 2010, and it's been worth the wait. Once again surfacing on the Mojuba imprint, this release launches gently into outer space with the title track "Cosmoride". A main riff of heavily compressed keys is the melodic centre around which Stereociti builds a wall of layered percussion propelled by heavy kicks, with the ever rising synth washes providing the atmospheric intent. The placid reverberant deepness of "Tsukayga" offers a more downbeat moment, thanks to pensive rhythmic swirls that siphon out over crisp 808 beats.
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Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
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 in stock $28.88
  1. Tone Burst
  2. Our Trinitone Blast
  3. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
  4. I'm Going Out Of My Way
  5. Golden Ball
  6. Pause
  7. Jenny Ondioline
  8. Analogue Rock
  9. Crest
  10. Lock Groove Lullaby
Teaser & The Firecat
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Teaser & The Firecat (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: B2BSTK ST01. Rel: 27 Oct 08
  1. The Wind
  2. Rubylove
  3. If I Laugh
  4. Changes IV
  5. How Can I Tell You
  6. Tuesday's Dead
  7. Morning Has Broken
  8. Bitterblue
  9. Moonshadow
  10. Peace Train
Tell Me Baby
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 in stock $13.79
Cat: DSR-SP7-12. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Tell Me Baby (2:49)
  2. That's Life (3:20)
Sonny Stitt Bud Powell JJ  Johnson
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 in stock $9.11
Cat: DOL 808. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Afternoon In Paris (track 1)
  2. Afternoon In Paris (track 2)
  3. Elora (track 1)
  4. Elora (track 2)
  5. Blue Mode (track 1)
  6. Blie Mode (track 2)
  7. Tea Pot (track 1)
  8. Tea Pot (track 2)
  9. All God's Children Got Rhythm
  10. Sonnyside
  11. Bud's Blues
  12. Sunset
  13. Strike Up The Band
  14. I Want To Be Happy
  15. Taking A Chance On Love
  16. Fine & Dandy (track 1)
  17. Fine & Dandy (track 2)
What You Don't See
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 in stock $13.79
What You Don't See (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PNE 127LP. Rel: 27 May 13
  1. Things I Can't Change
  2. Stifled
  3. Small Talk
  4. Playing The Victim
  5. Right Here
  6. Empty Space
  7. The Glass
  8. All Wrong
  9. Bad Luck
  10. Face Value
  11. Framework
Peaches (Record Store Day 2014)
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 in stock $8.06
Cat: PEACHES. Rel: 05 May 14
  1. Peaches
  2. Go Buddy Go
Comedown Machine
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 in stock $15.35
Cat: RTRADLP 730. Rel: 25 Mar 13
  1. Tap Out
  2. All The Time
  3. One Way Trigger
  4. Welcome To Japan
  5. 80's Comedown Machine
  6. 50/50
  7. Slow Animals
  8. Partners In Crime
  9. Chances
  10. Happy Ending
  11. Call It Fate, Call It Karma
Is This It
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Cat: RTRADELP 030. Rel: 16 Jul 12
  1. Is This It
  2. The Modern Age
  3. Soma
  4. Barely Legal
  5. Someday
  6. Alone, Together
  7. Last Nite
  8. Hard To Ecplain
  9. New York City Cops
  10. Trying Your Luck
  11. Take It Or Leave It
Rock Art & The X Ray Style (remastered)
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Rock Art & The X Ray Style (remastered) (gatefold 2xLP (1 side etched) + CD)
Cat: HEL 80521. Rel: 12 Nov 12
  1. Tony Adams
  2. Sandpaper Blues
  3. X-Ray Style
  4. Techno B-Day
  5. The Road To Rock 'N' Roll
  6. Nitcomb
  7. Diggin' The New
  8. Forbidden City (1-sided)
  9. Yalla Yalla
  10. Wilesden To Cricklewood
  11. Tony Adams (CD)
  12. Sandpaper Blues
  13. X-Ray Style
  14. Techno B-Day
  15. The Road To Rock 'N' Roll
  16. Nitcomb
  17. Diggin' The New
  18. Forbidden City
  19. Yalla Yalla
  20. Wilesden To Cricklewood
  21. Time & The Tide (bonus track)
  22. The X-Ray Stle (live Summer 99 - bonus track)
  23. Yalla Yalla (Norro King dub - bonus track)
Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM Synthesizer (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $728.40
Cat: 631488 Rel: 27 Oct 14
B-STOCK: Slight wear to box, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Slight wear to box, product in perfect working order***

Back to the raw power and purity of non-programmable discrete analog, where STUDIO ELECTRONICS started in 1985. The snap and punch of hardware envelopes drive the BOOMSTAR's brilliant voltage controlled circuits with unparalleled sonic integrity and versatility. BOOMSTAR is the ultimate desktop analog synthesizer for those who remember and desire still, the electronic Analog sound that changed the world, and for seekers who have yet to discover that magic and delight... in their time.

Driven by rapid fire hardware envelope snap, and near Modular sound flexibility (at the flip of any of its 20 toggle switches), the STUDIO ELECTRONICS BOOMSTARr desktop* synth is a performer and sound designer's waking dream. The Boomstar foundation: two Oscillators - stackable waveforms with Sub OSC, two Envelopes - invertible, loopable, with 'drone' and 'master' mode, is accented expressively by hardware XMod and exponential glide, extensive modulation routing, and a flexible software LFO: jacked for heavy lifting and fine-tuned experimentation - even go "off synth" with the external input and color exotic oscillations.

The quick-turn shaft pots along the bottom for the hardware Ring Mod, Noise, Filter Feedback and VCO Levels make vital sonic change intimate, immediate, and indispensable; the adjacent Overdrive switch adds warmth and edge. Thirty one pots insure fluid, intuitive mastery over wide-ranging sweep and subtlety of tone: feather in the changes or whip them suddenly and rhythmically into shape.

Now Six Models Pumped: SE80 - the legendary, creamy, multi-mode Yamaha CS-80, 700 - innovative MiniKORG, 5089 - classic Moog 24dB ladder, 4075 - powerfully resonant ARP 2600, SEM - the original Oberheim 12dB, 3003 - the chirpy, acidic, bouncy Roland TB-303.

S. E.'s patchable, discrete, through-hole, hand-matched transistor, American-made analog synthesizers are as rugged as they are flexible; inspiring instruments built to last a lifetime, and then some, no matter which brilliant, hand-crafted filter model you choose.
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Natty Militant
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Cat: MY 002. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Natty Militant (3:22)
  2. Natty Militant (version) (3:25)
On Patrol
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On Patrol (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SA 02. Rel: 16 Sep 13
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Ma Holo
  2. Beat Cop
  3. The Stakeout (feat W Giacchi)
  4. Conga Mind
  5. Deep Cover
  6. High Slide
  7. The Stakeout (feat W Giacchi - reprise)
  8. Dimension Alley
  9. Holodeck Blues
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Belomancie (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SA 033. Rel: 17 Feb 14
  1. Scrim
  2. Curtis
  3. Huff
  4. Belomancie
  5. One After One
  6. Solo Wallet Shuffle
  7. Remedial Ventilation
  8. Flote
  9. Seven Lampstands
Review: Cameron Stallones aka Sun Araw drops a much awaited new LP on his own Sun Ark Records and marks an important development for the artist in terms of sound aesthetic. As usual, however, it's a non scrupulous and wacky amalgamation of styles and ideas which work admirably well together. Fusing delayed swirls of guitars together with deep synth chords on "Curtis" and moving to a nutty drum machine workout on "Huff", it only takes a couple of tracks to hear that this guy is kind of on another planet. Check it out for won't be disappointed...
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FRKWYS Vol 9 : Meet The Congos
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FRKWYS Vol 9 : Meet The Congos (LP + DVD + MP3 download code + poster)
Cat: FRKWYS 09LP. Rel: 07 May 12
  1. New Binghi
  2. Happy Song
  3. Food Clothing & Shelter
  4. Sunshine
  5. Jungle
  6. Invocation
  7. Thanks & Praise
  8. Icon Eye (DVD)
Review: The ever adventurous Rvng Intl. offer up a real treat here, as two L.A musicians were sent to Jamaica to work alongside The Congos in recreating the reggae legends classic Icon Give Thank LP. The end result is quite a delirious affair, as the purity of The Congos jars against the wobbly, jelly-like production values of their new-found collaborators. Piling on a dense amount of detail in each track, there is something rootsy at work in the middle of the dizzying vocals, synths and drum machine echoes which does the original material justice. It's sometimes an unsettling listen, but a fascinating one nonetheless.
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Mwng (deluxe heavyweight white vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: REWIGLP 98X. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Drygioni (1:23)
  2. Ymaelodi A'r Ymylon (2:53)
  3. Y Gwyneb Iau (3:54)
  4. Dacw Hi (4:15)
  5. Nythod Cacwn (3:43)
  6. Pan Ddaw'r Wawr (4:27)
  7. Ysbeidiau Heulog (2:50)
  8. Y Teimlad (4:39)
  9. Sarn Helen (4:18)
  10. Gwreiddiau Dwfn Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion (8:01)
  11. Mwng Bach: Cryndod Yn Dy Lais (2:44)
  12. Trons Mr Urdd (4:38)
  13. Calimero (2:21)
  14. Sali Mali (4:34)
  15. (Nid) Hon Yw'r Gan Sy'n Mynd I Achub Yr Iaiath (3:56)
  16. Nythod Cacwn (live Peel session 06/10/04) (3:31)
  17. Cryndod Yn Dy Lais (3:47)
  18. Y Gwyneb Iau (4:20)
  19. Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion (7:23)
  20. Drygioni (live at ATP 07/04/00) (2:19)
  21. Ysebeidau Heulog (2:53)
  22. Pan Ddaw'r Wawr (5:25)
  23. Y Gwyneb Iau (5:00)
  24. Ymaelodi A'r Ymylon (3:34)
  25. Nythod Cacwn (4:45)
  26. Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion (14:56)
Review: It's no mean feat to have made the first Welsh-language album to reach the UK Top 20, but that's just what Super Furry Animals did at the start of the millennium with 'Mwng', their fourth full-lengther. In some ways a reaction to their expensive and underperforming 1999 album 'Guerilla', this was recorded mostly live for only L6,000, and styled by frontman and mastermind Gruff Rhys as 'a stand against globalisation'. Yet all this would count for little were 'Mwng' not crammed full of the wistful, effortlessly melodious and emotionally resonant psych-pop gems that Rhys & co excel in, leading 'Mwng' to stand for manifold reasons as one of the most essential documents by a unique and treasured outfit.
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Don't Say That
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Don't Say That (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: INFECT 202LP. Rel: 10 Nov 14
  1. Lily For Your Pad To Rest On
  2. You Can Believe
  3. Superfood
  4. TV
  5. Pallasades
  6. Mood Bomb
  7. I
  8. It''s Good To See You
  9. Don''t Say That
  10. II
  11. Melting
  12. Right On Satellite
  13. Like A Daisy
Review: Despite their being in their early twenties, The Birmingham-birthed Superfood sound like their hearts are forever in a sonic landscape that flourished whilst they were still in primary school. There's the definite ring of the '90s to be heard on Don't Say That, but luckily this band has an innate knowledge of how to cherry-pick the most worthy moments from that era and leave its cultural baggage alone, resulting in a chirpy and infectious confection that tips its hat to the melodies and spark of early Supergrass and Blur without the ego or the retro chic. With addictive choruses married to laidback sensiblity, the result is guitar-pop for the ages.
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Supro 1303 Boost Pedal
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Supro 1303 Boost Pedal (effects pedal)
Cat: 640517 Rel: 20 Feb 17
Boost pedal with true bypass switching & TRS expression pedal port
Notes: Supro Boost is a "clean" pre-amp ideally suited to pushing the front end of a tube amp. This J-FET based pedal design delivers up to 20db noiseless gain boost plus optional High Pass or Low Pass filtering to contour your sound. Simple, straight-forward and effective, the Supro Boost pedal remains clean and sweet at all settings, no matter how hard you push it with other pedals earlier in the chain. The Supro boost also remains frequency linear as the gain is adjusted, allowing the musician to set the desired level of boost without sacrificing overall tone or requiring them to adjust their amp's EQ settings to compensate.

The Supro Boost pedal sports a simple control layout with a single Volume knob and an oversized toggle switch to select BRIGHT, FLAT or DARK overall frequency response. The BRIGHT mode enables a 3db/octave HP (high pass) filter. This setting is useful for thinning out humbucker guitars when adding boost to increase sparkle and prevent mud. The DARK mode enables a 3db/octave LP (low pass) filter. This setting is useful for fattening up single coil guitars when adding boost, to increase warmth and prevent harshness.

Taking the boost pedal one step further, the Supro Boost offers a TRS port for expression pedal control of the VOLUME knob. This effectively turns the Supro Boost pedal into a high-fidelity, active volume pedal with user-adjustable minimum and maximum settings. With the expression pedal in use, the on-board VOLUME knob sets the maximum value while a user-adjustable, internal trimmer sets the minimum volume. All Supro pedals are assembled in Port Jefferson, NY, USA, featuring custom-tooled, anodized, brushed-aluminium enclosures, 9V battery or AC powered operation, rear-mounted metal jacks, easy-access side-mounted battery drawer and studio-friendly, noiseless (click-free) true-bypass switching.
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Supro 1305 Drive Pedal
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 1 in stock $181.06
Supro 1305 Drive Pedal (effects pedal)
Cat: 640521 Rel: 20 Feb 17
Overdrive pedal with true bypass switching & TRS expression pedal port
Notes: No other pedal sounds more like a real Supro amp than the Supro Drive. This groundbreaking analog pedal re-creates the circuitry of a Supro amp, from end to end, including an actual output transformer. As the Supro sound has gained widespread popular recognition as a pillar of classic rock guitar tone, numerous amp and pedal companies claim to have captured our coveted sound by cloning the original Supro preamp, in stompbox format. They all got it wrong! The real tone of a genuine Supro amp has everything to do with the unique phase inverter design, Class A power amp section and the magnetic saturation that occurs via the old-school transformers found in these vintage tone machines. In short, the iconic sound of a Supro amp being pushed into overdrive has everything to do with the POWER AMP.

Harnessing the expertise developed through re-imagining and successfully manufacturing the 1960's Supro tube amplifier lineup, Supro USA has captured the legendary magic of a Supro tube amp by completely re-thinking stompbox design. Rather than approximating the sound of our amps using standard techniques, engineer Thomas Elliot created an all-new circuit which mimics every aspect of the Supro tube amp. This unique approach yields the most realistic-sounding overdrive pedal ever made, with greater range of gain, dynamics and natural compression than the Tube Screamer, Klon or any of their many derivatives. The Supro Drive is an original, landmark design that raises the bar for overdrive pedals.

The Supro Drive pedal sports a simple control layout with Volume, Gain and Tone knobs as well as a toggle switch to select between the different windings of our custom, multi-tapped output transformer-either for high-headroom BOLD sounds, or more compressed, high-gain RICH tones. Taking the overdrive pedal platform one step further, the Supro Drive offers a TRS port for expression pedal control of the GAIN knob. With the expression pedal in use, the on-board GAIN knob sets the maximum value, while a user-adjustable, internal trimmer sets the minimum gain setting. All Supro pedals are assembled in Port Jefferson, NY, USA, featuring custom-tooled, anodized, brushed-aluminum enclosures, 9V battery or AC powered operation, rear-mounted metal jacks, easy-access side-mounted battery drawer and studio-friendly, noiseless (click-free) true-bypass switching.
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Keira (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SNDWLP 094. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Keira (intro) (0:45)
  2. Mamadou (2:42)
  3. Bani (4:50)
  4. Ansumana (5:25)
  5. Foday Kunda (4:41)
  6. Suso Kunda (0:58)
  7. Alagi (4:10)
  8. Tomora (6:22)
  9. Kankurang (3:10)
  10. Son Kunda (5:45)
Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart
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 in stock $14.83
Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SC 324LP. Rel: 13 Apr 15
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. 2amoutu 17tirakan (6:11)
  2. Metal (3:47)
  3. Seif (3:39)
  4. In Touch (5:48)
  5. Gazelles In Flight (5:16)
  6. Leyla (2:02)
  7. 3attam Babey (8:41)
Played by: Thread London
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Swans (limited 12")
Cat: 12 MUTE531. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Laugh (4:04)
  2. Speak (4:24)
  3. Take Advantage (4:32)
  4. Sensitive Skin (6:13)
Played by: Thread London
Live At The Marquee 1986
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 in stock $10.93
Live At The Marquee 1986 (limited gatefold white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LETV 468LP. Rel: 14 Mar 16
  1. Action (4:36)
  2. Sweet F A (5:40)
  3. Love Is Like Oxygen (7:09)
  4. Restless (5:36)
  5. No You Don't (2:19)
  6. Guitar Segue (3:13)
  7. Someone Else Will (5:14)
  8. Drum Solo (2:51)
  9. Set Me Free (8:16)
  10. Ballroom Blitz (4:21)
  11. Fox On The Run (6:03)
  12. AC/DC (bonus track) (5:20)
  13. Burn On The Flame (bonus track) (3:59)
Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972)
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Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972) (2xCD box + 24 page booklet)
Cat: RERVNG 8CD. Rel: 17 Oct 16
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Tumblers From The Vault (Disc 1: Long Lost Relatives/Syrinx)
  2. Syren
  3. December Angel
  4. Ibistix
  5. Field Hymn (Epilogue)
  6. Tillicum
  7. Better Deaf & Dumb From The First
  8. Aurora Spinray
  9. Melina's Torch
  10. Journey Tree
  11. Field Hymn
  12. Chant For Your Dragon King
  13. Hollywood Dream Trip
  14. Father Of Light
  15. Appaloosa-Pegasus
  16. Tillicum (Disc 2: Long Lost Relics - single mix)
  17. Melina's Torch (solo)
  18. Better Deaf & Dumb From The First (alternate/vocal)
  19. December Angel (demo)
  20. Stringspace Live: Syren
  21. Stringspace Live: December Angel
  22. Stringspace Live: Ibistix
  23. Stringspace Live: Field Hymn (Epilogue)
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