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I Choose You
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I Choose You (double 12")
Cat: VR 170. Rel: 19 Dec 16
Funky/Club House
  1. I Choose You (Louie Vega Dance Ritual mix) (11:23)
  2. I Choose You (Louie Vega Mid Tempo mix) (9:17)
  3. I Choose You (Louie Vega dub) (8:47)
  4. I Choose You (Vega Tosca Solo Mid Tempo mix) (8:48)
Review: "I Choose You" was initially featured on Foreign Land, the debut album from gospel-soul trio 3 Winans Brothers. Two years on, Louie Vega has decided to give it the remix treatment, serving up four versions across two slabs of wax. He begins with the Dance Ritual Mix, where the trio's smooth vocals - and the impassioned backing singing of Karen Clarke Sheard - ride a shuffling, Latin-influenced house groove. The Mid Tempo Mix offers a musically richer, groovier interpretation, while the Dub focuses more on Clarke Sheard's diva style vocalizing, jazzy piano solos, and Vega's tasty, floor-friendly beats. Speaking of solos, the Masters of Work man cannily brings them to the fore on the closing Axel Solo Mid Tempo Mix.
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Matin/Nuit (12")
Cat: BIO 028. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Matin (10:25)
  2. Nuit (6:31)
  3. Ivre (6:51)
Played by: Mimi
Breeze EP
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Breeze EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BBR 13. Rel: 27 Mar 17
Deep House
  1. Acasual - "Her"
  2. Tominori Hosoya - "Thinking Of The Days"
  3. Kiddmisha & Apoena - "Dancin"
  4. Jonno & Tommo - "Mystic Feelings"
Review: The latest offering on Owen Jay's Batti Batti label features a cast of characters doing different but equally excellent things within the realm of deep house. Acasual is up first, presenting a reflective tour through lingering chords and swirling pads perfect for rainy spring days, while Tominori Hosoya goes one further with the soul-stirring ambience of "Thinking Of The Days". Kiddmisha & Apoena set light to the B-side with the restrained but utterly on-point depth charge "Dancin", and then Jonno & Tommo round the record out with the sultry "Mystic Feelings", making this a complete package of high grade house music from the heart.
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Quite Good Tracks Vol 1
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  1. Adryiano - "Brykk" (6:49)
  2. Monogenic - "Binz" (5:42)
  3. Kastil - "Reptile Veils" (5:50)
  4. DJ Shmugs - "Tear It Down" (5:37)
Hustlers EP Part 1
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Cat: PMR 001. Rel: 17 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Alex Agore - "Madness"
  2. Kool Vibe - "Music Is My Life"
  3. DJ Nav - "Club Love"
  4. Doug Gomez - "Earth To Mars"
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Emperor (12")
Cat: CRM 108. Rel: 04 Mar 13
Deep House
  1. Emperor
  2. Emperor (Waze & Odyssey remix)
  3. Emperor (Maceo Plex Last Disco remix)
  4. Emperor (dub)
Review: Bringing one of those vocals that will be nagging in the noggin long after the lights have come up; Ali Love and Kali are in prime pop-picking mode with this new single on Crosstown Rebels. The structure of the track is still in keeping with the label's slick take on house music; while the vocals intone a message of massaged ego that translates smoothly to Waze & Odyssey's more brooding remix. Maceo Plex comes in with a more romantic vision for the track, laying out thick reams of synth in a seductive late night style that can bleed outwards to fill a space large or small.
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Cat: AS 7003. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Motherland (3:26)
  2. Motherland (dub) (3:27)
Damage Dealers EP
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Damage Dealers EP (hand-numbered red marbled vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 60 copies)
Cat: 120 DBRED. Rel: 11 Jan 16
  1. Analcore - "Fak Zat Shit" (5:32)
  2. Analcore - "Out Of Control" (6:01)
  3. K Special - "Wake The Dragon" (6:58)
  4. K Special - "Unreal Music" (5:30)
Damage Dealers EP
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Damage Dealers EP (hand-numbered yellow marbled vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 45 copies)
Cat: 120 DB. Rel: 11 Jan 16
  1. Analcore - "Fak Zat Shit" (5:33)
  2. Analcore - "Out Of Cont Rol" (6:03)
  3. K Special - "Wake The Dragon" (6:57)
  4. K Special - "Unreal Music" (5:31)
2 Years Of Sakadat
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Cat: SKDR 006. Rel: 13 Jun 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Anamorph & Zepovek - "Le Temps" (11:27)
  2. Kaitaro - "Morr" (8:05)
  3. Plantae - "Taemguola" (8:21)
Dance Fiction EP
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Cat: AFR 06. Rel: 10 Apr 17
Deep House
  1. Anaxander - "Downtown" (7:09)
  2. Klaaar - "Croix Paquet" (5:51)
  3. Quell - "Sailing Jack" (6:47)
  4. Kresy - "Ally" (5:57)
Various Artists 002
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Cat: MNM 002. Rel: 05 Sep 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Mano Andrei - "Stardub" (7:12)
  2. Pheek - "Glad I Say" (6:14)
  3. TIJN - "Cosmos" (7:39)
  4. Komponente - "Amigdala" (6:23)
Played by: DJ Mau Mau, Alex Font, TIJN
Universal Struggle
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Cat: JFR 1213. Rel: 26 Dec 16
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Anthony B - "Universal Struggle" (3:30)
  2. Kool Shade - "Want To Be A Star" (3:32)
  3. Anthony B - "Universal Struggle" (dub mix 1) (3:30)
  4. Kool Shade - "Want To Be A Star" (dub mix 2) (3:31)
Polegroupbox 1 Disc 1
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Cat: POLEGROUPBOX 1DISC1. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Architectural - "Sorrow" (6:07)
  2. Tripeo - "Lugom" (5:31)
  3. Kessell - "Prana" (5:23)
  4. Kwartz - "Simulacrum" (5:50)
Dancing In Outer Space
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Cat: WOLFEP 001. Rel: 22 Jun 09
  1. Atmosfear - "Dancing In Outer Space" (The Revenge rework)
  2. KRL - "Recession Beat"
  3. Atmosfear - "Dancing In Outer Space" (Greymatter rework)
  4. KRL - "Remember Donny" (Greymatter remix)
Stiff Little Spinners Vol 8
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Stiff Little Spinners Vol 8 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: AL 262. Rel: 03 Apr 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Thomas Atzmann - "Skagerrak" (8:55)
  2. Rampue - "Der Konig Und Der Vogel" (10:14)
  3. Kalipo - "Gernkraftwerk" (6:26)
  4. Krink - "Dazed" (7:31)
  5. Paradise Hippies - "Prosecco Mate" (6:55)
  6. Gimmix - "Karlie" (5:58)
  7. Monopohl - "Patellaluxation" (5:11)
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Cat: CRM 181. Rel: 29 May 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Implications (8:39)
  2. Implications (Martin Buttrich remix) (8:51)
Played by: Audiojack
Time Is Getting Harder
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  1. Peter Austin - "Time Is Getting Harder" (2:08)
  2. Kingstonians - "Love Is The Greatest Science" (3:09)
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Lavender (1-sided etched 12")
Cat: IL 1183V. Rel: 12 Jun 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Lavender (Nightfall remix) (3:20)
  2. Lavender (3:20)
  3. Lavender (Nightfall acappella) (2:30)
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Mapping (12")
Cat: CINCIN 007. Rel: 22 May 17
Deep House
  1. Mapping (6:24)
  2. Eyespace (7:19)
  3. Cold Sweat (7:26)
  4. Move In Ether (6:35)
Various Artist EP
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 in stock $10.02
Cat: TPN 006. Rel: 13 Mar 17
  1. Bambounou - "The Traitor" (6:30)
  2. Shlomo & AWB - "Blind" (8:03)
  3. PVNV - "Lost Manifest" (6:18)
  4. Kasst - "Noumene" (6:35)
Played by: DJ 3000, Ground Loop
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Tarantula (limited 7")
Cat: JPR 004. Rel: 23 Nov 15
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Tarantula (3:22)
  2. Loves Too Strong (3:33)
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Cat: COL 061937. Rel: 26 Sep 05
  1. Shirley Bassey - "Goldfinger"
  2. Kim Carnes - "Bette Davis Eyes"
6:23 Again Trackin Ya Down EP
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Cat: KNG 11. Rel: 19 May 14
Deep House
  1. Here & Now
  2. Names Like?
  3. Keep It Deep
  4. Daye Revisit
Review: Here is a timely reissue from Nite Grooves, shedding light on one of the lesser known gems in Kerri Chandler's back catalogue from no less than twenty years ago. "Here & Now" is everything you would want from a Chandler joint, with a sturdy beat rounded out by soulful keys and a powerful lick of vocal, with little need for much more. "Names Like?" is a more airy cut with a jerky groove, triggering an abstract line in African samples at a time when experimentation was high. "Keep It Deep" is a more accessible kind of house jam that will appeal to any lover of Chandler's ways, while "Daye Revisit" takes things on a more subtle but no less pumping deep house ride.
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Split EP
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Split EP (12")
Cat: INV 149LP. Rel: 03 Aug 15
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Beak - "The Meader" (3:21)
  2. Beak - "The Broken Window" (4:16)
  3. Kaeb - "When We Fall" (3:51)
  4. Kaeb - "There's No One" (6:00)
The Good Ship EP
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The Good Ship EP (12" + magazine + postcard + numbered performance ticket)
Cat: (KUNST/WORK) 002. Rel: 26 Aug 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Beaner - "Maledicta, The Mutiny"
  2. Khrom Ju - "The Ship"
  3. Skirtchaser - "Splice The Machine"
Review: After making their presence felt with the lavish packaging of their first release, the La Mission crew joins forces again with all the characters present for another well-presented journey through leftfield house and ambient compositions. Beaner's "Maledicta, The Mutiny" is the most direct of the offerings, working a mournful cello line and forlorn piano chords over a crisp tech-house rhythm while alien vocal samples inject the weird factor into the track. Krohm Ju meanwhile ditches beats in favour of a bass-laden experimental piece rich in compositional clout, as layers of arpeggios and lingering chords work to create a stirring piece. Skirtchaser then rounds the proceedings off with a low slung deep house affair with a scuffed beat and evocative found sound that feels like a brisk Sunday afternoon in autumn rolled into gently pulsing rhythm.
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Played by: Beaner
Tempa Allstars Vol 4
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Tempa Allstars Vol 4 (double 12")
Cat: TEMPA 029. Rel: 10 Sep 07
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Benga - "Roller"
  2. Komonazmuk - "End Of The World"
  3. Orien - "New World"
  4. Rusko - "Jah Love" (feat Danman)
  5. Martyn - "Everything About You"
  6. The Others - "Freakshow"
Review: From Croydon orginator Benga's dubplate smasher, to rising Bristol talent Komonazmuk's sharp as razor production, from the West London
sounds of Orien's grimy halfstepper to Rusko's deep spiritual reggae vocal, 'Tempa Allstars 4' is a cutting-edge representation of what is
working on the floors of dubstep events worldwide. Rounding things off is a refreshing 2-step flavoured offering from Martyn, more known
for his d&b productions but making waves with in dubstep, and a deep dark Youngsta styled roller from The Others.
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Played by: The Others
Take Me Over
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Take Me Over (CD single)
Cat: NDR131CDS 2011. Rel: 07 Mar 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Take Me Over (original mix)
  2. Take Me Over (Cristiano Vinci remix)
  3. Take Me Over (Vincenzo La Palerma remix)
  4. Take Me Over (Andrea Bruzzes remix)
  5. Take Me Over (radio edit)
Naturally Born
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Cat: FCM 049. Rel: 24 Nov 14
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Naturally Born
  2. Naturally Born (Cookin' soul remix)
Played by: DJ Johnny Rebel
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Svengali (12")
Cat: PN 045. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Svengali (6:35)
  2. Svengali (In Flagranti mix) (5:57)
  3. Likuid Kiavika (6:03)
  4. Likuid Kiavika (Ma Spaventi mix) (6:23)
C'mon Stop
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C'mon Stop (12")
Cat: SPEC 1427. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. Black Gold - "C'Mon Stop"
  2. Kumano - "I'll Cry For You"
  3. You Got It
Played by: Jac The Disco
10 & A Bit Years Of Fear Of Flying
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Cat: FOF 10YR1. Rel: 06 Mar 17
Deep House
  1. BLM - "Shade" (6:14)
  2. Kuldeep - "Two By Two" (6:27)
  3. Crab Men - "Matlock" (7:15)
  4. Sinan - "Streetwave" (6:06)
Check Check
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Cat: SEND 1001. Rel: 27 Jun 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Check Check (7:26)
  2. Check Check (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (7:06)
  3. Check Check (Dub Taylor remix) (7:04)
Played by: Brett Johnson
Gun Gospel
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 in stock $8.39
Cat: USR 001. Rel: 15 Aug 16
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Blood Seed & Ken Boothe - "Gun Gospel" (3:55)
  2. Fada Rees - "Disarm" (dub) (3:55)
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Surge (12")
Cat: TRIP 007. Rel: 15 Jun 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Boom Merchant - "Surge" (6:32)
  2. Kaban & Di Rugerio - "Overflow" (6:51)
Let The Water Run Dry
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 in stock $8.39
Cat: 334272 6. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Ken Boothe - "Let The Water Run Dry" (3:04)
  2. Kush McAnuff - "Black To I Roots" (extended version) (4:36)
Take Over
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 in stock $12.98
Take Over (white vinyl 12")
Cat: UR 346. Rel: 10 Aug 15
  1. Take Over (7:31)
  2. Take Over (Less Patient edit) (5:21)
  3. Bounce & Pull Up (feat Evan Laflamme) (7:54)
Review: Having landed his debut album Bosq Y Orchestra De Madera on Ubiquity Records back in 2013, Bosq will be returning with his second long player on the Californian label later this year. Take Over is the second 12" laid down as a precursor of what Bosq has up his sleeve and the Boston-based Whisky Baron is certainly on good form. Known for his towering vocal contributions to Fela's Egypt 80, Benin-born / Nigerian-raised singer Kaleta once again lines a Bosq production in lead cut "Take Over", and it might just be their heaviest collaboration yet! The Less Patient edit adds a bit of dancefloor weight to the track. Flip for the dense, delay heavy afrobeat burner "Bounce And Pull Up" which features some devilish horns from Evan Laflamme.
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We Are Family Vol 3
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 in stock $10.29
Cat: WNCL 030. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Boxwork - "Pepper Stalk" (4:37)
  2. Kevin McPhee - "Short Techno" (3:58)
  3. Caldera - "Techon 2L" (4:58)
  4. J Tijn - "Decimated #30" (4:07)
Deep Love 15
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Deep Love 15 (12" + CD)
Cat: DIRT 091. Rel: 21 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Brame & Hamo - "Triple Treat" (5:33)
  2. Nachtbraker - "Catch Up" (5:05)
  3. Homework - "Pleister" (5:09)
  4. Voyeur - "The Long Way Home" (6:43)
  5. Kyodai - "Tieflicht" (8:16)
  6. Laurence Guy & Harry Wolfman - "The Schrew"
  7. Soul Of Hex - "Mirror Makers"
  8. Loz Goddard - "That Same Thing"
  9. Ponty Mython - "Let Me Show You The City"
  10. Kito Jempere - "Dizzy Talks"
  11. Downtown Party Network - "Inch Of Light"
  12. Waifs & Strays vs PBR Streetgang - "See Me Now"
  13. Rhythm Operator - "Truth"
  14. Edit Murphy - "Maybe One Day We Can Be Friends"
  15. Schmutz - "Lies"
  16. John Barera - "True To Yourself"
Review: Dirt Crew's popular Deep Love series returns for a fifteenth time, with another all-star cast of label favourites and special guests providing a quintet of smooch-friendly deep house treats. Brame & Hamo kick things off with the twinkling pianos, soft focus vocal samples and jazz-flecked beats of "Triple Treat", before Nachtbraker pushes the acid bass up to 11 on the cosmic rumble of "Catch Up". Homework's "Pliester" is a warm and woozy delight full of blissful electronic pianos and US garage influenced chords, while Voyeur impresses with the bumpin', jazz-flecked deep house soul of "The Long Way Home". It's Local Talk regular Kyodai who steals the show, too, with the loopy, off-kilter shuffle of "Tleflicht".
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10 Years Of Symmetry: Album Sampler
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Cat: SYMMLP 005S. Rel: 03 Oct 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Break & Kyo - "Give In To Me" (5:18)
  2. Break - "Who Got Da Funk" (4:57)
Review: 10 years of Symmetry - 10 years of Break being an absolute boss. Respected by all sides of the game, his on-point balance of a funk and true grit has united us for over a decade and he's about to drop a brand new full-lengther of his own productions and remixes to celebrate. The two cuts showcase his range and skillish charm perfectly: "Give In To Me" features long-term collaborator Kyo who gives her most powerful soulful vocal over classic Break organs and a heavily swung beat. "Who Got Da Funk" is much sharper and grizzlier with its wasp nest bassline and punctuated two-step. Both prime us for the imminent album.
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Simpler Times Sampler 1
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Cat: SYMMLP 004S1. Rel: 03 Aug 15
Drum And Bass
  1. Break & Kyo - "Simpler Times" (5:01)
  2. Break - "Top Shooter" (6:02)
Review: Five years have passed since Bristol-based beat-chiseller Break last dropped the A-bomb. The whole scene has changed hugely since then, but with his new LP Break is preparing to take us back to the days when only the groove (and some perfectly processed snares) mattered: The Kyo-fronted "Simpler Times" is a barbed soul roller with just the right amount of roughage while "Top Shooter" is a straight up slapper with deep rumbling subs and Break's gritty rhythm signature. Bring on the album!
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Stop Them Jah (Declaration Of Rights Riddim)
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Cat: AR-620610. Rel: 14 Jan 08
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Barry Brown - "Stop Them Jah" (adapted)
  2. King Tubby - "Stop Them Dub" (Ruddock)
Played by: Archive Recordings
8 Years Deep In The Game
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Cat: WOLF 8YEARS. Rel: 03 Jul 17
Deep House
  1. BRS - "Bouncing" (6:48)
  2. Paradiso Rhythm - "Greetings & Salutations" (4:46)
  3. Ishmael X Medlar - "Tyning Batch" (5:27)
  4. KRL - "I Wanna Be With You" (Refix) (6:50)
Show Me
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Show Me (CD single)
Cat: CDDUBPLATE 005. Rel: 29 Mar 10
UK Garage
  1. Show Me (4x4)
  2. Show Me (Jon & Hovey)
Coordinated EP
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Cat: ADG 002. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. 51 54'01 6"N 4 28'05 0"E (8:30)
  2. 51 54'33 0"N 4 29'13 7"E (8:21)
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 in stock $1.41
Backbiters (CD single)
Cat: CDGRD 42. Rel: 22 Mar 10
UK Garage
  1. Backbiters (original mix)
  2. Backbiters (Organ mix)
Decadubs 5 EP
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Decadubs 5 EP (double 12")
Cat: HDB 088. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. Burial - "Lambeth"
  2. Kode9 - "Oh"
  3. Cooly G - "Love Again"
  4. DVA - "Monophonic Nightmare"
  5. Martyn - "Mega Drive Generation" (Dorian Concept remix)
  6. Cooly G - "Him Da Biz"
  7. Funkystepz - "Vice Versa"
Review: Of all the Decadubs double packs issued as part of Hyperdub's exhaustive 10th Anniversary celebrations it's probably this fifth and final edition most label fans have been waiting for. Why's that? Because it offers you the chance to grip the hallowed Burial production "Lambeth" in your hands, one of a clutch of unreleased tracks from the reclusive producer that have been racking up plays on Youtube for some five years in one form or another. However there's plenty more to sink the teeth of your stylus needle into here, with the label's stated focus on a "celebration of house, garage and techno" resulting in some fine dancefloor moves from Kode9, DVA, Cooly G and a blinding Dorian Concept refix of Martyn.
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Played by: EJECA
Beauty Of Acid
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 in stock $9.20
Josh BUTLER presents KAHU
Cat: KAHU 003. Rel: 12 Sep 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Beauty Of Acid (6:05)
  2. Min Of Mar (6:23)
On The Prowl Presents OTP Party Breaks #7
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 in stock $7.57
  1. Latin Box (Marcos Cabral edit)
  2. No Mistake (Kon 2079 mix)
  3. Love Reaction (Jacques Renault edit)
  4. Night Walker (WOOHOO mix)
Review: It's been a while since label bosses Cabral and Renault treated us to volume six but, as always with OTP, its well worth the wait. Cabral kicks off proceedings with a sludgy proto-house number that comes complete with some fantastic chopped up vocal work a la Kevin Aviance. Kon follows with a homage to the disco edit. Not to leave us languishing in the 70s for too long, "Love Reaction" whisks us forward to a packed warehouse in Chicago circa 1989. Big, roomy, boomy and laced with just the right amount of contemporary production, it's Renault at his darkest. "Night Walker" is the final piece of the edit puzzle; woozy, filtered and possibly the best example of a processed Cevin Fisher vocal ever, it's the ultimate funk finale.
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Opal Rush (remixes)
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Cat: SJR 14112. Rel: 10 Jul 06
  1. Opal Rush (Body mix)
  2. Opal Rush (Body mix instrumental)
Review: Amazing new acid 12" from Soul Jazz Records featuring infamous Rimini-based DJ/Playboy Nick Glider and San Franciscan electronica wunderkind Kit Clayton. This is a new version of 'Opal Rush' released earlier this year with two stunning remixes (now with added vocals) from renegade electronic wizard Kit Clayton. Managing to appeal to both the new school and old school DJs alike this is the closest thing to brand new Chicago acid.
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Played by: Soul Jazz Records
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