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Serato Gaslamp Killer Break Stuff Control Vinyl (double 12'' with two sides of music & two sides of Serato control tone)
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 1 in stock $43.05
Cat: 555049 Rel: 15 Dec 14
Double Serato pressing containing Gaslamp Killer tracks and the Serato Control Tone
Notes: A forward thinking and high-energy DJ, Gaslamp Killer delivers a unique, fresh and modern take on the classic breaks record with 'BREAK STUFF". A collection of beats and pieces (some old, some new) that never made it on to a GLK release and are now exclusive to this pressing. Packaged as a 2x12'' picture disc pair with the licensed Serato CV02.5 Control Tone on each B side. The pressing is bought to life with an incredible kaleidoscope themed jacket and vinyl designed by Breidteyes.

Record 1 Side A
1. GLK Theme Music
2. Mini Van In The Fast Lane
3. Tribe Vibes
4. Break Stuff
5. GLK Sounds(Locked Groove)
Record 1 Side B
Serato Control Tone CV02.5 (15min)

Record 2 Side A
1. GLK Continues
2. WAR
3. Auckland to Melbourne
4. Grind Your Gears

Record 2 Side B
Serato Control Tone CV02.5 (15min)

Vinyl is a strange old girl. The manufacturing process - one part sweat, one part maths and one part magic, is not an exact science. While every record pressed is a high quality product and will perform flawlessly, there can be some variation in the color throughout a run. Every record is unique.
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Muna Musik 002
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Cat: MUNAMUSIK 002. Rel: 18 Jan 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Aaaron - "The Upsetter" (6:27)
  2. Di Chiara Brothers - "Sample Y" (6:09)
  3. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - "We Cannot Socialize" (6:34)
  4. Douglas Creed - "Bobby" (7:11)
Live In Dresden
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Live In Dresden (CD in handmade letter-pressed sleeve)
Cat: GZH 54. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Jason
  2. We Will, We Must
  3. Own Time
  4. My Night
  5. Backdrops
  6. Wintercoat
Bird Matrix (remixes)
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Cat: K7319 EP1. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. Actress - "Bird Matrix" (Kid606 club remix) (10:13)
  2. Actress - "Bird Matrix" (Kid606 dub remix) (8:35)
  3. GNESIS - "Pear" (original mix) (3:17)
  4. Actress - "Bird Matrix" (Simbiosi remix) (6:40)
Review: Germany's K7 have got it on lock-down with this latest 12', a full rework EP of Actress' "Bird Matrix" killer by a pair of dance luminaries. First up is Kid606, a man who has been making 'outsider' music since before the term was ever coined, and one who has been every bit as important to the dance music scene all the more commercial names. Kid606's Club Mix is driving, filled with slithering percussion and led by a gorgeous swarm of aqueous synths and Zelda-like sonics, while the dub version slows things down and muddies the groove up into a heady, meditative bundle of melodies and beats. Simbiosi, on the other hand, goes for the jugular and delivers a heavy, stomping techno retuning of the original - what a blinder! There's also a tune by the mysterious Gnesis, "Pear", which appeared on Actress' own K7 compilation. Ya need!
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Played by: Ali Renault
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Noda (7")
Cat: 7 006. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. NoDa (5:10)
  2. Oakhurst (4:20)
Itchin For Your Love
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Itchin For Your Love (limited 7")
Cat: PARISDJS 054. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Itchin' For Your Love
  2. Feelin' You Feelin Me
A Sides Vol 5 Part 2
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 in stock $9.21
  1. Luca Agnelli - "Phoenix" (8:06)
  2. Adam Beyer & Mark Reeve - "Nine Of You" (6:41)
  3. Alan Fitzpatrick & Gary Beck - "Sky Jacket" (6:14)
Aynotche Terabu
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Aynotche Terabu (limited 7")
Cat: AFR 45015. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Aynotche Terabu" (with Equators Band) (4:02)
  2. Girma Beyene - "Ene Negn Bay Manesh" (2:24)
Review: The Afro 45's / Mr Bongo lineage has produced some of the hottest, most sizzling funk reissues from around the globe, and this tasty two-header from Mahmoud Ahmed - who has appeared heavily on Portland's monumental Mississippi label - and Girma Beyene, two greats of the African soul / funk heritage. Ahmed's "Aynotche Terabu" is backed by the Equators Band, and the man's voice rides like crispy waves over the dusty percussion and charging trumpets of the outfit; Beyene appears with a less moody but equally brilliant jazz-leaning piece named "Ene Negn Bay Manesh", bringing through the spirot of greats such as Mulatu and the rest of the African luminaries.
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David (Michelangelo) EP
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 in stock $10.03
  1. Aney F - "Acid Driver" (7:30)
  2. Alex Fuente - "Catch Me" (feat Valentina CX) (7:59)
  3. Roberto Apodaca & Guti Legatto - "Miley Virus" (7:18)
  4. Jesus Soblechero - "Jazz" (5:45)
Played by: Seq9, Don Crisp
Innocent Music Vinyl Only Tools Vol 5
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 in stock $10.03
Innocent Music Vinyl Only Tools Vol 5 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: IMV 009. Rel: 17 Apr 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Aney F - "021" (8:22)
  2. Giuseppe Cennamo - "022" (7:25)
  3. 12 Tones - "023" (7:20)
  4. F Eht - "024" (8:23)
Work That
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Work That (12")
Cat: DMX 02. Rel: 07 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Robert Armani & Gettoblaster - "Work That Shit Again" (7:35)
  2. Steve Pointdexter - "Work That Mutha Fucker" (Robert Armani & Gettoblaster remix) (5:59)
  3. Robert Armani & Gettoblaster - "Let's Go To Work" (5:14)
  4. Robert Armani - "Let Me Hit That Ass" (Traxman Back To Da Sound rework) (6:18)
Stiff Little Spinners Vol 8
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Stiff Little Spinners Vol 8 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: AL 262. Rel: 03 Apr 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Thomas Atzmann - "Skagerrak" (8:55)
  2. Rampue - "Der Konig Und Der Vogel" (10:14)
  3. Kalipo - "Gernkraftwerk" (6:26)
  4. Krink - "Dazed" (7:31)
  5. Paradise Hippies - "Prosecco Mate" (6:55)
  6. Gimmix - "Karlie" (5:58)
  7. Monopohl - "Patellaluxation" (5:11)
Mood Series Vol 1
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Cat: MD 24001. Rel: 04 Apr 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Silat Beksi - "The Secret Circle" (8:24)
  2. Gorbani - "The Jaw" (8:20)
  3. Herck - "Gura Sada" (9:34)
  4. Leparente - "Flashback" (6:30)
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  1. Silat Beksi & Petar Cvetkovic - "Access Denied" (9:56)
  2. Dhaze - "Uno" (6:40)
  3. Enzo Leep, Fulvio Ruffert & Gregorio Serasin - "Cut 4" (7:17)
  4. Jerome C - "Enchante" (8:17)
Bless The Cup
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 in stock $9.48
  1. Errol Bellot - "Bless The Cup"
  2. Gustus P & The Sip A Cup All Roots - "Blessed" (dub)
  3. Mattic Horns - "Musical Bosun"
  4. Gustus P & The Sip A Cup All Roots - "Bosun" (dub)
Acid Ethnic
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Cat: ENKET2 TEK. Rel: 14 Mar 16
Hard Techno
  1. Bigood - "Acid Ethic" (6:15)
  2. Grand Sek - "Nappe Frenetik" (5:49)
  3. Leo - "Macrame" (5:38)
  4. Leo - "Tropikal Breizh" (6:00)
Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 4
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Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 4 (hand-stamped sleeve + clear vinyl 12")
Cat: UBR 11312-1. Rel: 25 Feb 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Magic Ritual (GB remix)
  2. Magic Ritual (original)
Review: Luv N'Haight's Edits series hits pay dirt here with the supreme pairing of Harry Whitaker's Black Renaissance project and Los Angeles producer par excellence Gifted & Blessed. The focus here is the Black Renaissance classic "Magic Ritual" which is present and correct on the B Side and if you don't know this highlight from the Body, Mind & Spirit LP then you need to get involved because it's a superb exercise in New York jazz, especially when that sax hits! Still though, the main draw is the remix from Eglo and Wild Oats artist GB and it's a killer reworking, implementing shards of the rattling, jazz percussion into a thick set beast that funks from start to end.
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VA01 (12")
Cat: MAV 005. Rel: 24 Oct 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Borodin - "Ersatz" (8:10)
  2. Sonartek & Gorbani - "Madrester" (7:46)
  3. Proudly People - "How Different You Are" (6:16)
  4. Betagamma - "Yellow Park" (9:31)
Internal Affairs: The Remixes
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Cat: 777 010. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Brighton - "Tesla" (Leaves remix) (7:21)
  2. Orson Wells - "Ratio" (Roger 23 remix) (7:40)
  3. Leaves - "Third Floor" (Pablo Mateo remix) (6:31)
  4. Glyn - "Kevin Lomax" (Orson Wells remix) (5:39)
Review: Ron Wilson's 777 serves up more raw and rusty house jams on a new various artists sampler entitled Internal Affairs: this is serious! On the A side is newcomer Brighton with "Tesla" (Leaves Remix), while Frankfurt's Orson Wells gives us "Ratio" where Saarbruckens finest: Roger 23 gets on the remix and delivers a lush deep acid rendition this side of Tin Man. On the flip, Leaves returns with the impressive "Third Floor" getting an awesome remix by Pablo Mateo; working those drum computers to impressive effect as always. Finally, Orson Wells stays on too; working the nightshift on his remix for Glyn's "Kevin Lomax" and giving it a lo-fi, neon lit makeover that will appeal to retroverts dancing well into the morning at Robert Johnson next Sunday morning.
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Evolutionary Advantage Of Forgetting
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 in stock $10.57
  1. Brodanse - "Sleep Won't Come (Signs & Gestures)" (Audio Soul Project & Awoke remix) (9:43)
  2. Gordon Gartrelle - "Aesthete" (vinyl edit) (5:16)
  3. Awoke & ASP - "We Get Together" (5:25)
Played by: Audio Soul Project
Mixx Splits #3
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Mixx Splits #3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MIXX 21. Rel: 07 Mar 16
Deep House
  1. Brothers' Vibe - "Lonliness"
  2. Eddie Merced - "Midtown Cruisin'"
  3. Tominori Hosoya - "Paradise"
  4. George P - "Deep Space"
Review: Astute wax enthusiast Brothers' Vibe brings forth the third installment of his Mixx Split series, meant to cast light on what the multi-label boss is notorious for: soulful house music! Also signing the opening track 0.95Lonliness', the American prodigy takes us on a deep incursion, skillfully layering classic house beats over uplifting sounds into a heart racing groove. Newcomer Eddie Merced follows up with a deep and dreamy offering, infusing trancy vibes into a futuristic bassline for a full 6:29 minutes of 'Midtown Cruisin''. Delving further into the deep ambient realm, Japanese producer Tominori Hosoya doles out some tribal sounds for his spatial track "Paradise". Closing tune "Deep Space" gives away just a bit of the surprise in its title, as George P injects his signature Tech House oomph in a contrasting murky bassline.
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Chonnie On Chon
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Cat: HS 4504. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. James Brown - "Chonnie On Chon" (2:10)
  2. Geno Parks - "Same Thing" (2:32)
New Game
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New Game (12")
Cat: RA 0025. Rel: 27 Jun 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Martin Buttrich & Guti - "New Game" (6:41)
  2. Martin Buttrich & DJ Tennis - "Perpetual" (12:52)
Ordinary Joe
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Ordinary Joe (white vinyl 7")
Cat: MMRO 001. Rel: 06 May 13
  1. Terry Callier - "Ordinary Joe"
  2. Gary Bartz - "Music Is My Sanctuary"
Revolutions EP
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 in stock $12.19
Cat: CYC 0009.6. Rel: 28 Jun 04
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Derrick Carter - "Do My Thing"
  2. Gemini - "How Can I"
  3. JT Donaldson - "An Open Mic"
  4. Underground Evolution - "Afro Cuban High"
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  1. Dragging An Ox Through Water - "Bitten Apple"
  2. Ghost To Falco - "Harsh & Low" (duet For Thunder)
  3. Ohioan - "Being Cold"
  4. Castanets - "Tea Song"
Le Jour Se Leve
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Cat: STPV 002. Rel: 06 Mar 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Alan Castro - "Dreamers In After" (7:45)
  2. Lillo - "Automobile" (6:44)
  3. Niimm - "Un Giorno Di Sole" (8:02)
  4. Guanlong - "Liriki" (7:19)
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Cat: AUS 110. Rel: 06 Feb 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Geeman - "Wanna Go Bang" (Cats N Dogz remix) (5:18)
  2. Bicep - "The Game" (Cats N Dogz interpretation) (5:28)
  3. George Fitzgerald - "Hindsight" (Cats N Dogz edit) (5:44)
Zulu EP
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Zulu EP (12")
Cat: TOOL 54101V. Rel: 03 Apr 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Zulu (7:50)
  2. Charger (7:51)
Review: Toolroom welcomes exciting new prospect Max Chapman to their flagship label. He burst onto the scene three years ago with great releases on Elrow, Snatch, Viva and Lost. He teams up with up and coming maestro George Smeddles here for two quality jams on this great EP. "Zulu" on the A side is the kind of rolling and funky tech house that just reeks of White Isle hedonism and will appeal to fans of Lost, Material Series or Knee Deep in Sound. On the flip "Charger" will absolutely blow the doors off any venue with its pounding groove and wall of bass which you could imagine Marco Carola or Paco Osuna playing at peak time in the main room.
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Knives Replace Air Vol 1
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 in stock $8.66
Cat: COMMONTHREAD 05. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Chinaski - "Ghoul School" (5:48)
  2. Mangulica FM - "Primitivni Ples" (edit) (5:24)
  3. 33.10.3402 - "Kanap" (10:08)
  4. Gitchell Moore - "Shanghai Opiaten" (6:09)
Review: "Rooted in zoro-astrianism and inspired by the industrial nightlife of futureless suburbs," Dutch label Common Thread has been making waves since early 2014 with a series of records that go much deeper than the average disco 12. The end of a year brings the onset of a new series with the slightly foreboding title of Knives Replace Air which features some fine contributions from the likes of 33.10.3402., Chinaski, and Mangulica FM. Chinaski leads the way with a fine slab of spectral Italo called "Ghoul School", whilst Belgrade producer Mangulica FM presents "Primitivni Ples", an oddball edit that wouldn't sound out of place on one of those A Few Things with Ivan Smagghe compilations from a few years ago. Best of all however is 33.10.3402's "Kanap," a ten minute trawl through murky, abstract sound and field recordings.
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So In Love (With You)
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 in stock $3.46
Cat: NWI 615CDS. Rel: 06 Sep 10
Funky/Club House
  1. So In Love (With You) (original classic mix)
  2. So In Love (With You) (Daniele Ciordo remix)
  3. So In Love (With You) (Ilario Sorace remix)
  4. So In Love (With You) (original radio edit)
The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs: Disc Four Of Four
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 in stock $21.67
  1. Bobby Hutcherson - "NTU" (5:53)
  2. Giorgio Moroder - "Utopia (Faze One)" (10:02)
  3. The Tramps - "People Of The World Rise" (Joaquin Disco dub part 1 Of 4) (5:23)
  4. The Chequers - "Check It Out" (5:40)
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 in stock $7.58
Emoglobine (CD single)
Cat: TKM 068-A. Rel: 01 Mar 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Emoglobine (original mix)
  2. Emoglobine (alternative mix)
  3. Emoglobine (radio edit)
Something For Everybody
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 in stock $7.58
Cat: MS 081-2. Rel: 30 Jan 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Something For Everybody (radio edit)
  2. Something For Everybody (extended version)
Voiceless Y
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Voiceless Y (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: AF 005Y. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Daed - "Pulse Lunar" (5:19)
  2. Rolando Simmons - "Smiley Moon" (4:56)
  3. Techdiff - "Jamuary" (4:10)
  4. Cignol - "Quest" (4:43)
  5. Gareth Clarke - "Smoke" (4:07)
Played by: HVL
Ben (remixes)
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Cat: DM 0010V. Rel: 29 May 17
Deep House
  1. Ben (DIH Liquid remix) (7:07)
  2. Ben (DIH Lost In Space remix) (6:55)
  3. Ben (Gilbert Le Funk remix) (7:12)
  4. Ben (Sasha Anastasov remix) (5:59)
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KUZURURA 1 (hand-stamped 7" + sticker)
Cat: KUZURURA 1. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Goner - "Mood 3" (3:04)
  2. Dead Fader - "Norbert" (3:03)
Various Beats From Sublime Artists Vol I
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 in stock $8.53
  1. Derivate - "All My Homies Clappin'"
  2. Beto Narme - "Let's Get In On"
  3. Gantz - "Soul Is A Lie"
  4. Stiver - "Bergamo"
Review: Istanbul's Sublime Porte describe themselves as a team of creative individuals, and what began initially as a net label back in 2008 has latterly blossomed into the physical realm. Sublime Porte's output has been inspired by various strands of electronic music, but it's the hardcore continuum that dominates proceedings on the split release Various Beats From Sublime Artists Vol.I 12". Derivate opens proceedings with "All My Homies Clappin," an effervescent exercise in Bass music that has the sort of musicality you would find on an Eglo B Side, whilst the spirit of Marvin Gaye is mixed up with murky basslines and swung rhythms on Beto Narme's contribution. Face down "Soul Is A Lie" finds Gantz in introspective mood and Stiver's final cut "Bergamo" has a touch of the Autonomics about it.
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Di Garrison (Summer Rise Riddim)
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Cat: LYNKZ 004. Rel: 07 Apr 08
  1. Di Garrison - "Devva Click"
  2. Ginjah - "Love Of My Life"
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Pulse (12")
Cat: TTT 057. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Pulse (16:53)
  2. High (17:38)
Review: The partnership of Kassem Mosse and Beatrice Dillon; Dillon Wendel is a place for the two respected artists to explore soundscapes, aesthetics and synthesis in pastures aeons away from the dancefloors they're most familiar with. Both compositions weighing in over 15 minutes, they're experiences which challenge form and convention; "Pulse" ripples with its namesake, a texture that buzzes and drones in endless waves while "High" mutates a warmer, grainer tone with dizzying effect.
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Let Me In
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Let Me In (9 track CD single)
Cat: S 1134. Rel: 17 Jun 13
Electro House
  1. Let Me In (radio main version)
  2. Let Me In (extended main version)
  3. Let Me In (Patryck De La Roche remix)
  4. Let Me In (Patryck De La Roche dubstep remix)
  5. Let Me In (Patryck De La Roche Dutch remix)
  6. Let Me In (Laiduplake remix)
  7. Let Me In (Kape-X remix)
  8. Let Me In (Rivell DJ remix)
  9. Let Me In (radio main instrumental version)
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 in stock $5.96
Everybody (12")
Cat: OTA 020-12. Rel: 31 Jan 05
Pop Trance
  1. Everybody (DJ Teeno extended mix)
  2. Everybody (Gavin & Nox extended mix)
  3. Everybody (Pi Factor remix)
Trismix #08: Minimal
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 in stock $8.66
Trismix #08: Minimal (6 track CD single)
Cat: INR 0111. Rel: 07 Mar 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Dr Ledo & Gimo - "Harakiri" (long original mix)
  2. Dr Ledo & Gimo - "Harakiri" (Dr LeDo SanAndreas remix)
  3. Panoz Project - "Xilla" (original mix)
  4. Panoz Project - "Xilla" (Hysterical mix)
  5. Alex P vs Steve Ersenemic - "Budapest" (original mix)
  6. Alex P vs Steve Ersenemic - "Budapest" (Stefano Frisoni remix)
Played by: Alex P
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 in stock $9.48
Device (12")
Cat: SRT 164. Rel: 27 Jun 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Drivetrain - "Time" (6:44)
  2. G-Prod - "Sub-Atomic Creation" (6:43)
  3. Orlando Voorn - "Tribulations" (6:52)
  4. Undergroove - "Feelin Deep House" (6:13)
Played by: G-Prod
B 345
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 in stock $9.74
B 345 (12")
Cat: DUNE 02. Rel: 15 Feb 10
  1. Drone - "B-345"
  2. Acid Up Dub - "Blue Stone"
  3. Kad - "Dust Ear"
  4. Gushka - "Panick"
Split EP
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 in stock $8.94
Split EP (heavyweight vinyl 12" + limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BLAQNUMBERS 003. Rel: 26 Dec 16
Deep House
  1. Dub Jamz - "Leave Me" (feat Albert Vogt) (5:11)
  2. Dub Jamz - "Leave Me" (feat Albert Vogt - Interstate Late Night remix) (6:17)
  3. Matthias Fiedler - "Be Alright" (feat Gjaezon) (5:02)
  4. Matthias Fiedler - "Be Alright" (feat Gjaezon - M.ono & Luvless remix) (6:07)
Bell Book & Candle/The Reincarnation Of Isabel (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $6.77
  1. George Dunning & The Brothers Candoli - "Zodiac Blues"
  2. Gianfranco Reverberi - "Orgiastic Ritual"
Review: The final entry into Finders Keepers' "bygone supernatural psychedelic cinema scores" sub-label Finders Kreepers sees another pair of unique tracks dug out of obscurity. George Dunning & The Brothers Candoli's "Zodiac Blues" comes from a South American only 7? dedicated to the nightclub music of The Brothers Candoli in Richard Quine's Bell Book And Candle, while Gianfranco Reverberi's "Orgiastic Ritual" is the theme from Renato Polselli's Reincarnation Of Isobel, an piece of breathy lounge music with spectral flamenco touches.
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Muteness (12")
Cat: BAREC 001. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Intro (1:41)
  2. DVS NME - "Cryostasis" (5:00)
  3. Lectromagnetique - "Ubel" (5:36)
  4. Gosub - "Fornication Methods" (5:28)
  5. Cosmic Force - "The Greek Magical Papyri" (7:08)
Rastafari Call
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Cat: SIP 10043. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Earl Sixteen - "Rastafari Call" (3:39)
  2. Gussie P Roots Family - "True Concept Of Dub" (3:36)
  3. Gussie P & Leroy Mafia In Dub - "Not Seeing In Dub" (3:35)
  4. Gussie P & Leroy Mafia In Dub - "Seeing Out Dub" (3:34)
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