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She Looks So Perfect
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She Looks So Perfect (3 track CD single (Monday shipping))
Cat: 377367 9. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. She Looks So Perfect (Ash demo vocal)
  2. She Looks So Perfect (Mikey demo vocal)
  3. What I Like About You
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Amnesia (CD single + sticker)
Cat: 379859 4. Rel: 08 Sep 14
  1. Amnesia
  2. Daylight
  3. American Idiot
  4. Amnesia (live At Wembley)
Don't Stop
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Don't Stop (CD single)
Cat: 378436 6. Rel: 16 Jun 14
  1. Don't Stop (Calum demo version)
  2. Wrapped Around Your Finger
Live In Dresden
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Live In Dresden (CD in handmade letter-pressed sleeve)
Cat: GZH 54. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Jason
  2. We Will, We Must
  3. Own Time
  4. My Night
  5. Backdrops
  6. Wintercoat
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Serenate (7 track CD single)
Cat: MICD 018. Rel: 02 Aug 10
  1. Serenate (Valerio Marzano radio mix)
  2. Serenate (Valerio Marzano extended mix)
  3. Serenate (Giuliano Mariani & Andrea Cosulich remix)
  4. Serenate (original radio mix)
  5. Serenate (Mariani & Marzano pop mix)
  6. Chiamo Roma
  7. E... State A Roma
Found Love
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 in stock $7.50
Found Love (CD single)
Cat: MDCDS 040. Rel: 23 Jul 12
Electro House
  1. Found Love (radio edit)
  2. Found Love (extended)
  3. Found Love (Andrea Monta & Clardi remix)
  4. Found Love (Simoli & Cheval remix)
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Flesh (CD single)
Cat: DEN 228CD. Rel: 25 May 15
  1. Melting Into Rise
  2. II
  3. Anneannemin Koah'si
Pot Of Gold
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Pot Of Gold (2nd CD single)
Cat: MCSXD 40444. Rel: 05 Dec 05
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Pot Of Gold (radio edit)
  2. Lonely (live)
  3. Locked Up (live)
Taking Over
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Taking Over (CD single)
Cat: GO 278278-2. Rel: 04 Apr 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Taking Over (original mix)
  2. Taking Over (In Da Club mix)
  3. Taking Over (LES & Razak remix)
  4. Taking Over (LES & Razak dub remix)
Enjoy It
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 in stock $7.78
Enjoy It (7 track CD single)
Cat: MELA 059CDS. Rel: 04 May 09
Funky/Club House
  1. Enjoy It (original edit)
  2. Enjoy It (original mix)
  3. Enjoy It (Paolo reworking)
  4. Enjoy It (Dave Roberston remix)
  5. Enjoy It (Tiko's Groove mix)
  6. Enjoy It (Shane Thomas vocal mix)
  7. Enjoy It (Shane Thomas dub mix)
Born To Fly
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 in stock $9.64
Born To Fly (7 track CD single)
Cat: SPK 018CDS. Rel: 04 Apr 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Born To Fly (radio edit)
  2. Born To Fly (Bigroom mix)
  3. Born To Fly (Outwork remix)
  4. Born To Fly (Gianpiero Ibiza remix)
  5. Born To Fly (Graziano Fanelli remix)
  6. Born To Fly (Paolo re-dub)
  7. Born To Fly (original edit)
Like A Butterfly
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 in stock $8.57
Like A Butterfly (6 track CD single)
Cat: DVSR 11912CDS. Rel: 15 Oct 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Like A Butterfly (original mix)
  2. Like A Butterfly (Oskar remix)
  3. Like A Butterfly (Paolo Alberti & Heartmode dub)
  4. Like A Butterfly (Heartmode extended mix)
  5. Like A Butterfly (Heartmode edit)
  6. Like A Butterfly (Dilitium Lounge mix)
I Wanna
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I Wanna (CD single)
Cat: 2709185. Rel: 08 Jun 09
  1. I Wanna (album version)
  2. I Wanna (Mark Hoppus remix)
It Ends Tonight
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 in stock $2.41
It Ends Tonight (CD single)
Cat: 1708086. Rel: 25 Sep 06
  1. It Ends Tonight
  2. Dirty Little Secret (live from the Wiltern)
Nobody Else
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 in stock $6.17
Nobody Else (CD single)
Cat: DPR 143 . Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Nobody Else (JJ Faro vocal mix)
  2. Nobody Else (Bryan Ross Miami extended mix)
  3. Nobody Else (JJ Faro Hdub mix)
  4. Nobody Else (Alex Lo Faro Miami dub mix)
  5. Nobody Else (JJ Faro EU mix)
  6. Nobody Else (Alex Lo Faro mix)
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Cat: SCDGDS 002. Rel: 20 Sep 99
  1. Infatuated (radio edit)
  2. Infatuated (Shy One Horse remix)
  3. Infatuated (original mix)
Elektronik Bossa
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 in stock $9.64
Elektronik Bossa (8 track CD single)
Cat: X 1234311CDS. Rel: 20 Jun 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Elektronik Bossa (extended club mix)
  2. Elektronik Bossa (Paolo Aliberti remix)
  3. Elektronik Bossa (Pizza Brothers remix)
  4. Elektronik Bossa (Alex Addea remix)
  5. Elektronik Bossa (Min&Mal remix)
  6. Elektronik Bossa (original mix)
  7. Elektronik Bossa (radio edit)
  8. Elektronik Bossa (Paolo Aliberti edit remix)
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 in stock $9.64
Balcania (CD single)
Cat: SD 0210/11 CDS 2010. Rel: 19 Apr 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Stefano Amalfi - "Balcania" (original mix)
  2. Stefano Amalfi - "Balcania" (club mix)
  3. Mason - "Exceeder" (Felguk remix)
  4. Mason - "Exceeder" (Tai remix)
Live Knots
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 in stock $18.77
Live Knots (CD single)
Cat: PAN 53 . Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. Tokyo Knots
  2. Krakow Knots
Running Song
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 in stock $4.28
Running Song (1st CD single)
Cat: GEE 5000403. Rel: 24 Nov 97
Funky/Club House
  1. Running Song (radio edit)
  2. Running Song (12" original version)
  3. Running Song (Tony Mesarati)
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 in stock $9.64
Secret (CD single)
Cat: S 1072CDS. Rel: 28 Mar 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Secret (original mix)
  2. Secret (club mix)
  3. Secret (Paky Small & Pief remix)
  4. Secret (radio mix)
Love Don't Come Easy
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 in stock $7.50
Cat: GO 266266-2. Rel: 27 Sep 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Love Don't Come Easy (Lysark club remix)
  2. Love Don't Come Easy (Kysark Moon remix)
  3. Love Don't Come Easy (Alien Cut remix)
  4. Love Don't Come Easy (Fedo Kora remix)
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 in stock $8.31
Paradise (CD single)
Cat: RTRADSCD 833. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. In My Dreams
  2. Paradise
  3. Jesus Will Kill You
  4. You Are My Enemy
  5. Ricochet
  6. She Doesn't Mourn Her Loss
Let Out The Love
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Let Out The Love (7 track CD single)
Cat: C 1006. Rel: 02 Mar 09
Funky/Club House
  1. Let Out The Love (Astudio mix)
  2. Let Out The Love (Dance Pop mix)
  3. Let Out The Love (Roby Montano Dreamix extended)
  4. Let Out The Love (Robbie Act remix)
  5. Let Out The Love (Antiquatudio vs Cam'Rick Seventy revisited)
  6. Let Out The Love (Pop mix)
  7. Let Out The Love (Roby Montano Dreamix edit)
Crazy World
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 in stock $7.78
Crazy World (7 track CD single)
Cat: X 1243714CDS. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Crazy World (radio edit)
  2. Crazy World (extended mix)
  3. Crazy World (club mix)
  4. Crazy World (Vee Brondi & Marcelo Sa remix)
  5. Crazy World (Brooks remix)
  6. Crazy World (Brooks dub mix)
  7. Crazy World (Brooks radio edit)
Cheetah EP
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 in stock $8.57
Cheetah EP (limited gatefold 7 track CD single) (1 per customer)
Cat: WAP 391CD. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. CHEETAHT2 (LD Spectrum) (2:00)
  2. CHEETAHT7b (2:00)
  3. CHEETA1b ms800 (0:27)
  4. CHEETA2 ms800 (0:37)
  5. CIRKLON3 (Kolkhoznaya mix) (2:00)
  6. CIRKLON 1 (2:00)
  7. 2X202-ST5 (2:00)
Review: Some 25 years after delivering his debut 12", Richard D James hasn't lost the ability to thrill or inspire. By his obtuse standards, the material that makes up the surprise Cheetah EP is actually rather laidback and melodious. "Cheetah2 (LD Spectrum)", for example, sounds like a slow house jam written by robots, while the even deeper "Cheetah7B" shuffles along in a metronomic fashion, seemingly oblivious to the increasingly aggressive World at large. Of course, those trademark skittish IDM rhythms are present and the Cornishman has thrown in a couple of hazy ambient cuts for good measure.
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Played by: Lo Shea
Hot White Sun
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 in stock $2.82
Hot White Sun (CD single)
Cat: PROC 001CD. Rel: 27 Jul 09
  1. Hot White Sun
  2. India
Endless Flame
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 in stock $7.50
Endless Flame (CD single)
Cat: S 1147. Rel: 19 May 14
Funky/Club House
  1. Endless Flame (radio edit)
  2. Endless Flame (extended mix)
  3. Endless Flame (extended instrumental)
Live At The BBC
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Live At The BBC (CD single)
Cat: 466 TP7CD. Rel: 07 Mar 05
  1. You Can't Escape My Pretty
  2. Broken Mouth Blues
  3. On A Promise
Blak Sheep
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Blak Sheep (CD single)
Cat: SUN 1014CDS. Rel: 20 Dec 10
Electro House
  1. Black Sheep (S&A remix extended)
  2. Black Sheep (S&A radio edit)
  3. Black Sheep (original mix)
Strange World
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Strange World (6 track CD single)
Cat: LINK 092-2. Rel: 01 Mar 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Strange World (Luis Rocca radio)
  2. Strange World (Luis Rocca mix)
  3. Strange World (Luis Rondina & Alex Berti club radio)
  4. Strange World (Luis Rondina & Alex Berti club mix)
  5. Strange World (Luis Rondina & Alex Berti original)
  6. Strange World (Simon De Jano rmx)
  7. Strange World (Andrea Del Vescovo rmx)
  8. Strange Control
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God (CD single)
Cat: 1767352. Rel: 05 May 08
  1. God
  2. Ton Of Love
  3. 5 Weeks Behind
  4. God (video)
We Are Ordinary People
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 in stock $6.70
Cat: BEATNC 00010CD. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Don't Sleep
  2. Digital
  3. Hibernate
  4. We Are Ordinary People
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 in stock $2.87
Recover (2nd CD single)
Cat: BUN 110CDX. Rel: 18 Sep 06
  1. Recover
  2. That's What She Said (live at the Electric Ballroom)
  3. Monster (DIY Fan video)
  4. Recover (video)
The Remixes Vol 1
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The Remixes Vol 1 (CD single promo)
Cat: REMIXES. Rel: 31 Jul 06
Funky/Club House
  1. Re-Creation (Mr C's Solution mix)
  2. Re-Creation (Balearic Musica mix)
  3. Cantate (Bhookah & T-Bone mix)
  4. Cantate (Guy Williams & Alan X)
Played by: Sian
Tabriz (remixed)
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Tabriz (remixed) (CD single)
Cat: MFORCE 009. Rel: 16 Jun 14
Uplifting Trance
  1. Tabriz (Nick Callaghan remix)
  2. Tabriz (Nick Callaghan radio edit)
Just How I Feel
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Just How I Feel (CD single)
Cat: GO 286286-2. Rel: 11 Jul 11
Electro House
  1. Just How I Feel (club mix)
  2. Just How I Feel (original extended)
  3. Just How I Feel (original radio)
  4. Just How I Feel (Overture mix)
  5. Just How I Feel (remode)
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 in stock $3.22
Fe' (CD single)
Cat: DV 712.10 CDS. Rel: 14 Jun 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Fe' (DJ Brizi radio edit)
  2. Fe' (DJ Brizi extended mix)
  3. Fe' (Haldo Latin mix)
  4. Fe' (original version)
  5. Fe' (Vertigo Night Tich remix)
Madama Butterfly
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 in stock $8.57
Madama Butterfly (8 track CD single)
Cat: S 1125CDS. Rel: 25 Mar 13
Funky/Club House
  1. Madama Butterfly (Joy Tarantino radio cut)
  2. Madama Butterfly (Joy Tarantino extended mix)
  3. Madama Butterfly (Dorian Gray remix)
  4. Madama Butterfly (Steel mix)
  5. Madama Butterfly (Fabio Lenzi & Charlie Dee radio cut)
  6. Madama Butterfly (Fabio Lenzi & Charlie Dee remix)
  7. Madama Butterfly (Madness remix radio cut)
  8. Madama Butterfly (Madness remix)
Crown Yourself King EP
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 in stock $3.75
Cat: MPRCD 005. Rel: 26 Oct 98
  1. Electric Eye (radio edit)
  2. Electric Eye (Crown Yourself King mix)
  3. Electric Eye (Neilly B mix)
  4. Better Times
  5. Closing In Cold (Audrey Lyrics & vocal)
  6. Destination
Nice & Slow
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 in stock $3.00
Nice & Slow (CD single)
Cat: SPC 080-2. Rel: 14 Mar 11
Progressive House
  1. Nice & Slow (radio)
  2. Nice & Slow (original extended)
  3. Nice & Slow (instrumental)
Wild Dream About You
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 in stock $8.57
Cat: SPC 078-2. Rel: 12 Jul 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Wild Dream About You (vocal mix)
  2. Wild Dream About You (instrumental)
  3. Wild Dream About You (radio)
Worlds Apart
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Worlds Apart (CD single)
Cat: ZYX 9963-8. Rel: 02 Oct 06
  1. Worlds Apart (radio version)
  2. Worlds Apart (album version)
  3. Waiting
Review: After the success of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "More More More", now follows the 3rd take out of the debut album of the Dutch 4 piece "Worlds Apart". This track has everything what a rock-pop ballad needs to have: Atmosphere, a superb arrangement and thoughtfulness. With "Worlds Apart", the four girls show impressive, that they are able to attract an older audience too.
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Love (CD single)
Cat: TUMCDR 5. Rel: 18 Jun 07
  1. Nyacid
  2. Coolio
  3. S1 Part
  4. Hardelectro
  5. Why?
Ride Like The Wind
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Ride Like The Wind (6 track CD single)
Cat: SUN 0110-8. Rel: 07 Mar 05
  1. Ride Like The Wind (Sean Finn radio mix)
  2. Ride Like The Wind (original radio cut)
  3. Ride Like The Wind (Sean Finn club mix)
  4. Ride Like The Wind (original club mix)
  5. Ride Like The Wind (instrumental)
  6. Ride Like The Wind (Sonata mix)
Light My Love
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 in stock $8.57
Light My Love (CD single)
Cat: S 1141CDS. Rel: 11 Nov 13
Progressive House
  1. Light My Love (radio edit)
  2. Light My Love (extended mix)
  3. Light My Love (Paolo C & Effe G remix)
  4. Light My Love (Stefano Lezzi remix)
Ram Your Booty
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 in stock $7.50
Ram Your Booty (CD single)
Cat: LINK 110-2. Rel: 30 May 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Ram Your Booty (radio edit)
  2. Ram Your Booty (extended mix)
  3. Ram Your Booty (Nicolosi & Milandri remix)
  4. Ram Your Booty (alternative mix)
Played by: Max Riolo
Everybody Yeah
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 in stock $8.57
Everybody Yeah (CD single)
Cat: S1034 CDS. Rel: 14 Dec 09
Funky/Club House
  1. Everybody Yeah (extended mix)
  2. Everybody Yeah (radio edit)
  3. Everybody Yeah (club mix)
  4. Everybody Yeah (Outwave Project remix)
  5. Everybody Yeah (Blade From Jestofunk remix)
Let Me Kiss You
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 in stock $3.43
Let Me Kiss You (CD single)
Cat: S 1065CDS2010. Rel: 13 Dec 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Let Me Kiss You (radio edit)
  2. Let Me Kiss You (extended mix)
  3. Let Me Kiss You (dub mix)
  4. Let Me Kiss You (club mix)
Believe (remixes)
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Believe (remixes) (6 track CD single)
Cat: S 1107CDS. Rel: 06 Aug 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Believe (club edit)
  2. Believe (club mix)
  3. Believe (Tony Zampa remix)
  4. Believe (Outwave mix)
  5. Believe (Soulful mix)
  6. Believe (Soulful edit mix)
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