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Tiptop Audio TOMS909 Voltage Controlled Analog Toms Drum Generator Module
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 1 in stock $383.29
Cat: 590436 Rel: 16 Nov 15
Percussion synth module with all three of the TR-909's original tom-tom circuits - 16HP wide
Notes: Introducing the TOMS909, the warmth of the classic all-analog punchy tomtoms from the TR-909 drum machine further expanding your Tiptop modular music production system.

The TOMS909 contains all three of the TR-909's original Low, Mid and High tom-tom circuits adapted for use in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. The module was tested to sound like a fresh machine coming off the assembly line back in the 80's. To add flavour to the beast, TipTop Audio have extended each tom's arming range so it's easier to dial soft bass drums on the lower ends and high-pitched toms on the other. In addition, all three toms are voltage controlled, letting you play the tom's pitch with CV sequencers like the Z8000, reshape .e tuning with envelopes and LF0's, and create new metallic sounding percussive sounds using audio rate frequency modulation of the internal analog oscillators.

The toms circuitry is made up of 9 triangle oscillators and a stack of filters, VCA's, and envelopes which, in total, took about half of the space on the original 909's circuit board. Utilising the latest in electronic design technology tipTop Audio have managed to squeeze this enormous circuit consisting of more than 450(!) components, into an area only 16HP wide. It is a beautiful board with hundreds of tiny, shiny components, its a little analog jewel.

Each tom includes a trigger and accent input with accent level control, manual tune, voltage-control tune input with attenuator, and independent audio out. In addition, a MIX out is available that sums all three toms together. On each gate input TipTop Audio have designed a dual pulse-shaper circuit so you can trigger your TOMS909 with Trigger/Gate signals from sequencers or any other pulse/clock sources.
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Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer Module
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 2 in stock $390.58
Cat: 590408 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Trigger sequencer
Notes: From a conceptual view, the Trigger Riot generates 16 clock streams consisting of multiple time manipulation functions (division, offsets, etc) that interact to create the trigger output, and direct access to each parameter via individual knobs allows for quick manipulation. The 8 outputs are the sum of those manipulated streams per row. The outputs of the module are arranged as either a 4x4 matrix, where each of the 16 knobs affects both row and column, or as a set of independent outputs for each row or column. This allows forming 8 complex musical interactions in a 'Matrix' mode or 8 independent streams in 'Independent' mode and is switchable from one to the other on press of a button for some unexpected results.

Since each of the 16 knobs represents a real time tweakable trigger generator/modifier the Trigger Riot is extremely playable and can result very complex patterns with only few knob turns; patterns that would otherwise take much longer and in some instances be almost impossible to produce using grid based step sequencing. Patterns can have unique time signatures that can repeat or be randomized through probability, time shifted and phased, divided, multiplied and counted, it's unbelievable how complex this module can get with minimal input.
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Tiptop Audio uZeus 4HP PSU With Flying Bus Board
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 More than 10 in stock $85.40
Cat: 595826 Rel: 25 Jan 16
4HP power supply module for Eurorack format systems
Notes: The microZEUS is a 4HP power supply module for Eurorack format synthesizers. It is the smallest and most powerful power supply available for its size.

uZEUS with flying bus boards: this version features two ribbon bus boards. All you have to do is plug in your modules and play.

The uZEUS mixes linear and switching power technology to produce 1000mA at +12V, 500mA at -12V, and 170mA at +5V and uses a standard +15VDC non-regulated wall adapter for power.
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Tiptop Audio Z Ears Tabletop 3U Rack Ears (pair, black)
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 4 in stock $22.39
Cat: 595808 Rel: 25 Jan 16
3U rack ears for use as either tabletop or rack mount frame
Notes: The Z-Ears Tabletop are standard 3U rack ears that can be used as either a tabletop frame or standard rack mount frame. These parts are made of anodized aluminium and are custom made to work with Eurorack mounting rails like Z-Rails.
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Tiptop Audio Z Ears Tabletop 3U Rack Ears (pair, silver)
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 2 in stock $20.31
Cat: 595807 Rel: 25 Jan 16
3U rack ears for use as either tabletop or rack mount frame
Notes: The Z-Ears Tabletop are standard 3U rack ears that can be used as either a tabletop frame or standard rack mount frame. These parts are made of anodized aluminium and are custom made to work with Eurorack mounting rails like Z-Rails.
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Tiptop Audio Z3000 MkII Smart VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module
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 2 in stock $249.97
Cat: 590405 Rel: 16 Nov 15
Analog voltage controlled oscillator synth module - 14HP wide
Notes: The Z3000 is an all-analog, voltage-controlled oscillator that gives you the ability to implement synthesis techniques in a controlled and planned manner, turning your modular system into an even more powerful musical instrument.

The Z3000 is bilingual - equally fluent in the language of sound (frequency) and music (notes and octaves). Its intelligence comes from its built-in arithmetic processor, which allows for relevant data to be displayed constantly, taking the guesswork out of tuning your modular.

The 73000's analog core generates four waveforms with substantial character, giving you the sound signature that can only be created by a true analog VCO. The Z3000 unique circuitry allows for high levels of synthesis complexity such as frequency modulation, all while maintaining excellent wide-range tracking and without falling into chaos. The Z3000 brings a world of new possibilities that will give rise to a whole new sound spectra within your modular synthesizer.
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Tiptop Audio Z4000 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator Module
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 2 in stock $118.73
Cat: 590407 Rel: 16 Nov 15
Voltage controlled analog envelope generator module with a built-in CV processor - 8HP wide
Notes: The Z4000 is a snappy voltage-controlled analog envelope generator with a built-in CV processor for scaling, inverting, and voltage-controlled deviating of the envelope shape. The Z4000 generates an envelope made of the four classic segments: Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release, in which each segment can be manually set using knobs or dynamically set under voltage control.

Control knobs for the Attack, Decay, and Release segments are scaled. The first 0-50% of the knobs' rotation is dedicated to high-resolution adjustment in the millisecond range; this allows for a fine adjustments that reduce clicks and pops to a minimum with the lowest possible delay and loss in snappiness. Conversely, the rotation of the knobs from 50% to 100% provide envelopes that can last anywhere from several minutes to infinity.

The output levels are fully adjustable with signals that can reach up to 10V in either polarity and can be mirrored into the opposite polarity or clipped using the voltage-controlled deviator scaler. A bi-colour LED indicates intermediate values in both polarities and their crossfade state.

The Attack slope switch allows selection of a logarithmic or exponential curve for the Attack segment; this subtle effect helps further the fine adjustment of the Attack segment slope. A shoot button is provided to let you fire the envelope manually. The Z4000 also provides a retrigger input allowing you to create legato notes when using a classic keyboard interface.

Going down to nuts and bolts, the 74000's smoothness and snappiness is made possible by a four-segment active-charge discrete circuit which is an extended version of circuits found in classic two-segment rise/fall transient generators.

The Z4000's feature set in just 8HP: a Tiptop envelope generator.
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Tiptop Audio/Glitchmachines BENT Card For One Sample Player Module
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 1 in stock $26.30
Cat: 641107 Rel: 06 Mar 17
Micro SD Card with 256 fresh sounds for the One sample player
Notes: BENT features 256 sounds harvested from a variety of customized circuit bent instruments. We recorded an exhaustive collection of bent vintage educational toys and toy keyboards that were all hand-built by sound designer Ivo Ivanov over the course of five years. The lo-fi character of this sample pack is perfectly at home in the modular synth domain and compliments its already vastly diverse sonic landscape by injecting it with a highly nuanced and rare set of sounds that can be integrated as percussive effects along with existing modules.

All samples on the card are available for playback at 48k, 64k and 96k for maximum versatility in pitch control while maintaining latencies of as low as 0.25 ms.

Design by: Glitchmachines
Type: One Shot
Character: Percussive, Digital

Only compatible with the Tiptop Audio One Digital Audio Flux Eurorack Module.
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Tiptop Audio/Glitchmachines PERC Card For One Sample Player Module
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 1 in stock $26.30
Cat: 641111 Rel: 06 Mar 17
Micro SD Card with 256 fresh sounds for the One sample player
Notes: PERC features 256 percussion sounds with tight attacks and a bright harmonic spectrum. This collection is specifically focused on shorter percussive samples and includes material such as multi-layer drum & percussion hits, chopped & processed loops, synthesized FM strikes, mallet and bell tones, sampled drum machines, various toms and hand drums, obscure noise boxes, sampled old-school game chips and much more. PERC makes full use of ONE's snappy character.

All samples on the card are available for playback at 48k, 64k and 96k for maximum versatility in pitch control while maintaining latencies of as low as 0.25 ms.

Design by: Glitchmachines
Type: One Shot
Character: Percussive

Only compatible with the Tiptop Audio One Digital Audio Flux Eurorack Module.
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Tonar 10" Record Outer Sleeves (pack of 25)
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 1 in stock $16.65
Cat: 567673 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Replacement 10" outer record sleeves, pack of 25
Notes: Replacement 10" outer record sleeves, pack of 25
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Tonar 12" LP Record Outer Sleeves (pack of 25)
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 4 in stock $17.70
Cat: 567671 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Pack of 25 high quality 12" outer record sleeves
Notes: Tonar LP album cover 30 cm/12 inch records. 125 mu PP. Suitable for LP records only (12 inch - 30 cm). 25 pieces per pack
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Tonar Nostatic 10" Record Inner Sleeves (pack of 50)
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 5 in stock $15.61
Cat: 567672 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Replacement 10" inner record sleeves, pack of 50
Notes: Replacement 10" inner record sleeves, pack of 50
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Tonar Nostatic 7" 45 RPM Record Inner Sleeves (pack of 50)
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 1 in stock $12.49
Cat: 567676 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Replacement 7" record inner sleeves, pack of 50
Notes: Tonar single album cover 17,5 cm/7 inch" records. 125 mu PP. Suitable for single records only (7 inch" - 17,5 cm).

50 pieces per pack.
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Tonar Plastipap 12" LP Record Inner Sleeves (pack of 25)
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 4 in stock $19.78
Cat: 567669 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Replacement plastipap, antistatic record inner sleeves - pack of 25
Notes: Tonar plastipap antistatic record inner sleeves (25 pieces) are made of super antistatic plastic paper reinforcement inside the plastic. This combination gives you both a dust free anti-static protection for your valuable records as well as additional strenght to avoid folding and creasing of the sleeves when sliding the sleeve in and out of the record album. This model 5311 plastipap is suitable for LP records only (12 inch-30 cm). Tonar plastipap inner sleeves are also available for 45, and 78 RPM records.

Tonar supplies record inner sleeves for 33, 45 and 78 RPM records as well as outer sleeves to protect your valuable album sleeves.
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TouellSkouarn Skorn Da Bask Drone & Abstract Rhythm Generator Module
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 1 in stock $342.67
Cat: 642578 Rel: 27 Mar 17
Drone, filter & abstract rhythm generator module - 16HP
Notes: Three sawtooth VCOs/LFOs can be used as tone generators and modulation source for the cut-off frequency of a resonating low pass filter.

Processing external audio signals is possible, these can also be modulated with the three VCOs at the same time.

While the three oscillators cannot be controlled with 1V/oct, there is still CV input which makes is possible to evolving textures and rhythms.
Via the left switch the oscillators can be routed to modulate the filter, the right switch selects a frequency range (Hi/Lo), the potentiometer sets the frequency/"tuning".

The filter of the TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask is a very nice dirty sounding 24dB low pass filter with resonance that can also be used without the three oscillators via the external input.

The Skorn da Bask is great for creating chaos and random textures, slowly changing drones and abstract rhythms.
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TouellSkouarn Sonveskan Germanium Preamp Feedbacker & Mixer Module
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 1 in stock $342.67
Cat: 642582 Rel: 27 Mar 17
3-channel mixer module featuring dual gain stage, voltage controlled feedback, mute & direct outputs per channel
Notes: The TouellSkouarn Sonveskan is a three-channel mixer, which features a dual gain stage, voltage controlled feedback, mute and direct outputs per channel.

The Sonevskan uses germanium transistors for the amplification, fans of distortion and feedback will be very pleased with this module.

Each channel has a signal input with a level control which for sure adds some germanium transistor distortion. De facto the signal passes not one but two gain stages. The gain for the second one can be adjusted to your desires by a trimmer on the circuit board. The pre-amplified signal is available at an unbuffered direct output.

Below the gain control there's a control which determines the amount of feedback, or if a feedback CV is used it acts as a modulation amount controller. The feedback can be switched off immediately with a switch and another switch mutes the channel.
Because of the direct outputs you can use each channel as an individual distortion/preamp.

The three channels are mixed and then are processed by an EQ featuring potentiometers for low and high frequencies. The processed signal is available at the mix output.
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Vermona 1HE Dual Buffered Attenuator Mixer Module
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 1 in stock $120.81
Cat: 617813 Rel: 04 Jul 16
Dual buffered attenuator mixer eurorack synth module
Notes: The Vermona Dual Buffered Attenuator/Mixer is a dual attenuator and/or mixer as well as an inverter and a CV source

Each channel has an output and an inverted output that can be attenuated with the Level knob.
Additionally there is a mix of channel A and channel B at the output labelled "A+B" while "A-B" carries the mix of channel A and the inverted signal of channel B, which is nice for processing CVs as well as cancel out audio content to achieve different filter characteristics.

If nothing is patched in an input the module can generate +5V and -5V (With nothing patched in both inputs output A+B can carry up to 10V)

Technical specifications:
Height: 1U
BWidth: 26HP

Connections per unit:
Output Inv
Output A+B
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Vermona 1HE Dual Buffered Multiple Inverter Module
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 1 in stock $120.81
Cat: 617814 Rel: 04 Jul 16
Dual buffered multiple inverter eurorack synth module
Notes: The Dual Buffered Multiple/Inverter is equipped with two active buffered multiples in 1U tile format.

Each section of this Tile has an input and three buffered outputs on top - a classic buffered multiple. On the bottom the inversion ofthe input is available, likewise three-fold, active and buffered which in contrast to an un-buffered multiple allows you to use this module also to distribute Key-CV to a few oscillators.

In the left section you'll find an Offset input socket which allows you to mix an offset voltage with the input signal. With a constant CV source, e.g. from the Dual Attenuator/Mixer you can amplify the signal of this multiple section or attenuate it with negative voltage. With a LFO or Sequencer you can also modulate the amplitude of the inverted multple signal.

Technical specifications:
Height: 1U
Width: 26HP

Connections per unit:
3x Output
3x Output Inv
Offset-input (only unit 1)
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Vermona Modular FourMulator Quad Modulation Engine Module
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 3 in stock $299.97
Cat: 553426 Rel: 18 May 15
Quad modulation engine synth module with internal clock generator
Notes: fourMulator is a digital quad LFO-module for euro rack compatible modular synthesizer and sound processing systems. Due to its ability to synchronize the modulators (LFOs) to each other or to an overall clock-reference, fourMulator is capable generating complex and rhythmic modulation structures.

Modulators (LFOs)

Each modulator offers six wave forms: ascending and descending saw tooth, square, triangle, sine and random (sample & hold) with a frequency range between 0.05Hz (20 seconds) to approx. 100Hz. Each modulator offers wave form and trigger outputs, the latter sending an impulse with every new start of the selected wave form. Reset- and CV-inputs allow external parameter manipulation - from other modules or from other modulators of the fourMulator itself.


All four modulators work independently. However, they can be synchronized with each other. Each modulator can be individually synchronized to the left neighboring module or to a clock-reference.

Two or more synchronized modulators always oscillate at the same frequency. However, a synchronized modulator can be phase-shifted by up to 180° (a half-cycle) to the clock-reference. This allows easy creation of counter-rotating modulations. More complex modulations can be achieved using the CV-input to manipulate phase-shift.

With active clock-synchronization, the corresponding modulators oscillate in reference to a common clock-signal, but use individual clock-dividing factors. Again, advanced possibilities result from being able to manipulate clock-division through the modules' CV-inputs.

Both forms of synchronization can be combined. With one modulator being synchronized to a clock signal, it may as well serve as reference to the right neighboring modulator.

CLOCK Generator (CLK)

fourMulator integrates an internal clock generator. Its tempo can be assigned using a tap-tempo-button or by using an external clock-reference.
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Vermona qMI 2 Quad MIDI Interface Module
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 2 in stock $259.88
Cat: 617815 Rel: 04 Jul 16
Quad MIDI interface synth module
Notes: Format conversion the flexible way:
Our quad MIDI Interface picks up the flexible voice assignment of VERMONA's PERfourMER MKII to provide a fourfold MIDI-to-CV/Gate converter for Eurorack-compatible modular systems. This way, you can play your modular synthesizer in different monophonic modes or even polyphonically using MIDI.

More than just pitch:
Each of the four "output channels" offers a CV-output with 1V/octave-characteristic, a gate-output plus two additional control voltage outputs. These can be easily addressed by MIDI-controllers such as the modulation-wheel or pitch bender. The output channels can freely be combined or be used with independent MIDI-channels. Combined output channels can be used in unison, monophonically with rotating voice assignment or even to create polyphony. qMI 2 also offers four clock-divider-outputs. These convert incoming MIDI-clock signals into analogue gate-voltages. A reset-output allows sequencers with corresponding input to run in sync by MIDI-start/stop commands. A new feature of qMI 2 is the option to switch between both monophonic voice assignment modes using a gate signal.

Easy access to functionality:
An important part of the modular concept is the easy access to every parameter, without using displays or complicated menu structures. qMI 2 will help you to integrate your modular-system into your MIDI-setup straight-forwardly!
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Vermona Retroverb Lancet Analog Multi Effects Processor
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 4 in stock $383.29
Cat: 433131 Rel: 22 Aug 11
Desktop spring reverb
Notes: Today's digital effects and plug-ins can create almost perfect room simulations. However, when it comes to characteristic and charismatic reverb, analogue effect-processors are yet to beat. The reverberating sound of a spring is so lively and unique that its sound is almost impossible to recreate in the digital domain. In addition to this, Retroverb Lancet is not just a spring reverberation system - it is an analogue multi-effects-processor. It offers overdrive, filtering, VCA, envelope and LFO to manipulate the spring sound and create different sounds like auto-wah, tremolo, distortion, delay, gater and of course reverb.

The typical spring reverb sound is generated by a Belton/Accutronics type 4 spring tank with 3 individual springs. It can be placed pre or post the VCF/VCA section and equalized by the Tone parameter.

The Crash function generates the popular thunder effect that occurs when kicking an amplifier with spring tank. You don't have to kick Retroverb Lancet you simply can achieve this effect by pressing the Crash button. It also can be triggered by a Gate voltage.

The multimode filter works as lowpass or highpass with a slope of 24 dB per octave or as bandpass with 12 dB per octave. It is followed by a voltage controlled amplifier. The filter and amplifier can be modulated individually by different sources.

The Retroverb Lancet offers 3 internal modulation sources:

Envelope follower: the envelope follower converts the amplitude characteristic of the audio input signal into a control voltage.
Envelope generator: the envelope generator can be triggered by the input signal itself, a second audio signal or a gate voltage. Depending on the trigger source it works as Attack-Decay or as Attack-Sustain-Release envelope.
LFO: the LFO offers saw up and saw down, square, sine as well as sample&hold. Additionally it can use the envelope generators settings as waveform. It can oscillate freely or reset by different trigger sources.

The Retroverb Lancet also offers a CV/Pedal input which can be feed by external control voltages or can be used with expression pedals.
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Vermona ReTubeVerb Tube Spring Reverb
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 1 in stock $835.34
Cat: 572886 Rel: 12 Oct 15
Tube spring reverb unit with true bypass & "EFFECT STOP" function
Notes: Although spring reverbs have been built for more then five decades they are still highly desired because of their individualism and sound quality. They can almost be seen as standard for guitar amplifiers and can be found in a great number of studios around the world, as they are also a perfect choice for vocals, organs and synthesizers.

Once again VERMONA presents a tube spring reverb of it's own class and once again the name is "ReTubeVerb". Some details have been improved and there are also strongly requested features like balanced in- and outputs as well as the possibility to get it in a rack system.

Uncompromising Tube Technology:
The ReTubeVerb is build upon classical tube circuitry - you will not find a single semi-conductor in its signal flow. This uncompromising realization needs some efforts but the result justifies the concept! What you'll get is the warm and slightly compressed tube sound without interferences and unpleasant coloration.

Spring Tank:
The deep and voluminously reverb effect comes out of a high quality six-spring reverb tank (three double-springs) made by the spring reverb pioneer ACCUTRONICS.

We've chosen three very usable frequencies which makes it easy to form the reverb effect as you like without much efforts.

Balanced In- and Output:
Beside the unbalanced instrumental- / line in- and outputs we've implemented a transformer-balanced input and output as well. It's not that kind of feature that's integrated just to have it, but with great attention towards sound quality. The audio transformers are made upon our specifications to perfectly fit for their purpose.

True Bypass:
There's a true bypass as well as the EFFECT STOP function. The latter allows refining the input signal by the tube preamp without reverberation.

The ReTubeVerb relies on traditional technology but also makes spring reverberation a cutting edge topic.

*For audio samples, please visit -
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Vermona TAI4 Transformer Isolated Audio Interface Module
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 1 in stock $250.50
Cat: 553428 Rel: 04 Jul 16
Transformer isolatoed audio interface synth module
Notes: The TAI-4 not only makes it easy to get balanced signals out of or into a modular system, it also does that job with superior audio quality. Above, it galvanically separates the inputs from the outputs by using a total of four high-end audio transformers and thus prevents unwanted noise interferences.

We decided to uses switches instead of potentiometers for adjusting the gain levels. This ensures accurate and equal leveling of stereo signals.

The TAI-4 is an extremely useful module when it comes to integrate external studio processors, or the opposite, connecting the modular system to outboard equipment or DAWs.
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Vermona TwinCussion Dual Channel Percussion Drum Synthesizer Module
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 1 in stock $353.09
Cat: 624960 Rel: 12 Sep 16
Duophonic percussion/drum module
Notes: TwinCussion is a dual channel drum-synthesizer module. Its components are explicitly designed to create percussive sounds while its flexible interconnections make it a must-have for rhythm based modular systems.

Special units A and B:

TwinCussion offers two sensibly structured sound engines, each consisting of an oscillator (complemented by a noise generator in engine 2), a voltage controlled amplifier and an envelope generator. Both sound engines can be used independently or combined for more complex sounds. The internal structure can be edited and expanded at will, thanks to the multiple in- and outputs being available.

Versatile expert:

TwinCussion is a versatile sound chameleon. Although its sound engine is specialized in electronic drum sounds, it is not limited to specific instruments of this genre. This module generates pushing bass drums, prominent snares and chirping hi-hats with ease. And there is much more to twinCussion if using a little creative patching. Unleash numerous sounds like wooden clicks, metallic pings and a lot more.
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Vermona VSR3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb
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 4 in stock $261.70
Cat: 572805 Rel: 18 May 15
1U spring reverb unit using a spring tank from Accutronics, ideal for use with any kind of audio signal - UK power adapter included
Notes: Finally the VSR 3.2 is here! It is the enhanced successor of the Vermona VSR-3 - Vintage Spring Reverb.

Most of the features, like the AccuBell spring tank (type 9), the TONE control as well as in and output stages are equal.

What has been improved is the way EFFECT STOP is working. Compared to its predecessor VSR 3.2 offers the possibility to determine where EFFECT STOP cuts the signal path: PRE or POST the spring tank. In the new PRE mode the input of the spring tank is cut from the signal path, so the reverb's decay isn't abruptly stopped when pressing EFFECT STOP and still can fade out.

The VSR 3.2 is suitable for all kinds of input signals like synthesizer, organs, guitars, vocals etc. It's available as of now from stock. It is already listed in our latest price list from 2015-05-01.

*UK 3-pin power adapter included.
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Vintage Synth Lab AWM3 Analog Wavefold Mixer Module
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 2 in stock $281.22
Cat: 640993 Rel: 20 Mar 17
All analog, real-time, complex wave-shaping 3-channel mixer module
Notes: The AWM-3 is an all analog, real-time, complex wave-shaping (triple wave-folder) 3-channel mixer module with added features of compression and multiple mix modes including matrix mixes. The combination of multiple access points (outputs of various mixes), wave-folding, and compression allow for an extremely wide array of signal processing, including complex chorus-like sounds.

All three channels are identical and can operate independently. They can also be cascaded (connected in series) to obtain double and triple wave-folding. The compressor at the front-end of each channel allows for not only unique wave-shaping, but the ability to send asymmetrical wave-shaped signals through multiple wave-fold stages while preserving a better managed signal process.

With individual outputs for each channel, a master mix (and master level control), as well as three matrix mix outputs as: "MIX 1+2" (1 OUT + 2 OUT), "MIX 2+3" (2 OUT + 3 OUT), "MIX 1+3" (1 OUT + 3 OUT), the AWM-3 is wave-shaper, signal processor, and multi-mode mixer.

Each channel has independent positive and negative control over wave-shaping, including CV inputs, CV attenuation, bias (wave-fold threshold), and level (wave-fold volume). Each channel also has a dry level control. Between the dry level, positive wave-fold level, and negative wave-fold level controls, many variations of wave-shaping are possible.

All CV inputs will accept LFO or audio-rate frequencies. The main signal path is DC-coupled. Each dry signal throughput can be amplified up to +6dB (2 times the input signal) and has a buffered output.

With the addition of a VCA inserted before the AWM-3 (i.e. VCO > VCA > AWM-3), dynamic wave-folding opens up a high degree of variation for automatic wave-shaping. Add the compressor stage, then new and complex sounds can be generated.
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Vintage Synth Lab VCF74 Analog Voltage Controlled Filter Module
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 1 in stock $237.47
Cat: 624305 Rel: 26 Sep 16
VCF74 Analog Voltage Controlled Filter Module
Vinyl Keepers Premium Quality Heavy Gauge 10" Polythene Record Sleeves (pack of 25, 450g)
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 8 in stock $3.11
Cat: 639095 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Premium quality 10" record sleeves - pack of 25
Notes: These are made 360mm x 363mm and have the following superb features:

- Ultra Clear
- Anti-Static
- UV Inhibiting
- Mega Slippy
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Vinyl Keepers Premium Quality Heavy Gauge 12" Polythene Record Sleeves (pack of 50, 450g)
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 4 in stock $7.81
Cat: 639091 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Premium quality 12" record sleeves - pack of 50
Notes: These are made 330mm x 330mm and have the following superb features:

- Ultra Clear
- Anti-Static
- UV Inhibiting
- Mega Slippy
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Vinyl Keepers Premium Quality Heavy Gauge 7" Polythene Record Sleeves (pack of 50, 450g)
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 More than 10 in stock $4.43
Cat: 639093 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Premium quality 7" record sleeves - pack of 50
Notes: These are made 330mm x 330mm and have the following superb features:

- Ultra Clear
- Anti-Static
- UV Inhibiting
- Mega Slippy
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Vinyl Styl 12" LP Protective Outer Record Sleeves (100 pack)
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 More than 10 in stock $17.19
Cat: 596553 Rel: 21 Dec 15
Pack of 100 protective record outer sleeves - no flap
Notes: 12.75" x 12.75" Clear polybag with open top & no lip - 3mm thickness.
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Vinyl Styl Protective Outer 7" Vinyl Record Plastic Sleeves (100 pack)
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 5 in stock $10.41
Cat: 590094 Rel: 19 Oct 15
Pack of 100 clear outer vinyl 7" record sleeves
Notes: 7 9/16" x 7 5/8" Clear polybag-open top 3mm thick 100 Count
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Vinyl Styl Protective Outer 7" Vinyl Record Plastic Sleeves (50 pack)
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 1 in stock $7.28
Cat: 596554 Rel: 21 Dec 15
Pack of 50 7" outer record sleeves
Notes: 7 9/16" x 7 5/8" Clear polybag with open top - 3mm thickness.
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Waldorf CMP1 Compressor Eurorack Synth Module
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 2 in stock $278.10
Cat: 599599 Rel: 26 Dec 16
Compressor synth module with flexible side-chaining & RMS/peak modes
Notes: A true high-end analogue compressor not only adds punch to your signal, but it also can be modulated in intriguing and unconventional ways!

Side-chaining with an adjustable balance control will open a huge set of modular possibilities.

The CMP1 has all the features you expect from a modern compressor including attack and release control, automatic and manual modes, hard and soft knee as well as output gain and bleed amount of the original signal.
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Waldorf DVCA1 Dual VCA Eurorack Synth Module
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 1 in stock $278.10
Cat: 599598 Rel: 31 Oct 16
Dual voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) synth module
Notes: Built around two VCAs with a wide range of options including the most important one: the ability to musically colour the signal. Starting in dry mode, you get high-precision analogue amplification.

But then when you turn the Colour knob, you add a warmer and more colourful timbre to the signal based on a finely-crafted state variable filtering circuit. But there's more: Simultaneous linear and exponential control as well as specialised AC and DC coupled inputs are provided.

A positive gain control makes the dvca1 a true "amplifier," and flexible link modes let you create modulated panning.
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Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Eurorack Synth Module
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 1 in stock $296.85
Cat: 561577 Rel: 21 Sep 15
Wavetable module with 21st century advanced wavetable engine with classic Waldorf wavetables included - 32HP
Notes: nw1 is our debut product for the popular Eurorack format. It includes an advanced wavetable engine with independent control of spectral envelope and noisiness - just like Nave.

Wavetable scanning is cyclic with optional modulation of travel speed, position, spectrum, and more besides. By providing the worshipped Waldorf wavetable set from the classic Microwave and Wave synthesizers, nw1 will enrich your Eurorack modular system as a potently powerful sound source. The nw1 sound engine also allows for onboard creation of user wavetables via time domain multiple foldover analysis. All you need to do is connect any sound source to the nw1 to transfer audio into a wavetable. Or use the integrated speech synthesizer to translate typed text into wavetables.

Wavetable synthesis is an extremely powerful sound source suited to producing all kinds of vivid metallic hues and digital clangorous tones. It can create organic, bell-like timbres, as well as spectacular-sounding scans through various waveforms with truly ear-opening results. It was almost impossible to create these kinds of sharp-edged, digital sounds back before the invention of wavetable synthesis in the late-Seventies.

Starting with the wavetable synthesizers of those days, a whole new sound palette left its imprint on so many hit records. Today, with Waldorf's neatly-sized nw1 Wavetable Module, this sound is readily available for the popular Eurorack standard - sounding just as pure, sharp, and massively destructive as it did back in the golden days of digital!
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WMD Aperture Variable Width Bandpass Filter Module
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 2 in stock $282.26
Cat: 606407 Rel: 04 Apr 16
Variable-width bandpass filter synth module with 8-pole filter core
Notes: The Aperture is a variable-width bandpass filter with fast and tactile controls. It is capable of simple filtering, self oscillation FM timbres, nasty acidic squelches, and capturing images of UFOs descending from the heavens on a cold winter's night. The concept is a bandpass that ranges from transparent to gnarly, with precision controls that behave under stress, all while being joyful to wreak havoc with.
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WMD Micro Hadron Collider Dual VCF Voltage Controlled Filter Module
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 2 in stock $312.46
Cat: 580272 Rel: 03 Aug 15
Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) synth module
Notes: The WMD Micro Hadron Collider dual VCF scientifically smashes two electron waves into oblivion at the speed of light, producing an audio frequency Higgs-Boson particle beam of harmonius analog physics equilibrium. Well...not really, but it does some other cool stuff.

In reality, the uHC is a very powerful dual VCF with an integrated mixer to pit the two sides against each other producing complex waveshapes and artfully sculpted timbres. The uHC incorporates versatile audio signal flow with intuitive CV control and normaling, creating a powerful filter without the need for complex patching.

The uHC is a dual state-variable VCF with all CV inputs of the first filter normaled to filter 2. The uHC can be used as a 4 pole filter, two independent 2 pole filters, or some combination in between. A voltage controlled mixer blends the two ouputs, providing another dimension of waveshaping. Filter 2 can use one of the following as its input: the output of Filter 1 (series), the input of Filter 1 (parallel) or it's own input (split). Voltage control of Frequency and Resonance is provided for each filter section. Signal paths for audio and CV are shown with arrows to speed up patching.
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WMD Triple Bipolar VCA Module
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Cat: 580290 Rel: 10 Aug 15
Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) synth module with 3 bipolar VCAs - 8HP wide
Notes: Intoducing the WMD Triple Bipolar VCA, the input side expansion for our Phase Displacement Oscillator. This module provides dedicated inverting/polarizing/bipolar amplitude modulating inputs normaled to the Phase Modulation inputs on the PDO.

A bipolar VCA is like a normal VCA when operated with positive control voltage. But when using a negative control voltage, the output will swing back through zero amplitude and the output will be inverted. This produces deeper modulation than a normal VCA.

The Triple Bipolar VCA is also designed to be used as a standalone module, it does not require the PDO to operate.
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WMD/SSF Amplitude VCA Module
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 2 in stock $145.81
Cat: 588810 Rel: 05 Oct 15
Transistor core voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) synthesizer module - 6HP wide
Notes: AMPLITUDE is a discrete transistor core VCA with a wide range of waveform saturation and distortion capability.

This module is capable of faithfully reproducing the classic warmth and fat tones associated with vintage analog synthesizers and pushes that capability to the extreme.

A novel voltage controlled linear to exponential converter is included and can be used to shape incoming control voltages to the VCA CV input and can be patched out to external modules.

Power Draw: +20mA, -20mA. 6HP width. 25mm Depth.
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WMD/SSF Blender Module
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 2 in stock $136.44
WMD/SSF Blender Module (synth module)
Cat: 588818 Rel: 05 Oct 15
4 channel mixer and voltage controlled cross-fader synthesizer module - 6HP wide
Notes: BLENDER is a four channel mixer and voltage controlled cross-fader. BLENDER simplies mixing audio and control voltages (CV) by incorporating a single control to blend two signals at a time - also known as a cross-fader.

Two manual cross-faders and a single voltage controlled master cross-fader are provided.

Use BLENDER as a main mixer or as a dynamic control for creating complex control voltages and waveforms from your signal generators.

Power Draw: +20mA, -20mA. 6HP width. 25mm Depth.
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WMD/SSF Modbox Modulation Tools Module
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 1 in stock $198.93
Cat: 640973 Rel: 06 Mar 17
Tempo-syncable modulation source module - 6HP
Notes: The Modbox is a tempo syncable modulation source with a three-phase LFO, CV Skewable LFO, Sample and Hold, and White Noise generator.

LFO 1 is a three-phase LFO with independent outputs for each phase which are set at 0, 120, and 240 degrees. Shape can be switched between Sine, Triangle, and Saw with a push of a button.

LFO 2 is a Skewable LFO with three shapes. The LFO shape can be smoothly changed from a Ramp through Triangle to Saw wave shapes. The skew shape can be changed with the Skew knob or with CV

The Sample and Hold circuit's clock is normalled to the 2nd LFO but can be clocked externally as well. The sample and hold samples voltage from and internal white noise source. There is also an input for an external sample source. White noise has its own output as well for use with other modules and applications.

Both LFOs can be sync'd to an external clock source by holding the wave shape button for different lengths of time. As they are independent of each other, one can be sync'd while the other runs free like a gazelle on an African plain.

Tempo sync calculates the time between incoming clocks and reacts instantly to each new clock pulse. Each rate knob becomes a multiplier/divider when sync is engaged.
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WMD/SSF SPO Scale Polarize Offset Module
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 1 in stock $104.15
Cat: 588822 Rel: 05 Oct 15
Polarizing scaler and offset generator synthesizer modular - 4HP wide
Notes: S.P.O. is a polarizing scaler and offset generator.

Up to two inputs can be summed into a single scaler/offset generator.

The offset generator provides a DC voltage source for shifting signals into the positive or negative voltage region.

The scaler provides a means of attenuating and polarizing (inverting) the applied signal. S.P.O. works with audio and control voltages (CV).
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WMD/SSF VC Mini Slew Module
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 2 in stock $197.89
Cat: 588815 Rel: 05 Oct 15
Function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter synthesizer module - 8HP wide
Notes: MINI SLEW is a feature packed function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter.

Transient functions are generated using the rise, fall and shape controls.

Complex functions can be generated using the voltage controlled shape and vari-out via direct CV inputs.

MINI SLEW features a novel time compensation mode which permits the timing of the transient to remain relatively constant while the shape parameter is adjusted.

CV SUM mode permits a single CV patched into rise or fall to process both parameters or two CVs patched into rise and fall to be summed and applied to both parameters.

Additional features include VC cycle (toggle on/off), end of rise and end of fall outputs, FM input and an LED voltmeter for monitoring the amplitude of the direct positive output.

Power Draw: +70mA, -50mA. 8HP width. 25mm Depth.
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Xaoc Devices Batumi Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator Module
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 7 in stock $270.80
Cat: 621354 Rel: 05 Dec 16
Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) synth module in Eurorack format - 10HP wide
Notes: Batumi is a fully voltage controlled, quadruple digital LFO module with a slew of interesting and user-customizable features. Each oscillator can be used independently or in one of 3 synchronized modes: quadrature, phase and divide. For each oscillator, there are sine, square and assignable (saw, ramp, triangle and trapezoid) waveform otputs available. Voltage control is possible for each oscillator's frequency, reset, and external sync ("tap tempo"). The total frequency range spans from 28 hours in voltage controlled divide mode, up to 500 Hz.
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Xaoc Devices Belgrad Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter Module
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 3 in stock $291.64
Cat: 633368 Rel: 05 Dec 16
All-analogue voltage controlled filter module - Eurorack compatible
Notes: Belgrad is an all-analogue voltage controlled filter module which - on par with our other modules - brings something new to the table. While it can be used as a traditional VCF for "academic" subtractive synthesis, we guarantee countless hours of exciting timbral explorations thanks to its unique character, flexibility, and features. The most prominent feature is that it offers a multitude of frequency responses with two resonant peaks.

- Eurorack synth compatible
- 14HP, skiff friendly
- Current draw: +45mA / -42mA
- Reverse power protection
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Xaoc Devices Bytom Impulse Integrator Module
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 1 in stock $77.07
Cat: 621359 Rel: 20 Feb 17
Utility synth module in Eurorack format - 6HP wide
Notes: Bytom is a simple - yet very useful - utility module that allows you to combine various trigger/gate signal sources to obtain interesting rhythmic events, useful for sequencing, modulation and patch automation purposes. It can also be used for summing control voltages of a positive polarity. The module consists of three independent sections. Each one can process up to four signals fed to its inputs. All three sections can be normalled into one 12-signal combination via the manual switches. Either the upper or lower section can be combined with the middle section to form an 8-signal combination. Summed signals of two or three sections will appear on the middle section's output socket. The individual outs on upper and lower units remain active even when combined with the middle section.
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Xaoc Devices Kamieniec Analog Resonant Phase Rotator Module
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 2 in stock $232.26
Cat: 633369 Rel: 12 Dec 16
Analog signal processing module with simultaneous four & six-stage outputs - Eurorack compatible
Notes: Kamieniec is an analog signal processing module directly inspired by a range of classic phaser effect units from 1970s that helped to define entire musical genres. Most of these classic devices contained a fairly small number of phase shifting stages, but made up for that lack with tons of character! However, what was initially intended for guitars is not necessarily sufficient for synthesizers. Therefore, the intention is to preserve the classic sound as it's transported it to a new tonal space while prioritizing flexible modular usability.

Just like many of the famous OTA-based phasers of the 1970s, Kamieniec sports four tuneable stages. However, there are two additional fixed stages included so as to increase the number of notches, and ultimately offer two versions of the mixed signal (that may be used as a stereo pair) at the two outputs of the unit. While the general topology is similar to a certain very classic phaser pedal, the circuitry has been redesigned with modern components and low noise op-amps to bring down the noise floor, improve the bandwidth, and offer a wider range of tuning. The feedback control can be set extremely deep, which results in a very high resonance that is capable of self-oscillation. This produces a unique sound otherwise unreachable for typical phasers, which can vary from subtle and creamy to utterly brutal and grinding. On top of that we've included switchable feedback paths, individual stage group outputs, CV inputs, built-in LFO, and daisy chaining ability to provide a comprehensive integration with a modular synthesizer system.

Unlike any other phaser module, multiple Kamieniec units can be chained together to achieve a more radical response with many notches. The general idea of chaining is to pass along the phase shifted signal to subsequent units before it is mixed with the original version in the last unit of the chain. This approach has a very different effect than plain cascading (connecting multiple phaser units in series), because a long chain of allpass sections yields a dense and uniform pattern of multiple notches, exactly like in a long phaser.

- Eurorack synth compatible
- 9hp, skiff friendly
- Current draw: +40mA / -40mA
- Reverse power protection
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Xaoc Devices Samara Utility Waveform Processor Module
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 2 in stock $184.35
Cat: 633371 Rel: 20 Feb 17
Multi-tool synth module for audio signals & control voltages
Notes: Samara is a "Swiss Army Knife" type of module, intended to serve the most common voltage and audio signal processing purposes such as attenuation, offsetting, mixing, inverting, and even basic waveshaping. Samara features four channels, each with two inputs and an attenuator, additional switchable offset generators, four voltage level and polarity indicators, two adders with switchable scale, and a precision four-channel processor that selects minimum and maximum voltage.
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Adastra AD200 CD USB SD Multimedia Audio Player
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 1 in stock $164.57
Cat: 624145 Rel: 29 Aug 16
1U rack mountable multimedia audio player with CD, USB & SD inputs
Notes: This multimedia player features CD, USB and SD inputs, easy track and folder search, direct track access and ID3 tag display. The 2 x RCA or balanced XLR allows for line level output that can be connected to various amplifiers. The 1U 19" rack mountable design allows for easy installation. Ideal for use in restaurants, bars or leisure centres.

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